In Recovery and plotting my next move

I love wine, I’m not going to deny that. But I don’t think I ever considered myself an avid drinker. At home, it usually is a small glass with dinner, maybe two depending on how much I like it.

When we go to happy hour on Fridays, I’ll have two at most, but they fill those glasses way too high. My dad says an average glass is 6 oz and they give us 10 per glass.

Now take that, add the fact I had 4 glasses the night before (one Merlot, three White Zinfindel) and I had to work the next day.

When I first started going to happy hour and had more than one glass of wine, I would wake up early in the night after I’d been asleep for an hour or so and I’d feel the effects a bit. Not so much that I’m feeling sick to my stomach, but the numbness comes back and I have to have a little water before I can go back to sleep.

That happened Saturday morning around 3:30 and it was by far the worst experience I had with that “waking up in the night after having a few drinks”. I had some water but was awake for a good half hour before sleep found me again.

The next day, I probably had the worst hangover I’d had. Again, not sick to my stomach, but the worst blasting headache I ever had. It lasted ALL DAY and I had to work. Thankfully they didn’t give me that much to do. The pain helped me not stress out quite as much and I’ll take the pain over stress anyday.

I took a couple Tylenol and that took care of the headache, but I’m on a plan to swear off alcohol or to quote myself “detox for 24 hours.” I think I did at least that because my last drink was that second glass of wine that I finished close to 9pm Friday night.

But after watching my animé last night and I fell asleep for most of the stuff I’d seen before, woke up with 10 minutes to go, but after I got up and started coming up the stairs, it didn’t feel pretty between being half asleep and maybe still feeling the alcohol.

If I do decide to have a few drinks today, hopefully I’ll know when to stop myself. Once when I was over there, I counted 9 glasses of wine, but I didn’t have as bad a hangover the day after.


The past couple of days I’ve been listening to a little of Wendy & Lisa’s first album. Friday night when I had that horrible experience, I started listening for the first couple songs, I fell asleep and woke up to one of the songs towards the end I don’t listen to all that much. I forget how many songs are on the album, but here’s what I remember off the top of my head:

  1. Hollywood Express
  2. Sideshow
  3. Light
  4. Waterfall
  5. Blues away
  6. Chance to grow
  7. Anything but you
  8. Song about it
  9. White
  10. Stay
  11. The Life

I might be forgetting a track. “Stay,” I like a lot, but don’t listen to that much. Maybe because I ran out of time or maybe because it still makes me feel like I’m still at college, walking back and forth to campus. Different songs I remember listening to going to different places.

I always, always listen to “Light” after dark (talk about ironic). I didn’t quite get it at first because it was different than, say, Sideshow and Waterfall, the songs I was used to hearing. But its a pretty amazing piece of work.

The beat begins with piano playing and you hear an organ as an exclamation point at the end of each phrase. I hear that organ-esque sound in a couple of their songs, definitely something Lisa likes to do a lot.

Hollywood Express is a single and one of the first videos I saw of theirs. The one Labor Day weekend when they were playing all Prince and protege videoes on VH1 soul was the first time I heard any of their music (and also the reason I ended up investing in two albums from The Time, thanks to the video for “Ice cream castles”… dammit Morris… I’ll starting listening to the albums again starting next month in preparation for Purple Rain).

The very first video I saw of theirs (when I was gearing up to watch The Time again) was Waterfall. First of all, love the set-up with Wendy playing guitar on the sofa and Lisa behind the piano (with water actually in the piano no less).
I liked the edgy guitar sound that it has, but my favorite part was Wendy’s guitar solo. Seeing her play reminded me a little of seeing Prince play. They have similar styles, but I have yet to describe the edge her sound has. Plus she and Lisa lean more towards the psychedelic than the funk & rock that Prince puts his.

Something that they do in Waterfall and Sideshow in the album is extend it to a more brokendown section, but in Sideshow they sing the song through but with music that reminds me of Madonna’s Express Yourself or Vogue. Waterfall is just an extended instrumental break that goes on for a couple minutes.

I’d keep going ( 😎 ) but I don’t really have the time right now. About to go off and party with family. And yes, I’ll try to watch my intake. I don’t want another episode so soon. I only have one day to recover from another possible hangover.

But I love these two. Can’t wait to listen to the show tonight and hopefully I’ll be in a good state and a good place (as in the basement bedroom, lol) to call in and add my 2 cents 😎

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