July 4th at the shore

Ok, officially back from another few days at the shorehouse.

We’ve really been taking advantage of it this summer, but not more so than the past couple days. Roughly translated: mystic island is like a gateway of shortcuts to New Jersey’s many shore-related attractions. There were a couple firsts and I’ll get to each of them as they come to mind.

Went to Wildwood the first time, finally… we’d been talking about going for years and it was always “it’s too long of a trip to attempt”… from here it’s probably close to 4 hours, but from the shorehouse, it was maybe 75 minutes. Not too shabby.

My head was bugging within the first couple minutes. Maybe because I was dealing with flashbacks to Rehobeth Beach… hearing a siren or some loud noise that wouldn’t go away…
luckily it only took me 15-20 minutes to adjust. There wasn’t any sheer, bloody panic either.

With the bugging, that kinda started within the first couple minutes on the boardwalk. Even beforehand while we were navigating the crowded streets to find the parking lot, I was nervous we were going to get into another car accident… I wasn’t even in the front seat during the last one and I’m still a bit jarred about it.

Initial reaction: the beach is HUGE… the people at the edge looked like ants from the boardwalk. But I didn’t think that beach looked as pretty as Point Pleasant. It looked like more attention was on the boardwalk itself than the beach… I could only think that they weren’t keeping up appearances.
However, I’d been assured that when we do go on the beach next time, I might reconsider my position.

Overall, the place reminded of a water park, the game stands had me thinking about Six Flags and all of the shops… Venice Beach, oddly enough. There are unbelievable amounts of shopping at both locations, but I don’t think I’d seen so many graphic tee stands in my life. There was a little something for everyone.

The part that made me a bit nervous the first couple minutes was just walking through the water park section, just to look around more or less… but it was insane, the amount of people there. I guess this is what happens when I spend so much time in my own world, I’ve desensitized myself to the presence of other people, especially when there are a lot of them.

Jonas’s social anxiety comes to mind NOW… I’d most certainly compare it to that and even though I wrote him that way, I understand more now than I did before how something like that can be overwhelming for a person. And I don’t have to worry about my PSI going out of control, he’s the one who has that extra contingency.

Honestly, kinda cheesy considering what little I have to go on these days, I was thinking about Sherlock Holmes. The scene where he’s waiting for Watson and Mary at the Royale and there’s so much going on around him that he’s a bit overwhelmed, too much stumuli for a man who can pick apart all those tiny details (which are by far the most important)

Eh, to make the transition a little bit easier, I brought along Sherlock Holmes to watch last night… before I completely lose sight of… whatever.
On occasion, though, and those have been a bit more frequent lately… i.e. the past couple weeks… it feels good to take a break and “seek other enterprises” as it were.
Definitely have been “shopping around” for a lot of those lately and perhaps a couple of them can help take my writing in a new, exciting direction.
But more on that later 😉

There are a lot of things that seem to be “in” and popular at the moment. There were half a dozen attractions like haunted houses that had warnings attached to them.
Something about there being “live actors” that jump out at you but won’t touch you, so don’t touch them
and something about high intensity and strobe lighting to be wary off

is strobe lighting really necessary for that type of thing?
Ugh, kinda like with movies in 3D. So far, I can attest to “Avatar” being the only 3D movie I saw in theaters that really worked that to its advantage… did it well, sucked you in and improved the movie experience rather than hindering it.
At least between Mega-Mind and Kung Fu Panda 2, Dreamworks seems to be handling it really well.

I might have to take it up with Shane Black and Marvel studios if they shoot Iron-Man 3 in 3D and therefore detriment the movie experience to where I might actually have something to complain about.
People thought that Tony Stark dealing with “daddy issues” and the character development thing in the 2nd movie was a turn-off… oh boy.
So that’s kinda making me consider how much I really gotta see Lethal Weapon again… I mean, between RDJ picking it in that MTV Blockbuster sketches, checking out the things he said about it, and plus Shane Black wrote & directed it… the reason people thought he was the bomb and until underground favorite “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” came along, they were concerned lightning only struck once with him.


all that stuff aside, now to the positives…
I think that Point Pleasant might have cornered the market with the nicer beach as well as the huge numbers of food stands they had.
Supposing I do on that USA road trip with my friends and we spent a few days going down the New Jersey coastline, I would LOVE to do a Food Network thing (specifically “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives” which I’d only seen once or twice, surprisingly, with me being a HUGE FoodNet junkie these days) and go to as many of those stands, trying the best food from each stand.
Like who has the best funnelcake to start, best fries, best pizza, iced coffee, the list could go on.

I’d love to do that with them.
With Wildwood, I’d love to do the same thing with the Graphic Tee shops but we point out our favorites as we go past/through the place. There were a lot of reoccuring themes… which I’ll go into later.

There were a few ice cream stands and a few that were selling fudge (ought to check one of those places out next time)… but more than anything else, there were graphic tee shops. I thought that some places in Sydney really did it up. They’ve got nothing on this place.

One little concern, though… I’m afraid of the amount of “Jersey Shore” influence there is… there are dozens of tees with sayings I didn’t recognize.
Mostly variations of “Oh yeah [fill in the blank] yeah”… something about DTF? …and probably a few tees with names of cast members other than The Situation and Snooki… the only two I remember or care to remember.
I saw one that might have referred to an incident that occurred in season 1… I only heard that one person punched out another, don’t remember names but it was a huge thing… probably what got a lot of people hooked.


I had concerns last night about Robert hamming up some bits and pieces of his performance of Sherlock Holmes… and yet I’m worried about the trival superficialities of “Jersey Shore”… the only thing I know for sure (aside from the fact the majority of the cast members are liars… not even from New Jersey… and I believe the show paints a degotary image of Jersey people)… dammit, forgot what I was going to say.
I’ll go as far to say that I’d not only never watched it, but I’m boycotting it.

When I first started working at the lab, everyone was on Farmville, talking about Farmville… I got on six months later (when I finally decided to start associating myself from my co-workers… friending them on Facebook, having conversations with them and whatnot)… everyone else kinda bailed. Then Jersey Shore came along and everyone was talking about stuff I had no clue about. I just know that I’d never sink low enough to watch a single episode…

the “escape clause” as it were… would have to be really improbable and really fantastic… if someone I greatly admired asked me to watch it with them and in return I get an autograph or a co-photo or a lengthy interview/conversation that could last anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes… maybe even 10 minutes…
I’m not going to single it out to a single person because based on my current state of mind (which is willing to baragain and experiment)… I’m 99.9% sure Prince would never ask me to do something as proposterous as that in exchange for anything. I’d question his judgement if he even TiVo’s that kind of trash

There are plenty of really cool tees that I most likely have forgotten. But there were a few that kept popping up everywhere that I always had a laugh at. Or it plain made me think:
Shh, this is my hangover t-shirt
[Fireman] I’m paid to save your ass, not kiss it

Yep, forgot about all the others.

My sister spied a tee with Achmed the Dead Terrorist and luckily our last tee stand before we packed it in had it…
there was also one that caught my eye, but I was thinking that “I’m pretty sure I don’t need this”

It was a sketch of eyes and lips and in the bottom right corner, it said “Lady Gaga’s Little Monster”
$25 no less

The circumstances are kinda funny and kinda pathetic, but I was thinking I wasn’t so obsessesed, so preoccupied by everything that Gaga is… that I needed a “little monster” tee… just to show my pride as a fan.
I’ll finish this day really quick before I jump to another train of thought that intersects with this…

Another funny comment I made and lived to “regret”… we were looking for places to eat lunch and at a “curly fry” (that was the name of it) stand, they were selling many ways to have your fries… another menu item I picked out was “Philly Cheese Steak”

kinda like what happened in Hey Arnold! a couple of times… here’s one variation of it:

how about we call it the “Mauve Avenger”
Stinky, we are not calling our go-cart the Mauve Avenger
[2 seconds later]
I can’t believe we called our go-cart the Mauve Avenger

I made a comment like “I didn’t come down to the Jersey Shore/Wildwood to have a Philly Cheese Steak”

we went to a restaurant I don’t remember the name of but it had nice, A/C, indoor seating (the temps/humidity was brutal that day… made me regret not wearing my bikini top, which I never took out this whole trip cuz I was too embarassed for my family [including 2 aunts, a cousin and my grandma] to see it or I just wasn’t up for sun exposure)…

We had burgers and hotdogs on the grill for July 4th and cuz it was so hot out I didn’t want anything really heavy to eat… there was a tuna sandwich but I wasn’t up for the “sushi/sashmi treatment” (i.e. comes with soy sauce, ginger and wasabi) in sandwich form…

so yeah… I ordered a philly cheese steak in Wildwood… opted for onions, no peppers…
I grew up near Philly (30-40 minutes in a suburb outside of it) and never had a true Philly cheesesteak so I’m not one to judge…
but my god… it was the best cheesesteak I had in my life… it was perfect… the meat was cooked great, just enough onions, plenty of cheese where it wasn’t overwhelming…

“The most unexpected things in life can sometimes be better than you could possibly imagine”
I’ll have to log that one away as one of my inspired sayings…

Wildwood was 😎 all right, man… wouldn’t mind going back but I’ll remember the top next time. For sure.

I figured what I’d do, movie-wise, is watch Suckerpunch that night… and watch Sherlock Holmes as the 2nd movie the following night.
The day progressed and I figured I wanted my Downey fix to be the latter of the two… put towards the tail end that the middle so the recup period will be less “painful”
considering how much my mind has been drifting lately, it might not be as bad as I have forseen.

Everything else I’m dabbling in is certainly helping to take the edge off. Perhaps this “relationship” could one day be relatively normal.
With Prince, I never know if I’m up or down sometimes.

BUT before I completely forget about this, I had somewhat of a break-through the other day.
Sure we spent a lot of the trip to/from Wildwood listening to “80’s on 8” on Sirius/XM (some good stuff… a lot of lyrics I gotta google too)

I listened to The Fame Monster (throughout the week I had listened to all three Gaga albums in order, but there’s always a little break in between)
first of all to kick things off…

oh crap, that’s not what I did that day… that was yesterday…
forget it

I’m not sure what else I was… John Mayer… I was listening to John Mayer’s album on my iPod cuz lyrics from “Who says” were springing to mind out of the blue.
Why not, I could spend some time chilling with his cool vibe… sometimes it’s a little too melancholy, but it suits me just fine most days.

Great songs… I think I like that whole album with the exception of 2 songs that I plain don’t get… and there’s another I didn’t download to my iPod that I found too melancholy (“all we ever do is say goodbye”… not the best thing to listen to on my way to the lab most days)

the thought came to me out of the blue and granted, I had to compete with Sirius/XM at times… but I thought to listen to the first disc of Emancipation

It took me a while to even feel a kind of balance… if that.
I didn’t want to crank the volume up too high (and therefore increase a chance of deafness at the age of 50-60)… but I tried to listen to the first couple songs.
The sensation was worse than me trying to listen to a radio station at work, craning my head/ear as far as possible to even catch a lyric so I can follow the rest of the song mentally despite how much/little of it I can actually hear.

The distance has been so great… and plain and simple, I hadn’t listened to this album in over a year… so it took me ages for me to remember how the songs went melodically… nevermind the words, I didn’t care that I didn’t remember any lyrics for the first… I dunno… several minutes…
This set is my least listened to album, I think, of all the ones I actually like listening to a lot.

there’s the 80’s crowd I’d heard dozens upon hundreds of times:
1999, Purple Rain, Parade, Sign o’ the times… even Lovesexy, Dirty Mind and Controversy which I listen to componsicously less (how do you spell conspicious… oh there we go)

D&P, O(+>, Gold and Come, I pretty much know backwards and forwards…
3121, Planet Earth and Musicology, same deal

Emancipation… I guess I shouldn’t be as hard on myself, considering how little I listen to it… and I will give myself a break and not rant about how much/long I’ve wanted to get it…

HOWEVER… aside from the fact that I remembered the lyrics of “Right back here in my arms” 5 minutes after listening to the first 5-6 songs on the disc…
I might have cranked up the volume a little bit at this point… but I was listening to “Somebody’s Somebody”… and it was like magic.
You know that whole “it’s like riding a bike” sensation… the missing puzzle piece that had been gone for a while had clicked back into place listening to that song… I remember being so in love with it. Despite the fact that Prince either co-wrote it or didn’t write it at all, didn’t care how much he had put into it in the creative grounds…

“Gold” itself is my soul tattoo
“Somebody’s Somebody” made me think that it was my “soulmate” or “soul song”… the way it clicked and how in love with it and him I was while listening

I think I listened up through “Courtin’ Time” before stopping… after the fact I was thinking how I had wanted to not have these songs on my iPod… the likes of “We Gets Up” (forsaking grammar to make the title pop… that’s perhaps more of a pet peeve for me than not completing sentences and lyrics that make no goddam sense [i.e. 2-3 Futurist tracks] and “Mr. Happy” wasn’t feeling quite as much… though this most recent time, it wasn’t as bad as I remembered…

not “bad” per se… not my type of song is all :shrug:

I considered earlier today listening to the 2nd disc… but I didn’t think I could do it in the car. Nobody would be able to hear what I was listening to on my iPod, but I was kinda self-conscious about it.
Then again, Prince has several songs where I feel I need to listen to them alone or my mind can’t focus as well… or it doesn’t sound as good when I’m around other people

yep, got quite a few song lyrics to google… the funniest of them all had a synth hook is the very essence of 80’s music. That’s what sets that decade apart from all others and why it makes it awesome. I’ll have to google it for sure, but man… it’s funny because I was thinking about that synth hook maybe an hour or even minutes before hearing the song play randomly on the radio…
I highly doubt I’m developing psychic powers or telepathy… with that pseudo-heart attack I had last Friday night with pains so bad that I thought someone had died… so for nothing has come of that and I’d like for it to stay that way.

In the end, I think I might have been a little paranoid about the idea of going away and having to start all over again with my nightly YouTube rituals and such…
for the moment I believe I’m okay and I have a few other “alternate energy sources” to thank for that… meaning I’d poured energy into them, expended energy into thinking about them…

With some movies, it really is quite interesting to see them the 2nd time around, especially when the first time blew you away so much… and you’d been thinking quite a lot about them since.
It’s not often I go to see a movie and even minutes or hours after it’s over, I really want to go out and see it again.

I think the last time that happened was… phew… nearly 10 years ago. When the first Harry Potter movie came out in theaters.
I was BLOWN away and so much more. I remember I had only gotten as far as the first Quidditch match in the book by the time the movie came out… so naturally the ending was a bit of a shocker for me. Professor Quirrel being the bad guy instead of Snape.
My mom was always under the impression that he wasn’t as bad as he was made out to be… even after he [spoiler alert] in the 6th book and the reader thinks along Harry’s lines that Snape finally revealed his true colors and was the bad guy all along…

Now I look at the books in a different way, heck I watch Alan Rickman play Snape and I take both sides into account… crazy stuff but I enjoy watching him. He plays a good bad guy. Even more devious in “Die Hard”

Harry Potter came out in November. A couple of my friends wanted to see it and asked me to come along. It was kind of a last minute thing, my folks were cooking for New Year’s Eve dinner… all that stuff.
Not that I really had to beg, but it was one of those moments where I used the magic word multiple times… not that I really needed to put too much into it. I didn’t need to do much convincing. I mean, it’s spending time with my friends and I think I’d just started high school, and hadn’t made many others yet (“David” and his group didn’t really count too much into this equation as far as friends go, although I was very friendly with all of them, him especially… )

I remember really enjoying the time with them, although one of them said he liked The Lord of the Rings better… eh, different strokes for different folks.
I love the Lord of the Rings movies but not as much as Harry Potter.
I remember getting back… Full House was on Family Channel and it was later in the series. Nicky & Alex were entered in a twins talent show to compete with Becky’s brother and his twin girls…
we remember strange things some nights.

It was probably the most unpleasant New Year’s Eve I remember… because I remember coming downstairs kinda late… or early in the morning… had one of several “episodes” that I had when I was a kid.
ye old 24-hour bug… I HATED that.
I don’t have the date locked down in my memory to the same point as Jerry Seinfeld (6/28/1980)… but the last time I dealt with nausea and the reprecussions was post wisdom-teeth surgery, I’m guessing the summer of 2004… and I remember that Summerland was still on TV at the time and I remember which episode it was (5 of the first season) but I remember little about it.
I guess cuz Bradin (played byJMac) only had a couple lines and I was watching the show for him… blah blah blah

it was that darn pain medication they prescribed that made me sick. We’re thinking it had codine and I’m allergic to it :shrug:

Anyway… yeah, nausea kinda terrifies me sometimes… not that I’ve felt that sick in AGES… the fear in the back of my mind that it’s never gonna go away and… well… death following suit in the most grotesque of ways that I’m just gonna stop right there…

Yeah, real cheery change of subject here :rolls eyes:

long story short (dammit, shoulda quit while I was a head… ahead)… it’d been a decade, give or take, since the last time a movie blew me away to when I couldn’t wait to see it again…

I saw a lot of movies last year, some good, some great and one or two that were so not great that I’d be fine never seeing them again… not even wanting to approach with a 20 foot pole… or so is the case with “Vampires Suck”… I don’t care what the Twi-hard opposition is, it’s not worth that. No way. 


I guess because I’d become such a movie junkie I had seen a lot of clichés… the same old plots… certainly not something I could get excited about.
So far this year it’s been a few ups and downs.

“I am number four” starts with promise, I was with it for a while… just when it came to the action scenes in the later end of the movie… all sense was lost and they were making things blow up just to blow up
“The King’s Speech”… very traditional as far as the Oscar-winning movie goes but I’m not so much a history buff to get into it… certainly not British history
“Rango” wasn’t what I expcted… not nearly what I’d expect from Johnny Depp or an animated film… it was missing that ‘wow’ factor for me.

and since Suckerpunch, there was:
“Rio” which was pretty good, another good movie but I wasn’t blown away to the same degree… it was pretty to look at, though
Johnny Depp redeemed himself with the latest Pirates installment, which I loved once I allowed myself back into that world. For once it was refreshing to be without Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom… not that either of them are great in their roles, but maybe Elizabeth was getting a little too tomboyish for my tastes (yeah, coming from me, right… :sigh: )… Penelope Cruz was cool cuz her character could keep in step with Captain Jack Sparrow and that’s something thats kinda been missing

Thor’s only fault was in the 3D conversion… made it foggy… but I allowed myself to be open to another Marvel superhero and ended up being surprised in a few ways

Water for Elephants… nice to see Robert Pattinson live to see the end of a movie for a change… I was on the fence sometimes, especially with Christoph Waltz… he’s the kind of guy you respect and want to respect, want to like you… but he can be vicious and play a real baddy…
the fact he won an Oscar for his role in Inglurious Basterds… my God, I didn’t even know that about that movie when I first saw it… only saw that he’s the kind you love to hate and to see get his comeuppance

not sure if I mentioned this my last entry…
there was a Chaplin reference in that movie that I missed b4. ironically i saw it a few minutes before “City Lights” started… the war hero Fredrick Zoller is telling Shosanna (known to all but one as Emmanuelle) that he prefers Lindar to Chaplin but Lindar can’t do a movie like “The Kid” which he called “superb”

needless to say “The Kid” will be my next Chaplin film 😎
we checked quickly into a retro poster shop in LBI yesterday (wednesday) and the only one of interest when we were on our way out, my mom pointed it out to me and it made me smile

doesn’t seem like that guy gets appreciated all that much, especially not these days
darn those talkies

and Kung Fu Panda 2 was really good on all fronts

there are always those certain movies that stick with you… Easy A was the previous one, I think… where it was just so different, so unique and there were things I wanted to apply to my own life, find in my own life… the list goes on.

I saw it in theaters when I was feeling uninspired… I wanted to get thoughts out on Robert Downey, maybe write something as a tribute to Julian or about Julian (which I think I might have to look through again… should be interesting now that I’ve gotten some distance from it… and I’m not so much into becoming a huge anti-drug advocate slash youth addict consuelor… that time kinda passed a month ago)

And I think I might have wanted something original to stimulate me…
I never for a second so this coming at all.

Two things I’m definitely grateful for:
my mom and dad watched the movie with me and actually seemed to enjoy it, didn’t openly dismiss it as being ridiculous, lame, improbable or depressing… what have you…
and my mom managed to not add her own commentary through most of the movie.

She has this thing, especially with the film series, where we’re watching with a new crowd and during the movie she has to narrate/commenate on different things to explain or clue people in… annoys the hell outta me, especially when they are things that are explained later on if she could just hang on for a few minutes… :rolls eyes:

But wow… the moment the movie started… first of all, I forgot it started that on the stage like that…
I was suckered in and captivated… its slightly different than what Prince used to be able to do to me… spellbind me to the point he’s all I’m paying attention to…
I was literally losing myself in the movie.
and I’m not afraid/shy to/about admitting that I see myself in the movie as well. I can relate.

I spent other times (while reveling in the stuff that made me smile, gasp and cheer the first time around) reconsidering a comment someone made in response to my entry on this… and s/he might be right…
heck, if the critics didn’t pan this and pay it no mind at all, they’d probably say it was this year’s “Inception”… maybe not the same scale or degree of special effects… but the idea of a world within a world… within a world… I got to thinking about what parts were real and what wasn’t…
the fantasy worlds were the innermost layer/metaphor… the adult entertainment look of the asylum was another, which I believe was the preception of one of the girls as a result of their lack of sanity…

once I get into it more, I think I can set aside an entire entry for it… kick-ass soundtrack, my God! it was just mind-blowing and amazing

I’ve been kinda weird with some movies lately where, if I’m finishing watching them before bed, they will literally stick with me.
“Less than Zero” accomplished it in the most cruel and unusual way… it was brutal watching and agonizing through the credits. Then I get upstairs that night and I cry myself to sleep and numbness stayed with me for the next several hours the next day

The first of many times that Robert Downey [Jr.] made me cry… dammit, and it almost always has to be because I’m depressed by something I saw, something about his past that made me cringe or I’m plain unhappy with myself, wishing I could follow his example but don’t know how…
a million things…

As great as the movie was, coming out of “Suckerpunch” was… not sure if it was mental torture or my body was recovering from coming out of things, allowing my mind to get so wrapped around it…
I think there were moments where I was playing the “what if” game… though I doubt BabyDoll could have been spared her fate…
I allowed myself to get attached and I guess I ended up paying for it.

Then I made the decision after 10 minutes of tears that I needed some more music to calm me down… finished the first disc of Emancipation and then 2 songs from Wendy & Lisa

“Light” and “Anything but you”
the first, which I only play at night for some reason (superstition?), had me thinking about the movie a bit…
the 2nd was more or less a response to “In this bed I scream”… hands down my favorite on that disc behind “Somebody’s Somebody”

I started consider my position in this world… yet again… wondering if there is a way I can escape my bounds of secrery and solitude… be able to free myself to open up to people, be around people, as free as an actor/singer/dancer on stage… being that extroverted to not be afraid to put up that effort.

I had hoped that Suckerpunch would do for me what “Spirited Away” or even “Remember Me” had done in the past… taken me at a time where I was starved for inspiration or just inches away from achieving my vision… but my God, there is so much going on in that film that its hard to know where to begin.

I only know that I loved the comraderie between the girls and wanted to break free as much as they did.

To give myself a chance at a good night’s rest, I think I’ll end things here for now…

coming up tomorrow…

:sigh: finally going the extra mile for the sake of Gaga, the one thing I hadn’t done yet to apex my occupation with her and her music

and more Gaga-palooza…
I was listening to The Fame Monster and brainstormed a few ideas during “Dance in the Dark” that I could use for a story… which I could base of myself, and I could use people I know in real life to really make a point.
Perhaps it’ll become a triumph. After all, the one thing I’m most afraid of to write is about myself, really opening up to people…

let’s just say the song made me come to an interesting conclusion about myself… and ironies galore

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