Writer’s blogs

First, I’d like to apologize if my past few writer’s blogs haven’t been all that interesting to read

Those are more or less me thinking aloud about my current dilemma.
And it seems like every night, more of them are popping up.

Mind you, I did write this when I was 17… 17? Yeah, 17, had to check my math for a second.
Some of the same feeling is still there, but as I’m looking through, I’m coming to realize that I hadn’ anywhere near mastered the divine art of “show, not tell”.

I’m using the same words and phrases over and over again.
The same connective words like “with” and “as”… no description at all. My characters are always looking at things or turning around or whatever else I’m using.

As a writer, I want to believe that my language has matured in the past 8, 7 years… whatever it is.
But only in my vocabulary.

I’m going to need some work-intensive study on sentence structure.
Like what JK Rowling has been using her Harry Potter books (I know what I’m talking about, I’m in the middle of one, lol).

Oh what to do… and further to the point, have I got my work cut out for me?

As much as I’d love to ask someone to proofread it for me, I’m afraid they’re going to say how much I’m doing wrong and make me lose confidence in the piece.

It’s very close to my heart and I’m afraid to post it online so people can trample all over it and say its not good.

And I might be late for work… ugh, 2 more days, 2 more days

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One Response to Writer’s blogs

  1. I’d be happy to proofread it for you. I will be kind in my advice, I promise.

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