The big question here regarding the tracks

I’ve been thinking this over for a while and yesterday while listening to the album, I came up with a good way to finally write a track by track analysis… or just writing about the nine songs in general.

The one problem with keeping a blog like this and writing several times over a few months about the same topic… the whole tone of the piece is different every time.

So I came up with the idea while listening:

I’ll write a break-down of every track of the album, very extended break-down at that, but I’ll have to write it all in one sitting… from “Let’s go crazy” to “Purple Rain”… that’s the only way to pull this off and to make sure the writing feels the same to me for every track or it’ll easily distract me.

Then I ran into a problem in my resolve:

How in the world am I going to keep from repeating myself?

Sure I can say all of the stories behind each track… the ones that apply… but when I write how the album came together, how do I know I’m not going to just write the same thing over and over?

But then again, I came up with this just now:

I’ll go into the break-down of every track… and avoid some things that I want to put into other topics in the chapter.

For example, I don’t need to do an analysis on tracks like “Let’s go crazy” and “Baby I’m a star” that really have no story behind their creation (unlike Take me with U, when Doves Cry and Purple Rain and a couple others)…

And Computer Blue will get its on mention because it “suffered” the most in the process.

But what I’ll definitely have to do is have a series of bullet points in front of me so I cover EVERYTHING I want to say about the tracks in one shot so I don’t come back a week later and scream at myself for forgetting a certain detail.

I’ll try to keep the album on the downlow until Sunday when I can watch the movie again… its starting to get too repetitive, the last thing I wanted to happen this time around.

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