Pop Music Junkie

Believe it or not, the u/n of my first xanga page after my best friend finally convinced me to get one.

This was before myspace, people… though probably at the same time. Anyway, he finally talks me into the idea and I never woulda thought I’d need it or want to use it for something like this.

Prince is a pretty crazy character, who knew I’d start a whole blog on beginning inspired by his music?

One of these days, I really should see that movie “Julie & Julia” because that’s reminding me of my current situation. Or the situation I found myself at 3 years and some odd amount of months ago.

Supposedly the movie is based on the real life story of a woman who blogged solely about her attempts at cooking every dish in Julia Child’s cookbook and it became a huge hit. Developed a huge following.

I doubt I have anything near that, though the couple reader I do get, I appreciate all the same. A few is better than none at all.

So I came up with this blog using the same logic.

Prince’s music is massive in numbers, but all massive in meanings, innuendos and metaphors… certain songs mean something different to a lot of people and with others, they make me think of different things every time I listen.
This also can coincide with what’s going on around me. Certain albums mellow me out, others make me excited, and the majority make me feel better than I felt coming into them.

Why not chronicle all of the albums I own, my reaction to them and build from there?

Of course, my writing also matured over time so I can’t exactly do a whole book just on first reactions of albums.
Firstly, I have that whole “obsession, blind worship” thing going on with my earlier albums as if I have some higher understanding about them and him. Something I clearly don’t have at that point, its too early in the game.
Then I’d said things about some songs I’d like to take back.

I’d been pretty unfair to “Dance Music Sex Romance” as well as some other 1999 tracks… along those lines.

I must admit to and I humbly confess that I’m addicted to music, its something I gotta have in my life no matter what. I wouldn’t take it to Prince’s extreme where “if I don’t play music, I’ll die”… something like that, I believe he said at one point.

Lately I’ve been getting to thinking about what I want to do now that plan A went down the tubes… my most intense interests are the movies, sports and music… animals of course will be up there, but my options with my degree are limited here.
Working at Petsmart for a little while might do me good at some point.

You go to any 24-year old and you won’t find another… I can’t guarantee it, but it’ll be hard to find another… who’s as addicted to music as I am. And it isn’t just one kind of music anymore. I defined myself early on as a pop music junkie, referring to boy band and Britney Spears bubblegum pop that we really don’t have anymore.
I’ve gone as far to say I’m a music snob for someone my age. I ain’t jokin’ about this for a second. A major snob.

Because thanks to some of my college friends or just people I hung around with in college, I’ve come out thinking that I know more about the art of music and what it means to be a musical artist than anyone my age.
Get me talking and my taste in music greatly varies.

The oldest album I now own is “A Hard Day’s Night,” as we all know, a Beatles album, which was released in 1964, the same year they came over to the US as part of the British invasion.

Aside from that, my knowledge of the Beatles coming over here is very limited. I just know that they were the biggest thing to hit since Elvis Presley. Both of which had the same effect on the opposite sex, screaming frantically with occasional fainting.

The oldest albums I own time-wise are all Beatles albums and I hope to add one more to my collection, whichever album has my favorite Beatles track on it.
My guess, it was released before “A Hard Day’s Night” was filmed, therefore it didn’t appear on the film’s soundtrack. That would just be repetitive (though you might have to take that up with the many CD’s titled “Past Masters”).

“A Hard Days Night’ was a given… no going around getting it, just because that’s the sound I knew The Beatles to have. I expected it from Sgt. Pepper and Abbey Road and was initially disappointed with both because they were just way out of that particular range.

Although, I’ll admit, putting them back to back as I had last week, I’ll take “Help!” over “A Hard Day’s Night” any day or night… simply because I find “Help!” to be a little more upbeat and cheery. Towards the end of the latter, I just find myself getting depressed. Mainly because the last track is talking about broken hearts.

Here’s another hint of irony.
Last Thursday, I believed to be one of my best days at work ever. I was feeling so good afterwards. Between going through the procedures in the water lab and not having to face the samples that came in that day, I felt awesome.
Then I get told before returning to the water lab the next day that I was slacking on my “promise” the other Wednesday that I’d work on asking for help when I was backed up… way to be a complete buzzkill, why did they have to take me aside on Fridays for news like that… that just remains my whole frickin’ weekend.
Luckily, they didn’t prolong my suffering to Friday… today, short and sweet, all that.

Here’s the irony now.
I was feeling just awful returning home that Friday because I had that negativity on my mind the whole way home. I was playing through the rest of “Help!” which I’d started earlier that day… I come to the song “Yesterday” and I just completely lose it. I sympathized with Paul for a completely different reason, but I completely believed in yesterday and all my troubles had seemed so far away.

I doubt I’ll ever be able to listen to the song without getting choked it. There’s something so pure, innocent and humble about that vocal.

To me, nearly every song on that album is a hit for me. Has that same amount of fun and makes me feel a part of something good.
I only get so much satisfication on the other album from the song “If I Fell”… automatically became a favorite when I heard it in the movie.
Anything that cheers up Ringo is good in my book.

From there, my music scatters around the 70’s a little bit in the form of Foreigner, Stevie Wonder, and Hall & Oates… the majority are 80’s… no wait, that’s Prince albums I’m talking about… roughly, I’d say I have about 20 80’s albums including my 10 Prince albums, the soundtrack for Top Gun, greatest hits of Rick Astley and Hall & Oates, Michael Jackson’s Thriller & Bad, 2 albums from The Time… now im cheating and going through my excel worksheet of my collection.. Slippery when Wet (forgot I had that, lol)… let’s see… ok, 18 total…

I take it back, I have more albums from the 90’s and decade 2K combined, lol…

Granted, Prince helped me develop a better taste for music and inspired me to check out some artists I wouldn’t have though to otherwise.

Strangely enough, though, I wouldn’t have bought into Hall & Oates at all if it hadn’t been for my keen ears at work.
Granted, most of the music was repetitive current radio hits. But on occasion when we had the 80’s station on, I’d hear some songs I’d dig. A day later, I’d look it up and find it was Hall & Oates.

I’d heard “Kiss on my List” on the radio a couple of times and then “Out of Touch” I’d hear at work and thinking how much I dug the song.

With my greatest hits, that’s generally how I end up getting them. I hear a couple of songs I really dig from an artist who doesn’t really come around much anymore, so a greatest hits will give me all of the songs in the same place.

My history with them, though, isn’t all that great. I don’t listen to all of them all that much.

Hall & Oates has gotten the most rotation, as is probably guessed.
Richard Marx has gotten more rotation since I started working than it ever got after I bought it… I was a tad distracted by purple music to really bother… but every now and then, I’d crunk up a couple tracks. As far as pleasing the opposite sex, I’d place this greatest hits up there with Jason DeRulo, a couple Prince albums (not sure which ones right now), and A Hard Day’s Night… chock full of songs that sweep us females off our feet.

Foreigner has gotten a lot of rotation too, much in the same fashion as Richard Marx… although it gets to a point where I don’t listen to it, I take it out of the car… and then I have to bring it back because I’m hearing the songs in my head.

Simply on the grounds that I’m standing up for the song “Never gonna give you up” and the nostalgia I get from the music video, I had to get a Rick Astley greatest hits… no question.
As soon as I saw it listed on VH1’s “top 40 most awesomely bad songs,” bang, I was there… had to get it.
Now there’s this whole running joke going on about “rick rolling” people by sending them a link to the music video…
I feel no shame in loving it the way I do. My system of dividing the songs I like on an album against the total number of songs doesn’t bold well… but its not my fault that 8 out of 12 is only 66.667%… sheesh.

On the whole, I’d say that if I have an album where I like more than half of the songs on it, its a keeper I’d love to keep.
Perhaps the only exception was Stacie Orrico, which was giving me kind of an off-vibe and therefore, I couldn’t keep the album anymore. Just didn’t feel like listening to it all that much.
I’ve shelved most of my albums a long time, though every now and then, I’ll pick one up after a couple years for another listen.
Most recently, my BSB, *NSYNC and NOW albums…

by the by, when I came up with that list of albums I was going to go review, I’d forgotten to add “Leave this Town” by Daughtry and “Songs about Jane” from Maroon 5.

Those two fill a number of requirements to make the list and fulfill them wonderfully…
a) because there’s a vibe that goes through the entire album that unites it, and
b) for the most part (exception of one song), every song is a good song in my eyes 😎

I believe I’ve said I prefer this album to Chris Daughtry’s first album, simply because it feels more like the album cover says… its Daughtry as a whole rather than just Chris Daughtry. You get any artist together with a number of musicians and they can do wonders for his/her sound… why else would Purple Rain sound so good? 😎

There’s an undeniable chemistry there that I’d discussed so many times. There’s a blog in the future all about it.

Of course, Maroon 5’s debut album is nothing to sneeze at either. As far as the definition of an “album” goes, it fits the bill better than their second album… mainly because its restricted to only 13 tracks, opposed to the other that goes on to about 18. Fewer songs allows them to bounce off and feed off each other, build on one another to bring together one message.
And given the title, you expect a sense of unity in the album because they’re all centered around one person, Adam Levine’s first love.

Speaking of which, I got my hands on their newest album “Hands all over” as well as Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dreams” album.

At this point, I’ll have to cut myself off from new music until after Australia because I’m gonna need the cash… now more than ever now that the flow has stopped indefinitely (as in I’m not sure when it’ll start up again)…
but I’ll allow some spending on movie tickets.
“Easy A” looks pretty good, so I’ll check it out tomorrow most likely.

“Alpha & Omega” wasn’t all that bad. It wasn’t excellent, though even after seeing the trailer a million times (considering I went to the movies a million times this summer) I didn’t think it would be, it was very cute. I was glad I got to see it.

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