A few words about being a writer

I started writing in response to a dream I had.

Then it started to expand from there when my ideas were steadily becoming more original.
Although if you knew me at all, you would see where I’ve borrowed some of the themes and ideas that I do.

We all have our reasons for writing.
Originally, my reason to write that one time was to make sense of the dream I had.
I wasn’t even remotely aware it would turn into a 10-year kooky love affair.

But as I started becoming more wrapped in my own work, not much except for stress was going on in reality.
Everyone knows how stressful high school is, though, granted, college had several points where I was close to breaking under the pressure.
And yet, I never completely broke either because of luck or something else. My tests weren’t always A’s and B’s, but the final grade always was.
A single C never tarnished my manuscript and I’ll be forever grateful to those who got me through college.

Prince’s music being one of them.

And my writing being the other.

The other reason I wrote… to make sense out of my own life, but also to make it more interesting. A couple of stories were based in truth, but made me sound like a spoiled brat because she always got what she wanted. Things always happened her way as if no one else mattered.

I only got the good grades. I never got much beyond that other than wonderful experiences in the drama and musical programs I was a part of.

But I will say that one thing that hasn’t changed:

Music still inspires my writing and in fact, that’s how this blog came about.
Prince’s music is very strong and very influential, I must say.

Some songs, I’ll hear, and remember why I used them in the first place.

Another thing about being a writer:

When you’re a writer, it really sucks when its not your primary source of income… let alone your source of income.
It’s very hard to concentrate on editing a chapter when you really don’t have the time and space to do it. I attempted a little last night and knew right away it wasn’t going to work.

Oh well… I guess I’ll have to wait until the weekend. And who knows how long that’s gonna take?

[4 more days]

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