LoveSexy/Batman… some Graffiti Bridge

I’ll see how much I can write down before I have to go watch animé on my Saturday night

After watching a movie on HBO, we were flipping through the channels and found “The Adventures of Ford Farlaine” on Fox Movie channel. It had Andrew Dice Clay in it and we kinda dig the guy so we turned it on for a couple minutes.

The movie was made in the 90’s, but definitely had to be a B-movie because everything about it was cheesy and just plain ridiculous. Unbelievable.

Speaking of which, some familiar people were popping up as cast members. The moment I saw one of them, I nearly flipped my lid. I had to go to the remote and look at the cast.
And of course I was right.

Dammit… this is frustrating, lol.
I’m gonna give The Time albums I own another listen next month, in other words, a week or so. But yet, here was Morris Day again in a small part he was cast in some random movie.
Hey, I even watched one episode of two sitcoms he was cast in just because of his “star power.” Which, of course, he has, there’s no denying that. But he always plays the same guy… namely himself. So I guess you could say he’s been forever type-casted as a self-absorbed, money-loving smooth and confident dude. Although I didn’t quite see the womanizer aspect of him in this particular role.

He only showed up in a couple scenes and there was one where the bad guys almost shot him from behind, but Dice-man’s girl drove her car into the guys, saving his skinny black ass. LMAO

Then in the club scenes, one of the singers looked familiar and it turned out to be Sheila E. And according to the credits, a couple of her family members were performers as well. You’d almost think Prince would be coming out in his Purple Rain get-up any second.

It’s something the head recognizes, but the heart feels like a pulse. There’s no mistaking or forgetting it.
Very amazing stuff.

I only gave The Time the time of day (pardon the obvious pun) because Morris killed me in one music video. And I was putting the music on heavy rotation to forget the fact I seriously overdosed on Prince’s music. We’re talking months, almost a year of exclusively listening to his amazing music. There was so much of it, but sooner or later, it was all starting to feel the same and I really haven’t felt anything different or even any connection to him at all. No heart jumping out of my chest or getting caught up in his glossy stare.

Not quite the same situation, but it looks like Morris Day will always be my Jacob Black, the one who got me through a somewhat dark time caused by the other party, whom we prefer a great deal more to the other.

So back to the music, I listened to the Batman Soundtrack through today and on the way back, a select few from Graffiti Bridge.

But even before that, a few words on LoveSexy.

I guess its because I listened to it while going to work, but it takes Glam Slam to get me into the swing of things. Some parts of “Eye No” are starting to get on my nerves just a little. “Alphabet Street” is lackluster, doesn’t really do much for me.

I ask this:
When (Cat, I believe) is doing the alphabet from A to I (minus the G), what’s with her voice? Is that her after doing the deed with you know who or during or what? I guess that’s just me way back when I was in the beginning of this purple journey. The sexual references have my skin crawling a tiny bit.

Glam Slam, just love everything about it. It makes me feel like I’m watching a musical. All of the music except for a couple from the album sound really free and unattached, as they should be to show the mood Prince is in. But here its exponential in effect.

Anna Stesia gives me chills as always.
I wondered at first why he even had back-up vocals with him on this, but towards the end, I do kinda get the point.

Dance on, I’m start to understand a little more.
The drum beats don’t annoy me as much as they did because now I actually see the sense in them.
But a lyric, I don’t understand.

Steal ladies’ purses and setting them aflame (who, the ladies or the purses?)
M&M killers playing mickey mouse games (what the hell does that mean? what are M&M killers and what the __ are mickey mouse games?)

The title track pulls everything together and brings that musical vibe from Glam Slam back into things. And it has more of that Queen rhythm in the middle of the song.
What really gets me is the notes that start it out (key strokes maybe?). Love them, they really define the song and the album. My favorite part was always when Cat & Camille were making love with “only words.”

When 2 r in love has its moments, but I think I was really wanting to hear Scandalous instead. Plus, it fits with the scheme of things, but it doesn’t quite fit in with the other songs. It’s not quite as free sounding.

I wish u heaven, I’ve complimented so many times that I think I’ve said all I can say.

Postivity has become one of my favorites.
Hell, on .org, it felt like my theme song because I wanted to keep things positive about Prince.
Something that still irks me a bit is after you hear the chorus the first time, the back-up vocals sound more forced and strained.
Then another thing, during the lyrics

“or you can fly, higher, right by Spooky and all that he crawls for… Spooky and all that he crawls for… don’t kiss the beast”

What is with his voice? Does he have a couple tic-tacs jingling around in his mouth or is he trying to sweet talk a girl?
It just comes off a little strange, that’s all.

So I was on to the Batman album. The first time around, I’m thinking “I’m diggin this, its not exceptional, but its not bad.”

I’ve really started to like it a lot, but maybe it just feels more fresh because I haven’t listened it to death like a lot of the albums I’ve had for a while. I got it a year ago but only listened to it through a few times.

The only song I’m skipping is “Lemon Crush” because the vocal delivery on the chorus is… again, I’ll use the word annoying. And the lyrics in general really don’t give me anything. Mostly nonsense.

Different things come to mind when I listen to “The Future.” The low organ you hear throughout the chorus is 😎 pretty awesome
The Clare Fischer strings, I’m thinking about the ending of “I wonder U”
The rhythm guitar in between verses: reminds me of something from maybe “Around the World in a Day”, around that time frame.

The first time around, I think I was more excited about “Electric Chair.” That and Partyman are probably my favorite tracks on the album, funny how they’re both “performed by the Joker”. I’ll have to double-check some lyrics in the first of the two, but I keep forgetting to look them up (the album case is in my car).

The Arms of Orion is starting to wear thin for me a bit. Cheesy, yes, but what gets me is that it runs a minute too long at the very end. It just gets ridiculous after a while, when is this thing going to end because its not really going anywhere? That’s the kind of feeling I get from it.

The opening rhythm for Partyman for some reason seemed really familiar… am I thinking about another song he did in the 90’s? And some parts of it make me think of the song “Continental” for some reason, lol.. and also “Daddy Pop”

Vicki Waiting feels a little out of bounds a bit. For some reason, it makes me think of somewhere tropical rather than rural like Gotham City.

A month ago, I started randomly writing down the track listings for all of Prince’s albums and couldn’t remember one of the tracks from this soundtrack.

Trust, I don’t think I’ll be forgetting anytime soon.
It makes me think a little bit of the Diamonds & Pearls album, songs like Willing & Able.
It isn’t really strong in any way, shape or form. But I don’t know, I kinda like it.

Scandalous, I don’t think I remember even liking it as much before as I do now. And I remembered a lot of the words even though I’d only heard it a few times. Maybe because for the Scandalous Suite I heard a little while ago… I hear that’s a way to really learn to appreciate this track if you don’t already do.

The vocals here and the music remind me a little of Adore (the edge in his voice) and Insatiable. And there is one little part in it, I can’t quite name or put my finger on, but it sounds like… oh, now I remember, I’m thinking about the ending notes of the instrumental called “God.”

Batdance has little bit of everything, a mix of all the songs in the album, the different characters portrayed in the music. It starts out really good, exciting with some organ sound effects that give somewhat of a Mozart twist to “The Future.” The Joker is introduced with some really amazing guitar (and like in Electric Chair definitely makes me think of the sound he got in “U got the Look”). But when they start going into the “Vicki Vale” part of the song, that’s where it loses me. It just starts to get really weird… I mean, really weird… and the opening sequence comes back in the end, but the damage is about done at this point. So its hard for me to completely get into this song.

I might listen to a few tracks from Graffiti Bridge here and there before moving on to Diamonds & Pearls, which I’d like to do within the next few days.

The tracks I did listen to , a lot of them felt like they were outtakes from earlier albums.

“I can’t stop this feeling I got” makes me think of Footloose, but also of some of the songs he write during the Controversy era.

“The New Power Generation”… it reminds me a little of some other 80’s songs that I quite can’t remember… its still fun as it was the first couple times.

“The ? of U” reminds me little of “4 the Tears in ur eyes” with the Oriental vibe and the back-up vocals that sound strangely like Wendy & Lisa… may or may not be them, its hard to tell. But I definitely remembered it well because this was one of the two tracks I listened to a million times on the album.

Then the next few tracks don’t do much for me.
“Elephants & Flowers”… I just can’t get into with all the innuendo stuff. Somehow, it feels kinda lazy because they’re extremely obvious.
Some of it sounds a little like “Play in the sunshine” as far as the vibe goes.

“We can Funk”… it feels a little like an outtake from an earlier “era”… maybe another Controversy outtake. It has good qualities and bad. The chorus still makes me squirm a little bit because… c’mon, seriously?

“Joy in Repetition” was the 2nd of the two tracks I heard a lot of. Its an amazing track through and through. It starts with a little intro from Alphabet Street 2 albums ago. Then little by little the lyrics came back to me. Its very visually intriguing and its captivating & intoxicating… very much like Prince himself.

“Tick tick bang” I don’t think I’ll ever be able to listen to on the album because I’m so used to the original version from 1982. This just feels like it was highly glossed over and slowed down to work with the album.

“Thieves in the Temple” I was really looking forward to because I hadn’t heard it in a while and I first heard it ages ago… in “The Very Best of…” The whole Oriental vibe, I can really get into and makes me feel like I’m in the middle of the Disney movie Aladdin… or the equalivalent in Kingdom Hearts, lol.
There are so many tracks in the earlier part of the decade with the Oriental vibe and they make for something really amazing.

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