Strange [long-distance] relationship

Honestly, I’m trying to think of the lyrics of this song and I’m still thinking about “She’s Always in my Hair.” There’s something about the beat of that song that I just find addicting. Whenever I listen to it, that’s what I get excited about. Often there are cases in music where the music fascinates me more than the actual lyrics.

It’s that way with Wendy & Lisa a lot of the time.
Mainly because I don’t have a clue on what they’re going on about in some songs.
“Slideshow” in particular and according to my iPOD, I’ve heard it 30+ times. You’d think I’d know the words by now.
On the one hand, yes, I do know the words.
Just not what they mean.
And I don’t care.

Blues Away, Chance to Grow and Waterfall are a few others that I really haven’t “decoded” yet (so to speak) and I’m in no rush.

No rush to get a job either.
I can’t help but think of that negative Tom Corbett add that quotes him saying people would rather collect unemployment than work. In other words, Pennsylvanians are lazy.

I may fulfill one of those conditions, but I’m not exactly collecting unemployment. Living at home and such, though technically still “paying rent.”

I won’t go into it.

Some of these applications from these stores are scarying me, in all honesty.
I just filled an employee assessment from Wal-mart. Like a 65 question Questionaire. At the end of it, it said that I completed but didn’t pass it.

I’m a Leo astrologically, but I feel ridiculously timid after a bunch of these. I can’t help but think of why I got fired and I’m answering my questions honestly. Rather than just putting down the right answers just to get a paycheck.

So far I’d only heard back from Target who is “unable to offer me a position at the current time.”
Does that mean they have no openings or is that just a rejection, saying I’m not good enough for them?

I refuse to go back to FoodTown. I don’t care if that’s a paycheck and they’ll give me my job back with no questions asked. I’m not going through that hellhole again.

Yet, I can’t help but think of my last workplace when I hear certain songs. The songs I heard when I first started working there and the place had a certain vibe. It continually got negative while eavesdropping on Laura’s conversations with Heidi, saying how much she hates our management and such.

It’s no secret nobody really lives our managers here. Yet they never really pointed the finger at the one that signed off on my termination.

All this makes me feel like one of those Hell Kitchen’s chefs that clams up after making a mistake. It’s not like there’s an immediate rush for me to get done and I was refining my technique… damn it.

Damn it!!

Now I’m just getting way off track my original purpose of this entry.

I say one thing and do another. Or I say one thing and don’t act on it.

It seems as if this will be the case for Prince coming to New Jersey and NYC. I’m not acting on the fact he has shows nearby.
I’m looking for an excuse to go.
It’s a more watertight deal if my cousin buys the tickets for the two of us and we go together. Maybe I mean “airtight”… never mind.

It’s easier to explain it to my folks rather than having them take me or me take myself. The Meadowlands is a pretty crazy venue. Not Madison Square Garden crazy, but pretty close.

I’ll wait and see if this ends up working up. It’s not so much that I’m backing off. I shouldn’t be bashful about my affinity of Prince.

Affinity… that’s a good word

But I’ve proved time and time again why he’s made me a certifiable nutjob. I’ve spent maybe more than $100 on my collection of his music. I have tons of folders of music people have sent me by him. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to hammer out the rest of those details and know what I want to keep close by and what I want to save onto flash drives and CD-R’s.

Never hurts to save a little space in my hard drive.

Earlier yesterday, I was feeling so much more confident about actually being able to reaffirm the comfort zone I had within the realm of the purple music.

I’d been so distant lately and I think the fact of him coming to America made it worse. I get what I ask for and I can’t seem to grasp things rationally. Hell, I’m not even thinking rationally about any of this. Thinking of excuses… I really am a coward about this whole thing.

The title illustrates the following point:

I have the strangest relationship with Prince’s music in that I have so much of it. I overthink things. Now I’m the exact opposite of that. I’m barely listening to him at all. And I actually think its better that I don’t think so much about seeing him in concert.
Forget that whole impossible dream about meeting him and having an hour long conversation with him about his music. I can’t imagine being in the same venue as him without going a little loopy.

I suppose I can blame all of this on a chemical inbalance. I find myself leaning a little more towards the right, my head.
Hmm… is the right brain the rational or artistic side?

Artistic side.
For the hell of it, I took a test from the Art Institute of Vancouver’s website and it says I’m slightly more left brained than right. The last time I took a test like this, it said I was wholebrained, as in equally balanced between artistry and logical.

I tend to think I’m creative, but I seem to have an odd sense of logic that comes into play too. I guess that’s what you call pessimism, lol.

They say that depression could be due to a chemical inbalance and that’s what the medication is supposed to treat.

I’d like to believe I have a little of that going on, but I think only a therapist would be able to outline why I’m depressed. Aw hell, I don’t need one to tell me that. But God knows I need a therapist… for a number of reasons I really shouldn’t go into right now.

There was a point I really wanted to get across with this entry and I forget what it is now.

I’ll say this, though.
I believe that I’d found the equalivent of Prince in the movie industry.

Enter Robert Downey, Jr.
As I might have mentioned half a dozen times, he’s my new favorite actor all thanks to his role in Tropic Thunder. I simply can’t help but want to see the movies he’s coming out with. In a week, I want to see Due Date armed with the fact he stars in it. I could care less about the storyline right now (although his chemistry with Zack Galifanakasis is probably right on the money), but just that he’s in it makes me want to see it.

The same was true with Sherlock Holmes. I confess that I’m not completely crazy about the movie. I don’t think its exceeding excellence. Mainly because his British baroque is hard to understand sometimes… and something about Rachel McAdams wearing men’s clothes in one scene really bothers me.

Oh and let’s not forget this one scene where there’s a barrage of explosions and its in slow motion with a horribly out-of-tune violin playing in the background.
Can I just say OVERKILL… a million times OVERKILL… annoys me to no idea.
Rachel McAdams is in mens clothes in that scene too. Just doesn’t sit right with me I tell ya.

But I wanted to get that movie on Blu-ray mainly cuz… again, Robert Downey, Jr. That name is enough for me.
Don’t get wrong, though. I’m not going to go ahead and get “Due Date” on blu-ray when it is released even if I do like the movie a lot. There’s simply no point in it.
Sherlock Holmes is a given cuz of the special effects and the whole setting of it (mostly CGI I believe). Tropic Thunder… well for the explosions of course. But it was mainly a RDJ thing.

My first exposure to him EVER was in Iron-Man. We borrowed the DVD from my aunt because we hadn’t seen it yet. The movie blew me away. I had no idea it was going to be that good. I think my focus was more on the storyline here rather than him. But I knew I recognized the name when I saw him on the playbill.

“He was a brat-packer, right?” My first thoughts.

To my knowledge, though, I hadn’t seen a single one of his 80’s films.
But in an attempt to correct myself, I have, in fact, seen “Weird Science” and “St. Elmo’s Fire.” Neither of which I really cared for. The first one was so outlandish and unbelievable that I couldn’t buy into it necessarily. My focus was on Anthony Michael Hall, who eventually shed his “brat pack” persona because he didn’t want to be typecast, and I don’t even remember seeing RDJ in there anywhere.

St Elmo’s Fire is probably worth another glimpse. Like “Pretty in Pink,” my problem was that it wasn’t anything like The Breakfast Club. I was expecting something a little more comic or at least with more intelligible/memorable lines.
I remember seeing Emilio Estavez, Aly Sheedy and Demi Moore. Everyone else is kind of a blank slate. Nobody else jumped out at me.

Oddly… The Outsiders was listed on Wikipedia as a brat pack movie because of Emilio and Rob Lowe.
Oh yeah, forgot about Rob Lowe.

He’s had roles in a bunch of TV series recently. As a lead, nothing stuck for him for more than a season.
He has/had a recurring role on Brothers & Sisters… but I’m not sure if I call him a success personally.

Wikipedia lists the following as Brat Packers:

Emilio Estavez, Ally Sheedy, Rob Lowe, Robert Downey, Jr., Andrew McCarthy, Demi Moore, Molly Ringwald, Anthony Michael Hall, Judd Nelson, John Cusak, Jon Cryer, James Spader, Charlie Sheen, Matthew Broderick, Tom Cruise, Matt Dillon, C. Thomas Howell, Ralph Macchio, Sean Penn and Kevin Bacon.

Noteably, Brat Packers were featured in The Breakfast Club, St. Elmo’s Fire and a bunch of other “coming-of-age” films from the 80’s

I don’t so much believe Ralph Macchio, Tom Cruise, Matthew Broderick or Demi Moore really were members of the group because they got their rep in non-Brat pack movies.

“Less than Zero” I STILL have to see. I haven’t gotten a chance mainly because I’m waiting for cable to kick in on channels like IFC, the non-HBO/Showtime/Cinemax channels…
This goes back to the first time I saw the music video for “Hazy Shade of Winter” by The Bangles. Now that I know Andrew McCarthy AND RBJ are in it… c’mon, I gotta see it at some point. I could care less if I end up hating it. Still gotta see it once.

What’s my point to all this?
RBJ is probably as close to a method actor you can get in this day and age. Supposedly Robert DeNiro did a little of that for Taxi Driver and a couple other movies.

But RBJ has this uncanny ability to really slip into his characters.
You check him out in Tropic Thunder. Kirk Lazarus is exactly the type of actor he is. He slips into a movie role and becomes that character on the set, off the set and he doesn’t “drop character until the DVD commentary”.

The last might be a little extreme. Although IMDB notes that he had to give up a couple of other roles because he still was in the frame of mind from a previous movie (I believe it was Sherlock Holmes)… can’t find that little tidbit anywhere, but I’m pretty sure that’s true.

He made a comment on Regis & Kelly today that he still has a problem with “taking his work home with him.” His wife hates when he plays Iron Man because he’s acting like he’s Tony Stark and when he’s Sherlock Holmes, he’s acting like he’s smarter than everybody.

So can’t wait for that Sherlock Holmes sequel, regardless of what little problems I have with the first one.

I find it strange that he had this problem with drug addiction from 1996 to 2003 but there doesn’t seem to be a break in his career anywhere. He was always filming something, it looks like. What I ultimately saw was the name, I knew I was a brat packer and thought he was making a comeback. Simply because I thought he had a problem with drug addiction and was in and out of incarceration. Turns out he might actually be bi-polar too. Most geniuses are, though, I suppose.

It might be a tie between him and Johnny Depp for Prince’s acting equivalent, now that I think about it. I’m a little more partial to one over the other. But give me Captain Jack Sparrow and I might look the other way.

Although the comparsion might still fall a little flat. Prince’s method is more that he develops into a certain character who expresses himself in the album that he’s working on. He does NOT “stay in character until the DVD commentary”… not even close. You’re lucky if you have the same character when its time to promote the new album. He’s onto the next one by this time, most likely. The way he goes about things.

Robert Downey Jr. may not be a Gemini, but I say that he, Prince and Johnny Depp should get together and go bowling.


P.S. 😀 I must really love The Breakfast Club. I’ve been saying that about everybody who I think would get along really well.

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