American Idol- ladies’ night and then some

And now onto that other entry.
I’ve been addicted to Yahoo for my news purposes and now I’ll have time to read the blogger’s opinions on last night. Then I’ll have enough recollection of them (mostly a blur with a few exceptions) to add my own opinions.

Okay, I’m gonna launch into it now.
I came into the night a little disillusioned. I was seeing some familiar faces but I didn’t really remember too many of their names. Some of them blended together for me or maybe I’m just more tuned into the guys simply because I myself am female. I guess that could be considered a glitch in my brain.

The night started off a little shaky.
First of all, is it my imagination or did Tatysnia magically get a hypen added to her name or was it always there? That alone was a distraction.
Then she sang this song “The only girl in the world” that I’m sure I’d heard before. It wasn’t a good song choice at all. She was attempting high notes, but she was too out of breath to get any leeway on that. It was more/less a disaster. And Randy was the only one on the panel that made any sense when it came to her I guess he’s our new “mean judge”… makes me miss Simon, he would have put a lot of these girls in their place. The song was by Rhianna, which I already consider ill-advised.

Naima was one of the few I remembered of this group, but with that look and hairstyle, its hard not to remember. She’s like the Cal Ripken Jr. of this season, she worked behind the scenes at these venues where she really wanted to sing (much the way he was groundskeeper at ball parks b4 he played)…
Her song choice had me groaning from the get-go. Mostly because nobody will be able to forget Fantasia performing it… and it will annoy me to no end that they thought she was incredible… she was sitting on the stage like a street urchin, but was wearing this pink dress… who the hell sits on a stage and sings? I axe ya…
All that aside, I don’t believe I ever listened to this song when she performed it. But Naima did a great job. I already put her in my top 5 before I saw anyone else, but for good reason.

Kendra, I think I knew at some point, but I couldn’t remember anything about her previously. She did this Christian Aguilera song that I really wasn’t all that into. Her vocals were a little off and some parts were very pitchy. Just didn’t feel right to me. And after that, she kinda disappeared for me.

I was the only one in the room that liked Rachel’s performance. She was INTERESTING, as the Yahoo blogger said. Despite not being able to hear every word she sang, she caught my attention because she did something different. My mom was saying how she wasn’t memorable and I wanted to throw something… like seriously… how is that not memorable? Nobody else did anything remotely similar to that it was kick-ass as far as I was concerned.

Karen Rodgeriez, didn’t remember her either, but her Spanglish take on “Hero” was a homerun… she was simply amazing… and I’m not a big fan of that Mariah Carey song in general.

Lauren Turner did a song I didn’t recognize (a common theme last night opposed to the guys, which  I knew the majority of their songs) but she also did a great job with it.
Then someone on the panel made a comment that she was Amy Whinehouse meets Florence & the Machine… what’s the the Amy Whinehouse comparsion? She hasn’t been a blip on the radar screen in AGES… and I only know her for being a trashy caberet singer who is still in rehab… Florence & the machine, that might be something else, but I don’t know too much about them but one song.
Yeah, Lauren wasn’t that bad at all.

The next three, I’d put in the “ho-hum” category… they did little to nothing for me and in some cases it was unfortunate.
Ashthon Jones aka Jonesy did all right with that Monica song. She sang it well, but she just didn’t spark me as anything special or extraordinary… just like every other R&B diva.

I’ve been behind Julie Zorilla since day 1. She has an amazing voice. But she made an amazingly bad song choice. Kelly Clarkson has a ton of good songs and everyone keeps doing “Breakaway”… I’d kill to hear “Behind these hazel eyes” and “My life would suck without you”… Breakaway, you can’t really do much of anything with it unless you play an instrument or do it accapella… I’m hoping that the audience votes her in or the judges save her because she is definitely worth it.

Haley Reinhart did a song that they should definitely blacklist on American Idol from now on. “Fallin'” by Alicia Keys. Sure she brought that Christina edge to her voice and sang it well, but I was over this song the first time I heard it…
C’mon guys… sing “No one” for a change, why don’t you? I love that song so much more… yet another song I’d kill to hear more on this show…

I was pretty much to the point where I was ready to fall asleep and have this thing be over already. Everyone was blending together except for a couple of people.

Then Thia Megia came on, starting the song “On my own” accapella… if Karen was a homerun, Thia was a grand slam… blew me away and she’s only 15. Phew… it’d be a travesty if she doesn’t make the top 12.

There’s been a lot of talk about the other Lauren. Lauren Alaina… and she brought her A-game no question. She sang a song I found later to be by Reba McEntire… and blew everyone away. Noted as a mix of Kelly and Carrie… damn… the girl can sing…

Last, but certainly not least in the eyes of the judges was Pia… who I don’t even remember from previous rounds… despite the fact she has a strange name. She sang that old song… not stand by me or lean on me… “I’ll stand by you”…. and she ended it in a big way that warranted a standing ovation with her sheer vocal power…
I don’t know if it was just me… but I didn’t get it. Sure, you can take any old song and make it sound better by ending it with a power note… but that’s not the kind of song you should belt out to begin with… I mean, I don’t know, but somehow it just doesn’t feel genuine if you’re screaming out “I’ll stand by you”… know what I mean? Just didn’t gell right for me.

So this is when I go through and figure out who I think my top 5 are… I really gotta look thru, though, but it was such an off night for me that I can’t remember half the people that stood out.

Thia, Karen, Rachel, Lauren A. and Naima

I also hope that the judges will take another look at Julie and give her another chance because I’d hate to lose her over a bad song choice.

I came across an interesting site on featured as one of the links of the day… for my pleasure and perhaps those of others, ill post it here. Maybe I’ll be able to offer some comment to it later on.

And yeah, I got to see Sting and RDJ duet on “Every breath you take” yesterday.
In the episode, Ally was suffering through her usual birthday blues and if that weren’t bad enough, she was seeing a much older version of the dancing baby and how it was getting away from her. Man, that’s pretty sad, but not in the way that I think she’s crazy.
I know I tend to project my thoughts and ideals based on how I’m exposing myself to, but I see a great deal of myself in Ally. And I must also say “yikes, I hope I don’t get that strung out when I’m 30″… im already thinking im gonna blow a microchip or two when I turn 25 and nothing’s been going on for me in this life…
The duet was great as I remember and boy, I just love the episode.

Two more days and Larry Paul will be gone forever… as the storyline allows at least. With YouTube I could always look for clips and such if I ever missed him that much.
A very sweet guy, for sure.
It was kinda hilarious a couple days ago when he and Rene’s boyfriend Jackson came into the kitchen around midnight to drink something out of a carton. Jackson wasn’t wearing a shirt and Larry was in a t-shirt and boxers… I dunno, RDJ isn’t a guy for shorts, they don’t look quite right on him, lol… but Ally was looking at Jackson with that water bottle like he was part of an Old Spice commercial… sure made Larry feel inadequate, though I’m sure two episodes ending with Ally rubbing his feet made up for it.

Last night I decided to make a movie night, but instead of watching Chaplin, I went with Due Date… which was definitely a more advised choice. I predicted that the duet number would make me lean more towards RDJ playing someone that wasnt in a period piece. I had to watch something strictly to see him act….
The movie was a great experience to say the least because I was literally sucked into it from start to finish, an escape from reality I really truly needed and fully welcomed. I forgot all kinds of pressure and supposed irritability and just enjoy the insanity.

Ironically, it was over at exactly midnight… the same time The Futurist ended for me the night before.

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