very early receptions about 20TEN

I think I started this entry without having anything really to say, lol.

But I will say this:

There’s an undeniably catchy beat to the song “Erotic City” but the overall vibe feels closer to the ATWIAD vibe than Purple Rain. Perhaps its the missing link between the two albums… every two albums in sequence has one where you hear elements from the next album within it.

More on this theory in a later entry…

I should have realized this and did it differently last night. I hadn’t listened to 20TEN yet so I knew it had to be last night. It had to be when I had no work the next day and therefore nothing to bring me down or distract me.

Problem: I did this ordeal with The Rainbow Children and it turned out horribly… especially the 2nd time around because I find myself falling asleep after the first 5 songs or so and waking it to “Last December.”

Before you get ahead of yourself, I wouldn’t say that I fell asleep to this album and wake a few tracks later. But we’re talking 11pm and its been a long day already. So my mind wasn’t completely on the album within the middle of it.

One concern I do have about it overall is just at the very end. I had to go ahead and wikipedia this to double-check something.

“Laydown” I already knew was an extra track… but according to the entry, it appears after 70 something blanks tracks.


I thought Prince learned his lesson after doing this on NewPower Soul… I really hate that type of move. And it wasn’t even worth it.

As far as I can tell, it was a rap between Prince & Shelby J, who already annoys the hell out of me with that whole ghetto vibe. That’s why I didn’t like Chelsea Rogers for the longest time. I’m sorry, dude, but it just didn’t work. I get enough rap to contend with on the radio, I don’t need it here. Its not necessary… and furthermore, its not even remotely similiar to the rest of the songs on the album.

That’s something else I kinda can’t stand, such a vast dissimilarity between one track and the vibe of the others. The fact that it is at the end of  the album does make matters a little easier, though, which I’m grateful for. I don’t anticipiate listening to it again anytime soon.
I’d add something like “it hurt my ears” but that was mostly because one of the earlier songs made me turn my iPOD’s volume up so I could hear Prince’s soft spoken vocals. Too much bass, though.

There is an advantage to listening to an album in bed in a room with no light, did I get that title right? Anyway, the advantage. You’re able to feel everything in the music without anything coming into view and disrupting the flow of things.

I only remember a handful of the tracks really well and the first three were definitely a great first impression, something I don’t regularly get from Prince most of the time.

There were some vibes in the songs that definitely helped ID them as Prince songs because no other artist sounds like that.
But the vibes were bringing me back to songs he’d written in the past, which I deem as a good thing. Going back to your roots to bring a fresh take on things borders on genius because it really can’t be called repeating yourself, not entirely.

I believe “Future Soul Song” was noted as the 2nd coming of “The Beautiful Ones”… I suppose I can see the similarity, but the passion wasn’t at full tilt (11 out of 10) as I would say “The beautiful ones” was. It brought together a lot of things I’ve gotten from Prince’s albums over the years, particularly his love songs. There was a melody to it that I couldn’t quite place the similiarity of, now I’m thinking “Do me baby”… the lyrics are far different, but the melody had such a similarity, it was mindboggling. I was trying the whole time to follow the melody and trace where I’d heard it before.

The first track “Compassion” brought me back quite a ways… a better attempt at a song like “Can’t stop this feelin’ I got”… the vibe with the uptempo beat was very similar, but in no ways did it make me think of “Footloose.” Totally LMAO hilarious, I know.

I can probably think of one person on .org right now who still wouldn’t like this album based primarily on the fact Prince used Linn-drum for it. He didn’t approve of its use on “Future Baby Mama” on Planet Earth because supposedly the linn-drum was so 80’s, so 20 years ago, whatever.

I love the Linn-drum, it brings back brighter times in Prince’s music and clearly he still knows how to use it pretty well.

Some of the time while listening, I was mulling over Prince’s place in the music industry. I find myself shuddering to know that he really doesn’t fit in anywhere. Mainly because today’s music doesn’t have a place for him. Those darn kids today don’t know anything about him other than Purple Rain and they totally think he hasn’t been in the spotlight since then.

Ignorance is bliss in many of my cases, but this isn’t one of them. The ignorance of music listeners nowadays kills me at least on a weekly basis, if not every day.

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