Call it a term of endearment for the sake of arguement. I won’t go as far to copyright it under my dad’s name so people have to pay him royalties when they use it.

Heck, the term is probably older than both of us.

After tonight, I’m starting to get the feeling I’m developing a sport-lovin’ alter ego. A person who has a habit of speaking in a whacked out Southern accent…

Peyton and Eli just roll off the tongue with a whacked out Southern accent… whereas Tim Tebow is simply Tim Tebow.

Speaking of which, I gotta bone to pick with the commentors over at the ESPN College channel. Just because the new Florida quarterback broke Tebow’s record of 5 TD’s in one game, they’re saying sure enough that he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. “Tebow never did this, never did that.”

And a “true freshman” at that. They like tossing that word around a lot. “True freshman.”

We’re going to safely assume that means a player playing in their first year of college as a freshman to a college, not a transfer freshman.

I said it early. If this Trey Burton guy can lead the Gators to snap Alabama’s 28-game winning streak, then he might be the real deal.

Getting into the endzone is only half the battle and seeing as all of my favorite players are quarterbacks and how that’s the position I watch the most, I’ve got reasons for being supercritical of newcomers.

Aside from the head coach, the quarterback, in my eyes, is the true leader of a football offense. What makes quarterbacks unique is that they choose who gets the ball and manages to pass off the ball under a great amount of pressure. He has to see a player in the clear and he needs to see two steps ahead. Can the player he throws the ball to make something out of it? How is the overall coverage in his vicinity and his path?

Granted, the quarterback begins the exchange of each play and determines its starting point. It’s up to the player that receives to make something out it every time.

Sure, a lot of the time, the quarterback has the coach in their head, telling them to call certain plays. Brett Favre and Peyton Manning are among the few that dictate the plays themselves. Therefore we have the invention of the no-huddle offense. Before I started watching Peyton Manning back in 2003, I hadn’t seen a no-huddle before or a quarterback turning to the players around him, shouting commands before he initates the play.

Quarterbacks tend to leave a mark on their teams because of their leadership. Being a great player is one thing, but being a great leader is quite another.
Which brings me back to Tim Tebow. There was a crucial point when Florida had suffered a devestating loss. Tebow makes a speech hereafter known as “The Promise” to inspire his team to stand behind him and trust that he’ll make it work. That he’ll lead them to bigger and better things.

A team isn’t quite a team without a leader and that’s how I see quarterbacks.

Shoot, now I’m hearing my voice in that whacked out Southern accent as I’m writin’ this.

Now that I’ve got the Internet back on my own PC, I can enjoy more luxeries of privacy that I didn’t have before. I’m free to check the random Prince clips I find at leisure, not worrying so much about attracting attention.

And its easy enough to just cue up a YouTube video so I can hear a random song like “Enjoy the Silence” by Depeche Mode whenever I feel like it.

Speaking of songs I hadn’t heard in a long time, I should make time tonight in this hour+ I have b4 my animĂ© night begins to listen to some music I hadn’t heard in a while. Whether it’d be Prince or another artist, I don’t quite know at this point. But I’m runnin’ outta time as it is.

I’m not necessarily serious about job searching yet. After Football Sunday passes me by, I’ll be able to focus more on that. Though not quite as much as I should. I get the sneaky suspicion that that’s why my dad finally decided to hook me up with the Internet in my room. So I don’t have to wait for the family computer to job search… no excuses.

I bet I can just hear that speech coming around any day now.

I saw “Easy A” and I’ll have to give it an A-. It started out a little slow, but once it got going, I just fell in love with the odd edginess of it. Though I admit the small John Hughes tribute didn’t hurt… ending the movie with the playing of “Don’t you (Forget about me)”…

I’ve got a clip holding most of my ticket stubs of movies I’d seen this year and my collection’s looking pretty good. There’re still plenty of months left in the year and the last Harry Potter movie (well, one of two) is another I’m looking forward to. I’m also considering that new Robert Downey Jr. movie “Due Date” with that guy from “The Hangover.” He’s this time and place’s “loveable moron”… a scene stealer if you will.
Makes me wish I’d gotten around to see “Dinner with the Shmucks” but I could always start a list of movies I want to see after they come on DVD or whatever. Even if I miss them in theaters.
Of course, I’m a sucker for Robert Downey, Jr. so the movie’s an almost must… speaking of which, Iron-man 2 will be out on DVD next week.

And I’ve already decided to restrict my cash to movies and gas money until the Australia trip… there’s always Christmas I guess.
I guess that also means that Iron-Man is worth seeing again… I barely remember it cuz I only saw it once, but I was completely into Iron-Man 2 like nobody’s business.

You’ve heard the term “gateway drug”… Tropic Thunder’s become almost a gateway film because I’d been digging the actors from the movie and seeing some of theirs. I’m already full blown into Robert Downey, Jr. I’d seen two of Jay Baruchel’s movies this year, Danny McBride’s popping up anywhere (not paying him any real attention, lol) and Brandon T. Jackson was in Percy Jackson… a super fantastic cast.

Though its weird to think of Ben Stiller playing straight out nice guys after the self-absorbed jerk he played in Tropic Thunder… “Night at the Mueseum 2” was pretty cool when I caught it on HBO… except for two roles, he’s always been the nice guy… well, three if you include that cameo he did in “Anchorman” 

Sports, Movies and Music… that’s all I’m about lately. When I really should be picking up my writing career… or starting it, whatever… I know I gotta put the time in, but I’m so easily distracted.

I don’t know what I can blame for my ADD… between multi-tasking at school, stressing out at work… a lot of things. I’m pretty sure its not a legit case of it that requires medication. I only feel like it is at times.

You know how it is.

So much to do, so little time to do it in.

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