Social Commentary: When Prince once was the center of my world…

Those who’ve read the headline of this blog or have followed it for a couple of years know that Prince used to be the #1 thing I would discuss.

The title is true. To this day, it’s still my biggest belief regarding this musician that the only people who understand Prince or I can discuss him with are the people who know him as well as I do. They listen to the music, they take it to heart, know his history, why he does the things he does and accept him as is. They don’t really question things other people would dismiss because they would think it’s weird and just plain don’t get it.

I still can’t explain what the exact thing was, but I swear to God to something about him blew my mind wide open. As a writer and the frequent blogger that I am now, I owe so much to Prince. He made me think in ways I never did before, my writing had never been better and I felt freer to express myself through my writing on this medium.
Well, sure, I’m doing all of this under the pseduonym DreamyPopRoyalty (those who don’t know my true name, affectionately called DreamyPop or Dreamy for short) and nobody I know in real life knows about this blog… but heck, I love going here everyday and putting in my 2 cents. Creating this vehicle for myself did wonders for me, especially when something was bugging me, I could go here and vent about it.

Tee-hee, venting…

Right now I’m listening to Mica Paris’s BBC Radio broadcast where she was discussing Prince’s career and people that know him or worked with him would talk, give their 2 cents on different parts of his career.
I have not heard this in a long time. Actually, it’s the first time I have since I got Internet back to my PC in my bedroom.
In between, they’re playing bits and pieces of different songs. Occasionally I’m getting pictures in my head about how he looked during these different parts in his career… man, a helluva showcase.

In all seriousness, it’s times like tonight where I really feel guilty about the path I’d been for the past couple months. I think with Robert Downey, it’s gotten to be more than just a guilty pleasure. With Prince, it was literally a way of life. I’d try to put my mind on the same plain as Prince, trying to decode his songs, seeing why he made the choices he did with this sound and that.
I’m pretty sure that it could be compared to how Robert Downey thinks about Charlie Chaplin, and he would have a heart attack or hyperventilate if he truly comprehended what a genius he was. Not be able to function or even think of putting together his Oscar-nominated performance.

Prince definitely is to music what Charlie Chaplin was to the movie industry and acting in general. They’re both one of a kind geniuses that have no comparison.

It’s not quite the same thing, I’m not trying to pull of an Oscar-winning screenplay here, but through my writing, I feel that’s the type of thing I’ve tried to do with Prince. Explaining what I see when I see and listen to him, attempting to explain it to other people so they can see/feel the things I do. People on .org thought I was crazy, a lot of people did, those that I didn’t become close with and part of the reason why I ended up leaving… they said that I didn’t have to go out of my way to explain him and sometimes they said I was completely off. Perhaps thinking that by explaining I’d be ruining what other people interpreted.

Just gonna say this blog is full of my opinions and I don’t tell anyone to feel one way or another… a lot of it is good, clean fun so a lot of it isn’t meant to be taken seriously. I don’t take myself seriously a lot of the time anyways.

I will hear and rehear this stuff and remember the facts and figures about Prince… It’s kinda like going into the attic recesses of my brain to pull this stuff back out into the open so I can reflect on it. It’s not necessarily that I forgot about all this.
Listening to Eric Leeds’s account of recording tracks from the first Madhouse album, I just gotta say “goddam… Prince is a helluva night owl”

This isn’t the first time I’ve been put under the belief I’d taken on some of Prince’s attributes or believe that I have to give myself an excuse for some of the strange habits I’ve picked up the past couple years.
He has that whole “Gemini” thing going on in his music and he has created multiple personas for himself, especially when he was writing for other artists. DreamyPopRoyalty is to me what names like Jamie Starr and Alexander Nevermind were to Prince, vehicles for him to record different types of songs for other people.
But something else Eric Leeds said in this broadcast that made me think about something else I’ve noticed about my writing.

He had asked Prince about why he feels the need to follow projects through to the end and not let them gather dust overnight.
Prince said that he has to finish songs from start to finish while they’re still fresh in his mind because if he doesn’t follow it through, he will have lost interest in the song and there’s nothing more frustrating or frightening than losing the initial spark that got you started in the first place.

With some of my short story projects recently, either inspired by RDJ or one of Chihiro’s many sketches/scenarios, I’ve experienced feeling the need to finish my works as soon as I start them or else they’ll have lost something that made them special or come to mind in the first place… with the RDJ projects that never got off the ground, I’ve literally thought while writing “oh shoot what if I don’t know where to go if I have to pick this up later”… it’s the kind of things I hate to lose, especially with inspiration being in as short supply as it’s been lately.

Right now, I just have to gush about these songs. My mind is literally stretching its usual limits to express just how extraordinary Prince is as a songwriter. I know he’s also a musician in 20+ respects, a producer, singer, dancer… phew, multi-talented is something I like to say of RDJ a lot, but with Prince, it’s beyond comprehension even for me to say how much.
“Genius” is probably the only other adjective that speaks beyond “multi-talented”

I find that when I use adjectives to describe things and people, I want to keep a couple of them specific to only one person.

RDJ is multi-talented, so I won’t use that to describe anyone else.
Tony Stark is bad-ass… enough said.

Prince is a musical genius and Charlie Chaplin is just a genius.

It’s hard to write this while trying to listen to the radiocast at the same time, but I’m managed best I can. Right now, I’m at the midway point where I have to go cue up Part 2 from my archives.

My plan is to finish this up, go into Inside the Actor’s Studio with Iron-Man (it’s like a 26 minute YouTube video) and finish with The Futurist.
Seems as bad an idea as it was to play The Gold Experience and The Futurist almost back to back… the same night within an hour or so of each other. Doesn’t take too much of a stretch of the imagination to see where my mind was. Except for the last couple tracks, my mind was in other territory through the majority of my favorite album.

I’d gotten over P. Control, We March and 319.
I’ve come to appreciate Endorphinmachine a bit more.
Shy has always been somewhat of a guilty pleasure, something I like and few others I’ve spoken to have much to say about it… it’s a nice groove.
Shh, The Most Beautiful Girl in the World, Billy Jack Bitch, Eye Hate U, and Gold are almost always favorites of mine that never really wavered too much as far as favoritism goes.

Yeah… my next train of thought really indicates where my mind has really been dwelling, spending a lot of time on…
I was watching the uploaded behind-the-scenes of Iron_Man probably lifted from the DVD on YouTube last night, the 2nd time I’d taken the time to do so… cuz you know, bored, needed my fix, etc, etc. the same old excuses.

James Lipton said something about how he asks all actors that come into his studio about tattoos cuz he was never allowed to have one.
Robert said he had three… I’m not sure where I heard or got the idea that one of them says “Suzie Q”… but I’m under the impression that’s what he has on his left shoulder.
After watching the Actor’s Studio, hearing again about the tattoos, I know for a fact that he has three:
On one ankle, he has “Elias” which is his father’s true surname (blows my mind that “Downey” was a stage name).
On his right shoulder, it says “Indio”
And I believed he had one on his other shoulder that says “Suzie Q”… not sure where I got the idea, though, so don’t completely take my word for it.

Okay, so I’m watching the behind the scenes and they’re showing how they were making the first molds of the Iron-Man suit, putting all kinds of putty and clay on Robert’s chest and such… I’m not usually a person into tattoos, but I swear I was getting off on seeing them so much that I had to pause the video to get a good look at them.

His “Indio” tattoo is AMAZING… it looks almost Egyptian in nature. The name exists inside of this box with all of these borders and colors around it. It was like a small banner.
Then the mystery “Suzie Q” tattoo, I tried to make out on his left shoulder, but it’s nothing more than the word written in script across the shoulder.

Phew… his upperbody was in incredible shape at that time.

I’m getting to the point where my interest is starting to lag a little bit… clearly, seeing as my mind just dwelled back to that other place it’s been for the past couple months.

I’d gotten up to Susan Rogers discussing the fateful night where she met Prince at Paisley Park, and he wasn’t quite himself… and a couple of days later was when he rushed to make sure The Black Album didn’t get released… pretty deep stuff, dark especially if the rumored Ecstacy was involved…
but considering the places my mind as dwelled lately, that’s NOTHING compared to what else I’ve had to consider.

One thing I must say:
all the things I say comparing these two men as my muses, sources of my inspiration… I use opposites to describe them a lot.
The angel and devil, light and dark has come up.
But I came up with another way in which they differ.

With Robert Downey, everything I’m attracted to and brings me coming back for more is more external. There is a lot of heart and soul in there (as The Futurist tells us), but a lot of what I perceive about him is in his actions. They could come from inside, but the way they translate is visually noticed.
But with Prince, although he is quite the handsome man in his own different way, certainly the first black man, first man with brown eyes I’d been seriously attracted to, and you see the external with his few stints of acting and whatnot. Nearly everything I admire about him comes from within and its his soul I’m attracted to the most that makes me listen to him as much as I… well, as much as I used to.

I’d hate to even consider being sick of Robert Downey, but that might be the first opportunity I get to really get back into it with Prince, have that sort of relationship with his music that I used to in the good old days. I miss that.

But again I have to say, I owe him so much for the direction my writing has taken, especially this blog, without him, it never would have existed.

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