Movie night and… oh yeah, Prince on George Lopez

Complacent was a word that came to my mind several times yesterday while I was trying to defeat Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts II.
“Don’t get too complacent,” I keep telling myself. If I think I can just go through the motions, I have another thing coming.

Any geek or nerd who knows a thing or two about Final Fantasy or Square Enix video games in general, they know who Sephiroth is. Perhaps the most bad-ass villian ever created in the world of Japanese animé.
He’s the villian Cloud must defeat in Final Fantasy VII. And seeing as Kingdom Hearts is a cooperation effort between SquareSoft and Disney, why not give Sora and the people controlling him the chance to defeat the greatest swordsman of all time?

I believe its a lot easier to defeat him in the original game, but I have managed to do it twice in the sequel. It’s all a matter of understanding his patterns and keeping on your toes.
He has a record amount of bars of health. I believe somewhere around 10 or 11. Maybe 16 or 17, I never counted. He’s pretty cool and relaxed for the first four, but after that, just about anything can happen. It’s a matter of having the right abilities attached (as many combo pluses as you want), being at the right level (anywhere higher than 78) and of course, paying attention, being ready to attack at a moment’s notice. Which is all he tends to give you later on in the fight.

So I did finally manage to defeat him after maybe 40 something attempts yesterday.


I finally got around to watching the movie last night and I’d built myself up for it by spending an hour on YouTube.
Ultimately that hurt me a little bit considering what I had planned for later that night.

I had been self-taught to anticipate that the program information is to be taken literally. Any actor or celebrity is on one of these talk shows, they appear in the order they’re listed…
Prince never does do things by the book, does he?

Granted, I enjoyed the hell out of the movie and I don’t think I would have been able to stop watching to check on the show, even if I wanted to.


But after spending an hour or two on a few random lists online, hoping to see even a mention of RDJ, I’m finding myself wanting to go back to the default position…. default position meaning that RDJ is the #1 thing on my mind and everything must revolve him.
God do I need help…

Anyway, I had promised myself that I was going to do Prince justice… however I can, by going in length about his appearance on the George Lopez show.
By the time I go to a TV, it was 12:36 and he was at the tail end of The Beautiful Ones… and it took me ages to figure out that was the song. Like, I’d heard it dozens of times before, I should know it like that.
Then Rosario Dawson comes on and I’m cursing myself because I thought Prince would be interviewed later. Really, the show was more about him than anything else. I should know better :rolls eyes:
Anyway, she was talking about how she knew him and I remembered as she recollected doing a monologue for his 1999 remix album. You know, the one that kinda bombed and nobody really liked all that much. I do remember seeing her name attached to the bootleg track I got a hold of (or sent, the more correct term)…

I confess myself disappointed and upset that the last song they did, Shelby J. was taking the lead on and Prince wasn’t singing all too much. Bringing in some nice guitar lixx and all that jazz (not to mention a marching band drum in which he and Sheila E had a little something something to end the song… whatever it was).

I don’t make a secret of the fact that my mind works in strange ways. I found myself thinking after missing most of his time on the show… well, RDJ is my current muse at the moment and I can’t very well backtrack to Prince. I’ve moved on, blah blah blah…
Then of course Prince has to come in with that last performance and despite how disappointed and angry I was at myself, he had managed to make the time all about him. My attention was captured as it always tends to be when he’s “in the room.” There was a spark in his eyes that I remembered seeing so many times before, which told me that he’s in a very good place within him and he hasn’t at all lost his touch.

I’m not going to pretend that I don’t know that… it’s more about forgetting that I know just what an effect he has on me.
So, naturally, he was on my mind all night while I was trying to bring RDJ back into the picture. I had, after all, spent a good 2.5 hours watching him do whatever… I can’t even remember what YouTube clips I watched. But Kiss Kiss Bang Bang really had my attention the whole time, like the whole being madly in love, fascinated… every other way I can go about it.

My dreams were even weirder. First I’m working at the lab again, but I’ve been hired as a custodian. Like I clean the floors while everyone else is working. I only recognized one person and was saying how it’d been a long time since I’d seen him. Heck, I think I remember seeing him and his g/f (well, they’d been engaged for a while actually)… and our supervisor was a man, which was kinda weird. Cuz of all of the higher-ups are female at that place. And I tagged along while we all went to some random location for some random event… it was outside, I remember.
Then InuYasha pops in somewhere, talking very formal and calm/relaxed… the complete opposite of his personality. I don’t know where the hell he came from.

Thoughts of Prince were all over the dream, telling me that I gotta check out the video clips I missed first thing tomorrow morning.
And once again, RDJ didn’t pop up anywhere in any form. I sure would appreciate that, it’d give me some good writing material.


Anyway, before I get side-tracked again.
First thing I watched was the interview clip. Prince was dressed in red from head to toe. It was sparkly, almost pajama-like clothing complete with high heels, same as his outfit in The Beautiful Ones performance, but that was in gold. That was one thing I took away from that performance… he looks fine in gold.
So he was talking about how the show represents all kinds of people, he and George Lopez theorized of him maybe having Latino roots (his mom’s geneaology is still a mystery to this day), talking against red meat… and his same old story about the way the music industry is run.

All kinds of things I remember him being passionate about were coming back. He was there to bring back the golden age of 60’s/70’s/80’s music… which I totally agree is the golden age of music. And he was talking about the idea of cover songs, how people think he is singing Chaka and Sinead’s songs when he had written them in the first place… the whole matter of the artists not really profiting from the online part of the music business.
George Lopez then went into going into the wrecka stows in the good old days… haha, I still do that. I still go to the stores to get my music… and the only reason I wouldn’t is because I have no other choice. [i.e.: The Futurist, Emancipation, Lovesexy, The Rainbow Children, Parade and The Black Album… to name a few].

What’s impressive also is that the ticket prices are only $25 at the forum and Prince said that ticketmaster is jacking up ticket prices and that was what he paid for concerts back in the day.
I dunno, he said a lot of things in those 9 minutes that I feel like I can never get enough.
Also, interestingly enough, some of his things have been stolen. Shoot, really? I had no idea.

Word also is that he’s currently in recording rehab. And I thought that was something he had gotten in check over the years, especially after what he went through in the mid-90’s where he recorded so fast that he got mad with WB because they weren’t compensating him for the time spent. That same old song and dance.
I guess we all have our vices and well, this blog happens to be all about mine.

His first performance was “Laydown” which I might have to see a few more times. It definitely went a lot better for me than the recorded version cuz it ran too long and it seemed a little too on the edge of hip-hop for my tastes. Made me a little worried about his convictions that hip-hop and rap aren’t real forms of music.

“The Beautiful Ones” is a whole other story altogether. He was back on piano and his accompaniment reminded me a little of some of his tracks in the mid-90’s, though the linn-drum faintly remains. And he has a focal point for this performance, a really beautifully talented ballerina, which I believe is his current muse. I’d read about her before. At first I thought it was Cat Glover, who I heard would be making an appearance for a song… hadn’t been able to find her.

So anyway, he’s singing to the ballerina on the piano. I believe he had done the same in his days with Mayte. She’d be dancing and he’d be singing while watching her. His ballerina is very talented and made the performance all the better and relatable… tangible.
I said sometime this morning that Prince works me in this way:

He’s alone on the stage in the way that he’s the only one I’m paying attention to. Then his entire being fills out that stage and the sensation borders on euphoria… the air disappears out of the room almost completely and my only means of oxygen is taking him in the few moments I allow myself to breathe… as if one breath could interrupt an entire performance.
My mind was going on a number of different tracks at the time. The most dominant ones were me seeing and processing his performance, being somewhat distracted by the ballerina but not the point where I want her to disappear (aka: the Twinz on previous occasions, they were fine tonight, didn’t hinder him at all), and part of me was reliving his performance in Purple Rain. I’d be listening and thinking about how he looked back then. Little tiny details assured me and reminded me that the same person is in my presence at this moment… he’s just 25 years older now.

The emotions slowly built up the way he did in the original version, which I kept in the back of my mind the entire time… leaving no room for anything/anyone else.
Perhaps it was the original or maybe it was the combination of his presence alone with the song… emotion broke over me, the way it hadn’t in a very very long time. I’d been saying lately how it’s been a long time when anything about him sparked something in me, so I’d like to stress how long we’re talking… this fascination and mystification (if that’s a word), I haven’t felt in a couple years. Perhaps going as far back to the first couple of times I saw the movie.

There was one time that this scene made me teary-eyed and that same sensation came back. Emotions built up and I realized over time that my eyes were getting misty, something was building up… and the very moment I allow myself to blink when its all over, I have my answer.
Dude made me cry, and it wasn’t to the point of Purple Rain that first time or Gold that really dramatic time… there really isn’t a word for how it felt, but it felt great to feel that way again.

Oh and he said something like “if I can stop cursing, anyone can stop cursing”
Coincidentally, those words didn’t even enter my mind or my vocabulary until I started listening to him. Then a combination of college, Tropic Thunder and some of my current favorite movies… I don’t curse out loud and I can barely curse on here… but goddammit, I’ve gotten really bad lately when we’re talking along those lines.

So I got to thinking about that debate I’d created for myself… ridiculous as it is that I may be putting Prince and RDJ in the angel & devil roles, respectively… it’s like I’d created a bloody love triangle, which is even more insane. Cuz I don’t even know either of these clowns personally and one of them happens to be married.
Making it all the more insane.

[string of obscenities]
&%$^ me

My mind works in the strangest of ways sometimes and very rarely is my mental stability to be regarded as healthy.
I don’t believe in those 4 or so years being under Prince’s spell that I ever believed myself to be as unstable as RDJ has made me.

Ironically, he’s the one who had dealt with alcohol and drug abuse. Not to say the lines I’m thinking along aren’t as bad as all that… rots my brain all the same.

I’m not sure if I’ll be in this current state of mind when I see my friends on Saturday. But the good news is that some plans are set in stone.
And it won’t be just two that I’ll be expecting to see.
Kirby is a wild card as he always is… my patience is infinite when it comes to him, so I guess that insuinates I like him enough to put up with a lot I wouldn’t take from  most other people. Although with most of my friends, I probably would give them a lot of slack if they disappointed me or whatever it is that ticks me off.

Nobody ticks me off like him, but I never let loose on him when I’m pissed off. Usually by the time I get to hang out with him, I’ve cooled off for the most part and being around him makes up for all that went array earlier.
Getting the chance to see one of my friends, who I haven’t been in as much touch with cuz we’d only shared a few emails back and forth… that makes me happy. So I’ll be exciting to hang out with three people, possibly four whenever Kirby gets his butt back to campus.
Seeing as he won’t back until that afternoon and has a party to go to that night, my window with him is very narrow… so I better make every second count.

It might not be how I pictured it, but I’m gonna have to lay that confession on him this time. Cuz I might not get such a chance again to do it in person. Seeing as he has a girlfriend right now, it might be a little tad difficult, but I’m going to say something along the lines of “I don’t care how long it takes, I’ll wait for you”… something gooey garbage like that.
Whether or not he returns those same feelings are up in the air for the moment. I don’t know quite how much he likes me… I’d hate to put him off by saying that if he doesn’t feel the same way. But regardless, I’ll have to make my case and pray that if he doesn’t return the feelings, one day he’ll give me that chance.

I’m going for broke here because as frustrating as he can be, I can’t seem to picture myself with anyone else. If the fact I’d dreamt about him at some of the strangest times proves anything, its that.


Whoever my friends feel about RDJ will be another topic of conversation. I can go on and on about all my crazy ideas like the “Save Julian” charity… or I might chicken out completely because I don’t want to bring anything overally negative into something I want to remember for a long time.
Which is why I’m bringing my camera… gotta have pictures of campus and my friends… and maybe I’ll take a couple videos to really document the moments. Make the memories.

I feel great now that I know it’ll be a couple people this weekend, so that’s one less thing on my mind to really drive me up the wall.
Now I gotta figure out what clothes to bring, what CD’s to bring (Lotusflow3r will definitely be one of the ones I play on the way down), and of course movies. The only one I will definitely have to see is Sherlock Holmes cuz I’d put it off for this long for this… and I intend to take the blu-ray back with me so I’ll be able to see all the special features.

And maybe we’ll go on a crazy errand so my mom will get able to get her hands on a copy of the new Harry Potter movie

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