I must be insane… shouldn’t I be over this…

On the one hand, my wish has been granted. One of them at least.

Prince is touring in the US and NYC is probably the closest he’ll ever come to where I am.

Here’s the insanity, though.

I’ve asked for some strange things in the past, all of which had to do with music. Or was influenced by something music related.

Aside from one or two oddball requests (a vacation to Minneapolis, a trip to AC to see Jesse McCartney a year after seeing him at Pt. Pleasant), each of them was granted.
As well as a Nintendo 64 when I had a PS2 and when I didn’t get straight A’s, as was the deal.

I’ll tell you the insane part, though.
This is NEW YORK CITY we’re talking about here. That place defines the word crazy in multiple ways. Most of it is because of its size.
Granted, the train station we usually go through is NY-Penn which is a direct route to Madison Square Garden… where Prince is holding two shows in December. Both of which are after the trip to Australia.

Given how much more time there is, its insane because I don’t know if Prince is going to change his mind and cancel the shows even after booking tickets.
My folks know I’m crazy about Prince, but if my dad decides to grant my request, the show being cancelled would probably annoy him as well. To maybe a point he won’t indulge me again.

I should be beyond this point where I’m hesitant to ask these outrageous requests. The worst I can hear is “no.”
But wait, aren’t I of age enough to go about this on my own anyway?

I have the money, I have a car, I could make the trip myself. And really, since Madison Square Garden would be right there, there’d be no worry about me getting lost.

I did mention NYC is insane. Madison Square Garden is a HUGE venue… meaning a lot of crowds I’ll have to deal with. Also a lot of noise because of the crowds. If I went there on my own, would I be able to cope?

My constitution isn’t all that great to begin with. This is a couple months from now and I’m already getting panicky about it.

Then I’m writing all this. The people that know me wherever that read this blog, probably think I’m crazy too.
Well, all but one person, I’m sure.

DreamyPop has gone on and on about wanting to see Prince in concert. Now that he’s going to be at a close venue, I’m thinking of chickening out of it. I say one thing and do another. I must be such a coward, a big joke.

Prince could probably care less if I show up or not. It’s not like I got backstage passes or anything from him personally and I’m chickening out because I’m afraid to ask permission.

I suppose I could forward the link to my dad on Friday when presales are up… also mention two places I applied to for work… and see what happens. It couldn’t hurt to bring it up. But yeah, he probably would think I’m insane.

Now, probably the most insane thing I’d ever said was that I wanted to go to Minneapolis for a family vacation… that didn’t work out obviously, but the trip to California is probably one of the best family vacations we ever had.
Australia probably will change all that when we go. Of course now that Prince is going to be nearby, that’s enough motivation to make sure I don’t decide at the last minute to stay in Australia.

It’s an insane time of year for the city too. And if the concert is at night, wouldn’t I have to book a hotel room instead of taking a train back home because it ends so late?
I’d say it’d be a difficult feat if the city is going to be full that night as it is. Madison Square Garden happens to draw large crowds. If people know about this, wouldn’t they book hotel rooms months in advance?
That’d screw me, then, wouldn’t it?

Its ironic that when it comes to Prince and his music, I plead for positivity. Yet I’m so negative about my ability to go see one of his shows.

Perhaps that is the true meaning of insanity

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