Putting the purple 80’s behind me (4 now)

I listened to 20TEN again yesterday and hopefully I’ll be able to put a review together by the end of the week.

Good stuff and it definitely stands out among recent previous attempts… but whether or not it ever appears in stores worries me a little bit.

What good is an album if you’re not sharing it with the public?
Let alone the American public.

I only have the music cuz I have great connections, but it really seems unfair that others are deprived of it just because they live in America.

By the by, Prince, are you really going to tour here? And if so, are you going to make the album a free giveaway like Musicology before it?
At least that would be something.

As much as I love the 80’s, I want to start going forward in time with things.
Meaning that I need to take 1999 and Purple Rain out of my car. Nothing personal. There’s just little point because I don’t listen to them anymore. And where they are, other music I want to listen to can take their place. It makes things easier than just taking out disc 4 and replacing it.

But I still have The Time CD’s and have no intention of taking them out.


In case the worst should happen, I’m going to need the inspiration to pick up what I last wrote on that front.

Hopefully I’ll add more later. But if now, off to work, to read the 3rd Harry Potter book and start working on character sketches so I’ll start up a back-up plan if work gives me the boot.

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