Three movies, a winning formula

Oh boy… tomorrow is going to be one of those things where the waiting around, dreading any possibilities, chances are, is worse than actually facing said-event.

On that note, chances are also very good that what I’m dreading is driving 7-hours with my dad to Ohio which will be the location of my possible relocation and the source of the temporary demise of this blog, seeing as I can’t update it in their Amish country.
No Wi-Fi/wireless Internet most likely…

But before I get to the really heavy stuff, or what’s sure to be really heavy stuff, I’ll go back to Saturday, which was a helluva day. And of course I mean that in the best possible way.

I got up around 7:45, disappointed that my alarm didn’t wake me up 15 minutes earlier (the thing with cell phones, you gotta make sure on weekends to be sure the alarm goes off… for some reason, it is configured beforehand to only go off on weekdays)…
I have wanted to see “Home of the Giants” for a while… okay, a long while. Just as I am going through with Robert Downey, Prince before him and so on… I was in Haley Joel Osment mode for a good month or so.

Story is pretty much this:
He does the voice for Sora from Kingdom Hearts and I loved his voiceover work so much that I figured I’d check out a couple of his movies, if only to listen to him talk.
But of course, those who have seen the Sixth Sense know that he spends a lot of the time whispering… he did the same thing in A.I. as well, except when he was talking to another version of him that spoke a little more freely and at regular vocal volume, I guess you could say.

His acting was really good in the Sixth Sense… no doubt in my mind. And it was quite the interesting movie. Like so many others before me, the ending was what sold me on it. Just because you had, like, no idea.
I believe it was around the time I saw “A Beautiful Mind” the first/only time… its one of those movies where if you pay attention, you’ll understand the ending better, why things are the way they are. Except that “A Beautiful Mind” infuriated me because, I dunno, true story or not, made no goddam sense… or maybe I was disappointed that Paul Bettany, his daughter and Ed Harris were figments of Professor Nash’s imagination cuz he was schizophrenic

It’s because of that movie that I hate Russell Crowe with a passion… because he does all of the same types of movies, like none of his roles can be normal people, its either epic or a total mind-trip. Also why I kinda don’t like Jennifer Connolly either, sure she had every right to play psycho-chick wife to schizophrenic Russell Crowe, but she never ceases to annoy me (except in “9” but I didn’t have to see her act in that one)… her character in “He’s just not that into you” annoyed me too but only because she’s a short fuse… for good reason yes but over the top for my tastes


So…. Haley Joel Osment…
I watched The Sixth Sense a second time to spend time focusing on him, sizing him up as an actor. I spent an afternoon watching A.I., which really wasn’t too bad of a movie. It’s a sad ending and all that, but you really did believe android David was a real boy.
I should maybe see that again if only see Jude Law almost forgot that he plays a small role in this… well not too small, I believe after the scene with the circus, the two run away together. Imagine that: running away from the circus when most run away to join it

Pay it forward, I’m not sure if I even saw the whole movie, but I remember being disappointed with the ending cuz he gets killed for some odd reason I can’t even remember.  He’s just a kid in school who takes the namesake’d project to heart, apparently it didn’t go over too well with somebody. Now really, who shoots a kid for something like this? I ask you.

Again, there was the whispering that got under my skin a bit. Why? I just asked myself. I wanted to hear Sora’s voice come out of him and fact of the matter was that I didn’t really get that luxery too  much in his other work.
Coincidentally, he guest starred on Ally McBeal maybe a couple of episodes before Larry Paul was introduced and of course he’s cast as the kid who wants to sue God for pain & suffering and dies of cancer… the perfect role for him seeing as he’s typecast for those types of roles, but that was an emotional parting to say the least.

I also watched The Country Bears, where he does the voice of Beary Barrington, a bear that was adopted into this human family and wants to get his favorite band back together… he writes well in school, but supposedly everything he writes is about the namesake of the movie.
And rented the sequel to Hunchback of Notre Dame 2, which I’m guessing wasn’t too good (as most Disney sequels tend to not be good) cuz I don’t remember anything about it except he played Zephyr, son of Esmeralda and Phoebus. Jungle Book 2 was all-right as well… not even an RBI, though.

He certainly did plenty of voiceover work and it seems that its what he’s gonna stick with.
Brilliant as Sora, really bringing him to life. Although when his voice changed, it took me a little longer to get used to the difference in Sora’s tone of voice, not to mention the change of clothes and appearance with the sequel.

I had to double-check his resume to be sure on some points.
And I completely neglected to mention “Secondhand Lions” which was a pretty good movie. Tugs at the heart strings a little bit and the ending is quite sweet. Only downside: it’s hard to find that golden voice under that Southern accent.

To the least of my knowledge “Home of the Giants” was the last movie he did… although his profile says two other films are in post-production, neither of them look like they’ll be mainstream releases. That’s part of the unfortunate reason that I had to wait 4 years to see this movie.

Kinda in the same realm/playing field as “Keith,” which was a Sundance/Tribeca film I had to wait for it to get on Showtime to see… but on the positive side, the ending is something I can much more easily live with.

I missed the first 15 minutes, but it doesn’t take a genius to really put together the plot of this movie. His character Gar is best friends with Ryan Merriman’s character (I’d seen him on several Disney channel movies in past years), who is the star basketball player on, you guessed it, The Giants. His older brother owes money to a drug dealer and the only way to settle this debt is for him to have the Giants throw the state championship game.
Gar writes for the school newspaper and wants to help his friend out, which includes being chaffeur and covering for him to help preserve his friend’s permanent record… so his butt would be on the line before his.

Some of the plot points made no goddam sense. Like why would they break into the drug dealers’ house to steal money? Revenge or what?
And as it turns out, his brother is dealing with the dealer (i.e. they’re on the same side) which makes the situation all the more difficult.

Then there’s another character Bridget played by Danielle Panabaker (another Disney channel movie kid who I’d seen a bunch of movies for, she’s pretty cool and her sister played JMac’s little sis on “Summerland”) who wants to know what’s going on and eventually she and Gar get together.

To throw the game, Ryan Merriman pretends he’s too ill to go out but after Gar has a conversation with him after seeing the brother and dealer together at the bar (where he nearly gets the live beat out of him and later nearly gets run off the road), he goes out with maybe 6 minutes left in the final half of the game.
Definitely the longest, most nerve-wrecking ending for a basketball game I’d seen in any movie… but yeah, the Giants win. The End.

I didn’t come into this thinking it’d be an overall great movie, but I won’t pretend I wasn’t disappointed. I could live with it, though, and I believe at this point, Haley Joel Osment’s voice had finished changing and its deeper now, much like Sora in the 2nd Kingdom Hearts game.

It’s funny and annoying at the same time that I would come downstairs in the morning to catch these movies and my dad would be like “what are you doing up” with this very accusing expression… coming from the same guy who hates to see me sleep in, being unemployed and like a lifeless slub majority of the time.
Well maybe lifeless is the wrong word, but I lack ambition and focus, I’m guessing :rolls eyes:
I would say something like “is there something wrong with getting up early” and he probably will say something like along the lines of me only doing it when its convenient for me when its something I should make more of a habit of.

Quickly before I got into “Thor”…
Had a few interesting short dreams the past couple days.
Two days ago, I’m hanging out with my friends in a booth at a restaurant. I’m hunched over the table, feeling miserable or saying I dont know what I’m doing with my life… and Kirby is rubbing my back, I find it comforting and then I say to keep going… like it was a back rub… sure it could happen, but it was a very sweet gesture

Dear God, what’s the matter with me… I keep dreaming about Kirby being there for me in these ways when it might not be to that degree in real life. Although he might be serving me that way with whatever pearls of “wisdom” he has as someone who at least has some direction as a MARS major.

Then last night, I dreamt about seeing an episode of either Parks & Recreation or Community, but the set-up was the same as The Office (which might have come from my catching maybe 30 seconds of the beginning of Parks & Rec last Thursday)… and Rainn Wilson & John Krasinski were there, which I’m pretty sure isn’t right cuz they’re on The Office. Were they guest-starring and for that matter, I couldn’t help but wonder by the end, “are they friends in real life?”

Cuz Dwight and Jim were getting along maybe a little too well in parts.
This I’m sure was because I saw a commercial for the next “Office” and Dwight finally gets a chance to be in charge… which I can’t WAIT to see… omg…
John Krasinski is so cute and I didn’t know before last week that he had a real sense of humor in real life, like laugh out loud humor, not just the subtle Jim Halpert humor.
I dunno, when I started watching the show, there was something about Dwight that caught my attention. We all know he’s descipable, but for some reason, I can’t not hate his guts. He may actually be my favorite person in The Office because the subtlelies of his sometimes diabolical character are just hilarious to behold.

That’s part of the reason I’d grown to really love The Office and why I have a calender that gives me a quote from the show everyday… and why I’m still in search of Rainn Wilson’s book “Soul Pancakes” which sounds interesting as hell, but our local Borders doesn’t carry it for some reason… maybe that’s another thing I could obtain through Amazon, but I’ll have to leave it up as maybe a birthday present so I don’t need to worry about it too much.

I dream some interesting stuff and I asked about the scientific possibility of this drink we were having in one dream I had. It was in a small cynlindical glass, orange juice on top of alchol and there was a splash of red in the orange and before drinking, you had to stir the contents so they mix. Tasted amazing but I had to ask if it was possible for the orange juice to be on top of the alcohol… my suspicions were right, that is NOT possible in real life

I said I wanted to see “Thor,” and my mom asked if I would pay for my ticket cuz she wanted to keep money for the week and on those grounds, she would go with me. (My guess: she wanted to see the guy topless, and yes, he was a fine specimen if that’s your thing)
I’m hoping that was good enough for a Mother’s Day present because I didn’t even bother with a card this year.

We went in to see the movie, same theater as Suckerpunch with maybe a few more people. Of course, we found ourselves in a predicament I’d experienced twice already within the last 7 months… we’re comfortable and of late-comers, this one big dude sits in front of me so we have to move over. Now in a theater with so few people it’s not a big deal to move but I hate having to do so in principle. Why should I have to compensate when other people can’t be considerate?

Oh, while I’m on that, I’ll go into one of the negatives of the experience… 90%, maybe even 99% of my movie experiences in the past year or so have been overally positive. My only complaints are maybe some lax acting and storytelling… and tall people.
This guy was texting throughout the entire movie. No sound from his phone, but the display was always lit-up so it dispelled some of the “illusion” left by the dark theater. Not only that, but he was breathing heavily and the two of us swore he was snoring at some points. Kinda hard to pay attention with that going on.

I suspected a couple of comic book trailers awaited us and I was right.
Green Lantern and Captain America (which I’m definitely looking in2 now)
then there were a couple other ancient type movies, remake of Conan the Barbarian and one called Immortals which stars Theseus.
And I believe there was one more, which I kinda forget now.

I took the time to read some reviews on Yahoo beforehand. Both the positive and negative, though just in summary.
One complaint that I share sentiment with is the use of 3D.

Was it really necessary for this movie? No

If you’re going to do a movie in 3D, do it right for God’s sake. Take the time to really polish things before you go through such an undertaking. I believe this was the reason why so many people didnt like the Clash of the Titans remake cuz the 3D was horrible and suspected to be a rush-job.

The action scenes were so fuzzy at some points that I had to decide whether I needed my 3D glasses or not.
After getting used to making the adjustments, though, I found the rest of the movie to be really good.

I would place it at better than The Dark Knight by several miles, but not nearly as good as Iron-Man. You know, I have my biases.

The movie started in a similar fashion to Iron-Man where you see a crucial turning point first, see what happened beforehand/to lead to that, and the movie restarts a good 45-60 minutes later.

Let’s see:
Iron-Man spends maybe 10-15 minutes in flashback.
We start where we find Tony Stark in a humvee in Afghanistan and they’re caught in an ambush and he gets captured by terrorists.
Flashback to maybe 48 hours earlier where we find Tony Stark getting an award in Vegas and he does an interview with “Ms. Brown” from Vanity Fair. The next day, he’s off to Afghanistan, does his Jericho demonstration, tells Rhodey to go into the other vehicle cuz he’s in the “Fun-vee”

Restart movie where we left off in the first 5 minutes.

Considering the magnitude of difference between Thor’s place of origin and Tony Stark’s, you know, god/alien vs. human… we spend a good 45 minutes in flashback that gives us the backstory of Thor’s people, led by Odin (Anthony Hopkins) and how he bested a race called the Ice-Giants who were attacking the Vikings in ancient times.
We see Thor and his brother Loki grow up, both with ambitions to inherit the throne, as only one may do so.
Flash forward some 20-30 years later, both are grown up and Odin is about to swear Thor in as his heir.

At this time, Ice-Giants break into the realm to steal back at cube that’s the source of their power and while Thor wants to go after them to seek revenge, Odin forbids it as he hadn’t officially sworn him in as his successor.

With his friends, a group of warriors, and Loki, Thor goes into the world of the Ice-Giants to fight, which could cost all of them their lives. His heart is in the right place, but his mind has a great deal of maturing to do.
Therefore, Odin banishes Thor to earth.

And that’s when he runs into Jane Foster and her fellow scientists in the middle of nowhere (New Mexican desert) where she had been chasing storm and radiative activity. She is assisted by Stellan Skarsgard (Bill Anderson of “Mamma Mia”) and her only intern played by Kat Dennings (otherwise known as Norah of “Nick & Norah’s Infinite playlist” and daughter of RDJ’s Nathan Gardner, Susan “Suzie Q” Gardner).

Of course hilarity ensues… can’t put it more bluntly in these first 10 minutes running in present time. They take Thor to the hospital where he kinda tears the place apart in his confusion. Timing is key to the hilarity, especially when he gets hit by Jane’s van not once but twice.
The trio is spending a lot of time wondering if Thor is delusional or telling the truth, but Jane (Natalie Portman) seems to believe him.

Naturally, given this is the Marvel universe, S.H.I.E.L.D. gets a hold of this “activity”…

before this, though, we have our Stan Lee cameo in a hilarious scene where all of these people are trying to pull Thor’s hammer from the ground, like Excalibur from the stone. Odin had sent it to Earth, whispering something that translates to “when Thor is worthy of the throne, he will be able to regain possession of it”… i.e. he has to learn the moral of the story before he can regain his powers.

So one dude attacks a line to the hammer and runs a pick-up truck in reverse to pull it out… this yanks the cab completely off the back of the pick-up and Stan Lee leans out of the driver’s window “did it work?”


Agent Colson, whom we have seen in the Iron-Man films already, has a slightly bigger part here where he’s trying to make sense of the readings of the place where Thor and the hammer came down to earth from his realm.
Thor goes back to regain possession of the hammer and at present unable to do so. So S.H.I.E.L.D. takes him into custody for questioning.

Back in the other realm, Asguard, Odin is in a dreamless sleep/coma after suffering greatly from the guilt of banishing his own son. Up to this point, you’re led to somewhat suspect Loki, not sure if he’s on one side or the other. But it’s revealed here that he might have ulterior motives in mind so he can rule and that he is, in fact, an Ice-giant himself. Odin adopted him after his raid of the other world, but Loki doesn’t take kindly to the news.
He goes to earth, telling Thor that Odin had died and he was now king because he couldn’t have his first act being the undoing of the predecessor’s ruling.

The guys at S.H.I.E.L.D. let Thor go after the other scientist working with Jane “bails him out” but not before taking back her notebook, which the organization had taken along with all of her equipment and research. Something about govt secrecy and using it for their own needs.

It kinda made me hate Agent Colson a little bit, but I was cool with knowing that everyone would be on the same page soon enough. He’d never given me reason to doubt him before and he proved himself to be trustworthy when he made peace with Thor and Jane Foster at the end of the film.

Against Loki’s wishes, the other warriors go to Earth to bring Thor back. Loki then sends this huge monster to Earth to destroy everything… not quite sure why, exacting revenge or destroying Thor so he wouldn’t pose a threat to them.

The monster arrives and Agent Colson is asked if it’s one of “Stark’s” creation… and he says that he isn’t sure because “he never tells me anything”…
to which, I said, “of course not”
Tony Stark might be into the robotic suits now and everything, but that is nowhere near his style 😎

The monster proves to be brutal and only in protecting Jane and his comrades from it does Thor learn the lesson he needs to learn and regain his hammer and powers. So he easily destroys the monster.

He returns to Asgard to deal with Loki. Although it destroys the portal between realms, Thor defeats Loki and Odin wakes out of the coma and appoints Thor as his successor.
Agent Colson returns Jane’s equipment and I suspect they will be working together more closely in the future. While they wait for Thor’s return to Earth.

Seeing as he has a role in The Avengers, he does find a way to do so.
Quite the interesting character he is, very good looking and deep down, you know he is good and decent. There’s a different learning curve to everything.

After sitting through the Kentucky Derby, for the hell of it, I turned on “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” if only to keep a couple hours before the Lady Gaga concert to Madison Square Garden.

I thought from the commercials that the movie looked really lame, but then I remembered that I was somewhat of a geek myself. And this should really be in my ballpark.
The movie was shot and shown as if it were straight out of the graphic novel on which it was based.

Scott Pilgrim (age 22) is part of a band trying to get their big break.
He’s dating a high school girl (17) named Knives Chou who gets somewhat attached to him and a huge band fangirl.
A couple of times, he sees this girl and learns that her name is Ramona Flowers. Kinda of a love at first sight type of thing with him.

Naturally with her pink hair, I can’t help but think of “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” where the girl posing as Veronica Dexter wears a pink wig when she isn’t posing.

But yeah, he and Ramona get kinda close. Then the gauntlet is thrown and he needs to defeat 7 “evil exes”. These duels are all different and very elaborate. The kinds of things you wouldn’t be able to get away with in real life… just isn’t physically possible.

I dunno… there was such a charm about this whole production and I think it was along the lines of why “Suckerpunch” blew me away… I simply hadn’t seen anything like it before, both in story and the style in which the story is carried out.

It’s one of these things where you watch it and it’s best that you don’t ask questions or attempt to make sense of it because there’s simply no point in decoding it.

Hands down, of the three movies I’d seen, this is my favorite Michael Cera movie.
He kinda annoyed me in “Infinite Playlist” and he was sorta one-dimensional in “Juno,” though it was an impressive acting debut for him.
All that’s left is “Super-bad” and I think I’ll have seen enough of his acting. My college friends have led me to believe that it’s a great movie that I should get around to seeing it.

Yesterday we went down to visit my grandma and see family for Mother’s Day. Overall it went over well, although there may have been too much food and with so many people, the place got really hot after a while.
Before “making our get-away” we watched a good 40 minutes of “Far & Away”…. I was not feeling it at all, and I found myself at crossroads with my recently acquired bias.

I like Tom Cruise. He was one of my first crushes when I was a teenager. But as a piece of eye candy, the only movie I liked him in was “Top Gun.” This movie was painful to watch because he got his butt kicked around so many times and it seemed that he barely put up a fight. At least RDJ tries when he gets beat up in his movies.
It’s one of those timely pieces that takes place in another time… 1892 which was maybe around the time of Sherlock Holmes (which I was reading through the majority of this).
There was one sign where he was in bed, completely nude except for a mixing bowl Nicole Kidman’s mum put in the obvious place. Naturally when they’re left in the room together, she gets curious and looks…

Okay, so my mind was on a couple tracks at the time.
“Beneath this pillow lies the key to my release”… namely, RDJ has a much hotter body than Tom Cruise could ever dream to possess…
and of course, I was a little on edge about how much they would show. Yeah, I’m pretty naive at that way, as was shown during the scene in “less than zero” immediately following the horrible withdrawal… Julian completely nude and there is just enough coverage to prevent complete frontal nudity… never blushed so much in my life, the scenes in “The Kids are all right” graphic and exposed as they were, were nothing compared to this…

maybe because deep down, I was as curious as Nicole Kidman, but I don’t have the nerve to act on said curiosity…
oh shoot, I just better stop right there before I have a complete meltdown from embarassment.


On another side of things, I may have found a winning formula to write something that RDJ inspired. Or rather, one of his characters inspired.

Should this really take shape and have a beginning, middle and end, I’ll have to change a name or two to avoid copyright infringment. But here’s the winning formula.

I’ve considered the idea that maybe my character pursing her teaching Master’s could work at a rehabilitation clinic and develop a relationship with inmate Julian… of course that whole thing where I want to help him change, blah blah blah…

A couple years ago after Alexis Grace was booted from American Idol, I wrote part fanfic/part songfic “Jolienne Carine”… where the character took on Alexis’s appearance, her beauty would be that of Jolien, her swan song written/made-famous by Dolly Parton, but her personality would be the reluctant “queen bee”. Through her beauty, she gains this reputation out of nowhere and all girls want to be here and all guys want to be with her.
But she’s unhappy in her popularity because the people don’t really know anything about her. This becomes evident when she disappears and life goes on without her.

I don’t reveal her name until the two meet officially in the least likely of places, but Casey Carlton, our narrator, happens to be spending her afterschool hours volunteering at the local hospital… naturally I gave her a bit of my biography with my scoliosis surgery but she uses that as inspiration to pursue this path.
Jolienne, whose true name is Alex (yeah I know I’m barely trying to cover up the real-life coincidence here), is a patient there and when she is diagnosed with leukemia, the two get very close. During her volunteer hours, Casey generally visits patients who don’t have anyone to visit them and she helps them feel better with nothing more than her compassion and company. And occasionally she’ll take down vitals, change IV bags and bed-pans.

Casey becomes the first true friend Alex ever had, popularity aside. Seeing my narrator as a little bias, she spends a little more time developing Alex’s character than her own… the style was somewhat of a take on Nick Carraway in “The Great Gatsby”
Both grow and learn from this experience and as it turns out (yeah, a little predictable) that Casey saves Alex’s life, her bone marrow being a match for a transplant that saves her life.

I took a moment to think over the possibility of maybe recycling my characters and I ultimately decided that Casey would be outstanding in this capacity. Why spend a few extra minutes trying to hash out a completely new character when I have one that could very well pull off the performance that’s required here?

I came up with the idea the night before last and brought my notebook just in case inspiration struck.
I listened to some music and ended up some songs from Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream album, which I haven’t taken much time to listen to, seeing how in love I am with the title track.

“Firework” and “Peacock” were two songs that kinda rubbed me the wrong way when I first heard them and “Circle the Drain” helped pull me back from considering this album would be a disappointment.

I knew this song quite well already, but with my mind being where it was, I wasn’t quite feeling too well after doing so.
Long story short, it led my mind to a dark place. I considered my character or a character saying these things to Julian, having completely given up on him. I don’t think I could bare to put myself in that position. It’d be really harsh for one thing and it would be counterproductive to my purpose in trying to write a storyline for/around him… I can’t go into it with even a possibility he could die of an overdose, meaning I have to do everything I can to break him from his addiction and put his life back on track.

Sounds like making the impossible happen, but for some strange reason (okay, I know the reason), this debate has become one of my life’s missions that I plan to see through to this end no matter what.

After it became too dark in the car to read more Sherlock Holmes, I started writing some ideas down in my notebook.
By the end of the night, I had made for myself a very short/brief/prompt outline for what I want to happen in each “chapter” of this story. Seeing as its predecessor was a short story/novella (13,000 words, I believe), I have to follow this through in the same fashion. Break the “chapters” down in a similar fashion to start out with.

I put a little more of myself into Casey’s character because at this point, I find myself at a crossroads of lifelong indecision. I’m having a lot of self-doubt (yeah, what’s new, right?) as to where I want to go with life, what I want to do with my life, etc, etc.
I have her pursing a degree in the medical field but she’s unsure of where to focus her field of study… this crisis emerges after she interns at an emergency room and sees a lot of stuff that freaks her out.

So I start with a little background, have her talk with Alex and Alex suggests seeing her mentor on campus about the problem.
He suggests going to this rehabiliation clinic, not saying aloud but strongly suggests that there’s a certain person he wants her to see…

At this point, Julian is very uncooperative, not wanting to hear a word about psychology or people attempting to help him.
I won’t go into the details right now in the actual storyline, but he’s hit rock bottom, having lost the trust of his closest friends after his latest relapse.

I haven’t quite figured it out yet, but it’s later revealed that Julian and Casey’s mentor know each other and it’s revealed that he sent Casey to see Julian specifically, where he sees it as his last chance to help him.

On the drive home, I listened to some Green Day tracks where hopelessness came to mind… to somewhat help me get a mental picture of the situation at hand.
The lyrics for “Give me Novocaine” might prove to be useful in the story later on.

I’m not usually the type of person who does outlines before they write, but at this point it doesn’t hurt to give myself a little focus before I get started.

My next scene is going to be Casey asking to see someone else while fulfiling this internship after she and her mentor decide that she should focus on the psychological side of medicine seeing as her bedside manner was excellent in Alex’s case.

Julian is not wavering in his resolve to spurn all help that might end up saving his life later on, so he tells Casey very sternly, though with absence of anger in his voice to ask to see someone else because he doesn’t think she can help him.

Her mentor will convince her to try again, which she does for a couple weeks. Things are slow to pick up.

Finally, Julian will say something very insulting to her (something very ignorant because he doesn’t know anything about what she went through with Alex)… and she runs out on him, abandoning the project altogether.

Simulteanously, he feels remorse and cons his way out of rehab (again, the first time is only alluded to). And Alex convinces Casey to give him another chance. She later finds him on a park bench, he admits to “breaking out” to formally apologize and they have a heart to heart over a cup of coffee.

That’s pretty much all I have so far, but it shows a lot of promise.

Now what about me?…

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