From the desk of an Eagles Fan

Take your pick, but right now I’m leaning more towards “losing a piece of myself” after what should have been an easy win.

My reaction throughout the game went from angry to clueless to shocked to furious…

Now I’m seriously freaking out.

If this is the way we play teams like the Vikings, who haven’t had the best year, the idea of a SuperBowl is scaring me beyond all reason.

Whether its the Patriots or anyone else in the AFC, I’m absolutely freaking out that we won’t be able to pull it off… because we played like we did that SuperBowl and we didn’t have Michael Vick or DeSean back then either. We had Donovan McNabb & Brian Westbrook, argubably some of the best players we’ve ever had. Especially Brian Westbrook. He only got booted from the team because of injuries… although the year San Francisco’s had kinda says that he really isn’t giving them a boost either.

Unless its against the Steelers… which is a big IF by the by because the Patriots are the top contender this year… we simply don’t stand a chance. I don’t think I could take another SuperBowl like that one for the Eagles. We have to be favored and absolutely deliver on the expected results.

I mean, I actually follow them, unlike the Phillies, which I just rejoined their bandwagon when they started winning for the first time in my entire life… seeing the Eagles win a SuperBowl… that isn’t too much to ask, is it?

Ugh… I don’t know what voices were louder in my head… Tom Hanks crying out that “there’s no crying in baseball” or my aunt’s boyfriend constantly rooting against my teams… even for the Cowboys… against the Saints he egged on to win the SuperBowl against another one of my teams…

I’m literally falling to pieces right now with all of these possibilities swarming through my head… none of them good.

“Heartbroken” might be too strong a word to use, but the more I type, the more it feels that way.

If I can manage to put myself together to brush & floss, I’m going to pour myself into editing Jonas’s story until I fall asleep at my keyboard… I’d ignored it long enough. It’s time to make that dream a reality.

I just need to finish the color-coded editing first.

10 minutes after completing entry: hmm… even if I’m grieving over something, writing things down really helps calm me down

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