The briefest of returns

On my computer, each time I come up with a title for a blog entry, a dropdown list shows up and gives me some that I’ve used in the past. Here’s hoping that I don’t go to a point where I’m running out of things to call my entries…

Somehow, I doubt that. There are more than enough words in the English language.
Not nearly enough to completely describe Prince, but enough to satisfy any of my “title-creating” needs.

Ah shoot… this had just occurred to me and its something else where I go too far in my references or allusions.
The way I feel about is roughly the same way Prince feels about WB. Although rumor has it, the two parties are in negogiations.
I’ll rephrase that… I feel what I feel the same as he felt with WB when the record dispute began way back when. (Has it been nearly 20 years?)

I got my start there admiring the music with no real direction in which to go. Now that I have a sense of the purple music lover I am (hmm… PML… I guess that might be a good substitute for “fan” or “fam”… whatever people are calling themselves these days), I don’t feel the need to go back there. According to the homepage, my last reply was one year, 5 months and 4 days ago.

Some topics were intriguing on my favorite forum, but at the same time, I could feel the walls closing in. Hell, I’m only using that place as a means of advertising. The traffic here isn’t all that great, though I appreciate however people I can get to enjoy my work. I don’t even know what the people think about me over there these days.
I’m sure troves of them are armed with torches and pitchforks, believing that I’m a heavy kool-aid drinker… I tend to distance myself from Prince’s image as it is these days because I don’t know too much about it. I just know that a lot of the die-hards have been extremely hard on him for one reason or another. Wrongs he’d committed against them.

The only wrong I can see is… are, 20TEN not being on wrecka stow shelves in the US yet… and him not touring for a couple years in the US… staying away from it, actually.
But that in itself seems to be changing for the better. So I really can’t complain.

Now that I’ve pretty much experienced the majority of his music (I’m talking the official stuff here), I’m free to come and go where I please. I’m just stuck in this rut of going through the albums chronologically.

Then again, given that I’d listened through Parade and just watched UTCM, a lot of that is out the window now. Never mind that I watched Purple Rain last week, further shifting off the path.

Returning to the work force scares me, the mere idea of it. I know where I can go, I know what my options are, but I decided to post on my facebook that I’m not quite ready to give up the things I love yet. The things like blogging and checking into the music and writing that I really hadn’t had much time to do… all of that shifted out of priority and because the workday exhausted me to the point I could barely type on some days.

Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll have my will-be masterpiece shining like a pearl anytime soon. I won’t go through Stephenie Meyer’s route until I get to that point. Getting my writing out there is my only chance, I feel. And it might as well be something I’d been working on for nearly a decade.

“The Word” is always going to be a possibility. I won’t count that out necessarily, but it feels like a lifelong project. Good luck getting that published… never mind that, I need that luck just to get it done. This blog is a demonstration of that point. Things are always changing. My POV is always changing, although the fact I’m repeating myself about certain albums suggests that I’m close to a point of finishing certain “chapters.”

I’m starting to find myself editing myself a lot more here… I’ve just ranted here and my previous post about some unrelated topic. I just can’t bring myself to put it down cuz it just might come back to bite me. I’m starting to dive back into the Prince-ly state of mind here.

Speaking of which, I finally got my wish and there was a category in Double Jeopardy today called “Prince songs a la Trebek”… more or less, Alex saying some lyrics and making a quip somewhere.

It got me excited, but at the same time, its a little bit of a let down.
A casual fan who knows only the singles would have been able to do this with their eyes closed.

1999, When Doves Cry, Raspberry Beret, Purple Rain, Kiss

I ran the category, but there really isn’t all that much pride in it.
Now if I had missed any of those, I’d be kicking myself into next week.

The sad part is that only two or three of the questions got answered… nobody knew 1999 or Purple Rain… didn’t know Purple Rain?! I nearly flipped my lip. Everyone knows the lyrics to that, at least I thought they did.

Boy, I really have turned into a nightowl all over again now that I don’t have to really get up in the morning for anything…. although my folks are probalby starting to get annoying, or a little peeved that I’m getting up around 10am these days.

I spent a good part of tonight watching “Under the Cherry Moon.” And I gotta say it was worth every minute, which truly felt like an eternity. Much like with Purple Rain, it was like spending an afternoon with some friends, getting to know them as they become a part of you.

Even more interesting is that it got me brainstorming about all kinds of things. It has probably been ages since Prince’s music truly inspired anything worthy of repeating… I’m just using this place as a platform for whatever is coming to mind these days, nothing concrete and definitely nothing I’ve been severely passionate about. That’s the missing ingredient.

In the beginning, each album and the songs in it made my mind wander in innumberable directions. Who inspired this, what mood was this written in, and how do all the pieces fit together. There’s next to nothing because I’d been there before. It’s pretty bad when I run out of things to say about some albums and songs, but its even worse when I can’t bring myself to write out of fear I’ll repeat something I already said.

As horrible and razzy-worthy the movie is, there are so many light points to it that I can’t help but love. Some moments even hit me where I least expected. I remembered nearly everything, but sometimes, the memories came back just before the scene took place… there were a couple that I had played over again for my viewing pleasure and… wow, it was just so much fun while the fun lasted.

I’ve been thinking lately how lately, surprising as it is to admit, Prince seems to be showing his age a lot more. As in, I’m seeing the lines in his face a lot more than I did before. Although a make-up job before going on Jay Leno might account for a good amount of it, now that I think about it.

I most recently saw him at the BET awards getting that lifetime achievement award and he definitely looked more his age there than I’d ever seen him. Before that, it had been nearly an entire year… maybe more, actually. I’m thinking him doing “Somewhere here on Earth” on Jay Leno’s last late night show before that whole mess with Conan O’Brien.
He looked fine as ever when he did “Dreamer” that March during that 3-day stint on the show.

Somehow, I can’t get this out of my head, although I think I know it got there. “Black Sweat” was one of my earliest exposures to Prince, though I don’t believe I checked the video out until I’d seen “Little Red Corvette” dozens of times already.
It’s probably the black & white, but I can’t help but draw an association with Christopher Tracy and Prince as he appeared in 2006 during the 3121 era, if it can be called an era. Especially in that scene when the instrumental of “Mountains” is playing in the background, there is a distinct similarity between that look and how Prince looked to me in the “Black Sweat” video.

If my memory serves me, Prince was 27 while filming Under the Cherry Moon.
Regarding how he looked from 2005-9, I said he could still pass for 35.
Now I really don’t know what to say anymore, but there are some things about him that are so ageless that they’ll never change.

There is no denying and I dare anyone to say I’m wrong on this front, Prince has got a distinct sense of style like nobody’s business. Everything he wears says something different and they all unite on the front that he wants to look good and knows he looks good.
A similarity in The Kid and Christopher Tracy comes from the way Prince carries himself on screen. The simple act of walking stage left to stage right. He carries himself with such dignity and puts himself in a class of his own. Nobody can touch him.

Then I got to thinking about some things he said recently to Tavis Smiley. How he used to get teased a lot when he was a kid and to compensate, he tried to be as loud and flashy as he could. Hence some of the clothes he wore in the earliest days of his career.
But somehow, the clothing like the puffy shirts and Victorian style jackets just stuck. No matter what the occasion, Prince knows how to look good. And no two outfits look exactly the same.

There were also times where it was easy to distinguish the two characters from one another. It seems, though whenever I watch UTCM, I crave the look he had in Purple Rain. At the same time, though, The Kid can be really stiff while Christopher Tracy smiles a lot more and seems to enjoy life a lot more. More or less, they’re two sides of the same coin. The same can be said about Prince in real life. On one day, he could be moody and standoffish like The Kid and another day, he can be the best of moods, welcoming everyone around him into his world with a smile.

It might as well be that whole The Kid vs. Morris Day thing all over again. Do you side with the moody, mysterious one or the outgoing, funny one?

With Prince, you can have both in the same package, so to speak, although not necessarily at the same time.
Just because of several contributing factors, I feel that The Kid is closer to Prince than Christopher Tracy. Its hard to argue with the purple trenchcoat, the long hair swept back on one side and the brooding serious expression.
At the same time, though, I wouldn’t like to deny the carefree personality of Christopher Tracy to Prince’s disposal either. I enjoy his seriousness because I find its interchangeable with his attitude towards his art. But suppose a conversation happens, I’d like things to be more open so it’d be easier to ask questions and for him to respond.

I also got to thinking about the Parade album. I wouldn’t say the lyrics are the strongest overall. I find the masterpiece is in the music more than anything. It’s a magic combination between Prince, Wendy & Lisa and the strings courtesy of Claire Fischer. I’m always going to associate the overall sound of the work with the movie, so I think of some things as more old fashioned rather than the build-up between Around the World in a Day and Sign o’ the Times.

More or less, the album feels like a trip into another world, a place not tread in any of the albums before it. A lot of it can be attributed to the finishing touches Wendy & Lisa put in the record, which is why I mention them. A winning combination and the strings bring a sense of class that hadn’t been in the music before. And hadn’t been there since. The remains of it are in “The Future” from the Batman soundtrack.

Another curious thing I got to thinking about. I’m sure that the song Under the Cherry Moon was written after the film’s inception. It feels like the segment of the track included in the movie itself was an earlier draft of the piece coupled with strings playing loudly in the foreground. It certainly would explain why there isn’t a vocal with this song in particular in the movie.

I think my overall weakest point is ending my entries abruptly, but somehow, its always kinda been like that. Conclusions aren’t my strong suit, lol

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