Also will include:

Forgot about this until after I finished the last entry:

I’ve already started working on it a while back in an entry named something like “Bridging the gap between 1999 and Purple Rain”

What had changed in the year 1983 in between albums?

A lot apparently.

I probably have or could have enough material on this era that its a book in itself. But I’ll have to reign myself in because that would be giving into the stereotype that this is the only good thing and the only successful thing Prince ever did.

Though its hard not to dwell on it with all of the time I’d spent with the movie and the many DVD extras. The knowledge just keeps spilling out.

But here’s hoping that I can also control how much I play the album before I start to get sick of it. I’d like to get through one more viewing of the movie Sunday with it being just as breathtaking as it was last week.

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