Football commentary & ultimate playlists

This is something I definitely miss when I’m spending a weekend at the shorehouse. No Internet, no computers, no blogging. I’d write it in a notebook and type it out louder. But really, what’d be the point? My thoughts would be realigned in a completely other direction.

So I’ll open with a quote:

“I could write a blog. I have thoughts.”
~ Julie Powell [Amy Adams] in Julie & Julia

Heck, I could write a blog about just about everything that comes to mind. Apparently my favorite blogging subjects include Prince, music in general, books, movies and occasionally sports.

Once primarily a Prince weblog and I can’t seem to give up the habit of addressing the other subjects taking priority in my mind at the given moment.

But I seriously have to cover this past week. I believe we’re into week 9 of this football season. Already?

Pretty soon, the season will be winding down to nothing. Whether the Patriots or Titans or Saints are present and/or domainating will affect how much enjoyment I get out of the end-all be-all of every season. After that, I really don’t have much else going for me. One thing at a time, though.

Next week, I’ll have a little more breathing room AND the next Harry Potter movie that weekend. The one after that will be Thanksgiving… bloody hell, we’re closing up on Thanksgiving already.

Then the weekend after thanksgiving, it’ll be a week in Australia. Yikes, I wonder how much blogging I’ll be dying to do over there and won’t get the chance to.

Bad as it is and I knew this was coming, the Christmas ads have already taken over the television waves.
I’ve been dismissing this for years, though this became particularly prevalent around my senior year of college. This is the third year that we’ve been getting the early bird special as far as commercial Christmas is concerned. The more often it happens, the more I know how Charlie Brown feels. It’s really bad that his Christmas special takes place in the 50’s or 60’s. If you brought Charlie Brown into the 21st century’s approach to the holiday season, picture what happens when Lucy pulls the football away from him. It’d be 10x the more painful.

Ironically, I was thinking about this yesterday while we were at the mall. Christmas decorations everywhere, Santa is coming starting November 13th. NOVEMBER?! And the major department stores are playing Christmas music on the airwaves… how I dreaded that moment.
And strangely enough, I felt a little flicker of the holiday spirit. The only reason I’d been denying the early inception of the holiday season was because of grades. I wanted to maintain my solid GPA throughout December and even before and would only allow myself to get into the Christmas spirit until I got home for the winter break.

I guess Christmas spirit is good in small doses. I know its cliché to say this, but this past weekend, I think Christmas came early for me.

Check it out:

A) Cowboys and Patriots took such a dropping that its hardly even funny. Green Bay is one thing, I know they’re a great team. But the Browns beating the Patriots? They’re as much a spoiler team as the Raiders are becoming (don’t believe me, check out their win in overtime against the Chiefs)

B) Three games in overtime, two of which were of personal consequence. Vikings won miraclously (so I’ve heard, I didn’t see any of that game) and the Jets did as well. I don’t really care so much for the Jets as their truly dedicated fans, but I’ll jump on for the ride to see where it takes them. I’m not going to become full-blown fanatical about them like I was about John Elway’s Broncos. Always like a good overtime match when your team wins.

C) Eagles and Giants came out on top. Further, its not every weekend where the games are on at the same time. We have 4 TV’s in the house, but I was going back and forth between the two on the main floor for both games. Sooner or later, I was staying with the Eagles because, seriously, the Seahawks just weren’t bringing it. Or maybe the Giants really are that good. They’ve become notorious for taking down quarterbacks this season, especially after they sidelined Romo. In the entire history, the Eagles have never beaten Peyton Manning and they’re never been beaten coming off the bye week. One of those conditions had to hold, I suppose. In fact, I can’t even explain what happened. I barely recognized my team because they were just that good. I suppose Michael Vick deserves a lot of the credit… maybe all, but not quite. DeSean Jackson is not to be undervalued either. But you check Michael Vick running 20+ yards rush to get a first down and tell me he ain’t badass… in the best possible way here. I love Peyton and all, but I did kinda want my Eagles to win really bad. They needed this confidence boost and to stay competitive in the NFC East.

D) Steelers win and Terrell Owens is further silenced.
Okay, so that guy is never going to shut up because his ego is incomprehensible. Take it from someone who knows. We liked him when he was on the Eagles and we counted on him. But the dude doesn’t understand the “there’s no i in team” saying of sports… he believes he is the whole team wherever he goes and if he doesn’t get the ball, he’ll be vocal about it.
There was no way I wanted the Steelers to lose to the likes of him when he was, oddly enough, at the top of his game. I had no idea he still had some skills… makes me sick, but his skills were making me nervous as a turkey in November… haha…
So Steelers hold off the Bengals and Terrell Owens’ accomplishments are silenced and shadowed by a major upset to what would have been an amazing, unbelievable “come from behind” victory for the Bengals.

I’ve been going on about playlists for ages now. Fact of the matter is, I can’t put together anything remotely comprehensive. I could put together a list of songs, but would be adding so many that I wouldn’t know exactly how to sequence said list.
But I got the idea coming back Sunday afternoon: I should compile a playlist of my favorite tracks from my favorite artists albums. I’ve found certain albums, I only listen to a handful of songs frequently enough for them to be a blip on the radar.

At the same time, though, I feel like only a handful of songs are able to come up to the standard set by the majority.

I love “Heartbreak Warfare” by John Mayer and I’m sure there are a couple Rob Thomas songs on par with that. But would a couple of my favorite tracks really fit in the same mold as brilliant tracks that reflect what I like about the music industry in today’s world. I could compile a list right now and I gurantee there are several I’m going to remember later on that I want to add. Then I’ll be feeling bad that certain artists have several hits and others only have one or two songs that really come to the challenge.

Heartbreak Warfare, Assassin, Half of my Heart, Crossroads- John Mayer
Her Diamonds, Gasoline, Meltdown, Snowblind- Rob Thomas
Believe, According to you, Give me the bad news- Orianthi
Speak, ‘Till You, Black Hole, I live for the day- Lindsay Lohan
Another life, Dancing Alone, Shadow, Autobiography, Unreachable, Nothing New- Ashlee Simpson
True, Blind Sight, 40 kinds of sadness, photo, last night, with you gone, its you- Ryan Cabrera
You get me, All I ever wanted, Here with me, sweet misery- Michelle Branch
She will be loved, sunday morning, the sweetest goodbye, tangled, won’t go home without you, back at your door, misery, a little more, I can’t lie, never gonna leave this bed- Maroon 5 (probably several more, lmao… talk about bias)
Over you, Meant to say, Call your name, open up your eyes, ghost of me, september- Daughtry
Can’t stay away from you, The Truth, Written all over my face, Red Guitar- Kris Allen
Fearless, You belong with me, forever and always, teardrops on my guitar, change, white horse, shoulda said no- Taylor Swift
I want it that way, show me the feeling of being lonely, as long as you love me, the call, shape of my heart, more than that- Backstreet Boys
Sometimes, Hit me baby one more time, drive me crazy, stronger, cinderella, breathe, touch of my hand, everytime, circus, womanizer, if you seek amy, phonography, shattered glass- Britney Spears
It’s gonna be me, No strings attached, I want you back, pop- *NSYNC
Beautiful Soul, Take your sweet time, What’s your name, Just so you know, just can’t let you go, anybody, back in the water, how do you sleep, its over, my baby, relapse, not your enemy- Jesse McCartney
In my head, the sky’s the limit, what if, fallin’- Jason DeRulo

I’m sure there’ll be more I want to add, but yeah, it’s kind of hard to make a non-bias playlist. Especially considering certain artists that have multiple albums, which I happen to own.

For my records, that’s 108… to which I say to myself, good luck with this mess.

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