I should put this on a T-shirt

Might be a little long, but in any case:

“If given enough time and the guarantee I won’t lose my hearing permanently, I’d listen to music 24/7”

Hell, I’m considering possibilities for future employment here. But unfortunately I don’t have the expertise for a lot of it.

Something in music: I lack the talent, the creativity and most of all, I lack the knowledge.

Granted, I know more than your average college-age person about what the art of music is about. Not just the songwriting skills, playing an instrument/instruments, but chronologically, I know more. I believe the word I’m searching for is “cultured.”

Though imposing myself into Beatles self-exile probably wouldn’t impress too many people. I pick the one of best known oldies bands to pick up music for. Ain’t nothin’ against The Beatles, probably just a cheap way out of really educating myself.

Right now, I don’t really have the funds to continue that education in musicology.

There’s so much music right now that I’m dying to listen to. I played through The Gold Experience Saturday night but because I had 2 hours of TV set up for myself, I couldn’t exactly continue. Therefore, I had to stop after “Shy.”

I can’t exactly overplay my favorite song either or that’d just make me sick of that too.
I’m not exactly sick of The Gold Experience yet… I’m waiting for that to happen or, more realistically, a yearning for Emancipation. I still hadn’t fully grown to appreciate the entire production. Although I had heard the 1st disc plenty of times. Disc III is where I’m still very sketchy. It’s a very unique set of tracks that vary from techno to covers to mushy love songs, power ballads and celebratory elation. Experimental variety, an ecletic mix.

We get something similar in Disc I, but it feels like an album on its own. It could stand well on its own two feet… you know, if albums had feet.

Disc II is nearly non-stop love songs… a couple ones are thrown in there a little off the main like Emale and Friend, Lover, Sister, Mother, Wife… I’d gone after this song before and will continue to… probably until I find marriage and that sense of completeness.
That whole “every person has a perfect counterpart” thing that we get in “Love 4 one another.”
It goes beyond romantic love and knocks it out of the park… “reach for the stars, over the fence, world series kind of thing”

I just don’t feel any love for it personally…

Aside from that, I still hadn’t listened to that Madonna album and its sitting on my desktop right now along with a couple other CD’s.

Something else I feel guilty about is not working on my writing the way I said I should… procrastinating… and also brainstorming some other ideas… there’s a scene coming up that kinda is just filler, provides explanation, but its weakly written. Not looking forward to sorting that out. I love my characters to death…

Apparently, FreeCell is rivaling a lot of things I’ve been meaning to do in on this break that I have in between jobs… not looking for another one just yet, though probably will have to start next week…
yeah, I’m talking about the computer game that comes with every machine with soltaire and minesweeper.

I’d been experimenting with the idea in mind that I can beat every game I play and prove that every game is beatable. It just takes a couple dozen retries. According to the Contents, it hasn’t been proven, but is believed every game is beatable. I’m working through that very well, actually.
Boy, I really don’t have a life.

One thing I ought to do on Thursday is play through “American Idiot” or at least the one song “Wake me up when September ends”… simply because its Sept 30th.
Its a very powerful ballad.

I have a couple CD’s I bought this year that I hadn’t even listened to yet. I hadn’t given much time to Alanis Morrisette, Michael Bublé I gave up on after one listen (gotta get back in there), David Cook I’d ignored completely.

I’ve listened to the new Maroon 5 album twice. The outlook is good, though when compared with the previous albums, might not be as strong overall. I have my favorites picked out, its just a matter of getting a feel for the whole. I can guranatee a review very soon…
my local paper reviewed it and really didn’t like it very much, which makes me sad. I see a lot of potential in it.

Yeah, if it were up to me and my ears held up, I’d be listening to music all the time. Love it to death. Ain’t nothin’ gives you a high quite like the right song

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