Teen movies- old & new (*Spoiler alert*)

I’d had this window up for ages, but didn’t know what to write about it.

At best, I’ll have to say that this could be the last non-Prince related entry to write here.
Supposedly, those with Google email addresses have their own blogging site, so for the purpose of pop culture, TV and movies, I could start another blog and keep this one more on my musical interests.

There aren’t any promises that I can’t keep other musical discussions of this page and keep it exclusive. But I’ll see how the new blog feels if I ever get around to it.

First, before going into the topic, I’d like to say the following:
filling out job applications are scary if you don’t have that much to add as far as references go. I mean, what the hell am I going to do about that? I can’t exactly put down my old job as a reference or say that you can contact my old employer. They were the ones that chucked me out. They won’t recommend me and all they can really say in my support is that I’m a nice kid… person… whatever you wanna call it.
I started to fill out an application for a cashier at Borders and I’m already getting a bad feeling that they won’t want me because I don’t have any decent references. Not to mention this would be my first true job in retail. My deli counter job had some working with the public, though not so much in the area of retail because I wasn’t the one taking money for the stuff they bought. And it was only a summer job, its not like its going to count for anything.

At some point, though, we’ll add my more recent job to my resume and I’ll have that on this computer so I’ll be able to send it out to those online job applications. At best, I want to check into Borders, FYE and Petsmart before considering going anywhere else, like somewhere near the shorehouse. Hopefully the whole thing about references doesn’t prove more difficult than it should be.

All that ugly business aside…

When it comes to some movies I know aren’t going to be all that great, but I’m curious nonetheless, I put off seeing them until an opportunity comes along.
This morning, “I love you, Beth Cooper” was starting at 10:15. The time was 10:14, it was as good a time as any to check it out.

Right off the bat, though, before it even began, I knew it was going to be kind of lame. But I don’t know. After enduring the generation of teen movies that include John Hughes in the 80’s, as well as a couple more recent films, I couldn’t help but see what was what.

Anyone who has seen the trailer will know that this begins with the king of all geeks and nerds declares his love for the head cheerleader in his valedictorian speech. This develops into a night of sheningans involving her and her two friends and his best friend. In the speech, he goes on about saying what you couldn’t say or you’d regret it for the rest of your life. He said some things about certain classmates without naming names, but they knew he was talking about this. This works to his advantage and disadvantage throughout the movie. There really is no plot to it, but it relies on the characters to move it forward.

There are really no good lines in the movie and all the good ones are quoted from other movies by the guy’s best friend. During his speech, he says something about coming forward and admitting you’re gay. Naturally, the whole movie, his friend denies these accusations despite performing the school cheer with Beth Cooper and her friends and following them into the showers in the girls’ locker room without hesistation.
He comes clean at the end of the movie, though seeing as he had a threesome with the two friends, he may or may not be bi also. C’mon, any guy who quotes movies as much as him, its pretty obvious. But as far as “the best friend of the male lead” goes, he’s one of my favorites just because he has his quirks. And I’m a sucker for movie quotes, certainly a guy who knows movies that well.

At the same time, there’s the running joke that no matter where they are, Beth’s super pumped, army boyfriend keeps finding them and beating the crap out of our hero.
A little too coincidental, but remotely similar to Anthony Michael Hall’s character in Edward Scissorhands.

A couple of unexpected results of the speech are unlikely allies at a huge party held at the popular girl’s house, whom is referred to as a stuck-up bitch who is worthless… she calls him out on it, and after messing around with Beth’s boyfriend, tells him to beat the crap out of him.
He has the support of a girl who he calls out for having an eating disorder and not coming to anyone for help about it as well as a big guy who’s a bully because, something like he wasn’t loved enough as a baby or is abused, something along those lines.

All the while, the hero discovers that Beth isn’t quite the girl he fell in love with. She’s a bit of rebel and drives like a manic, but she still thinks he’s sweet despite all that happens.

Ferris Bueller fans will appreciate their very own Cameron Frye playing the lead’s dad.
At the end of the movie when the kids get back to the house the next day, his mom throws a little bit of a fit before going back into the house. It’s probably the empty nest syndrome she’s anticipating.
Then his dad is overall very cool about the whole thing and wonders if they still ground kids when they misbehave, also asking if he had a good time.

Who knows, he could have passed for Cameron all grown up and approving of his kid doing the same things he did with Ferris Bueller back in the day.

In “Easy A” our lead, Olive, says something along the lines of her story not having the clichés from John Hughes movies like The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles and Say Anything (which isn’t a John Hughes movie, though falls along the same lines).

It’s a little strange saying this, but I’ve thought about that movie a little more since I went out to see it. It was a little off-base as far as a teen movie goes, not your typical movie, doesn’t have the typical feel to it that we get with the classics… not sure now, but someday, the likes of The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles and Ferris Bueller will be seen as classics.

I don’t know, but “Easy A” has a certain charm and despite the slow start, I think that its going to become a cult favorite… an unexpected favorite of mine. Emma Stone’s sense of humor and comedic timing is something I hadn’t seen before, but I’m sure all girls can relate to her in one way or another. The ending combines the clichés of “Say Anything” and “Sixteen Candles” where the guy she ends up with plays the theme song of “The Breakfast Club” on his ride-on lawnmower. He isn’t exactly Jake Ryan, the guy she’d been fantasizing about since the first time she saw him, but more or less, the boy that was on her side the whole way and didn’t object to what she was doing.
Not necessarily a dominant character, but he pops in just enough to make an impression on Olive and the audience.

There are some weird elements that make it a little odd in places, like the fact the antagonists are a group of Jesus worshippers led by Amanda Bynes and there’s the storyline where one of the religious people is hospitalized with gonorrea and claims he got it from Olive to protect the guidance consensulor (played by Friend’s very own Phoebe Bouffet, Lisa Kudrow), who he was messing around with.
It comes into a little conflict because she’s married to Olive’s English teacher, although its technically not illegal because the guy’s been a senior for so long that he’s at least 21.

It’s very strange, my feelings about this movie, but for its strange quirks, I’d say its worth seeing again on an non-regular basis. Meaning a DVD purchase in my future.

Post-Grad, I probably won’t invest in, and its not exactly a teen comedy, but its relevant. And its also kind of a cute movie that prolongs the themes. Like the whole thing about the best friend of the lead female. I think of him as Ducky from “Pretty in Pink,” but the version of the character that gets the girl in the end. Throughout the movie, he was supportive of the girl’s decisions, like fighting for her dream job and such. But then there comes a moment where he doesn’t want to wait for her to notice him anymore and tells her that she’s missing out on what’s in front of her by really obsessing over getting the dream job and the things she wants out of life.

Ironically both movies feature a video blog by our lead, but Olive takes that to the very end. In other words, she is retelling her side of the story, how she got that adultress reputation. At the pep rally scene at the end, she tells everyone to tune into her video blog at a specific time where she’ll retell everything you saw in the movie from her POV.

I guess this proves that some themes from our classic teen movies never truly die, but we can always throw some new things in to make it interesting.
More often than not, they involve video blogging. Something I would do if a) I had a video camera and the softward and b) if I weren’t so shy and didn’t like my appearance the way I do

What would I know what to say right?
It’s always easier to type and write than it is to say what I want to say.

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One Response to Teen movies- old & new (*Spoiler alert*)

  1. I just saw both “Beth Cooper” and “Post-Grad” a few weeks ago. I liked them both, but I give the edge to “Beth Cooper” simply because I think Hayden Panettiere is SO cute!All the John Hughes films are brilliant, IMO. For me, it doesn’t get any better than The Breakfast Club, which is probably my third favorite movie of all time behind Dances with Wolves and Purple Rain. I can pretty much quote the entire movie.I have an idea if you want to do an entertainment blog. I could simply add you as a co-author on my blog, True Funk Soldier. It’s basically collecting dust right now, and having another voice chime in could be just what the doctor ordered. It started out as a general entertainment blog, anyway…a place where I posted assignments for a journalism class, mostly reviews, whether of books, movies, TV or music. I also posted blurbs about a few news headlines that caught my attention, celebrity deaths, etc. If you want, you can handle entertainment posts, and I’ll do the Prince blogs, along with an occasional funny pic or cool YouTube video.

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