Interesting artists & positivity

I’m going to try to keep my music positive this week.
Meaning that I’ll have to keep Green Day on the downlow for a while.

As much as I’m in love with the record, I might be getting a little sick of it.

Its from guys in their mid-30’s, but they resemble the rebels in school. Talking about dismantling oppressive establishments and stuff. Take it to the man.

But in this day and age, that really isn’t that off base. A lot of people hate the economy and our president.

I’m still cool with Obama and unless I see that he’d done completely nothing these past four years, I might considering changing my position.
But whatever.

I do have my stash of artists that bring a smile to my face and I’ll try to tap into them this week when I’m really going to need them most.

Up first:

Michael Jackson’s “Bad” album

Friggin’ fantastic is the word I’d use for it.

When I think about a lot of the songs, it reminds me of the “atmosphere” that surrounded the vicinity when I first heard them play. Songs like “Streetwalker” and “Liberian Girl” bring different vibes with them that I still get when I listen.

Aside from the two songs that can make me cry my eyes out at their beauty, “Man in the Mirror” and “Just can’t stop loving you”… I get into the record in the most positive way. It makes me smile like nobody’s business.

Prince’s “Come” album has its own unique vibe, but last night, I wanted more than anything just to hear the words of “Solo” once again. It’d been a while so I think I was starting to forget them a bit.

I finally heard all of the lyrics nice and clear while keeping the volume at a reasonable level so they don’t shock me when he suddenly crescendos.
People might knock the song for that alone… but nothing really gets you into the core of why he’s so depressed at this particular time in his life quite more than this song does.

Maybe I’ll have time to put in the gold experience for my return trips this week, but I’ll see what happens… I won’t get into it unless the vibe is just right.

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