Baby [Paisley Radio] you’re a trip

One thing I will say for last night’s show:

It went so much better than I thought it was going to be. I set the stage well.

First, requesting it be this particular weekend when my folks aren’t home.
I don’t think I’ll ever be able to explain the following:

“oh a friend of mine that I’ve been talking to for a few years through email has an internet radio show about Prince and his music and I want to call in so I can talk about him… blah blah blah”

It sounds ridiculous to me at least.
But take away any possibility that I’m going to get interrupted and questions will be asked, and I’m free not to stress out.

Second, requesting it be about Purple Rain, one subject in the purple universe I know that I can’t stumble over because its a crucial part of his career, something I’ve done a lot of research into, and therefore am already a semi-expert on.

And I honestly expected a lot of dead air on my part because I never said more than two sentences on the show any of the two other times I called in. The room was so full that I just fell through the cracks, but loved listening to everyone else.

Now if Ernest were still part of the party, I doubt I would have gotten as much leeway in as I did.

But I held my own and actually found myself dying to jump in wherever and add whatever it was that I wanted to add. It changed so much… like that saying that Prince changes his mind three times a day… it felt a little like that, but… you know, different. A stream of consicousness went through my mind, different things came up that made lightbulbs appear over my head.

So down to business.

I’d spend a week with 1999 in the mornings and The Time in the evenings with my hour-long commute (sometimes those guys can make it whip by like nothing at all).

All to prepare myself to watch Purple Rain again, get myself in the mood for it.

The movie was a very profound experience. I tried not to let my mind run with it and not try to say “that scene happens after this one”… I let everything happen as it did and I just absorbed. Everything between the performances, the expressions, the jokes, the set design and the clothes (I won’t say costumes because Susan Rogers said that to Prince and he was very offended by the insuination).

I felt somewhat of an equal pull from both Prince and Morris Day. But, okay another Twilight reference, it wasn’t quite like it was when I watched the film version of Eclipse and felt like Edward and Jacob were pulling me in either direction rather strongly.

The very beginning of Eclipse is probably the only time in the whole series that I really don’t like Edward all that much because of his overprotectiveness. But when you’re seeing things through Bella’s eyes, its hard not to feel the way she does. And she strongly wanted to see Jacob. And then when Jacob said he’d rather she be dead than become a vampire, I felt angry at him as much as she did.

Bella is universal as far as average teenager girls are concerned. I used to be one and still am average as someone going on 24 (omg, is it really 10 more days like I believe it is?)

It’s strange. Aging, I mean. When you turn another year older, you feel a little bit different than you did when you were a year younger.
More often than not, as far back as I can remember, my teenage years at best, lol, when I become another year older, it takes me a while to accept that I’m “this old” now when I still feel like I am “this old”…

But when I turned 22 two years ago… it was the easiest transition I ever had. It was simply amazing. 22 felt like the perfect age for me, as if mentally I was already there.
21 certainly wasn’t as satisfying as I thought it was going to be and not just because the attention shifted away from me as my family party progressed… I spent the majority of that year (2007) on and learning things from the people who knew him best… and because of the content of his work, that along made me feel like I’d gotten older.

Age really is meaningless…

But I don’t know, 22 was the perfect age for me because everything just came together. I was at my senior year of college (still writing that memoir, btw, need to begin including all of the sheningans I got into with my friends… the first time since 7th grade that I really felt that I had friends that I could really hang out with)

Ah the memories… different things bring people together… and in most cases, my friend Sam brought people together with me, with whom I’d stricken life-long friendships.

22 gave me some of the best things of my life so of course I didn’t want to leave it behind.

Here’s hoping that 24 has a better feel to it because that was the only time I turned however old and it just was a perfect fit.

Now I lost track of where I was…

Prince & Morris Day.

There isn’t necessarily a villian in this film. You have alternate A and alternate B.

There’s something about hearing Jungle Love in the movie that you really can’t touch, its a shame that they didn’t do that for the album because it would have been smashing. The bass and the 80’s keyboards you hear in between verses… it brings a whole other vibe with it and every time I watch the movie, I get the same feeling that came over me the first time I saw the movie.

Purple Rain is the quintessial (can’t spell) Prince experience, there’s no denying or doubting that.

One of the things we talked about was how this particular project was so special. What set it apart from other things Prince had done? How’d it turn out so well?

There isn’t necessarily a magic formula that made it as it was, but I will say that there was magic that made it all possible.

Those who had been following Prince’s music in the 80’s until this point have noticed that he’s peaking with every album he releases (though some debate that Controversy was a step backwards from Dirty Mind).
How does one top a 2-disc album? (I’m still trying to find out how many copies it had sold before Purple Rain came out… but I’m sure the sales differential was HUGE after the movie was released, for obvious reasons)

1999 was a huge success, so therefore, how can you top it?

Prince had been thinking about doing a movie for a while and somehow he had reached a creative peak at the time, writing 100 songs for the project (though three of the tracks weren’t even written yet).

So add that:

Prince had the right band at the time. With Dez’s exit and Wendy coming in, Prince felt his multi-racial male/female band was complete. He was waiting until Dez left before officially giving it the name The Revolution… that isn’t to say that he was waiting for Dez to leave, it didn’t end necessarily on such a sour note. Dez had expressed interest in leaving because the sexual themes of the music were conflicting with his religious beliefs… the same reason Gayle Chapman left. (In fact, wikipedia claims it was due to the “inapproriate” nature of performing the song Head with Prince)…

Oh the irony that people left the band because they felt conflicted by the nature of Prince’s music… but look at what he’s doing now, lol

So pretty what it boils down to:

Prince’s creative peak
The perfect band= perfect chemistry

Prince said in an interview in 1981 that the band would have more input in his music when he felt they shared the same mind, they believed the same things and he trusted them.
Because of Wendy’s entrance and few other things, all of that became possible.

Now as for whatever happened in the year 1983 between the two albums… what the big change was… as I said, that will take me a couple more years to figure out…

But after giving it more time and thought, I definitely see now that the difference between the sound of 1999 and Purple Rain is insurmountable (yeah, I read too much)…

Funk slowly would give way to rock… just ask “Computer Blue” if you say different.

Last night was just amazing… I’m just going to say that right now. It made me wish we had a transcript made of the show because I would use so much of it for this chapter of “The Word”…

And it definitely helped that I watched the movie with the commentary and all of the backstage stuff on the DVD as many times as I did because I brought up things that I thought were already known, lol…

But I think we covered all the bases pretty well.

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One Response to Baby [Paisley Radio] you’re a trip

  1. You’re the best, really. I’m so glad you enjoyed being on the show. I had a wonderful time, as well. We should do it again, the next time your folks are out of town, haha. We will discuss Gold.I listened back to the mp3 of the show, and my volume level is WAY low, so I will fix it and send the show to you in several files so you can burn it to CD or put it on your iPod or whatever.I will work on transcribing it, too.Thanks SO much!

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