Oscars 2011

When I was part of the school newspaper my senior year of high school, I sent in Entertainment articles every week… only 3 got published. One was about the Harry Potter DVD for Prisoner of Azkaban, another was about the Simpson’s 300th episode (I believe we’re up to 500+ now, that’s pretty amazing)…
And I believe the first one was about that year’s Oscars. I mostly talked about the fashion on the red carpet, but I did report on the winners as well.
Wait, scratch that first… I did an article on Celebrity siblings.. you know, like Jessica & Ashlee Simpson, Beyonce and her little sister, people like that (I was listening to Ashlee Simpson quite a bit that year).

Just for the hell of it, I’ll write up what I wrote about the 77th Academy Awards, for your viewing pleasure.


Oscar results revealed, Eastwood, Foxx winners

On the night of Feb 27, the 77th annual Academy Awards were held in Hollywood, Calif. Each year during the Academy Awards, stars from on-screen to behind-the-scenes come together to receive Oscar statues for their hard work, and the best movie is handed the Oscar for Best Picture. On the Red Carpet before the awards show, all of the stars were dressed in their best suits and dresses, and a lot of eyes were on Hilary Swank’s gorgeous dark blue gown.
At 8:30 pm, actor/comedian Chris Rock took the stage as the host of this year’s Oscars. He started the show with many laughs and a number of speeches, poking fun at the movie industry, especially when it comes to finding an actor to fill in a movie role. “If you want Russell Crowe and all you can get is Colin Farrell, wait; if you want Denzel Washington and all you get is me, WAIT,” Rock said during his opening speech.
After Rock warmed up the audience, the awards were handed out, starting with Art Direction in favor of “The Aviator.” “The Aviator,” one of the nominees for Best Picture, won four awards in the first hour. Morgan Freeman won Supporting Actor for the movie “Million Dollar Baby.”
Other winners included Cate Blanchett for Best Supporting Actress in “The Aviator,” “Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events” for Best Makeup, “Spider-man 2” for Best Visual effects and Disney/Pixar’s “The Incredibles” for Best Animated Film.
Towards the end of the show, the more anticipated Oscars were handed out. Hilary Swank took Best Actress for “Million Dollar Baby,” while Jamie Foxx received a well-deserved Oscar for his portrayl of Ray Charles in “Ray.” Foxx was extremely ectastic about his win, and in his speech he thanked his grandmother, Estelle.
“And she still talks to me now, only now she talks to me in my dreams. And I can’t wait to go to sleep tonight because we have a lot to talk about,” Foxx commeted. Many critics and viewers agreed that Foxx deserved this prestigious award for his biggest movie role yet.
“It just shows that he’s a better actor because even if it was his first big dramatic role, he’s fit to play anything,” [noted by one of my sophomore friends, whose name I will withhold to protect his privacy]
Last, but not least, Clint Eastwood won the award for Best Director and “Million Dollar Baby” took the award for Best Picture. “The Aviator,” the favorite to win Best Picture, received five Oscar statuttes, the most awards of any film that year.
As the Oscar winners celebrated, the other nominations went home empty handed without any hard feelings, but still hope that next year will be their year to shine at the Oscars.


My apologies if there were any typos, don’t get bent out of shape about it.
Funny, I was saying how much I hated the fact “Million Dollar Baby” won best picture because the title made no f’in sense to me… but it did help get my article published… boy have times changed. Jamie Foxx at least deserved a nomination for playing Nathaniel Ayers in “The Soloist.” But “Ray” certainly was good enough reason to him to be considered for the role… I suppose it might be worth a look-see, if its an Oscar-winning performance.
I sat through a couple of his movies because RDJ happened to be attached, so its the least I could do, I suppose. Return the favor.

I watched Oscar coverage from 7pm to whenever they ended. At 11:12, I stupidly made a comment that they’ll definitely finish on time because they only had best actor, actress and picture to award… nope, and with the little song & dance number at the end, the show ran at least 15 minutes over.

Needless to say, I had to check out the red carpet to see how everyone looked. And for the majority, they looked fabulous… there were maybe one or two dresses that didn’t quite worth. The E! people didn’t like Marisa Tomei’s (which I loved, heck, I’d wear it ) or Melissa Leo’s… of course, I was nearly rolling on the floor when they said it looked like she was wearing a “doilie”… (one scene in Sherlock Holmes will 4ever cause me to laugh at that single word).

My favorites were probably Natalie Portman and her growing baby bump (a lot of people were talking about what kind of dress she would wear and whether it would hide or show it off), Reese Witherspoon, Scarlett Johanson and Hailee Steinfeld.
And I’ll admit that Jesse Eisenberg and Matthew McConaughey look rather dashing in their tux.

I made a prediction a couple entries and I’m pleased to say that part of it was a reality.
Robert Downey Jr. finally gave himself a much needed haircut, but he wasn’t quite in Tony Stark mode just yet… a tad closer to his countenance in “Due Date”
Big news, Sherlock Holmes officially completed shooting 3 weeks ago. So for all I know, not enough time has passed for his new mustache & goatee to grow in yet. He and his wife looked stunning as always and still very much in love. The two are so cute together. One thing I must say, as someone who likes blue, I kinda wish he’d gone for the more traditional black jacket… looks a lot better on him (see “Iron-Man” where he crashes his own benefit). Word is, though, that he’s dressed a lot more conservatively than usual… I guess I might have some digging to do on Google, but that can wait for a while.

A lot of the focus was on the hosts, who started the show with a long sketch where they’re doing blue screen stuff with a lot of the Best Picture nominees. Anne’s “Brown Duck” was probably one of the biggest hits of the show.
Shirley McClaine’s advice to her was simply “lots of costume changes.” I lost track after three, but the grand total was 8 amazing outfits, including a tux when she was singing “On my Own” from Les Miserables (quite well in fact) to “Hugh Jack-ass”, whom she said had cancelled their duet at the last minute. Don’t know what the story is there, but they did make up after the next commercial break.

One thing was obvious: True Grit wasn’t going to get a thing… there was talk that Hailee Steinfeld could be a spoiler and a lot of people were backing her up… but despite that, Melissa Leo easily took the award for supporting actress and stole the show with an f-bomb heard around the world (except in the US, lol)… this followed my highlight of the night and probably several other people’s… Kirk Douglas, old and fragile came on the stage to announce this award, but he made all of these observant, but hilarious comments. Something about Hugh Jackman laughing at him because he was Australian and Colin Firth wasn’t because he was British… then that all changed. After announcing the actresses, he fought the guy holding the envelope tooth and nail for his cane much the way one decides which team goes first in baseball. Multiple pauses for his comments later, he finally gave the award over to Melissa Leo.

Not bad for an old guy 😉 probably still smart as a whip.

As much as I wanted Geoffrey Rush to win the oscar for supporting actor because I loved him in “The King’s Speech,” there was no stopping Christian Bale. I accepted that, though I was more than tempted to jump through the TV armed with an electric razor to take care of that ridiculous beard… and hey, why stop there, I’d make him bald in a second, I’m that annoyed with him.

I believe The Social Network and The King’s Speech were on equal footing for most of the game, but The King’s Speech won the more prestigious of awards… no surprise to anyone, best actor to Colin Firth… as much as I think Jesse Eisenberg is cute, he definitely deserved the win. Hilariously I was watching him, expecting that George VI stutter to come in at any moment… he was that good in the movie, lol

Natalie Portman was equally touched and moved when she won best actress… definitely well-deserved as well and everyone was predicting it, although some were supporting Annette Benning as well.

With all the talk from his colleagues, I was expecting David Fincher to take best director, but I guess when you’re hot, you’re hot… there was no stopping Tom Hooper for claiming it for The King’s Speech. I guess maybe I jumped on the David Fincher bandwagon because RDJ had said what a great director he was in Zodiac and Benjamin Button.

Inception took most of the technical awards like the visual/special effects, cinematography and sound editing… Iron-Man 2 was nominated for visual/special effects but lost out (I don’t care, man, the way they shot Tony Stark transforming that suitcase into his suit was badass)…
Alice in Wonderland took art direction and costume design, well deserved.

Aside from Christian Bale, there wasn’t an award that was given that night that I really wanted to fight tooth & nail about. All of the winners deserved to win for their given parts.

Toy Story 3 won a couple included best animated picture (BOOYAH) and best original song (only the 2nd win for Randy Newman, surprisingly considering how many times he’s been nominated). Heck, I wouldn’t have minded it going to Gywenoth Paltrow’s “Country Strong” (she sounded amazing) or the duet from Tangled by Mandy Moore & Zachary Levi (great song).

Oh yeah… and Robert Downey Jr. was among the presenters, that’d been on the Internet for weeks now. And apporiately, he presented the effects and sound editing award with Jude Law… Sherlock & Watson together… fabulous.  They had their witty banter and, although embarassing as it is to admit, I knew more about the comments Jude made that I should. Goes to show what I’d been toiling away doing this past month.

Jude poked fun at RDJ that several years ago, his only connection to a superhero was in “2001” to “batgirl” in that hotel room… 2001 nearly had me fooled, but when I heard the truth, I was like “oh yeah, that’s right.” Right off, I thought the “batgirl” comment was a bit off… I was thinking “wasn’t it Wonderwoman”…

RDJ shot back after an eye roll.
1) it was 2000
2) that hotel room was [I forget the amount but it was expensive]
3) it was a WonderWoman costume

yeah, that was the doomed Thanksgiving when RDJ pulled a Charlie Sheen (yikes that doesnt feel right to say, its so soon after the fact, oh well), booked a hotel room with ample drugs and hookers abound… don’t know how I remembered the Wonderwoman costume, but yeah, I have too much time on my hands and its scary that I know that.

After giving out the first award, RDJ had the last laugh:
Jude Law now needs a ride home if anyone is interested… guess the dude went too far.

It’s nice that RDJ has gotten to the point where he’s sobered up enough that its okay for him to poke fun at himself and what he had done in the past… what I find scary is how he can remember all of those details about the nights he clearly wasnt in the best shape mentally.
Gotta love RDJ & Jude Law together

Speaking of not being able to stop momentum… The King’s Speech had been so hot lately that it took best picture, no surprise to anyone. And after seeing the movie, I confess, it totally deserved it. Certainly would have been the more traditional choice as far as Best Pictures go.

So the Oscars… definitely worth the month-long wait

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