The King’s Speech and Oscar buzz

Considering how many movies I went to see last year, it’s still of great comfort that I managed to see 3 in that are in contention for best picture.

Toy Story 3, of course, doesn’t stand a chance, though it’ll probably do really well in the animated category. Lest “How to Train your Dragon” takes home the statue… though I had considered it, I still haven’t gone to see it or even wanted to purchase it… but my mind’s kinda been in an odd place these past several weeks.

I guess February 2011 will be 4ever known as “Robert Downey Jr. Love Fest”… except for the first two days, I hadn’t gone a day without either a YouTube clip of his or a movie.
Strictly speaking, I should sneak one thing in before tonight. Considering I have to get up to be @ Dunkin’s around 6am tomorrow, I’m already pushing the envelope by wanting to stay up for the Oscars.
But I’d been looking foward to it all month, especially so since the Golden Globes… man does it feel like forever ago.

Okay, so now I can add “The King’s Speech” to my short list of 2010 Oscar noms of Toy Story 3 and True Grit.
Crazy as it sounds, I think I’d still put in Toy Story 3 as my top pick if I was restricted to these three.


To get something straight here, as far as Oscar-nom films go, the ones that really get the acclaim and attention as Oscar-noms, I don’t deny that this movie deserves the nomination and the win. It has all the makings of what Oscar best pictures stand for. They have some sort of morale about society, whether its old or new, good or bad, but it speaks to a given generation. It also has to have a compelling story about struggle and triumph and it has to have a great set of characters to fill in the roles.

Considering the list of A-listers we have for this movie, I’d stay its already in pretty good shape. And even though I did say earlier that I’d like to see Jesse Eisenberg win best actor, Colin Firth probably deserves it more than anybody else. I’d pick him above Jeff Bridges, for sure.
Now, I just realized this but half an hour ago… but James Franco is being noted as a possible spoiler for this category… in the movie “127 hours” he must survive being trapped under a mountain for 5 days and ultimately has to cut his own arm off to escape… not realizing that earlier, I went ahead and gabbed “what does RDJ have to do to win an Oscar” and one of the things was losing a limb…
shoot, I wish I had remembered this sooner because it sure would be embarassing, especially if James Franco takes home the award.


But yeah, Colin Firth was pretty much as flawless as you can be… when you’re a stammering monarch. It’s one thing to play a guy with a stammer, but a whole other one to play one who has it and must work to overcome it. At least to portray the role that particular way…
Probably the biggest buzz about this movie is about the significance of this triumph… several people and even organizations have praised this movie because they give strength to people who need to overcome the impossible… in one way, its sort of ironic I saw this the day before I gotta take a huge plunge back into society. The one thing that can give me strength is that since I’m starting around 6am, I might actually be home for Ally McBeal @ 4pm… unless I’m on a crazy 12 hour shift or something…

Helena Bonham Carter is playing his wife and several people who’ve talked to who recommended this movie said how nice it was to see her playing someone normal for a change. Oh yeah, totally normal. I’m not sure if its Oscar worthy, necessarily. The only other normal role was a minor one as Charlie’s mum in “Charlie & the Chocolate Factory”… at least that I can remember.

My personal opinion: Geoffrey Rush was the spark of light in this whole movie. His character was serious about his work, but at the same time, he knew when to make light of a situation and he had a good sense of humor.
I’d give the movie a B to B+ overall because maybe somewhere in the middle, I was starting to lose interest a little bit, started yawning a bit. Around this point, his brother was abdicating the throne because he wanted to marry a twice-divorced woman… I really wasn’t too fond of this guy, especially because he was part of the reason Colin Firth still had the stammer. An argument the two had kinda plummeted him back to square one.
This was also around the time Geoffrey Rush was absent, so there was little else but drama to keep my interest.
So yeah, in short, give this guy the bloody Oscar because I loved watching him… really loved watching him. I believe the only other time I saw him in a movie was as Barbossa in the Pirates trilogy.

After his first fragmented speech, the movie started on a bit of a comical note, though not to Colin Firth. If you’d ever seen “My Fair Lady,” you’d recognize it right away.
The last speech therapist he “wanted to see” gave him 7 pebbles and asked him to put them in his mouth… and then recite a few lines as if they weren’t in his mouth… he flips out and walks out of the room after swallowing one.

“With blackest moss, the flower pots were thickly crusted one and all”
At least that’s what Eliza Doolittle had to say with the pebbles in her mouth. Wait, it was marbles, not pebbles. She swallowed one, but Professor Higgins pressed on.

I was talking about chemistry a great deal in my last entry and Colin Firth had that with Geoffrey Rush, who did very well as the “voice of reason” in this pairing. It starts with a bit of playful banter and then a bet. The doctor told him that he could recite a line from Hamlet using his method, he owed him a shilling… needless to say, he owed a shilling for the majority of the movie.
The doctor hooked up headphones to a record player and had him recite the dialogue while he was listening to the music, rather loudly, I might add. Proving that he could do it perfectly without being able to hear himself speak.

So yeah, I’d definitely say the movie is Oscar worthy for what its worth. And it actually works out because its among those movies that you need to see once but you don’t necessarily want to see them again… mainly because you won’t have to. It’s the name that’s important in the end.
Except for the pacing being a little slow in places, it really wasn’t all that bad.

Given my current state of mind, I spent part of the movie kinda freaking about tomorrow… and also part of it thinking that I wanted to see Chaplin again… because that’s kinda British as well. Maybe I’ll watch a few clips on YouTube of that.
The only downside was that I didn’t have the time to watch it today. What with the Oscar red carpet portion starting in 90 minutes, plus when we got back, if I had started that movie, it’d be over barely 10 minutes before the festivites began.

Perhaps this weekend when I have a free night.
Little bits and pieces made me think about the movie, but at the current moment, I can’t think of any of them. Maybe the scene where Colin Firth had trouble lighting a cigarette because he didn’t have a steady hand.

The Oscars, I guess, have become like a 2nd Christmas this year. I’ve been dying to see the big show, but I guess it makes sense seeing as I saw all those movies last year.
To think I could have added 3 of them to my list of Oscar-noms if I had the guts or interest to check them out… The Social Network, Inception and Black Swan… now that I know where the community theater is, I really regret not going out to see Black Swan.

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