Sott… still in my car and don’t wanna get rid of it, lol

Dare I say, its going to be really difficult for me to keep my mind off the big Paisley Radio show in July where I’ll be talking to a good friend about Purple Rain and the phenomenon that hit the scene in 1984. I can’t begin to say how excited I am because I’m definitely not going to be out of my element here. I’m very passionate about this area not just because its something everyone knows about and has associated Prince with. It’s yet to be determined if this is a good or bad thing for his career simply because it’s the best thing he ever did, the most infamous and therefore everyone was expecting him to repeat that success with his future albums in the same fashion.

Then there’s also one thing I’ve tried to stave off for a while. The last time I saw Purple Rain, it was last August or September and that was when I swore off Morris Day and any reminder of him up until now. It’s hard to keep The Time off my mind. I mean, there was a time when I was digging Morris almost more than Prince. The king of cool dethroning Prince is beyond me, but somehow it happened.

That was when I was, believe it or not, getting sick of Prince’s music because I’d heard all of the albums I owned dozens of times. The Time was, in most cases, cool and clean fun and it was a good change over from Prince. They had a certain something that he didn’t. I think it was probably because it was a new vibe, a new scene.

I don’t know if the king of cool will win me back, but I get the feeling that his songs will.

Without going too much into, the aspect of getting a new car has me more nervous than excited. This is a lot of money going into something that I’ll have for a couple years so the match has to be perfect. If not for the money factor, I’d get a Buick LaCrosse no problem, but since I’m not quite there yet, the Honda Crosstour is my next option.

At this point, I really don’t know what I am. A good MPG is preferred, but it’s the #2 priority on my list right now. A good test drive is my first priority. It has to run right. I have to be able to drive it and feel comfortable. I drive it, it doesn’t drive me, basically.

It’s a very emotional issue for me. Nearly blubbering over an inanimate object (the car I’ve been driving and will trade in for this new one) isn’t like me at all.

Okay, scratch that. When I dropped my CD player and it busted open, I was a mess. But after my dad fixed it (basically, when I press the button to open it, it doesn’t spring open anymore, I have to open it manually), its still working today. In fact, that’s what I used to listen to Come Sunday night.

Just because I have a purple ipod doesn’t mean that I can’t still listen to my CD’s.

Speaking of which, I’m using the hell out of my copy of Sign o’ the times. I have them in back 2 back slots in the car. (easy access baby, yeasss… dammit, Morris)
I didn’t get through too many of the songs this morning, so this afternoon, I listened from “IT” (the consistent Linn-drum helps me relax and refocus my attention, so that’s why I keep listening to it) up until “4ever in my life.” Then I did the Camille tracks on the next album and “it’s gonna be a beautiful night.”

A couple years ago when I hit my biggest low (it was until recently, actually), the first disc of Sott got me through the loneliest night of my life. I’m beyond the point where I know that the music helped me calm down. Now I’m… well, I really am playing in the sunshine with that album.

The interesting thing is the difference between the two discs. With one, it feels like it’s a shame to take any track out of the line-up because they flow right into one another and balance each other out.

Its not quite the same with the 2nd disc because I’ve got favorites. The Camille tracks are just so good and so fun that I don’t want any of the other seriousness on the disc.

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