(Week 3) It’s still early, guys

It’s like that guy says during those Coors light commericals.

“Playoffs? You kiddin’ me? Playoffs? Playsoffs?”

True to my word, nobody’s talked me about that yet.

I’m simply saying its too early to say anyone’s highly favored to win the whole season.
As it is too early to say that some teams don’t have a snowball’s chance.

In this case, I’m lookin’ at you guys who’re knockin’ the NY Giants.

Now, I agonized through the entire 60:00 as much as the rest of ya, but I wouldn’t say the team is as terrible as claimed.

I never said that they were perfect either. Maybe it has something to do with looks (something I don’t pay attention to with football anyway), but I’m going to stand by Eli Manning to however bitter or bittersweet end this season and the ones ahead of them take us.
I’ve made this speech a million times already. I know Eli ain’t his brother. I know he isn’t perfect and don’t expect absolute perfection each time. It would be nice… but I allow myself to be pleasantly surprised when I see what the team can accomplish when it isn’t so dysfunctional…

why is dysfunctional spelled with a “y” anyway? I dunno…

Now I’m seeing the next day (today), all of the news websites… and undoubtedly my local paper and I hadn’t been downstairs yet… are already completely blaming Eli for the massive loss by his team.

Okay… the guy threw two bad passes that turned into interceptions, boggling the team’s chance at points… I believe there was a fumble as well… everyone seems hung up on him throwing with his left hand to the end zone in a sea of Titans with Giants floating in it… you know where its going.

Sure, they say its a “game-changer”. The whole momentum goes downhill because of a bad, even detrimental pass… Eli had gotten better since then, his receivers just weren’t able to get open.

I’m starting to look more into the nature of offenses and defenses this season… seeing as I already know a great deal about everything else, penalities, different ways to score… I doubt I’ll ever be able to know positions and players, though I’m getting better at remembering names of my favorite players.

I’m speaking of DeSean Jackson as a couple others that I ironically can’t name right now. But I know my Eagles a little better than I did before… I recognize more names in the line-up. I must say how much they’re benefitting from last year’s draft choices. Jackson, Maclin, McCoy. Someone had to fill the void left by Brian Dawkins’ departure and Brian Westbrook’s injuries sidelining him.

When I started paying attention to players, the offense was composed of Donovan McNabb, Duce Staley, and Brian Westbrook. The special team still has David Akers as a kicker (wonderful kicker, one of the best in the league) and had Dirk Johnson as the punter. Now, Sav Rocca has taken his place and filled his shoes well.

I can’t say the same for the guy who took over for Jeff Feagles on the Giants, but he’s getting there. It’s strange that they didn’t really seem to need him during the game yesterday. Too many turnovers that they really didn’t get to 4th down all that much. When they did, they went for it on 4th and failed.

I have confidence that the Giants can pay so much better than that. I’ve seen them play really well… and I’m not talking about that game against Carolina or their SuperBowl appearance either… I’m talking about the damage they did to the Cowboys last season… they OWNED the Cowboys last season.
Although in the end, the Eagles ended up owning the Giants… beating them every time they met.

By logic, if the Giants were better than the cowboys and the eagles were better than the giants, you’d think that the Eagles would also be better than the Cowboys…

I think I already went over this with some elaborate a<b, b<c, a<c scheme…

But no, it was fork, papers, scissors… or, aspiring to That 70’s Show… foot, cockroach, nuclear bomb…

rock beats scissors, scissors cuts paper, paper covers rock (whatever that’s about, lol)

I’m not going to exhaust myself in a job search this week. I’ll check online, look at all of the places around here. Hopefully Borders has some sort of opening. Boy would I love to work there, especially if its bringing in the new books… stocking shelves, that sort of thing.
I could make due with that at Best Buy too, although it might get a little loud after a while. They play music nonstop in there and even I might get sick of it.

PetsMart… now that’d be good if they’d take me.

Then maybe I’ll check into ESU a little bit… though that most likely isn’t happening anytime soon because applications are due at the end of next month… no way I’ll be able to get a letter of intent together by then… what the hell do I know about my future, right?

The best I can do is focus on my writing and maybe within a few weeks, a month tops, I’ll have edited my work as close to perfection that I’m confident to try Stephenie Meyer’s route of writersmarket.net… it’s a $100 annual fee, but it’ll be worth it if somebody agrees to take me. I never needed this more than I do now… if only my work could mature faster than its been. Not that I’ve had time or the patience for it every day.
Yesterday I concocted part of a chapter, new scene, in the middle of the Giants game. I think I’d accepted defeat by that point, it was the third quarter….

a little dilemma that might come up.

My book is only so many pages. I’m guessing 230+ double-spaced… I don’t think it’ll get much support because its not novel length. People I know, those who don’t write much, would think that I’m writing novels when I’m technically not. My book might as well become a novella like Stephenie Meyer’s “The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner”…

And novellas don’t get all that much support.

I call fantasy romance my specialty as a writer, but its not all that I write. Sometimes I just write romance, but there’s always some other plot going on.

I suppose the big difference that can save me from falling down the novella trap is the fact that there are different plot points and the book isn’t necessarily focused completely on Jonas & Nina. There’s a little bit of a side-story about the whole boyfriend/girlfriend thing with my other main characters. The focus isn’t completely on them, but they make up 90% of the whole story.

Right now, I’m thinking of getting one of those plot triangles we used in 3rd grade to show a rise, climax and fall that makes up a novel…
but then my creative writer professor told all of us to throw that out the window.

For the sake of argument, though, I might just need to do that… so I know where I stand.

There’s an excess amount of drama that I somehow don’t see cutting out because of what’s discussed while its going down.

I’ll have to see where it all ends so I know whether or not I need some serious tweaking for unmerited “deafness”.

Heh heh, I just realized I gave even more support to that turn of events in my newest addition… equalivence is reached for the first time.

I was a sadistic teenager… inflicting pain on my protagonists more than my antagonists… who really get an easy out by getting killed/defeated in the end…

I put Jonas through hell with two incidents involving him… which in turn puts Nina through hell because she’s standing by him when all this happens.

Then we have an accident… Nina falls and hits her head… it makes everything before it seem tame because this could be a life-threatening injury.

Luckily it doesn’t turn out that way… then I suppose a diagnosis of “selective amnesia” is just as much of a cop-out.

I can’t exactly have my heroine suffer from a cracked skull when she has a bigger role to play later… more than one occasion, but its all merited… part of the central plot.

So back to football… its not too late for anyone to come out on top.

The Giants are just one team that has a chance.
But unfortunately, I’ll have to bring the Cowboys into this… they did win their first game of the season.
As did Brett Favre’s Vikings… not that beating the Lions counts for much, but a win is a win.

It’s interesting how you stack up the teams on records, wins vs. losses. I got to thinking yesterday that its about who you beat rather than winning that makes you great.

No offense to the following teams… but beating the lions, the panthers, the rams, the raiders, even the jacksonville jaguars doesn’t necessarily make you a great team… there’s nothing excellent about beating a dead horse to death.

The Jaguars have proven to be deadly to some of my teams over the years. But they didn’t look that impressive. Michael Vick danced circles around them.

I may be called out for not giving my team enough credit by belittling this win… it was a blowout, 28-3

But I never seen the Eagles not being, again I’ll use the word “dysfunctional”. Right now, they are leading the NFC East because they beat the Lions and the Jaguars… two teams not likely to make the playoffs this year or the next.

This isn’t to knock the Rams and Lions, though. The Rams look really good (better now that they have their first win of the year)… its just that they’ve lost to some of the teams I’m behind, its not anything personal. I want the Rams and Lions to get back in the standings, but not when they’re up against my teams… I gotta go with my favorites.

Even it comes time for an Eagles/Giants game, I’ll always be gunning for the Eagles because they’re my hometeam… technically… I grew up with them living maybe 30 minutes away from Philly.

The Eagles were in the place the Giants are in now for a long time… but at least they didn’t rack up penalities because the game got to be too much for them.

I’ll say for week 3 that the Giants were just too emotional on the field and took too much to heart, that’s why they let their emotions cloud their judgement.

With McNabb at the helm, The Eagles have had on and off success… he plays with the same consistency as Eli Manning… although now that he’s with the Redskins, he’s actually looking better than before.

Maybe its just a team better suited for them.

The newer players are rallying around Michael Vick and are in full support of him. With him taking the lead, they’re learning things from his experiences and a wonderful chemistry is starting to develop.
All of which still stand by Kevin Kolb, but even with McNabb’s inconsistency, McNabb played a lot better at the position. I have yet to see Kevin Kolb do anything that separates him, in my mind, from your run-of-the-mill quarterback to one that can take a team places they ain’t never been.

With time, I’m sure Kevin Kolb will do great things. But you know, I’m tough on my favorite teams, expecting the best they can do…

And just like anyone else wearing green, I’m thirsty for a SuperBowl win… preferrably against someone who can actually handle.
Us and the Patriots was like sending an animal to slaughter. Tom Brady at his supremo-prime against us, as dysfunctional as we were… there’s that word again…

I don’t feel quite as threatened by Tom Brady these days, not as much as it’d been for years. The Patriots hadn’t been as invincible-ish since the Giants ripped that SuperBowl trophy out from under them… critics and commentors are saying that the Patriots are an aging team… that attributes to their decrease in performance.

Young guns like Mark Sanchez are now dancing circles around them simply because they’re newer to the game… younger guys, more energy… more potential… all that jazz.

That isn’t to say that I think Mark Sanchez is perfect either.. Jets fans know that he isn’t. I won’t necessarily call myself as such because I’m only watching them. I’m not necessarily dedicated.

Although I had watched every Jets game this season… that is say that I was just dying for more football and it was a good excuse.

I noticed that the Giants and Eagles have a bye week on Halloween… that’s going to be a sucky Sunday with two of my teams not playing… hopefully the Colts or the Broncos are in business…

I think this’ll be the 2nd year now that I’m going steady as a Giants and Eagles fan… watching all their games. Magically, they seem to fall on different time slots so I can watch both.

True blue fans (in the meaning of true blue, not just giants) probably would dog me for this… saying I like both teams is about the same as saying I like the Yankees and Red Sox… which I do, actually, despite the fact the Yankees denied my Phillies a World Series win that I could actually have witnessed.

My last college roommate, Courtney, was a die-hard Giants fan of who knows how many years… and she couldn’t believe I was an Eagles fan… she found out a couple games into the season, lol… and didn’t seem to hear me when I said I watch both…

whatever.. I know that the NFC East is super competitive, but I’m with anyone against the Cowboys. The Redskins I’ll keep an eye on cuz they have McNabb… and if he pulls them out of that drought they’d been in, more power to them, I guess.

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