Gaga at Madison Square Garden

I wanted to get this entry up and running and finished asap before I lose too much memory about the event that had finished a little over 1/2 an hour ago.

Man, I suck with all these run-on sentences.

Anyway, I’ll be sure to discuss in my next entry about the three movies I saw today.
“Home of the Giants” (as far as I know, Haley Joel Osment’s last movie… but I can always double-check)
“Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” (strangely, a lot better than I thought it was gonna be)

Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball HBO special premiered tonight and man… she can put on a show.
A lot of the time, I couldn’t help but think of the people that came before her. The set-up reminded me of how Prince staged the Lovesexy tour and I’m sure she took a few notes from him. Madonna also comes to mind, especially with the many costume changes and some stuff that was more scandalous than her “cone bra”…

It’s kinda funny, but I get the feeling that aside from changing me as a person, how I think and how I write, Prince has helped me develop a tolerance for weirdness.
I’m sure several years ago I wouldn’t be as into some of the stuff I am these days. I’d be thinking of changing the channel a couple times tonight, but whatever. After getting over the initial shock of some of the outfits, the rest of it was definitely something to behold and appreciate.

I’ve been talking a great deal about muses and mentors lately… and as crazy as it may sound, Lady Gaga is one of those people where I say “I should take a page out of their book”… the music was great, I’m a big fan of her music and plan on getting her next two albums when “Born this Way” finally hits stores.
But what made me want to write this down before I forgot it… her message.

People have said that Prince doesn’t really care about his fans and more than occasionally flips them off… metaphorically speaking, with his actions… I don’t completely believe that.

A lot of the show, Gaga was thanking her fans, saying how they inspired her, made her brave, kept her going through the good and bad… she really does care about her “little monsters” in a relationship somewhere between siblings, children and the best of friends.
And there was a lot of talk about acceptance, tuning out the voices that say you can’t… all that good, cheery stuff.

If not the outfits, the stage, the choreography, the music, her message blew my mind. I think there were pieces of it strewn around the carpet. And I guess you could say with the show it’s as good as a double-shot espresso 😎

Gaga rocked my socks off

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