Maroon 5 playlist is work in progress

First of all, finding the right wallpaper with certain faces is really hard, especially when you like a lot
of their features.

The key factors are something easy on the eyes, great context, nice hair and I guess something that isn’t necessarily creepy with extended viewing.
All that aside…

I wanted to cover this in the previous entry, but thanks to my mind being enslaved by my current favorite individual, it completely slipped.

The title pretty much says it all.
My playlist needs work.

It’s not so much the song choices as the entire scheme of things.
For the sake of argument, Prince puts together an album and each song builds off the previous to create one complete puzzle that gives a certain vibe or central theme.
I’d like this playlist to do not only that, but it’ll tell a story perhaps worthy of a Broadway screenplay. If they can make an American Idiot musical with Green Day’s songs, why not create a love story using Maroon 5’s tracks? There is more than enough material.
Between 3 albums, there are about 40 songs to choose from. I chose 36.

Naturally when I’m trying out something new, I use my favorite video game to at least see how it feels and if it helps with my gameplay.
Perhaps the most annoying thing about Spyro the Dragon this time around was the Tree Tops level. There is a dragon you can only get to by jumping on three Supercharge ramps. I get to the last ramp and for some reason, I jump while on the ramp which causes me to plummet to my death. Try this at least 4 times. I’d think by the 100th or 200th time (I lost track YEARS ago) it would be something I’d be able to not do anymore. Thankfully I didn’t need to desperately search for that infinite lives cheat code that I attribute to be the reason I could complete the game in the first place. Takes the pressure off.

Actually, the playlist held up well time-wise. I took me to… shoot, now I forget. It was a couple minutes into the 2nd or 3rd portal in the 5th world.

And actually, I think I might have set a new record for myself. Yikes, like who’s going to take this entire in the Guiness book of world records?
“So-and-so played through the 1997 Playstation game Spyro the Dragon in 2 hours, 53 minutes and 4 seconds”…
now if it was one of those games like Guitar Hero that warrants this type of recognition… at least something current… this game is a little over 10 years old. That record only says I have too much time on my hands
Interestingly enough, though, I was able to play through the game and cut ounces of time off my best by simply not retracing my steps. I know where all the gems are and I can go one way and remember where I left gems behind and also when I can turn around to get them. Aside from not dying multiple times, gathering all of the essentials in the game without retracing your steps is key to a self-proclaimed record.
Yes, I have too much time on my hands. I’m aware of this.

Something aside from the glitches in “Year of the Dragonfly” is that I have to constantly retrace my steps to see where I missed any gems. So the last time I played through the game, I sat down in front of Excel and put into my gem total after certain checkpoints so I will have those totals for my next time. Before I go to the next area, I know how many gems I need to have before moving forward.
Because of the glitches and some difficulty, I have long considered myself a master of only the PlayStation Spyro trilogy and not the ones that came on the following game system. I might be getting closer to being just that on “Year of the Dragonfly.” The most difficult tasks that kept me from completing the game, I was able to do in one shot this last time around. Pretty crazy. And I’ll say that the most difficult task in the game has to be a long slide where you have two runs where you have to beat the clock to get to the bottom. The second time around, you have less time and therefore need to go through nearly every set of flags to add just enough time to get to the bottom.

Once I get the whole gems thing memorized, I might be able to start timing myself there as well. In a little less than 2 months, I’ve become more of an expert.

Back to my Maroon 5 playlist, though.

“This Love” has to be the perfect opening, no doubt about it. It’s the signature sound of the group as is the scenario. Adam Levine being hopelessly in love and unable to get over the current source of his affections.

Then for no apparent reason other than my stupidity, it all went downhill for several tracks. One song after the other, it was as if I had purposely put all of these depressing break-up/lost love tracks one after the other. Part of me is expecting a track from Songs about Jane called “Miles from the Sun” and I’m hearing some tracks from It won’t be soon before long.

Another thing I’d been discovering is that the Songs about Jane track sound better among their own kind. The best sequence of songs aside from mixing up the 2nd and 3rd tracks of the 2nd and 3rd albums together… is the last three tracks of that album.
Through with You- Not coming home- Sweetest Goodbye
They sound so great together and I’d hate to split them apart for anything.

I don’t know. The first half hour feels like part of a soap opera because its about Adam Levine pining over his love and its a really long break-up too. I’ll see if I can put together some lyrics that will sum it all up:

this love has taken its toll on me, she said goodbye too many times before, her heart is breaking in front of me, I have no choice, I won’t say goodbye anymore.
you don’t cry, you dont care, afraid to have a love affair, is that your ghost or are you really there/I cant walk, I cant talk anymore since you walked out the door and now Im stuck living out that night again, im not falling apart… you destroyed me, i wont fall apart again
from the moment the lights went off, everything had changed… all alone with a neglige that still hangs above my bed, ive been meaning to give it away but ill just leave it there instead, no need to cry about it, i may just die without it, everytime i wind up back at your door
I am in misery, there aint nobody who can comfort me, why wont you answer me, the silence here is slowly killing me, im gonna get you back
its not over tonight, just give me one more chance to make it right, i may not make it through the night, i wont go home without you

I think the placement of that last song leaves something to be deserved, but at this point, I’m just depressed beyond all belief…

Then “Miles from the sun” talks about not being able to forget and refusing to regret meeting a girl… then I put two goodbye songs next to each other…

first its “goodnight, hope that things work all right” and then we’re literally “out of goodbyes”

I don’t know what I was thinking… how did these two songs fit together anyway? The common theme leaves a lot to be deserved as in, I’m already sick of being depressed.

I’ll give myself props for picking the right song to start with cuz “This Love” is the quintessential Maroon 5 track… no bones about it. And I like all of the songs I put on the list after, but they don’t spell out anything but Misery.

This Love and Misery could go back to back pretty well, so I’ll keep that in mind.

All of this other stuff is going on and after the depressing ballad from Hands all over called “Just a feeling”… I’m so over being depressed at this point. “Nothing lasts forever” used to be very light-hearted to me and now it feels like more heartache after all the crap I put before it.

“I can’t lie” almost never ceases to make me smile and I don’t regret putting it and “Sunday Morning” back to back… it has been said that the previous is actually from the same school as the latter. I think the drum pattern and use of piano has a lot to do with it.
I will literally listen to “Sunday Morning” and after the instrumental break, I’m already anticipating the bridge at the end of “I can’t lie.” They are so similar and equally beautiful for all the right reasons.

Not only does the first progression need work, but I think there needs to be a buffer between this progression (nothing last forever, I can’t lie, Sunday morning) and the next that starts with “Makes me wonder”… it’s all lovey-dovey at this point and it’d be very harsh to continue using the message “it really makes wonder if I ever gave a &%$# without you” and “I don’t believe in you anymore, so this is goodbye”

Part of the reason I considered the playlist lies in the next set of tracks. I would listen to the 2nd and 3rd tracks of the 2nd and 3rd album and hear the similarities to the point different songs could literally come after one another and the overall vibe won’t be completely ruined or displaced from the original.
I suppose that’s part of the reason I’m thinking This Love and Misery would go good together. Because they come very early in their respected albums and carry the same vibe. And they also have that specific charm only heard in Maroon 5 tracks, something I can pick out as what sets them apart because I listen to them so often.

The next progression is as follows:
makes me wonder- give a little more- little of your time- stutter and tangled….
Tangled, I’m still debating about its placement at the end of this nice track of songs.

After Tangled, I added Wake-up call and Get back in my life… which I’m sort of considering flipping around for an easier transition. But Get back in my life goes well with Harder to Breathe following it… and Hands all over being after that.

Songs need to go together themetically, but my original intention was for a universal sound that changed smoothly throughout the playlist. I paired by Harder to Breathe, Hands all over and the last three tracks of Songs about Jane because they are a little more hard-core with the rock edge not seen in too many Maroon 5 tracks.

Maybe putting Wake-up call after Tangled would work better than the original arrangement.

The best transition after that is the last three tracks followed by the first track from It won’t be soon before long. Hey, why not? The albums are one after the other, why not have their tracks follow suit? And Shiver works really well after that song too, I was really surprised to hear that.

The placement of “Won’t go home without you” is one of the main things worrying me. It’s one of the better tracks and it deserves to be treated well to a great place on this list. The songs before it have to support it and the ones after can’t stray too far off course.

Then I’ve decided to keep my last four tracks where they are.

Never gonna leave this bed gives an air of committment that isn’t going to waver anytime soon. It’s more of a last ditch attempt to reaffirm the feelings Adam Levine has towards his lover.
The Story of a broken heart follows and gives a little more background to the story, but as much as I doubt its placement, there has to be a song between the two ballads, the previous and She will be loved… that way they’re more able to stand on their own.

Of course, I had to end with my favorite track “Must get out”… not on those grounds, but it offers a little hope to end a story wrought with peril. Somehow, it offers a conclusion I can live with and it just makes me happy to hear it after so many other good songs.

Clearly I have a lot of work left to do and not just on this playlist.
Hopefully the dream I had last night will help me sort out feelings on another subject entirely.

I’ve started into it a little bit, but I don’t know where its gonna go.

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