Off-topic: When did I become such a bookworm?

Ever since the Harry Potter series, I’ve seen a strange transformation in myself.

Twilight might have gotten the ball rolling, but the fact remains that five years ago, I was not reading as much as I am now. Heck, I hated reading. I preferred reading the stuff that I wrote, not to be completely vain or anything.

This was the continuium I found myself in since I started writing my own original stories.

I prefer what I write to reality.
I prefer what I write to reading fiction.

Not that I really was an avid reader to begin with. The only fiction I ever read was for class. Books I remembered were by David Adler (Cam Jansen), Elivra Woodruff (The Summer I shrunk my Grandmother, George Washington’s Socks) and my personal favorite Beverly Cleary’s Ramona series.

In fact when they considered Library a class in elementary school, I had to be told to borrow one fiction book along with my usual 4-5 non-fiction books. I always got animal books and loved reading about them.
And yet, I’m not working with them right now opposed to the job I’m at now…

So, this is what I find myself in now.

The book section at Target is like a candy store to me now. I go there and feel like I need to buy something.

FYE can be that way to me too, but its much easier to get an unscrupulous amount of books when the section has so much in it, but so little.

It’s unbelievable, but in a good way. I’m reading again.

Since finishing the Twilight series, I’ve picked up in additon:

The House of Night series
Blue Bloods- book1
Evernight- book1
Interview with a Vampire


Percy Jackson & The Olympians series

I was on a vampire high after Twilight and I just recently finished “Interview with a Vampire,” which was noted as the first time in literature a vampire was shown as “human” rather than a monster. It took me a while to get there and with a few interruptions/distractions I did it.

It’s very sad in the end, but I think it helped inspire a vampire tale of my own.

Percy Jackson is chock full of Greek mythology, which I LOVE to death. And it was really well-written.

Wings is about the faerie world. I only read the first in the series, but it may be worth looking into further.

The House of Night series is a little like Harry Potter, but with vampyres (that’s how they spell them), the teenagers remind me a little of my small circle of friends. The only downside is that it stepped away from being a vampyre finishing school and more about an evil ex-high priestress trying to take over the world.

Having a boarding/finishing school as a setting isn’t good enough for anybody, apparently. There always has to be a hidden meaning, hidden plot underneath all these things. That’s what annoys me in fiction sometimes.

Even worse, a lot of the books in the series had unsatisifying endings that made me crave the next book. Unsatisfying, in most cases, depressing.

So now that I’d seen Eclipse, I can start reading the last book of the Twilight series “Breaking Dawn,” which I’d only read once… fall 2008, which is almost 2 years ago.

In a nutshell, the movie was good. I find myself wrestling with the decision about whether I preferred Edward or Jacob.

In the beginning, Edward is very unflexible about the whole Jacob situation and it gets to the point where he actually is annoying me. I remember feeling that way when I read the book.

Then Jacob says some things that I don’t agree with. Bella says she’s going to become a vampire in a month and he says that he rather her be dead than be one of them.
That hurts.

Its definitely interesting to actually feel it from both sides, werewolf or vampire. I love wolves, that’s a general rule with me, has been since I was a kid and “Balto” was my favorite animated movie… until “The Lion King” came out.

But on the other hand, you see Edward first and there’s that undeniable attraction that you feel with your first love that nobody else can really replace. Jacob could have been a possibility if Edward never returned. I can feel that.

It took me maybe until halfway into the movie to really  settle into the state of things. Feeling what Bella does about Edward.

I know for a fact I loved the last book as much as the first book and with the two in the middle, there wasn’t quite as much love there. “New Moon” was depressing to the point I couldn’t sleep well until I knew Edward returned. And “Eclipse” made it feel like nothing happened.

In the movie, you get more of the action and more background. Stephenie Meyer released a novella called “The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner” where we hear a story through the eyes of one of the newborn vampires. That helped give more background to the movie and more things to keep your attention.

Probably my favorite part was when Jasper was telling the others how to tackle the newborn vampires and tells Bella about how he became a vampire.
You never get to see Jasper in a good light or see him have as many lines as he does in this part of the series.

And there was some familiarity with him because he played Sokka in the recently released “Avatar: The Last Airbender”… that movie was really good too, though some parts of it were different from the animated series. Kitara was a stronger character in the series and Sokka is more of the comic relief than someone serious.

Nickelodeon was part of making the movie but they misproncounced the names of some of the characters. That was the most annoying part of it, but everything else was great. It definitely wasn’t as bad as the critics made it out to be.

I confess, now I’m sick of movies because I’d been to see two of them this 4th of July weekend.

Though at some point this summer, I want to see the original “Karate Kid”… just to flip off the remake they made recently… for a movie that came out barely 30 years ago. The idea is totally ridiculous to me, its too soon for a remake.
But then, you could make the same argument for “Fame,” which was remade recently and it was released in the early 80’s.

Just because Kherrington from “So you think you can dance” was in it, we had to see it and I was completely sucked into that world. It was so much fun to the point where I was thinking “I wish I could do that.”
If I had the star quality and some kind of talent that would make Juillard interested in me, then yeah, I would.

Today I started putting together a list of characters I created that I wanted to write bios for. Ultimately, I want to put together a notebook chock full of them complete with some of my sketches. And hopefully I’ll find some celebs I’d like to play them even though some might be too old to play the part anymore, lol

Their inspirations will be included in this package. Like with Jonas, the movie “Spirited Away” was a key ingredient and more or less was a catalyst of an idea I’ve been storing in my head for a long time.

Hopefully this project will help me have a stronger background for my characters, therefore more things to into my stories.

Though with some of them, I don’t think I want to add to much more to the story because they’re perfect as they are.

I’d like to adjust the dialogue for some of my characters so they don’t all sound the same. That was one thing I took away from my Creative Writing class at college and probably the only lesson I’ll honor in my future works.

One thing I’d like to do with my works is eliminate the portions or at least smooth out the portions that make me not want to work on editing them.


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