Assuming a leadership role

I never thought that was going to happen in any given time or place, let alone at where I’m working now.

The only experience I can think of being in this position was when I was leading the warm-up in karate class. Somehow, that really didn’t seem as nerve-wrecking as I think of leading is now. Two completely different worlds.

As is college.
In my interview, I said that working hard tends to pay off. One time I ended up doing ALL the work for my Calculus class. Our former leader dropped and the other two wouldn’t pick up the slack. Because I was the designated typist, I became leader by default.
They were passing on my good grades (mostly A’s towards the end of it all, lol) and finally I said that I couldn’t handle the work and that I’d been doing everything for those two losers (not in so many words).
That along with my perfect attendance earned me an A in Calculus, college calculus if you can believe it. I still don’t.

So after the explosion at work, I’ve had one significant “casualty.” Someone’s ankle was burned probably the boiling hot agar that spewed out of the breaking microwave and she got it worse than whoever was closest.
Now she’s under OSHA’s orders to stay off it until its properly healed.

Which makes Saturdays a bit more difficult for me to get through, but I’m trying to find ways to get myself together.

Now we’ll be short someone else the rest of the week, maybe more for other medical reasons.

Therefore, I think I’m going to have to rise to the occasion. I’m already handling the labeling for streaking the next day and the day of. Now I think I’m going to be negiogating more responsibilty.

I feel like I’m in a much better place now and they did ask me to speak out more and pitch more. Somehow, this is actually happening and I find myself speaking out a lot, mostly in regular conversation. But I’m never that talkative… yet, I’m becoming very talkative lately.

It feels weird, but its a good kind of weird. I’ll have to admit.

Our former leaders, those who have been here longer than I have, aren’t here to lead and as I’m in the lab more than a couple other people helping in another area (growth promotion), having a bit more experience over our two newest lab techs, I gotta step up. And I really don’t mind.

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