The newest VH1 Countdown: 100 greatest artists

More on this story as it develops throughout the week.

I’ll post the final list of the 100 artists when VH1 posts it on their site, but I’ll try to keep up to date the best I can with this as the week goes on.

I can only hope and pray that Prince gets the top spot, but I can’t completely count on it. Michael Jackson gets most of the popular votes and then we have the likes of Elvis, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones to contend with.

I’m watching the first hour right now that covers 100-81. The only one they’ve mentioned so far that I actually listen to myself: Green Day @ #91… which I’m sure is rightfully deserved.

Maybe at some point during the week, I’ll come up with my own list of my top artists, with of course Prince being @ #1.

I know, completely biased, right? lol

Which reminds me… I wonder what spot they’ll give Madonna

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