Odd taste in movies and Purple dream

Two things came to mind as means of blog entries today.

One is one those lists that I should make but never really get around to.

Between Gaga and Prince, I’ve concluded I have for musical artists that are little left of center but their tune seems to be within my range… something I could get into.

I just found out that Rocket from Suckerpunch was in the movie Step-Mom.

kinda funny how my mom can spot actors and actresses in certain movies that I completely miss. Then again I didn’t know who Jena Malone was at the time.

Last year or the last time I saw the movie, my mom made a comment about why I like that movie. Rather asking why.
In a nutshell, I’m not 100% sure. I guess I think it’s a really sweet story. From what I can gather, the movie starts with Julia Roberts being newly married to Ed Harris… which is kind of difficult on the kids and their mom, Susan Surandon.
I guess part of it is due to the age of Julia Roberts character… there’s at least a 10-20 year age difference between her and Susan Surandon.
Jena plays the older sibling and she has a younger brother… she’s a bit more resistent to the change, the new marriage and such. Then Susan Surandon gets the news that she has cancer, which brings more of a wedge into the family.

It’s not as well known, but oddly enough, I think I consider this my favorite Julia Roberts movie.

It also kinda makes for a good unorthodox Christmas movie because the last scene takes place on Christmas morning. I’ll leave it at the fact that the presents given are kinda sentimental, very sweet… that kinda makes it all the more special.

Another movie was playing earlier but I didn’t take advantage of watching it. I guess cuz I’d seen it recently… a couple months ago, actually.
Also another unorthodox choice of movie. “In her shoes” with Cameron Diaz and Toni Collette playing sisters.
I’m kinda putoff by the premise of Cameron Diaz’s newest movie “Bad Teacher”… not sure what it is, but I just don’t think women should do raunchy comedies… it makes the gross outs kinda disturbing… but again that’s my personal opinion.

So I really shouldn’t be a fan of this movie or a fan of hers in it because she plays Maggie, a partying girl that is constantly throwing her life away and her older sister takes a lot of heat for her. Especially when she comes home drunk night after night

I liked it even before my long stint of unemployment… but I think I have a few more reasons to be on Maggie’s side. Her sister has more than a few reasons to be annoyed with her between the behavior, the freeloading, lack of direction/ambition… and the fact she slept with her boyfriend (might have been husband, I forget) causing their break-up

Maggie tries to interview for a couple jobs but nothing seems to go right for her. She sees an ad for an MTV VJ but the teleprompter was giving her a little trouble… she’s a bit of a slow reader, you see.
and she took up a position grooming and bathing dogs… then for whatever reason she ends up taking one of them home with her.

I also tend to find it interesting that the title takes on a literal meaning because Maggie’s sister has been cursed with having the same shoe size, so Maggie likes to take her shoes,occasionally  breaking the heels and attempts to fix them with chewing gum

Maggie starts to get a little desperate for money and comes across dozens of birthday cards from a grandmother she and her sister never knew…she then decides to go down to her retirement community to meet her (grandmother’s played by the wonderful Shirley McClaine).

One way or another, Maggie starts a little business where she helps the senior citizens shop for clothes and such.
Her sister, Rose, on the other hand kinda drops out of her law firm job for a bit to take up dog walking, which kinda comes about by accident.

Rose finally makes the trip down to Florida (invited by the grandmother)… apparently their dad didn’t want them to know her because their mother had killed herself and it was due to mental illness that might be genetic. Not 100% sure

Maggie also read to a former English teacher a couple times and that helped with her reading and to understand poetry… he later dies so that’s kinda sad but he’s one of those lovable characters that is just minor enough to leave an impact on you and the people in the film that knew him

then the movie ends with the sisters coming to an understanding and Rose marries Mark Feurstein, who stars in the USA series “Royal Pains”

which unfortunately has the same time slot as “so you think you can dance” so I haven’t seen it at all this season… I can’t wait for Psych to return in the fall, LOVE that show

I think for the most part I’m with Rose because… hey I’m the older sister in real life but Maggie is kinda lovable too and its great when she finds her own way in the world, her own niche if you will

I was thinking earlier too how similar Susan Surandon and Sigourney Weaver look and how I might the two confused…

I saw Sigourney recently in Ghostbusters, which I’d seen a dozen times at least. But I think I’m always gonna know her best from Avatar because it was the first major movie I saw her in and knew who she was.
Heck she was the only familiar name on the cast list at the time.

I’ve also been putting some thought into the kind of birthday I want to have.

Taking DQ into account, supposing I’m given the option of choosing my starting date, I’d like it to be in August. The first week so I won’t have to work through my birthday or that weekend, in case i want to do something like Point Pleasant
at the moment I’m still pretty calm and occasionally I’m cautiously optimistic about it… i think the worst i’ll have to endure that day is that biannual dentist appointment… OMG… I’m freaking that I might have a couple cavities this time. The last  time wasn’t as bad as I feared but man… the stress is just awful

so far, my only quips are that I’d like a cake (not sure what kind, though), like to go out to dinner, get a present that I can unwrap and its somewhat sentimental and unexpected (one, the other or both)… and I’d like to go see “Cowboys & Aliens” in theaters…
Jon Favreau directing, Harrison Ford, Daniel Craig (who I think is mostly soso, not crazy about him as James Bond) and Olivia Wilde (who’s really been coming out of the woodwork these past few months… I still kinda prefer her as the blonde in The O.C. that was Marissa’s bicurious love interest)

should be very interesting ๐Ÿ˜Ž
then of course my mom and I are really excited about the last Harry Potter movie a week from next… hopefully she can make it out of the theater without falling apart because it IS the last movie.

I still remember pretty clearly when my mom brought home the last book. she and my dad had one of their impromptu vacations, this one to Vegas and she got it at the airport terminal for inflight reading…
that night I had watched Under the Cherry Moon for the first time and I think I thought it wasn’t too bad… the ending was sad and a bit unnecessary (maybe I should work on rewriting an ending, lol… after all, I wrote a way for Julian to have a 2nd chance at life, didn’t I)
LOL… my sister didn’t want to stick around to watch it  because she had had it up to here with all of those make-out scenes… towards the midpoint of the movie I admit it was getting to be a little much.

before I get to last night’s activities, gotta say that there are some times in life where you gotta laugh loud, hard and long every now and then to add years to your life… we had two of those LOL/LMAO moments last night

we’d been getting a phone call from this place offering a cruise if we answer a survey for them… finally my dad took the liberty of screwing around with the automated system.
example, they asked for 1 for male, 2 for female… he pressed 9 (which I said was transgender for the heck of it)

the list went on from there and it finally stopped sayign “you’re not currently qualified for this offer good bye”… we were laughing so hard after my dad said what he was pressing and said he was denied because he was an idiot for pressing the wrong number buttons

then after ABC’s “what would you do?” (great show btw)… they started 20/20. the anchor said “first, some tragic breaking news”… I turned it off, assuming that we were done watching for the night… 3 seconds later we turned it back on and caught “at the Betty Ford clinic. Our prayers are with the family”…

naturally we had to google it before bed because we couldn’t live with the suspense. I was partially freaking that it was a younger celebrity that I really cared about… or heck, RDJ falling off the wagon or Prince got into a car accident…

it was former first lady Betty Ford… who died at the Betty Ford Clinic… funny coincidence there. life’s chock full of them

the night before I’d already cued up my nightly RDJ footage… the frank skinner interview where the discussion included ‘the singing detective’ a few run-ins with the law(something about him breaking out of rehab, going to the same prison as Charles Manson)… and his new engagement to Susan

Not sure what it was, but the casualness he used to discuss these events was a llittle offputting… there were some LOL moments but not quite enough of them. I guess I didn’t believe there was enough sincerity or humility there..
but hey, thats just me…

I saw a link for a Leno interview in 1998 that I believe I saw once and it was promoting “in dreams”… where he plays a psycho-killer… therefore i was a little turned off by it and didnt want to see it. Strangely, though, I was recalling seeing him as a villian once and really liking his performance..

oh yeah… U.S. Marshalls… the movie he really hated shooting

so I settled for a mix of interviews with Zach for promoting “Due Date”…
the two of them are really sweet together and heck, Robert seems to build great relationships with all of his co-stars. Pretty admirable and actually it seems to make him all the more human and relatable

two movies I’d like to do an entry on at a later date is Bandslam and Post-Grad… a couple offbeat films that aren’t too bad.

I’m about to watch “superbad” on FX now (on my mom’s netbook)
my friends in college loved it and were asking me to check it out… now im finally gonna find the time to do so… I havent seen a new movie since Bandslam last week

strangely enough im excited to see what michael cera can bring to this… scott pilgrim is fresh in my mind and really a huge surprise ๐Ÿ˜‰

so yeah, last night I was seriously considering listening to disc 2 of emancipation…but I turned it down to keep my mind on other stuff… deleted scenes from my white tiger stories… not pleasant stuff at that…
the more I see the previews on abc for the Jaycee interview the more im considering watching it instead of FoodNetwork star… my mom got kinda fed up after the 5th promo last night over the past couple days…
the day word got out that she was found and all about what happened to her, I’ll just say I’m glad for our biosafety cabinets at work… my mind was on it all day, trying to comprehend it all… I ended up writing something inspired by it… man that’s dark stuff and its even more troubling that it happens in real life sometimes..

i might address the casey anthony case at some point but im not up for it right now…
on a positive note, elizabeth smart is  going to be a newcaster for case like hers, so she’ll definitely be making a difference in the world aside from the “live to tell the tale” thing

I started to consider throughout the night whether I should check into the album… never did…

and strangely enough the compilation of images in my dream last night had a lot of purple connotations to it…

I was in there somewhere… at one point singing Taylor Swift’s “Sparks Fly” to where I actually sounded like her… u know in the lip-synching type way but it was like her recorded voice was coming from my mouth…

there were images from Purple Rain. in one of them I’m absentmindedly strumming an air guitar the way Wendy does in the movie (to start the song)… and the next thing I know, I’m seeing that exact image and I’m in time with it

another scene; my mind was having trouble picking up faces from all of these people… at one point Morris Day and The Time were on stage performing “The Bird”… which I only remember hearing a few bars of… the choreography was kinda there but when his face came into focus, he resembled someone I knew at work or even an older version of himself than Morris Day in the film… I was disappointed, oddly… my mind is wondering if im still crushing on him or if im over him or what… very confusing

then every couple minutes im anticpating the revolution playing purple rain… for some reason i have my iPod playlist ready to go to play that song so I can listen to it while im watching it being performed… that opportunity never comes

the entire time, Prince is in the dream as he was back then… dressed from head to toe with the hair (that was the only clear feature)… but he’s in shadow… a mysterious presence but I know he’s there the entire time… he has this air about him of authority… and I think I want to say a few words to him but can’t… either cuz he’s not intersted or i dont know what to say… again thats kinda vague

so part of me is now considering the possiblitiy of watching purple rain tonight instead of anything else thats on… very few things are on as it is, though…

the wedding planner, which i havent seen in ages but would like another chance at seeing McConaughey and Jennifer Lopez at probably her best movie (not really saying much)
The blues brothers, which ive never seen but ive been putting that off for ages, lol

Purple Rain… very strange how that came out of nowhere… I had to wrack my brain to remember how the song went, lol… I think I saw the movie a good six months ago… it truly is a good summer film cuz that’s when it was released in theaters (1984)

I was thinking about another entry idea:
Records for all seasons…

Like I think of “Fearless” as an autumn album…
as is “American Idiot” because of the one song “wake me up when september ends”

similar case in point…
“Speak now” feels like a winter album cuz of one song called “back to december”…
Come ive always kinda noted as a wintery album

eh…and I guess Katy Perry’s latest is a very summery album… fireworks and california girls are very summery images for sure

I’ll put more thought to all this and come back with an entry at a later date.
for now, signing off and I’m hoping Prince becomes part of my plans for the night

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