Quick Note on “Idol” b4 long weekend [Spoilers]

Apologies in advance.
I said I’d get around to one last entry before going on this long weekend without PC/Internet access.

Won’t get putting out a substantial entry tonight… but just wanted to make a few notes.

Man, I was in the most unpleasant mood today. I had planned another listen through for my new album, but because of a few interruptions and discrepenies, I only got through 2.5 tracks…
not even getting to my favorite as of yet.

American Idol was exciting to the point where I forgot we had to crown a winner.

Two low points of mention…

Tom Jones got credit for bringing “Kiss” to the Idol stage… I was completely under the impression, after Sheila E. did a helluva job with Marc Anthony & Jennifer Lopez, that Prince would actually come out for a performance…
but NOOO… Tom Jones, who had covered “Kiss” I remembered later on… damn, that ain’t fair. I was all excited for nothing.

And I am so sick of Beyonce that I can’t even offer any words…
for the love of God, I’ve had enough of her and her music is an insult to everything else of decency on mainstream radio

Lady Gaga did another provocative performance with yet another new song… that isn’t “Judas”… I feel like I’m ready to kill for another performance of that song. Hopefully she’ll do it at GMA and I can catch the clip next week.
Most are probably sick of her by this point as much as I am of Beyonce after this one night, but I dunno. I’m still Gaga for Gaga for here

The other groups were great… I had to leave the room for Jacob’s number because after the group rendition of “Born this Way”… I just couldn’t take much more of him…

TLC was kinda nice, as was Tony Bennett with Haley (good combination, btw)… U2 surprised the hell outta me… cuz Bono usually annoys me to no end. The song he, The Edge and this guy that looks familiar, but don’t know his name… performed from the Spider-Man musical was amazing…

Scotty & Tim McGraw were a good combination.
As was Lauren and Carrie, though I was kinda hoping for maybe Martina McBride or Taylor Swift instead… and I only really know one Martina McBride track

James Durbin with Judas Priest kicked off the show awesomely 😎

And the whole Casey/Jack Black thing… OMG… I guess he liked the last time he did “Idol” so much with Ben Stiller & RDJ that he came for seconds…

hilariously, we see Jack Black a couple of times, dancing to the music backstage… and even looking to get a hug from our big winner while coming down the line to family…

oh yeah, Scotty McCreery won American Idol this year…

hot damn, I picked ’em three years in a row…
not in the usual orthodox way, though… with him, Kris and Lee, I have said that “I’m gonna be so depressed when they’re voted off cuz I look forward to seeing them every week”…

Welcome to that club, Scotty.

I’ll be sure to get my hands on that album when it comes out 😎

Aww shoot, the way he took the win was amazing and a bit hilarious as well… I never saw any other winner hugging everyone within distance (except Jack Black, lol) while trying to sing their single… at the very end, holy crap… he just collapsed on the stage when it all just hit him at once. And he usually is able to keep such a level head too…

Hot damn…

Seeing as Jack Black made that appearance tonight, I guess I’ve delayed it long enough. I’m gonna watch the performance from a couple years back… I think I remember seeing it, but it’s like way back at the back of my brain. Like the tiniest light in the midst of darkness

Hopefully I got enough music and movies to keep me occupied for the next several days.
And I’ll try to get as much of an RDJ fix tonight as I can cuz I won’t be bringing any of his movies down with me. If needed, I’ll have the album on my iPod, but I doubt I’ll be listening to that.

Checked into it last night… dude, had such a good time chilling with this guy 😎


Well, I am feeling a bit better after feeling annoyed and ticked off and depressed earlier for a bunch of stupid reasons…

Adieu until Monday afternoon, fellas

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