At war with Friday’s paper

I’m just coming up with all sorts of random bs to post about before work now, aren’t I?

This is probably the biggest load of non-relevent bs I’ve posted so far, but if I don’t keep writing out of habit, I’ll get rusty.
I’d rather not be rusty in my writing, thank you very much, lol.

One thing I always look forward to on Fridays in the movie section where they review the movies that come out this week.

I feel like I’ve been at war with them ever since we started getting the local paper (which has been 6 years now.) but it’s been more the past couple years because I wasn’t home for the majority of the other 3.

At first, it was a bunch of people who have no time at all to see all of the movies that come out that particular week.

So next to some of my favorite movie titles, I see the snippet “not reviewed by critic in time” or something like that.

I don’t know who writes the reviews, but they’re a bunch of slackers who don’t have anything else going on their lives… see every freakin’ movie that comes out and let me know how good or bad it is.

Granted, I still have a vendetta over the fact they didn’t review any of the Twilight films very well.

The guy who did “New Moon,” who probably is our guy now, pretty much said how miserable and depressing it was and how you didn’t want to be with Bella through the movie because of how she acted.

Even gave The Last Airbender one star because he couldn’t follow the damn plot and said it was badly made, though with good special effects.

So I continue my vendetta against Roger Ebert who supplies our movie reviews now (and he did New Moon and Eclipse).

And he can barely do that.

6 movies, count ’em, 6, came out this week. He didn’t give any stars out and said (no review) next to all but one, that’s an independant film that didn’t get any commericals. I mean, why do I bother?

And yes, I do scream and rave when they downgrade movies I wanna see. Doesn’t stop me from going, but any review is better than no review.

If I wasn’t working, I’d totally do this myself.
Not that I’m qualified, lol.

Sometime this weekend, I hope to review my Green Day album 😎 the outlook is good

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