My next project: my favorite non-Prince albums

I was thinking this over while listening to Hall & Oates on the way back from a family party yesterday. Kinda makes me wish I’d partied more and watched less football, but its not often I sit through two football games in one day.
I was about to do three, but unfortunately, between four glasses of wine and the late hour and long day, I barely stayed awake for it. Granted, I knew after a while that Eli just wasn’t going to cut, so it wasn’t like I missed anything.

Hoping against hope, I wanted the Giants to win because Eli’s just a little better looking. And he has been getting better. Its just a matter of connecting in his passing, that’s all. He’s definitely doing better to avoid being sacked and knocked down when he’s getting ready to throw.

Pretty much, though, I was miserable after the party on the way back. Listening to Hall & Oates did nothing for me for several songs… “Private Eyes” was maybe the first sign of me being able to cheer up and then it really wasn’t all that bad afterwards.

Work’s killing me again, pretty much is the size of it.
That whole debate again about would it be better if I quit or that I was fired? People always say how miserable they are at that place. I’m not sure if they’d condone a firing as being a good way out.

Again, it feels like I’m under a microscope. As if I’m one step away from screwing up too much. Like it isn’t bad enough something goes wrong everytime I’m in charge of melting media in our hot-water baths… between the water baths busting left and right, bottles breaking, having too much to do and not enough time to do it in.

As if that’s not bad enough, people are leaving left and right because they found work elsewhere. Granted, I’m happy for them. Then I hear that our newest Saturday person is being put back on the Monday-Friday shift…

why do they insist on doing this to me? I mean, I’m okay with my shift, but why do they have to keep replacing the people I work with, particularly people I’m very fond of… that means I gotta establish a chemistry with someone else.

I’m being asked to do way too much, as if I have a million responsibilities. I’m not perfect, I never thought I was, but there’s no way I can handle any of what they want me to do.

Oh and that’s not the worst. I get pulled aside, again on a Friday, saying that I need to give word I need helping finding my workload and that I need to bring things up to speed with water lab.
Oh my god! They’re still out to get me.
And that one Wednesday where things were cutting it close at the end… I’d just come back from the holiday. Do they seriously expect me to bring my A-game after a three-day break?

I’m miserable as hell right now thinking about what they’re putting me through. And I should hope for a firing, but I don’t want that on my record. How will I explain that? And it’ll be nearly impossible for me to reestablish a chemistry with all new co-workers in an all-new place with an all new set of procedures… I can’t do it.

And why is it always on Fridays? I swear to God they always ruin my weekend that way.

Boy do I sound like I’m PMSing right now…
this week’s gonna be hell because most likely, that will come into play… whatever…

I know I’m not perfect but why do they insist that I can handle doing a million things at once… don’t they know me of all people can’t handle it…

I know for a fact I’d improved in other areas, but its still one or two things I’m still being gunned at for floundering…

I need another year before I start looking at grad schools… I don’t have a plan B if I’m fired or being forced to quit because I hate them putting me through the ringer…

I woke up this morning worrying about handling water lab samples on Sunday that I hadn’t done in ages… I don’t know my way around that apparatus all that well… I can pray we don’t get waters Sunday, but praying never helped at work. I get the worst end of the shtick every time.


Music is one of the few things that really makes me happy and its like my best friend that rides shotgun to/from work with me every day. I feel like I can’t function driving without music. The quiet just kills me after a while.

If it were up to me, I’d be listening to music 24/7. But I have my ears to think about, you know. Seeing as I crank up the music in my car (not heavy metal or guitar heavy necessarily), and I’m heavily invested my purple iPOD, I’m guranateed early hearing loss by my parents’ age… mid-50’s.

As a writer, though, I’d sacrifice for my hearing to keep my eyes, bar none.
I don’t necessarily need my ears to write, but I need them for the music that inspires my work.

What I ought to do sometime the next few weeks is listen through Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” album and depending how it goes (as far as its condition goes), I’ll adopt it into my music collection the way I did Puprle Rain.

It’s not like my parents listen to them that much anyway. My understanding, my dad got Purple Rain just for two songs… I would Die 4 U and Baby I’m a Star… among the first Prince songs I was ever exposed to.

Now that I’m going to be in the business for looking through my own musical collection and noting the best albums I own, I might as well bring back a childhood favorite and either adopt it or buy my own copy if this copy is too warped for repeated playback.

Now I say this as my favorite non-Prince albums because it is that.
I need to go through the rest of the music I own and really give the better ones a chance to shine. Picking a bunch of Prince albums will put the majority of them to shame… it really isn’t fair, considering several Prince albums fit the bill.

For the hell of it, and because I was inspired by it, I cued up Rolling Stone’s list of the greatest 500 albums of all time.
Although why 10 of those are by Bob Dylan is beyond me.

Noteable noteables include:

384. A Hard Day’s Night- The Beatles (my newest musical acquisition)
328. Help!- The Beatles (my favorite of the 4 albums I own… that’ll be on my personal list)
323. Jagged Little Pill- Alanis Morrisette (one of my newer albums, needs more time, I think)

oh, wtf is Eminen doing on this list…. twice? three times? @#%$#@

275. The Immaculate Collection- Madonna (personal favorite)

202. Dirty Mind- Prince (well-deserved)
200. Bad- Michael Jackson (very well-deserved… another one for the list)

162. 1999- Prince (very well-deserved)

93. Sign o’ the Times- Prince
86. Let it be- The Beatles
73. Purple Rain- Prince (aw hell… that belongs in the top 10… again, that’s just me, lmao)

20. Thriller- Michael Jackson (personally, I prefer Bad, but that’s just me… again)

14. Abbey Road (probably my least favorite of my Beatles albums… I find it rather inconsistent)

1. Sgt. Pepper Lonely Heart’s Club Band- The Beatles…
this acquistion came about because around the time I was riding on a purple high (been in the universe for a good three-four months), they were talking about it being the album’s 40th anniversery and how the Beatles shut themselves in the studio for a long amount of time while they worked on this… drugs all around, lol…

it’s gotten better with time, though I might not be ready to do it justice on my list.

What I’m generally going for for the qualifications on my list is as such:

1. The whole package must be present
-not every song has to be a hit, but the majority must come together into a substantial whole

2. Nearly every track brings another dimension
– nearly every track must function in the album… as in, no filler tracks, everything has a purpose

3. The overall album has to have a “mood” or a readable “heartbeat”
-this is often what I refer to as the “overall vibe” of an album. You can have several vibes in an album, but they must either have some correlation or stand substantiallly on their own.

4. Except for rare exceptions, the album must leave the listener feeling better than they did previous to listening to it

The thing I’ve been going for with my past few album purchases is thinking about what makes me happy. Music makes me happy, so I really don’t want to hang around with albums a lot of the time that make me miserable.

This time around, certain albums will miss out on making the list simply because I don’t understand them yet.

Sgt. Pepper I’ve already mentioned… and Viva La Vida by Coldplay. It’s worthy of its “best rock album” win at the Grammys, but I don’t quite understand it yet. It’s probably the strangest album I own, making Sgt. Pepper appear more normal than I thought at first.

The omission of “With you, without you” helped a lot in making the album more sane and digestible.

Alanis Morrisette’s album probably will miss out as well because I’d only heard it through a couple times. Not quite enough to establish a relationship where I can fully go into length about.

So for right now, I’ll do my best to compose a list of albums I mean to give full props for one reason or another.

Michelle Branch- The Spirit Room
Lindsay Lohan- Speak
Ashlee Simpson- Autobiography
Michael Jackson- Bad
Taylor Swift- Fearless
Help!- The Beatles
Jason DeRulo- self-titled
Green Day- American Idiot
?Hall & Oates? (doesn’t quite fit all the criteria) very best of
Lady Gaga- The Fame
Rob Thomas- Cradlesongs… might not quite fit all criteria either, lol…

I suppose 10/11/12 is good to start with

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