Robert Downey Jr’s biography and films

Interestingly enough, my entry about “Less than Zero,” considering the mess I was in part of the time I was typing it up, has gotten a lot of hits. And I mean A LOT of hits. I’d say that’s pretty impressive. If only people actually emailed me to let me know what they think of what I write. By the by, my email address is under contact information my blog. So those who are visiting and like what I write, let me know. Perhaps I’ll be able to get back to some daily routine.

It’s not exactly related to Prince, but anything to fill up pages and catch the least bit of attention.

Pepsi Max is probably my favorite current soft drink in the fact that it keeps me awake rather than puts me to sleep the way sodas tend to do after 8pm. Last night felt almost like being a bomb ready to explode.

To backtrack a little bit, I did a little more looking into the channels to find any possible “sightings” for the next few days. Ally McBeal will be an all-week engagement. He was in the credits yesterday, but not part of the show. The storyline was kind of familiar at this point. Ally finds out she’s dating not only two guys at once, but they happen to be father and son. She’d only just found out their relation to one another and I just happened to remember it 10 minutes before it comes about.
Then Lisa Edelstein is playing what probably would be considered a hermaphrodite since she has two sets of opposing body parts. It causes a little uncomfortable-ness among Ally’s co-workers including the boyfriend who later finds out. It’s an awkward situation, but doesn’t really take away from how pretty Dr. Cuddy is. She hasn’t changed all that much between then and when she got her gig for House.

So pretty much, in comes Larry Paul, who somehow helps Ally make sense of her situation. She’ll eventually end up dumping both the father and son, thus beginning a relationship with him until sometime where he disappears.
Two arrests for possession will do that to a person.

No kidding, I have a YouTube search saved under favorites for all things RDJ. One of them happened to be a five-part biography of him. It starts with a summary of the ups and downs and ends with him becoming Iron-Man and an A-lister to boot.

All very interesting stuff. Most of it, I think pretty much knew already. At some point, I’m sure I’m going to absorb how many times he’d been arrested and what for. Doesn’t make it any easier to hear, though. I don’t know what it is. Either it has to do with “Less than Zero” making it all the more real or the fact I’m hearing and seeing the evidence during this thing. It was maybe the end of part 3 of 5, but for maybe 30 seconds, I crumbled over myself, incapacited with overwhelming sympathy. Surely I had gotten used to it and it is all in the past, so it technically shouldn’t bother me. But it scares the hell out of me.

Probably what really did it was footage of him in front of a judge that tells him that jailing him will hopefully save his life. Something along those lines. There was very little detail about what trouble he got into in the 80’s after “Less than Zero.” Clearly it made things all the more real and difficult for him. Word of the director said that he asked Andrew McCarthy and him to go out on the town and get into a situation where he’d need to save RDJ… he might have thought it as research, but he did get pretty smashed when they were trying this.

Alcohol and cocaine was probably the combination here, and again, any normal person would have learned from that role to stay away from that crap. Not to say being bi-polar doesn’t make RDJ normal. He’s had a few bumps in the road, but he’s still an ordinary guy outside the fame and fortune. Never ceases to bother me, though.

Whatever was going on with him, he was keeping quiet about it.

Another word on “Chaplin.” I suppose its worth a couple more mentions. I think it might have gotten to the point where I actually want to buy the DVD. Before I do that, though, I think I might have to actually watch a few Charlie Chaplin movies to get a feel for the actual article. I certainly can’t get any lee-way with just an expensive imitation. RDJ clearly had all the time in the world to work on it while Richard Attenbourgh was shopping around for studios to do the film.

There has been a couple of cases over the troubled years where directors really wanted to do the film with RDJ specifically but very few studios wanted to take him. Insane as it is, there’s much to appreciate about that dedication to the actor.

One of the last things I checked out with a little behind-the-scenes of Chaplin with RDJ giving his side of the story. It’s pretty cool that he was maybe 26 when he did the movie and he played Chaplin from age 18 to 83 and pulled it off. Dammit, that guy needs an Oscar.

Another clip I watched was a short one from Chaplin with RDJ performing for Dan Akyrod to prove he was who he said he was… nothing short of free floating laughter. I didn’t have to force myself to do so with some jokes that get really old… it was natural and timely. All the more reason to check out the real thing. The studio showed real footage during the last 10 minutes of the movie and I didn’t even know at first if it was earlier movie footage or the real deal… it was the latter and holy crap, we have ourselves a pretty outstanding method actor on our hands if we can’t tell the difference.

I spent a couple hours yesterday morning researching every single RDJ movie to see if there were any I’d be interested in seeing… and also so I have a list around so I can check every now and then if anything is playing.

Even with 13 additional movies to look out for, I couldn’t find anything. “A Scanner Darkly” plays at some inconvenient hours, so I don’t know if I’ll get around to it this week or god forbid, die of embarassment when I get caught watching it for the sake that… hey, its RDJ. Animated or not.

Back to last night, I felt like a bomb ready to explode because I wanted nothing more than to feed the need. Still very much possessed at that point. And Unwrapped showing us behind-the-scenes on chocolate didn’t really help things.
I think the problem last night that eventually convinced me to quit with the YouTube clips and also have a little trouble sleeping… I think I’ve gotten to the point where I’m not eating as much as I should. Granted, I’m hanging around the house all day and only the dog gets me a little bit of exercise… but skipping dessert really isn’t doing me much good.

On the other hand, I’m simply dying to see a question about him on Jeopardy! I mean, c’mon. There was a category on “getting into character”. The closest they got to him was Jamie Foxx in The Soloist. Close by association. (It also happens to be one of the few films on this week featuring RDJ, I think either Friday or Saturday morning, I’ll have to double-check… I saw it once before I really gave this much attention to RDJ. I heard it was a good story and figured, what the hell… it was impressive, yes, both of them).

The least they could have done was talk about Chaplin or Sherlock Holmes or even the line from Tropic Thunder where he says “I don’t drop character until I finish the DVD commentary”

The final category was 20th century novels and I automatically thought of “Less than Zero.”
Seriously? What the hell was wrong with me?
Ugh, regardless, I got it right. It was a thriller with chapters like “Dial M for Murder” and mentions of pink champagne and baccarate… the first chapter gave it away and the rest backed up my theory. It was “Casino Royale”

Castle was probably the only show last night where I was on the edge of my seat, trying to ease whatever craving I had. Then I went on further and watched Seinfeld on the grounds Marisa Tomei was the object of George’s current affections and he was watching “My Cousin Vinny” and “Only You.”

The second happens to be an RDJ film (showing on Encore, so I’ll miss it) and it only showed footage of her, not him
There’s been a tiny bit of controversery about her Oscar win for “My Cousin Vinny.” Again, I got to thinking… if they didn’t think she deserved, why hasn’t RDJ ever won? Granted, I love her category in the movie, but still… something in the universe feels a little out of whack to me.

My list of must-see’s include the following:

  • Back to School
  • Johnny Be Good (with Anthony Michael Hall)
  • True Believer (plays a lawyer)
  • Chances are
  • Soap Dish (Whoopi Goldberg co-stars)
  • Heart & Souls
  • Only you
  • Home for the Holidays (thats actually so-so… word is he was doing heroin during the filming of this movie and the little footage I saw of it clearly shows it)
  • Two girls & a guy (noted as one of his highlights in the 90’s, its between R & NC17 so it might be sketchy)
  • Wonder Boys (hell yeah! Tobey Maguire)
  • Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (hell yeah! Val Kilmer and the footage looks hilarious)
  • Zodiac (sounds pretty impressive, actually)
  • A Scanner Darkly (eh, why not?)

I already set a date for “Say Anything” (Friday @ 7am) and The Soloist will be on early Saturday morning.
Choices are looking pretty slim right now, but later on, I’ll get the chance to double-dip between Ally McBeal and Sherlock Holmes, seeing as nothing’s on at 10pm. I’ll probably fall asleep while watching it, but its something.

I guess that’s the downside about having it on blu-ray and its hanging at our shore house. I have to watch for it be on TV to see it. Same goes for Iron-Man. So I’ll try beyond all self-control to wait until the third movie is on blu-ray and I can get the ultimate boxset with all the movies and the extras. Hey, why not? Might as well go for it.

I’m a little hesistant to see Gothika because its not my type of movie, although I might watch a little on Saturday night to see what’s what before my 90 minute animé block.
As well, I’m hesistant of getting any of his movies on DVD before seeing them first. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is probably awful and thats why it won’t show on TV and Wonder Boys sounds really good, but I don’t know if I’d be into it. Whatever the case is, I might have to take a few chances.

On a side note, I was hoping I’d have time to try out my new Maroon 5 playlist. But seeing as I’ve only got an hour and 40 minutes left until Ally McBeal, I won’t be able to squeeze the whole thing in.
If only I had a two-hour block to do this in… definitely isn’t going to be today and it probably will be the best day this week.
Another side note. I did not know this. My dad shares a birthday with John Grisham, who happens to be one of his favorite authors. And not just the actual day, but the year as well. Gotta love life’s funny little coincidences.

And here I was putting a quote from Ferris Bueller in his birthday card.
Boy I’m totally corny

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