“Pretty in Pink” final thoughts

Personal news, real quick.

I got two phone calls yesterday about potential job offers. The first one ended as soon as it started. The guy was asking me about my experience with organic chemistry and distillation in the field and my school experience alone wasn’t enough for him.
The second call came around 5pm yesterday and the accompanying email came a few minutes later. I already sent my response to them this morning and hopefully I’ll hear something about an interview in the next couple hours. I said anything after next Monday is fine. Whatever works, I just wanted this weekend to chill. Cuz that’s what weekends are for.

The job description blew me away. As if it was tailored to my needs, my experiences and what little expertise I have. One of those areas was understanding photosynthesis, which I do, unless we’re going into the details of the Krebs cycle. Basically, its for ExxonMobil’s BioFuel division. Microbiology is involved as well as working on Word and Excel. I believe it has something to do with experimenting with algae as an alternate energy source.

More on this as it develops, but I’m really hoping I get this one


I’ve been mulling over this movie for a while, trying to figure out how I feel about it. Both as a feature-length picture and as a love triangle. I dismissed watching it the last time it was, like at 10pm on VH1Classic for whatever reason. I guess because I wanted another RDJ fix. Part of it might have been about Andrew McCarthy and James Spader.

I’m pretty sure that it’ll be an eternity, if anything, before I forgive James Spader for the crap he pulled in the Brat pack movies. Sure, Billy Zabka in the 80’s movies is one thing for playing the bully, but James Spader is devious. Big difference. There were several times during the movie I was either cursing him out mentally, wanting to spit at him, whatever else. And it’s a fury quite a bit more drastic than how I feel about Steven Berkoff because he was ultimately the reason for Christopher Tracy’s death in “Under the Cherry Moon.” Personally, though I may be biased, I think because you’re filthy stinkin’ rich doesn’t get you the right to off somebody because your daughter’s in love with him… weak screenplay writing on that one.
Though it did give reason enough for the song “Sometimes it snows in April” to be written. A lot of people like that song. I may not play it as much as the other Parade tracks, but its nicely written.

I was hopping back and forth between a couple movies while I waited for 11am to roll around. Because my mom and I got caught up in watching “Finding Nemo” I missed the first 20 minutes of the movie… geez, how much is it to ask for me to see a movie in its entirity?

I had to track down the scene I missed on YouTube where Blaine does that really cool computer trick while he’s IMing Andy and he actually uploads his and her pictures to her computer. Someone wrote in their description that John Hughes had no idea what he had here this is the future, pretty much. For it being 1986, that’s pretty impressive and I’m not just saying that because that was the year I was born.
That’ll be the reason I watch a lot of 80’s movies as well as why I have watched some 80’s movies. You don’t need to give me a reason to want to see Pretty in Pink a couple of times, simply because it came out the year I was born. “Platoon” I figured I had to see because it won best picture that year… and also because Ben Stiller paid homage to it with his “dying pose” in Tropic Thunder. I find that movie to be a very numbing experience… in the way that it really gets you into the psyche of the people who were in that war. Why they don’t want to talk about it, let alone remember it.

Considering the whole homage thing, “Apocalypse Now” should be one of the next movies I watch, but I think I’ll need a little more space.


Pretty in Pink more or less goes like this:
Andy, the girl on the wrong side of the tracks, lives with her somewhat deadbeat dad. He’s out of work and it seems as if he’s deliberately keeping it that way. It comes out later in the movie that he’s still mourning the fact his wife left them. Andy is 18 and she said she knew something was up when she was 5 and when she was 14, which I’m assuming is when her mom finally left. Andy works at a “wrecka stow” with her best friend, Iona, and her other best friend Ducky is secretly in love with her, but they’ve known each other since they were kids.

Enter rich kid Blaine.
They meet at the computer lab when he IM’s her. I suppose he was attracted to her and wanted to ask her out. Whatever it is. We see friction between Andy and some of the other richies in a couple of the scenes. Then enter James Spader, who is one of many trying to talk Blaine out of going out with Andy. The whole society thing, richies stick together and everyone else is a nobody to them.

Their first date seems like one disaster after another with friction between the richies and Ducky in particular at the 2nd stop. Blaine takes Andy to one of his friend’s parties and she feels out of place there. Meanwhile all the kids that see them together say that they were in [such and such] class with her. One of them happened to be a girl that Andy’s friend told in gym “I hope they shrivel up and fall off”. Then the two of them go to a club (where we see Dice-man as a bouncer), where they find Ducky and Iona together. It seems like Ducky has had one drink too many because he was clearly upset about Andy and Blaine being together. Either its jealousy or the fact he doesn’t trust any of the richies and believes his best friend only deserves the best.

I’d like to say that this movie is more about the supporting cast and is what makes it special. But if we’re getting technical, Ducky is one of the leads. Annie Potts is just hilarious and oh-so-sweet as Andy’s best friend. She just has a certain quirkyness about her that I just love. And the strange thing is that there is a 15 year age difference between them (which places Iona at being 33) and I thought for sure the two of them were around the same age.

For the majority of the movie, I find myself head over heels for Jon Cryer as Ducky. Omg, like “what’s not to love”… that sort of thing. Maybe it was the hairdo, but there’s a distinct possibility that I was thinking of RDJ in his place, seeing as he was being considered for this role.

One thing I didn’t understand is why Blaine kinda broke things off with Andy when she was asking him about whether he was taking her to prom or not. They had a scene earlier when they were having a picnic in a carriage house, which I guess is something that he wasn’t allowed to do. Use the carriage house after hours. His folks were kinda up in arms about it, but for some odd reason he didn’t call her back after she left three messages.

Maybe I missed a scene that VH1 could have cut out that had something to do with James Spader. God knows what else. After Blaine breaks it off, Ducky sees the whole thing and also sees James Spader listening in. Then, of course, he proceeds to attempt beating him up before a couple of teachers pull them apart. I would have liked something more than just a right hook to the mouth or whatever that hell that was. Would have liked Blaine to take a whack at him at prom too, but I guess we can’t all be so lucky.

Andy takes Iona’s prom dress and the thriftstore dress her dad got her and mixes them together for her own creation. Which I still am a bit opposed to. I’m not a fan of pink on any level, but I loved the first dress a lot more than the final result.
She goes to prom and meet Ducky, who actually cleans up pretty nice for a geek. Blaine sees them together and blows James Spader off to have his bit of closure with Andy before he leaves.

Being the gentleman, Ducky decides to appeal to Andy’s conscience and tells her to go after Blaine in somewhat of a homage to that line from Casablanca. At least that’s what first came to mind for me. “You better go after him or one day you’re gonna regret it. Not today, not tomorrow, but soon, for the rest of your life”… something like this.

I don’t quite know what it was. Maybe that scene at the party where Blaine promises his hands will stay in his pockets and picks up a 6-pack and bag of chips to take upstairs. Maybe it was the scene at the carriage house. Or maybe because its Andrew McCarthy. Why not?
Being somewhat indecisive myself, it was decent of Ducky to sarcifice his own happiness for his friend’s. At least someone made a decision on the whole issue. Kinda greedily, I was thinking how I wanted both of those guys. Both have their appeal for different reasons, but I guess Blaine grew on me as much as he did on Ducky.

Each time I watch the movie, I’m gonna come away feeling differently about the whole situation. I guess I admired Ducky’s chivalry enough to accept his choice. I understood where he was coming from.
I never found myself so indecisive before about it. I guess that’s what makes the movies interesting sometimes. You can never completely guess the ending sometimes. The way it was rewritten, it all worked out pretty well for everyone. Including the audiences who were hell-bent on seeing Andy and Blaine together because it showed that society doesn’t always determine who ends up with who.

It’s funny lately how my mom and I seem to be on the same wavelength about a lot of things. As if we’re sharing brainwaves almost. I was thinking about this very debate when she asked me which way I would go, which guy I would want to end up with.

I’m all for best friends ending up together. That’s kinda how I want my lovelife to end up (though it has to take off first, that’s kinda important). Ducky makes me laugh, he’s a goof, and I tend to be attracted to goofs. I’m not quite sure why that is.
Blaine is a richie, but he really doesn’t come off as a snobbish rich kid. He’s a gentleman, something I’d surely appreciate. He’s charming and overall a nice guy. I’m not quite sure, but I think his personality is maybe a little bland. I mean, you certainly wouldn’t catch him lip-synching to Otis Redding like Ducky in the record store.

I guess you could say they’re like summer and winter, yin and yang. Opposites. Different things are great about both of them and if all of those things were together in person, your life would be anything but bland and boring. I really didn’t see Blaine as much for his money as his personality. Like, who really cares about social status anyway?

As intriguing as the plot may be, there are still some tiny points that make little to no sense to me. Which kinda takes away from the whole effect of the movie. All the same, it isn’t necessarily as bad as I remember it being some 5-6 odd years ago. I wanted to watch it and Sixteen Candles because of John Hughes’s involvement. As if his name being attached to something gurantees that it doesn’t suck.

Sixteen Candles isn’t necessarily as great as The Breakfast Club, but the characters make it so charming and at times, ridiculously hilarious.
Weird Science, I’m sure, is worth one more go… despite the fact it really made no sense at all. Just because two guys make a woman using a computer, does it necessarily mean the whole planet has to go out of whack? They weren’t joking by calling it “weird” science.

St. Elmo’s Fire, I’ll definitely have to see again. Too bad Encore is being a pain in the butt as the only network that’s showing it. I’m not about to run out and buy this movie just because I need to see it again. Like seriously…

Ferris Bueller, I’m sure I have gotten all I can out of that movie. I could get it for a bargain wherever I go and I don’t even bother. It’s on TV all the time anyway, so what’s the point in it, really?

The Breakfast Club is the end-all, be-all of “brat pack” movies in my eyes. You can’t go wrong with it.

Yikes, I have so many movies that I’m crazy about that it’s hard to really put together a list of my favorites. I made that bold statement about “Tropic Thunder,” but honest to God, there are too many movies to really put together a top 5 list.
“The Breakfast Club” could definitely give it a good run for its money for the top spot on my favorite movies list, no doubt about it.

I guess my current top set of movies would go somewhat like this, but in no real order:

Tropic Thunder, The Breakfast Club, Charlie Bartlett, Easy A, She’s out of my League, Percy Jackson, Toy Story 3, The Karate Kid, Beverly Hills Cop, Freedom Writers, Mean Girls, Legally Blonde… heck, I’ll tack Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Due Date onto the end of that, given my current state of mind.

that’s at least 14 right there. And I’m sure I’ll be taking on several more as the days go by.

Most of my favorite movies are high school movies, generally. Then I like to slip in a few musicals every now and then, like Phantom of the Opera and My Fair Lady.
Then there are more than enough animated movies to keep me busy. Tangled was great as is MegaMind. I also forgot about Miyazaki’s brilliant movies. “Howl’s Moving Castle” didn’t make quite as much sense as “Spirited Away,” but it had some charm (oddly enough, Christian Bale does the voice for Howl… and I have no problem with him in this movie, lol).

As far as animated movies go, Spirited Away wins hands down everytime. It’s like one of those magical worlds you just never want to leave.
Avatar has that same shtick going on too and if not for the fact it runs long after a while, I wouldn’t mind spending an afternoon on Pandora.

Fantasy movies play a huge role in my life and its a means of mother-daughter bonding. I got started on the Harry Potter series, despite the fact I was completely opposed to it at first… I don’t know what the hell my problem was, but reading the first chapter of the first book set me straight.

Target is a pretty magical place in its own right. I believe I got started on all of my fantasy book series in their book, music, movies section. I bought the first Harry Potter book there and it had me completely. The same day I bought the Freedom Writer’s Diary (because I loved the movie so much I had to read the journal entries it was all based on), I got Twilight, something I had heard about for a while in newspaper articles and such.
Then I believe The House of Night series followed because I kept seeing the covers and they looked interesting enough to pick up. After that, Percy Jackson.

There was also a trilogy I bought between there and Borders by Lisa McCann. They’re about this girl who actually falls into other people’s dreams (a dreamcatcher, if you will) and has the power to help them change them. They’re called Wake, Fade and Gone. Very quick reads, I finished each of them within a day (three different days, I got them one at a time). It also helps that the language is very elementary because they read really fast.

Somehow, I got completely off-topic, but I guess I said all I can say about the movie. I’d rank it between 3 and 4 stars.

Speaking of movies, I’m surprised to see that Battle: Los Angeles got half a star from Ebert in the paper today. I didn’t believe there was such a thing as half a star. But yeah, I don’t see much about that movie I could get into. And I’m nowhere near that kind of adrenaline junkie.

But I am pretty ticked off about a couple things. Three movies came out last week that I want to see and Rango is the only one our theater is showing. Not that that’s all that bad, it has priority over the other two. But this is the 2nd week in a row now. Plus Red Riding Hood isn’t showing either. I’d at least like the option, rather than being subjected to a couple dramatic movies like Unknown, The Adjustment Bureau or Battle: Los Angeles or even worse: Gnomeo & Juliet or Just go with it.

Beastly and Take me Home Tonight might not be the best movies in the box office right now, but I’d like options. Is that too much to ask?!

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