Week 12 in the NFL

If we want to get technical, the week started on Thanksgiving. On that particular day, I had a lot of grief and 2 of the 3 results were to my liking.

It appeared that the Lions had a chance to pull the ultimate upset over the Patriots. Everyone has been dogging the Lions for years for being… just not up to any sort of expectations except a consistent losing streak.

It’s really terrible that I picked this particular year to be extremely vicious when it comes to the teams I can’t stand.

My aunt’s boyfriend is an avid football fan, a true Cheese-head if you will. Because he’s gunning for the Packers. I’m completely cool with that. I’ve liked them since Brett Favre and after he “retired” the first time. Quite an impressive team.
Not so much today because they lost to the Falcons in the last 10 seconds of the game. Both teams are pretty darn amazing, I’ll have to say.
But more than once, this guy has given me reason to, lack of a better phrase, “kill him”

We had a SuperBowl party this past Februrary at my aunt’s. I’m gunning for the Colts and meanwhile, its as if everything he says is whispering in the back of my mind. He’s supporting the Saints and keeps offering scenarios of fumbles and intereceptions.
That is so not cool. To support a different team is fine, but stop throwing it in my face. And I can’t maneuver around statistics as well as most other avid football fans. That’s one thing I’m definitely not knowledgable about.

The only things I do know:
Jason Elam once scored a 63-yard field goal, as did a couple other kickers, making that the all-time record long field goal.
And the perfect passer rating is 158.3, as I just found out a week ago.

So the Patriots beat the Lions, much to my disappointment.

The Cowboys have been gaining some momentum these past few weeks because of their new coach. After what Terry Bradshaw said, I’m scared out of my mind that they will keep building on that.
Meanwhile, this guy is gunning for the Cowboys… me, I’m behind anyone who stands the chance to defeat them.

Does it make sense that a guy would support the Saints winning the SuperBowl and months later, turns around and backs the Cowboys to beat those same Saints?
If so, I need that explained to me.

Aside from the cheese-head thing, I’m starting to wonder if this guy coughs up what-ifs for the sport of it. Seeing underdogs beat the guys in the big leagues. Going for the absolute upset.

I believe in loyalty to your team or, in my case, teams.

I was thinking just about an hour ago about this:
Since those t-shirts at Smithville didn’t really fit my particular state of mind (“I’m for the Yankees and anyone who beats the Red Sox” being one of them), I was thinking of what my own t-shirt would say.

Two things U need to know about me & football

1. Don’t badmouth the Eagles, Giants or Peyton Manning’s team
2. If I hear U cheering 4 the Cowboys or Patriots, you’re dead meat

Something to that effect… #2 still needs a little work.

This felt a little reminscent of week 1 of this season.
I’m expecting the Giants game to be blah and the Eagles game to be uber-exciting.

And the reverse happens.

I started off on a good foot with the Vikings, Steelers and Giants winning… not to mention the Bengals losing to the Jets and the Saints beating the Cowboys

The Giants game was difficult to watch the first half. I was predicting, literally, empty seats in the Meadowlands into the second half.
Word on the street is that Jets fans are, unlike Giants fans, so loyal that they stay until the last snap no matter who is on the winning side.

I saw the Giants only getting field goals and the Jaguars running in circles around the defense, not to mention the quarterback must have been watching Michael Vick footage because he was running around like a maniac and succeeded.
Then in the 2nd half, things started to come alive a little. The Giants defense was closing the pocket a lot more… and then out of nowhere, Kevin Boss, who cost us a touchdown at the end of the 1st half, started to come alive and make plays. He was just as amazing as I thought he’d be.
Then there’s this other thing going on with them shelving Amand Bradshaw and using him less and Brandon Jacobs more. Bradshaw had a lot of rushing yards and pass yards.

The most amazing things: Eli didn’t throw a single interception!
It’s one of those “so proud” moments, I guess, in my book.

The way I balance the Eagles and Giants is a little odd, I’ll admit. I watch both teams and if I’m seeing something going wrong with either team, I think of them differently.

With Michael Vick, I believe more in the Eagles in that they can come out of anything.
But with Eli Manning, its like business as usual… I don’t know. I full-on support the guy and probably wouldn’t want to toss him out like garbage like some people want to do with Brett Favre (though his game today can’t be denied from greatness)… I’m not so die-hard with the Giants as I am for the Eagles. It’s not so much a life & death situation when they’re down and out…….. except when they’re losing to the Cowboys… bring that team into the picture and that changes everything in the blink of an eye.

I have to blame a lot of the bad karma on the commentors. The more they talk about how great someone or a team is, the most likely said person/team is to slip up. They called the Giants offense explosive 2 weeks ago… they said the same about the Eagles and both times, the exploding offenses self-destructed.

Then they wrapped Michael Vick into the picture, calling him potential MVP material.
Also the fact he hadn’t thrown an interception all season……….. guess what happened, and the worst came out of it. Whatever momentum we had just snapped and distintegrated.

Sometimes, though, what I hate most during losses are the fact sportcasters have to be non-biased. When my Eagles and Giants lose, they talk about how great the other team was rather than playing on the sympathy that my teams lost… fans like me get their hearts broken literally dozens of times a season because of this.

I’d rather not hear a million times how great Tom Brady is, either. Him and Jimmie Johnson… nobody is allowed to be that good, that flawless and that same way year after year… it just goes against the laws of nature.

Don’t come over to tell me that Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of this decade because I don’t want to hear it. Every quarterback has flaws and Tom Brady doesn’t appear to have any at all… why the hell not?

I do expect near perfection from Michael Vick… this merely proves that he’s human. The fact he’s gotten sacked a couple teams these past few weeks proves that as well… he’s not perfect and not perfectly successful as a player. I still believed he could pull off the win, but apparently, the Eagles lacked the energy to support my supporting them.

The fact I can get a win from the Giants and a loss from the Cowboys helps stave off another of my funks where I simply want to crawl under a rock and pretend this week didn’t happen.

There is some hope in the league. At least for my teams.

Cowboys and Patriots are enemies numbero uno & dos

The Titans (despite their shut-out by Houston today) and the Chargers (who beat to a pulp whatever is left of the Colts) are on notice.

Peyton Manning is my candidate for the best quarterback of the decade, but these interceptions he’s been throwing lately are scaring me. Peyton Manning doesn’t throw interceptions… that’s Eli’s job, in fact, a lot of cynics come to expect it.
Me, when it does happen, I can’t say I’m too surprised, but its something like gravity that seems very inevitable.

Besides that, though, the first string offense, maybe defense as well, has been decimated to almost nothing. I say quarterback is the best position and my favorite position because he’s the guy that makes the plays happen.
The truth is, though, that even a great quarterback like Peyton Manning can’t function without people who know how to look for the ball, hold onto it and make something happen with it. It’s like possessing a gun, but can’t afford to buy bullets. A piece of machinery not able to do what it was built to do.

So now I’m going to be bold and make a prediction as to who is going to make the SuperBowl this year. The AFC is harder than the NFC because there’s a lot to choose from and there’s a number of factors. But I say:

Baltimore Ravens vs. Green Bay Packers…

or possibly

New York vs. New York, Giants & Jets

I’d love to place the Eagles in the scenario, but I’m afraid to put them up against anyone in the AFC right now. Unless they are against the Steelers or the Jets, they don’t stand a chance to win the championship.

I’d love to see the Eagles win a Super Bowl this year. No way I’m counting Michael Vick out because of one bad game.

I’ll see how this week goes so I may/may not post something else before Australia.

When I get back, though, my first entry after a trip summary will be a daring assignment I must save until December:

Christmas Season Essentials

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