Purple Rain commentary [1st attempt- fully polished]

my first attempt at writing commentary for “Purple Rain”
Wednesday, July 13- Thursday, July 14 (11pm-2am)

This is not meant to be directly followed during the film, but it offers some insight to some scenes and interesting points to others. Enjoy


The church chords in the beginning are purely 80’s… no other decade comes to mind. It certainly caught my attention. And I believe the opening dialogue was familiar but we never really got past the “dearly beloved we’re gathered here today to get through this thing called life”

Prince has an undeniable stage presence

So many people were dressed up as they were in the 80’s. They really fit into the scene and into the culture this whole movie presented… and the fact of the matter is that the people who wanted to be in the movie as extras really went all out on the make-up and the clothes. (I was about to say “costumes” but recording engineer Susan Rogers mistakenly said that about the Revolution in the studio one day when Prince was wearing blue jeans… never wore blue jeans again, I’m assuming it was to do the video for “Little Red Corvette”).
It took me a while to really appreciate The Revolution as Prince’s back-up band and they were in fact so much more than that. As you hear later, Lisa & Wendy played a big role in the group so there is “concern” where he’s having a little trouble with the two of them in particular.

The synchronization is unbelievable where this song kicks off and you can’t help but dance to it, whether you’re in a good mood or bad. You’ll see it later as well in Computer Blue,  one I like to note for its eye-catching choreography… maybe because it’s so raw and… well, more on that later.

While “Let’s go Crazy” plays and the Revolution is performing it, we meet the other characters Morris Day and Apollonia for the first time. You see him, initially vacuuming his apartment, something that the director, producer and such were laughing at during the director’s commentary on the DVD. After listening to them, yeah, I guess that is kinda funny.
Then with Apollonia, all you see at first is through her actions because there’s no dialogue. She hitches a cab and runs out without paying the fee… apparently wanting to save all the cash she can for the hotel. Which interestingly, I had to think about this, I guess it charges weekly and daily rates… The Huntington Hotel, which is literally across the street from First Avenue. Al Magnoli can testify to her view outside of her window was accurate to every degree imaginable.
And we get that she’s a beautiful stranger, new pretty face in town.

You see Wendy & Lisa chilling in each other’s company in the dressing room…
Hmm… Prince throws a tambourine into the audience at the beginning and end of this … I wonder if that’s an allusion to his song “Tambourine” in the follow-up album to this in “Around the world in a day”

Morris arrives. Pina Colada in hand… telling his band that they’re gonna kill him… something he did and maybe Prince had when The Time was touring with Prince and his group during the 1999 Triple Threat tour with Vanity 6.

Apollonia approaches the stage, seeing Prince for the first time… and she’s captivated as most of the girls often are the first time they see him perform (I can attest to that personally but in a scene much, much later in the film)…

Apollonia runs past the bouncer, played by one of Prince’s “notorious” bodyguards… at their time anyway… and into a familiar face to those who knew Prince’s music before this film.
I think I recognized her as the other girl in the video for “1999”

A killer guitar solo ends this song and just before it, you see him and Wendy dueling guitars. I believe he said in one interview that he loved having Wendy on stage back in the day because having her next to him smiling made him look good.
Then of course, the first time he heard her play guitar in that hotel room… I believe it was on the 1999 tour and she’d been following them from city to city to support her childhood friend Lisa… that friendship got her a back-up vocal along with Lisa, Jill and Vanity on the 1999 track “Free”… but when Prince heard her play guitar, he was instantly sold. Dez had a rockin’ edge to his guitar in the previous record, and I might be a little biased, seeing as I’m a huge fan of the debut album by Wendy & Lisa, but Wendy is pretty amazing. I’m not knowledgeable on guitar playing but she kicks some ass in the next couple Revolution records as well as this film.

A little bit of the taunting that goes on both on and off stage between Prince and Morris… but I’m pretty sure that it was more of a friendly rivalry than it’s portrayed in this film


The first time I heard “Jungle Love”… I didn’t think much of the lyrics at first, I was maybe a little preoccupied with when Prince was gonna get back on screen… waiting to see what he’ll do next. But I’ll tell you that the bass line and the percussion for this song was so SICK… in fact, it’s still pretty sick… that I wouldn’t easily forget it. “Let’s go crazy” is kind of a flashy number that runs long and all kinds of stuff happens, but there is a bit of a stronger impression left by the next song.
I’d seen this movie maybe 30, maybe 40 times now over the past 4 years… and I still remember the first time and how I felt during that first time listening to that.
Heck, it was pretty synonymous for a while, with the first time Prince meets Apollonia. And I was lingering on the edge of my seat (or my bed rather, cuz I was watching it in my bedroom at the time) to see what he’d do. I know he’s a mysterious kinda guy and man he made a show out of it, surpassing a lot of things I thought he was capable of.

The last time I watched this on Saturday night, I don’t know what it was, but when Prince slides behind Apollonia with the sunglasses… made me laugh because it was just so odd and so different but at the same time, you know, because of who we’re talking about, I kinda expected it.
And when she turns around and he disappears, I knew that was coming a mile away. One of the commentators (after going into the reaction of the audience, wondering why they were on their feet during the first showing after the first song), said that a lot of girls in the audience were saddened by the fact Prince wasn’t there when she turned around.

[Need I also say how disappointed I was that the album version of “Jungle Love” sounded nothing like that… just doesn’t have the same spark for me or makes me feel the same way]

Al Magnoli’s first use of a dolly grip on film… something he’d wanted to do after getting out of film school
Prince’s acting and the music work together really well here, especially when he comes to the door and hesitant to go inside… just another night at the broken house

We get introduced to a big piece of the plot here and also something that was kinda spiced up to make for a more exciting script…
When Prince was asked (often) how autobiographical the movie was, he said that. One case is with his on-screen parents and although there might have been some realities within that story, that’s one huge difference between reality and fiction.
Prince did grow up in somewhat of a broken home but things were a bit more complicated than the domestic violence you see here.

talk about another juiced conflict…
I don’t think Prince and Morris Day were these huge of rivals in reality. They were good friends that were always wanting to one-up the other one. It’s all good and clean fun, although there was a bit of pranking involved from what I understand.

Hollywood influences a lot of things for the sake of making them more interesting… I guess you could say that this is a clever way of accomplishing that.
But this is heavily different than making a biopic like Chaplin or converting a book to a movie like Twilight… because this is meant to be semi-autobiographical… you know “telling the Prince story without it being the Prince story”

Billy and Morris walking down the streets of LA… wonder they’re hot in that jacket and sweats

Another twist: Morris creating the girls group instead of Prince (who created Vanity, and later Apollonia, 6)
I guess we gotta add the conflicts some way, somehow, right?

Prince’s professional life seems on the edge of shambles too, Morris riding on his coattails, now trying to eliminate his one and only competition… which basically is all this is.
His casualness at hearing what Jill said about Billy and Morris makes me wonder if he is blowing this off because he thinks things are perfectly fine or is it out of arrogance… as if the club would crumble without him around…
but I said it the last time, scenes like this make me wonder if Jill and Prince had a special relationship kinda like this where her word would make him reconsider a position like, say, listening to a song by Wendy & Lisa when he seems completely opposed to letting them have their voice in HIS group

now… is this warehouse supposed to pay homage to the place where Prince had rehearsed with his band several times over the years? I got to thinking about it the other day as well

Morris really has some expressive eyes and eyebrows… and his smile… no wonder he got a few small roles because of this

Meanwhile, he and Jerome are back in Minneapolis talking about Apollonia… and they run into one of Morris’s many lovers… supposedly a few people were nervous about doing this scene where Jerome throws the girl into a dumpster but how the scene ended with her coming out of it seemed to be just fine, made the scene work.
I’ll admit to being a little nervous about this scene too where Jerome takes her into the alley, but that was before I saw the dumpster. And despite all that, Morris still seems irresistible to her

While filming this scene in the mall, there were a lot of fans below that were going nuts because Prince was there and they had to be told to keep down the volume. I think once or twice you can see cameras flashing for no apparent reason
Prince seems to have a way with actions speaking louder than words… as if he doesn’t need to spend every minute with dialogue. Like how he lets his music speak for him
Al Magnoli said he really worked to get the entire guitar in the shot.

There’s a mention of lack of continuity in this next scene where we hear “Take me with u”… in the scenes shot from above, Prince is wearing a purple coat, his trademark coat in this film… but when we’re below with him and Apollonia he’s wearing black.
I can only say that they were both shot on different days… because with the helicopter shots, they were the first shot for the movie when the weather was still relatively nice and it was getting to the end of September or October in Minneapolis.
And they simply forgot to synch wardrobe.

This song was one of a few last minute additions to the soundtrack and just made this outdoor scene a little nicer… you see a lot of the outside here which you really don’t get to see in this movie because it’s most in the club and all that. Not sure where I read or heard it, but I believe someone said that the footage shot throughout this scene was really boring stock-footage and the song was probably the only thing that made it interesting.
What I’m curious about is what Apollonia whispers in Prince’s ear that makes him smile during this ride


“You’re in the business?”
I love how he says that line, it’s so matter-of-factly, lol

Apparently, Prince shot his scenes at the lake in Minneapolis and Apollonia was in LA at a later date for hers, I guess when the weather got too cold in Minnesota, they moved to the west coast to shoot some other scenes

I often wonder what Prince or his character is thinking during this conversation with Apollonia. She’s concerned with making it… and right now, the way he puts it, it seems like that’s a narrow-minded way of thinking.
In fact, I don’t believe he cares about that at all for himself… he just wants to be able to play and share his music, and his position at the club is the only thing he really needs to make him happy.

Oh… initiation… LOL LMAO
I’m not sure if I was onto the joke at first the first time… but once she got in the lake, I think the pieces were starting to click together. (D’oh!)

Apollonia was so eager to jump into that lake for the shot but when asked about her being shot coming out of it, she says “that’s not gonna happen…”
It was supposedly FREEZING despite the sun being on it so late in the day. But she did finish filming the scene coming out, emerging in LA.

A pet peeve of mine for sure… one too many scenes of him driving away on the motorcycle and the dirt fogs up the camera. I always blink cuz of it

what’s with Morris and that cane… is that his pimp stick or what? It’s never really explained, lol

I think I was onto the password scene within the first two lines… oh shoot, it’s that same old comedy routine where a misunderstanding by both parties goes array. Mind you, this is before I knew who Abbott & Costello were, but I knew this was kind of an old gag

another great 80’s track that’s highly underappreciated… but it only gotten released a couple years ago in full for the first time
I wonder what the arrangement was for Dez to have this little cameo in the film. Did he want it, did Prince want it or was it a mutual clean break? Final hurrah…

The conflict between Prince and Lisa & Wendy is brought to light.
Prince’s only dialogue is through the “purple monkey puppet,” as I affectionately call it…
I don’t suppose there is any amount of dialogue that could justify this scene more than silence does, but Prince being such a mysterious presence, I can’t help wondering what he’s thinking this entire time… what’s his motivation for this scene, what’s his mindset?
Was he truly blowing them off because he’s ticked at their experimenting behind his back? Or is there a little more to that? Talk about playing 2 emotions at the same time
(he’s a Gemini, right…)

I’m racking my brain trying to remember if I thought of Lisa as the prettier of the two girls or Wendy…  because I’m starting to feel that Wendy is kinda nice as well… it must be that gusto and attitude that really make her all the more awesome, especially when it came to translating herself onto the screen as her character, while playing herself

So Prince is left alone after all this and again, where is his mind at? Is he feeling guilty or is he just blasé about the whole thing, oblivious to what it all really means

Morris seen with multiple “suitors”…
he’s a heck of a lady’s man/playboy in this movie

Prince often has conversations with himself in his songs… first time we hear the stripped-down melody of Purple Rain in this film… kinda like what “Stairway to Heaven” was like back in the day, you had to just stop what you were doing and listen to it… so maybe he’s reconsidering his position with his band and such here because he decided to listen to the tape.
It wouldn’t be too far removed if Prince had a conversation similar to the one with the puppet, but… again, you wonder about some things especially after seeing them a number of times.

We go over now to Apollonia meeting Morris and the song in the background changes from Modernaire to an instrumental number called “Possessed”
was the drinking age 19 in 1984? Cuz Apollonia wrote her age down as 19 on the form she got from Jill earlier
Wendy was 19 when she was in this, fresh out of high school

Prince gets some motivation now to really show up Morris… nothing really woos a girl like a love song like “The Beautiful Ones”
sure beats the hell out of Morris’s clichéd pick-up lines… more cheesy everytime I hear them
must say the way he pronounces some words and ends some sentences here in comical in itself

My first time seeing Prince play piano was during this song… and I was blown away that he could play more than just guitar at the time.
Made me fall in love and cry once, and it hadn’t really been repeated… at least not until recently on the George Lopez show

Apollonia’s acting here is really good despite the fact she didn’t have the benefit of having Prince on stage while she was reacting to the different lyrics

the lighting here is really dreamy, mostly in blues and purples for this scene… creating a hulluv an atmosphere
speaking of lighting, it seems like Apollonia looks really good in all of them… makes her looking so alluring and beautiful.
Wendy backs away to give Prince room, but I swear in that instant and one a little later on, she looks a little emotionally wrapped in the song. She’d said she thought it was one of his really best songs, especially at this prolific time in his career

I know Prince throws himself into his performances but that one really takes the cake… but then again… there is a lot of that to follow

I believe the original line Billy has is “what’s this intercourse %$#&…” because the song meant for that scene was “Electric Intercourse”… not nearly as  powerful as its replacement, though

Another dream shot of Al Magnoli’s since he got the directing gig: Prince coming down the fire escape but the camera is catching him from below… pretty impressive, you see this at the beginning of the video for “Let’s go crazy” which is more or less footage from the movie

The Kid seems a little embarrassed of his parents here… so does his music serve as an escape from what’s going on in the house or does he ultimately want to be so successful that he can finally escape it and live his own life without being too concerned about it?

Here we hear a little bit of an eerie backwards tape that doesn’t have much point in the movie as a whole, but maybe it’s a tongue-in-cheek jab at Vanity as well as a foreshadowing to Darling Nikki and the backwards tape part that ends that track
Vanity was meant to play lead but when she and Prince were on the outs, they had to find someone else to take her place. Some might say that Apollonia wasn’t good enough to assay the role, not pretty enough or talented enough with the right voice… but I guess her innocence comes in plenty handy for this movie, especially with the conflicts that occur later with the jealousy and all that…

there were supposedly three scenes that follow, one was G, another PG and another that was R… they went with R-rated…
and rumor is that a few seconds were cut out so it didn’t get an X-rating … which could have tarnished some of the commercial potential it had for success

I’m getting better at this as I go along, definitely, this is the first time I’ve had to pause it for a while… ]

Each time you hear bits of Purple Rain in this movie are just magical, everything just stops… or in this case, things accelerate.

This has to be one of my favorite scenes in the movie, up until the part where Prince kinda loses his temper a little bit… and I dunno, I hear him say “I’m not gonna do your stupid music” and it doesn’t sound like its coming from him… not his voice. I kinda figured him for the passive-aggressive type…
another case-in-point, what occurs between him and Apollonia in the next scene

But I love the set-up Wendy & Lisa have going playing the music with the candles… how can that not be about caring about something… it doesn’t take me all that long to figure that they really care about the music the band plays as much as Prince does… its just a matter of him entrusting the control of the creative process to someone else

Morris has his weakest line of dialogue coming up
“I think I have something you might be interested in”
makes me cringe, the one time his lack of acting experience shows
Jerome, on the other hand, the way he hands the tape to Morris is classic.. makes me laugh everytime I see this

Morris makes his offer and Apollonia accepts, interested in her big break but doesn’t seem to understand that The Kid doesn’t want to compete against her… or actually, having all of these other guys viewing her as eye candy when he wants her all for himself.
Something that might have been an issue for The Kid’s father

Again, we see him listen to the tape to reconsider, maybe trying to decide to play it at a show some time… but unfortunately his sanctuary is shattered when the domestic conflict comes into his room in the basement

This is a huge opportunity for the professional actors, (the parents) to really shine and steal the show… word was that whenever Clarence was doing a scene, all of the non-actors, the musicians  would come on set to see him because he was just that good at what he did..

That’s a true talent to have in Hollywood, crying on cue like that and Prince is really has it in the scenes that call for it

On one of the DVD extras, Al Magnoli got a little emotional when discussing this scene because Prince had told him about it during one of their rendezvouses, saying his father said the “I would die for you” line when he was a kid… oh, actually, it was the “never get married” line later on, but it was a really deep, heavy conversation Prince and his father had once

One of the biggest patterns in this movie is the mirroring between the relationships of The Kid’s parents and him and Apollonia… they’re making love in one scene, he goes that way in the next
and unfortunately, the imitation of domestic violence is no exception.

The musical score is so 80’s, I kinda remember hearing some of it in Top Gun or at least very similar

And of course we all know what’s gonna be in the package, lol

That golden anklet musta been really valuable

The basement has so many different faces   surrounding him…  is there any truth to that as well, I wonder…

Oh shoot, the guitar was to soften the blow of the news she’s going to tell him about joining the other group…

Something about the way she says that last line really stings, I don’t quite know why… oh wait, I know exactly

And now we hear some extra Computer Blue footage with the three other guys from The Revolution… of course, no sign of Wendy & Lisa after what happened the other day

I’m not sure what was cooler, finding out that that part was of Computer Blue… hearing it in the longer version of the track or hearing this live after hearing it in the track…
It’s at this point in the movie where the audience is made aware of the fact that it goes deeper than your run-of-the-mill rock film and that there’s some dark stuff in this that mirrors reality in a lot of ways.
It would have been nice if the guys had a thing or two to say about this being from Computer Blue or at least the fact that Computer Blue was severely cut down before the final pressing of the record. That’s a story I’d like to hear from other accounts, those people that were there at the time

This scene with Billy Sparks was supposedly difficult to do. There was nervousness that Billy wouldn’t be able to cut it and his lack of acting experience would really show, kinda disrupting the professional edge of the production… but I think it comes across really well despite a few weak points here and there

“I’ve got 3 acts, I don’t need 4”
that conflict had some truth to it as well…

hello montage…
and of course the story of “When Doves Cry” goes back quite a ways… I mean, it is unbelievable to me that Prince could write a song over night as brilliant as this…
and taking out the bass-line, my god… mind-blowing

Morris was grimacing earlier when he was watching Brenda and Susan dance to the music but now that Apollonia is a part of the group, it really seems to come together… wonder what’s up with that

then the markings on that archway, Love, God and the symbol, and you see the same symbol on the motorcycle… were they always there or did Prince put them there or did he suggest to put them there… seems to really coincide with his beliefs…

omg, they had a palm tree at the end of their street, very way back on the left side.. lol

Man, Prince marches into that house like Michael Jackson in “Beat it”… and I do believe him being that pissed off, lol…
but it all magically dissolves when he hears his father playing the piano, probably for the first time in a long time cuz he thought he said he’d never play again

A short, sweet, haunting classic… Prince did amazing justice to playing it and Clarence did a great job acting along with it, making it look like he was playing it

I first saw bits and pieces of this movie a long time ago… not sure if I remember this scene in particular, but what happens later on and my dad saying that The Kid’s dad said he didn’t write down his songs… that was pretty huge.
I think I remember the motorcycle during When Doves Cry… but a lot of the stuff is vague after that… I’m pretty sure I would have remembered Computer Blue and Darling Nikki if I’d seen them.
Unless the channel we had it on did some severe editing or god forbid, my young mind (14-17 at the time) couldn’t handle it and blocked it out… man was I nervous the first time I was going to see this entire movie during Darling Nikki

They both dance around a lot of things in their words, not directly answering questions. There’s just something so powerful about it… especially when the father says that he has a lot of different songs and he doesn’t have to write them down… supposedly this whole scene was recreated from a reality Prince lived through…
and I suspect its one of the last, if not the last conversation the two of them had before Prince’s dad moved out of the house, leaving his piano behind

Now onto another of my favorite scenes… Computer Blue’s choreography blew me away so much with the synchronization at the helm the first time… I’d actually watched it extra times on the DVD and on YouTube… I physically follow the movements with my body and my eyes, almost to a tee

Heh, the first time I heard this, I thought they were playing Darling Nikki but it’s another song entirely that kinda leads up to it… at least when Apollonia walks in with Morris

the Revolution looks like a bunch of punks here, actually, more than usual, lol

Its this scene, I think, more than any other where I completely forget how short Prince is in real life… he’s almost like a titan on that stage the way he just brings his performance each time

This section, the “Father’s Song” section also has some great choreography as well… there is no end to the talent of this man or this group, in their respect

Even after the slap, Apollonia still doesn’t seem to want to hurt Prince or compete with him… but unfortunately, he’s not gonna play that.

He still is under the impression she’d betrayed him … as we will see now

A lot of hot, red lights here that really bring an impression of… wow… no idea… going into the pits of hell, I guess

Tipper Gore had a field day with these lyrics, lol

I swear I was so nervous when this scene was starting cuz I knew there were some filthy lyrics here for my all-too naive mind… at the time at least… the climax of it all being, well, lack of a better phrase, Prince screaming and humping the mic before he decides he’s had enough of his own BS and walks off… meanwhile the whole group keeps playing as if nothing’s wrong and they don’t seem too concerned about the content… is it because they’re falling in line or do they really like the songs as much as he does…
so many things were coming to mind during this.
First of all, all of the jerking and thrusting he did on stage during the parts between the verses with the drums and such… I literally cannot go through listening to this song without mimicking some of that, that kind of energy just runs through ya like adrenaline. And I mean this in the cleanest way possible. Unlike Prince, I don’t have a dirty mind on my default setting… but when he’s around, there have been moments, I’ll leave at that…
second of all, it’s mind-blowing how he gets off on performing this track and he’s so sadistic and even masochistic about it at times…
and then I remembered hearing Susan Roger’s account of hearing Prince recording this in solitude and all of the unbelievable screams coming from the other room LOL… wow… that must have been something…
bits and pieces of watching this are invigorating almost as much as they are comical.
It was kind of important in the director’s eyes that with the audience, they do “singles” where they give each of the parties their own shots to bring to light different reactions to this outrageous performance

And here’s yet another scene where you see Prince fuming and angry but it doesn’t get much worse than this… comical at some points, but man, when Prince stares you down the way he does after that “old man” line… you literally want to back away a couple feet

Somewhat of a diva here, he proceeds to trash his own dressing room before Billy comes in to give him some “good advice”
his expressions here are amazing for a non-actor…

That line I seemed to remember really well in my selective memory from the first time I saw this in bits and pieces… “your music makes sense to no one but yourself”… a real turning point, I think, but it takes a while for him to wise up to that and decide that a song like Wendy & Lisa’s is what he needs to put out there

Jerome comes out of nowhere (supposedly Morris was supposedly to shoot this scene but “we couldn’t find him”)… and this kinda got him enough time to shine to be considered for the role of Prince’s sidekick Tricky in “Under the Cherry Moon”

Hilarious how the commentators were talking about shooting this scene and not really having the time or luxury of it to admire the beauty of the girls. That was before you could see what you were shooting with video cameras while you were shooting…

Only recently have really gotten into this song and listened to it somewhat regularly… like maybe a couple of times this past month… [I’m editing this right now and I HAVE to listen to it, lol]
Initially, I’m thinking maybe along the lines of a lot of guys back in the day that preferred Vanity to Apollonia… I mean, she seems a little too sweet and innocent to be singing those lyrics or dancing like that in the lingerie and such… doesn’t quite work and the weakness in her voice kinda shows.
But I’ve caught myself more than once swaying to the choreography. I probably wouldn’t be able to do it as perfectly as Computer Blue (or at least a little better than this would be)… but oddly my swaying is always in the opposite direction, something I can’t quite fix.
Here we also see Prince in the back of the room in obscurity, getting a glimpse of the show… this was something he often did during the other concerts on tour or at first avenue where he’d be scoping the competition…

[Omg, totally forgot this song earned Razzie proclaim… not that it really matters all that much to me at this point]

huh, with those glasses, Billy Sparks kinda looks like Cee-Lo, lol

this alley scene was shot in LA but supposedly it was still pretty cold out … Apollonia took it like a champ again, wearing lingerie and not missing a beat…
she and Morris already seem pretty hammered and of course, he’s looking to get lucky… which seems to be all that its about

“in his skin”, lol… I remember Jerome having a similar line in “Under the cherry moon” and I wondered if it was in reference to this

Another crime for The Kid’s rep. sheet: running Morris over with his motorcycle… classic
and Morris only cares about his newly dry-cleaned coat

I’d like to believe The Kid’s coming to the rescue to save Apollonia from getting taken advantage of… but then he goes ahead and starts to do the same thing… except now it seems she’s sobered up a little bit

a lot of this scene and the ones that followed, even in the shambles they were in that day, were still very clear in places when I saw this movie in its entirety the first time

Prince always kinda had this policy about no drugs and such… that was supposedly part of a contract he had with his band… but he’s probably upset that Apollonia was drinking because his father drinks and that’s when most of the fights occur

another fight seems to have occurred based on the damages… but you gotta wonder what exactly went down… why the door was left open like that…

It’s odd, half the time I see this on TV, I hear him cock the gun, but when I watch the DVD I don’t hear it… maybe not as loud and clear

This was originally meant to be a murder/suicide but WB decided against it after they did the same with another film recently that was a little controversial (Star 80)…
its kinda sick and sadistic that Prince wanted the murder/suicide… but I guess in his mind it kinda worked. He doesn’t seem to believe in Hollywood happy endings as much or he just wanted something a little more realistic

But hey, it was a pretty good compromise… Prince and Al Magnoli fought to keep “When doves cry” the way it was (not adding instruments and such)… and the murder/suicide was rewritten…

The music score that plays during the interrogation, along with the red and blue lights outside the window, stayed with me for quite a while… I remember this scene making me nervous quite a bit… and I was bracing myself for it when I saw the whole thing

Real powerful scene coming up when The Kid commits another crime:
destruction of personal property

Al Magnoli said he was nervous about this scene but said it was about the editing and making sure everything was just right

Two questions come to mind with that last:
was he seeing himself following in his father’s footsteps
or was he really contemplating hanging himself after this horrible night?

Then he finds the sheet music his father said he never wrote down… WOW… I think I’d cried maybe once or twice during that scene, it was so powerful and so real/genuine

Apparently The Kid reawakens without a shirt to somewhat separate who he is at home and in the professional world

then he starts playing the tape a few times to get a feel for the piano… then I guess he starts working on it… not sure if he completed it himself or worked that day with Wendy and Lisa…
it’s pretty cool when this shows on TV (on VH1 and VH1Classic, the channels that respect it), and it goes to commercial with the end of that first verse of piano
this is also an example of art imitating life. When Prince’s father was living at the house, he was never allowed to play the piano because he wasn’t as good as him. Then when his father left and the piano behind in the house, Prince started to play it and teach himself how to.

speaking of good choreography and synch…
aside from the actual dance…
lol… I remember this scene SO well… up to my dad’s proclamation that its the stupidest dance ever thought up

Morris supposedly created all of those songs about inventing dances because he couldn’t dance and it would be a way for him to do so, lol

I don’t think I’d ever gonna do “The Bird” unless I was at a concert featuring The Time and everyone else was doing it too, lol…
I hear it had its run at the clubs and its still pretty good as far as one of those enlightening gospel type tracks where you’re meant to feel good

“How’s the family?”
BOO… that’s cold, Morris…
and apparently he knows he crossed that line but he is as likely to cop to that to the Kid as he is to telling his boys to get off it

I wonder when the audience is staring up at him if they’re thinking about the mayhem he wrecked during his last show, lol

The dedication really put this song on the map, made it a huge moment for this movie… so why not make it the name of the movie as well

In reality, Prince never gave props to Wendy & Lisa quite like this

Strange how selective my memory was back then… I remember the next two songs, the performance that blew me away… like this modern-day Mozart could really put on a show…

I didn’t quite get “Stairway to Heaven” the first time I heard it either when I was in 8th grade… but age does wonders…
I musta been mad or mentally vacant to not remember seeing the Purple Rain performance…

There’s no forgetting your first time… for me it was actually the first 5 or 6 times actually…
I literally couldn’t get through this performance without completely crying my eyes out and not being able to stop for the longest time… or at least until the next song started.

Not sure what was going through my head at first… but after a little while, it snuck up on me but I was not only crying but I was bawling… without all of the miserable sounding sound effects…
tears pouring down my cheeks, probably leaving stains behind…
my mom comes upstairs to tell me dinner’s gonna be ready soon and she automatically guessed what scene I’d just gotten through…

totally embarrassing, but ultimately I really shouldn’t be…
nothing’s like a good cry, especially to something as beautiful and touching as this song.

There probably isn’t going to be any getting that back… bawling my eyes out each time I see this performance… like Darling Nikki, which is kind of a guilty pleasure sometimes, I’d grown accustomed to it and immune to the stuff that plagued me before.
But in this case, I kinda wish I could still dissolve every time I see this scene

Guess it’s been a while since The Kid heard applause like this… and he probably wasn’t expecting it with a song he didn’t write (well, Prince wrote it, I was kinda disappointed to find out, lol… but its cool that Wendy & Lisa got their input on it as well)

Ah, there are those tambourines again

I’d heard these two songs so many times prior this but to see them performed… my god… just brings a whole new dimension to things.
Guess its time for a few more montages, lol

[either I’m getting cold or I’ve got chills, lol]

Not only was he a singer/songwriter but he was a helluva dancer back in the day… that’s what really sold me on him.
Though not quite enough to make me go out and buy a bunch of his music… that didn’t come until a few years later

“baby I’m a star” was originally meant for them to run credits during… but they couldn’t bear to do it, lol… glad they didn’t, it’d be a shame to hide all this action  with those words, lol

oh yeah, he definitely knew where all the cameras were for this scene cuz he was doing a lot of flirting with the cameras here

haha… even Morris and Jerome are getting in on the show… I guess they don’t really care about the rivalry anymore or want to “get rid of him”

This is probably the only movie (it and Under the cherry Moon actually) where I’d actually watch through the entire credits…
but there’s just some great songs I’d like to hear… and this medley Prince put together was pretty cool 😎
I kinda wish some songs got more than few seconds… Computer Blue, again…


So ends my first attempt at writing commentary to Purple Rain. This isn’t meant to be followed directly with the film because you’re likely to lose sight of the movie cuz some parts run long. But it was fun to do it once I got the hang of it


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