Cooled down with warm weather outside

I’ll see where this entry takes me, but the majority of me just wants to step outside onto our deck, bring my latest Writer’s Digest or get going on my latest Sherlock Holmes short story.
I’m sure there’ll be few things like reading Sherlock Holmes on a perfect day. There are some clouds, yes, but temperature/humidity-wise, it’s excellent.

It’s actually a lot warmer in here than it is out there. My room last night, where I unknowingly spend close to 3 hours between a few tasks, was really warm to the point I was tempted to switch to my tanktop sleeping top.
Heck, right now I’m more than a little tempted to switch to shorts.

What the hell, I’ll just do it.
Yikes… I either gotta break these shorts in again or lay off on the fried food.

I swear to God… there is no other type of food that you will smell and undoubtedly crave as a result of its wonderful odor.  And it happens to be the worst for you.
I’ve had some strange, out of place cravings recently. Deviled eggs, just have to show me some on TV and I will crave them. Kraft Mac & Cheese out of the box, forgetaboutit… perhaps strangest of all was craving some Filet Mignon watching the apprentice celebrities promoting Omaha Steaks.

Ah, the good old days when we ordered those every so often and the box came with dry ice that we played with. Almost as fascinating as liquid nitrogen.

There was a reason I wanted to get this entry in quickly…
I believe I may have found a little success in the writing department. I’ll take whatever little successes I can get… but I have started a third project under my nameless document.
In fact, I’m seeing so much promise in the overall idea that I think I’m ready to give it a proper name.
“Downey’s documents”
Otherwise, about/inspired by him.

Still have my fan letter there for safe-keeping, the list of his movies and my comments on them.
I have also started getting together a playlist… which only has two songs at this point, but it’ll soon turn into something very nice.

“Hazy shade of winter” goes without saying. I mean, it has a place on my wall with Julian’s name at the very bottom, requesting that he rest in peace. All that gooey, angsty stuff.

Between a few brand new clips I found yesterday, I swallowed whatever it was (not pride, maybe pain/sorrow, all that crap) to watch the last clip of “Less than Zero” I’ll allow myself to. Or else risk underdoing everything I’d do to prevent emotional scarring.
yeah, I take this stuff too seriously.

So watching Julian making up with his dad did help in somewhat of a way. Although I have advised myself from jumping too many years in between YouTube clips, I added at least a couple more bits of dialogue between him and Diane.
Then of course I got to wondering, where do I take it from here? They say that a plot needs to develop to have a story, which involves taking characters out of their comfort zones and having them have a desire that needs to be fulfilled. This of course leaves me wondering what I can possibly do with this. How can I manage to continue on with this without Julian completely relapsing? I won’t want to have to go that far just for a plot and that was a cardinal rule I set up when I started it in the first place.
Ultimately what I’m up to at this point is that things are getting kinda serious between the two of them. Second base is in sight… very soon I think I will be out of my wavelength because, well, my lack of sexual experience of any kind. Anyone not knowing me who reads it will undoubtedly tell me that it’s very clear I’m inexperienced and perhaps even uncomfortable/naive about approaching the subject.

I’ll keep posted on those grounds.
But the look in his eyes during that clip was all I needed to add a little something here and there to their dialogue. Makes you wonder how much is the makeup department and how much is actually real method acting… oh god, method acting. not one of the brighter points of it

The other song I added to my playlist, which I will have to download at some point, seeing as I’m not interested at all in Avril Lavigne’s first album. I’m sick of “Complicated” beyond all reason. If only they played “Happy Ending” or “Nobody’s Home” on the radio more.

“With you” came to me in a dream some months ago. I believe Robert Downey hadn’t quite become a permanent fixture yet but I was on that road. Anyways, haven’t heard or thought of the song in months… but I heard it, found it on YouTube and listened to it through with the lyrics in the uploaded video… in some strange cosmic way, it fit perfectly to my state of mind.

It’s a damn cold night
Trying to figure out this life
Won’t you take me by the hand
Take me somewhere new
I don’t know who you are
But I… I’m with you
I’m with you

Need I say more on the subject? Makes it seem like we’re kindred spirits, at least at the given time.

I went on to think about what my characters would be like after their stories end, what it’d be like to have conversations with them, what questions to ask them in interview.
The story came out that I was on a park bench in Central Park with my sketchbook… yeah, I graduated college with the marine biology degree and work freelance sketching people and places and things for the local paper (not The Times, but something smaller and fictional)… haven’t been inspired in ages either to sketch anything or to write poems on what I draw. I’m looking over my earlier drawings of my characters and literally, I’m ranting about Jamie and what it’d have been like to go to college with him.

This came about at first because I thought about interviewing him… then I thought about how this would come about. Would we have the same class together and the assignment involved just that… or would it be from the POV of my character who moves out to LA to get her Master’s in teenage psychology while her boarder arms her with the tools she needs via John Hughes films.
That part of me that wants to start that charity for people like Julian…

Somehow, I ended up wrapping up that idea along with, hey, why not bring Robert Downey into the park… he becomes what I sketch and a conversation happens when he gets curious… why the hell he’d be curious about my sketches and complimenting them is beyond me. Let’s just say that in this alternate universe that he isn’t as famous an actor, though he still is an actor.

Something else I also found out… when I call him by name, I just say Robert Downey because it rolls off the tongue a lot easier. No disrespect meant to Downey Sr, without whom, we would not have this brilliant actor in front of us.

Quickie side-note: The Avengers started shooting yesterday and I’ve marked my calender for the movie’s release (May 4, 2012)… good luck out there, fellas


Before I completely lost my train of thought on this last night, I was telling him about Jamie and my characters… my wondering about what they’d be like after the fact.
Then I might make a little segment between Jamie and the not-so-distant past… a little discussion about addiction and trying to change and overcoming obstacles. I say, “why not”… might help me flesh out my characters a lot more.

All I really want to do is capture that lightning that is RDJ in a bottle for my future enjoyment and reflection… this is an important time for me creatively, as he is my next “muse” (not official yet so it’s still in quotes) and I’d like a memento or two of this time. “Strike while the iron’s hot”… I believe is what my horoscope said yesterday

I have three projects going on right now:
Diane & Julian
“With you” song fic with discussion about Jamie and overcoming our demons
Larry Paul-inspired boarder, character moves to L.A. to study teenage psychology and educated through John Hughes movies

Will keep posted on all changes, though I feel the last on the list has been terribly neglected.


I said I found some new footage and for which I’m very happy. And I believe I regained some of that spark. You know when you’ve seen a clip too many times when you remember certain gestures and expressions like a nervous tick you can’t get rid of.

I went to Google search and found his other Leno appearances on Hulu. Thank God for that because I got some good stuff out of this.
I kinda wondered if I had seen the “Due Date” one before… I think I just saw him promote it on Regis & Kelly (I’ll save that before his next appearance… whenever that is)…

personal update: RDJ hasn’t officially quit smoking. He said around his 40th birthday on a couple shows that he was working on that… well, he started again.
Disappointment was there for maybe the first 3 seconds and then I completely blew it off… cigarettes aren’t the worst thing in the world, not compared to black tar, cocaine, valium and strippers… and random unloaded pistols in glove compartments

Yeah, smoking is the least of all these evils, and after the disappointment disappeared I was oddly cool with it. What are you gonna do?
He’s quite interesting and entertaining, I must say

I feel bad that only part 2 of his Iron-man appearance is available online. Because I got some good stuff out of it. That whole “dropping out of high school” story is too good not to hear multiple times. You will never hear a father backing up their kid’s decision to drop out of high school quite the way it worked with the Downeys.

I rewatched that “A Scanner Darkly” scene yet again… and I watched him on Letterman just to hear him talking about the South of France interrogation… his voice is hilarious

“so ‘A Scanner Darkly’ is a psycho-crypto-fascist metaphor for ze Illumanati”
“well, I don’t think…”
“Zat is my only question!”


Okay, time to enjoy that nice weather with a side of Sherlock Holmes 😎



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