A Day devoted to Harry Potter, later 2b derailed

Holy $%#&… part of me wants to say “tell me this isn’t happening” and the rest says “guess I shoulda seen this coming.”

This entry is going to jump around just a little bit because I have a lot of things to cover and address. At some point, I hope to discuss the final Harry Potter film… and even the experiencing of this movie was nearly derailed by the same guilty party… where it seems that whenever his name is mentioned, my mind shuts down and revolves around him for a good several minutes.

We had somewhat of a quiet weekend. Yesterday was one of those days where I like to lay around and watch movies all day, none of which are particularly spectacular (although regarding “Inglorious Basterds” I beg to differ)… but it’s one of those activities that you would do with your girlfriends.
Hang out in the front of the TV watching really bad and/or cheesy movies…

in fact I believe that is a line out of another movie, but I can’t remember which one.

I caught approximately 3.5 movies through the entirity of yesterday. Which was another one of those days where my folks are out of town and I’m left alone with my sister, my dog and my thoughts
some dark thoughts at that… really starting to ponder my lot in life yet again, even worrying what will become of me after my birthday weekend. That that I’ve been looking so forward to, what’s waiting for me on the other side.
I can say that my professional writing side is slacking to the point where its non-existent. I did write in an attempt to give Julian’s story more justice, figuring out how it would be possible for him to survive and conquer addiction.

Because Less than Zero showed twice on Fox Movie Channel last night and I talked myself out of both showings between other movies, I penned a private entry all about the “ghosts” left behind by some of Robert Downey’s best performances.
And they do serve to haunt me quite a bit.

The pleasure centers that were going off inside me were derailed (imagine him derailing himself but they’re two very strictly different personas)… so it let my mind into a flurry. Heck, my mind and body were headed towards frenzy mode and despite all of the stuff that went on in the movie, I had a very sharp moment of weakness where the “ghost” of Larry Paul was really starting to sink back in.


Back to the movies.
I wanted to get up at a reasonable hour yesterday so I could catch “Spanglish” on TBS. That promoted me to spend the rest of the day agreeing with everything with either a “si” or “oui”… the latter has kinda become a part of my bag of responses over the past month or two…

Spanglish is a really good chick flick because it’s a different take on it. It’s meant to be somewhat of an enpowering, inspiring film. The story is more or less the admissions essay to Princeton in which a young Latina about why her mother is the most inspiring person in her life.
It begins where Cristina is 6 and her father left her and her mother for a reason that’s never really explained. To give her and Cristina a better life, Flor moves from Mexico to LA to work as a housekeeper for a rich white family. Each have their own interesting journeys over that summer, but it’s a different type of “coming of age” tale where the person who learns the life lesson doesn’t appreciate it until several years after the event occurred.
Flor doesn’t speak a word of English and has her cousin and Cristina translate for her… but to help out the daughter of the house she’s working in, she asks Cristina how to say a few things in English. As things progress, she decides to get something like Rosetta Stone but it’s not for a computer, it’s like learn English on VHS.
A very interesting story I can’t do complete justice with so many things on my mind, so if you’re in the mood for something a little more exotic (pun definitely intended), I’d totally recommend it.

Then I had to rewatch “Confessions of a Shopalcoholic” because I loved it so much the first time around. Isla Fisher looks amazing in this movie with all of those different clothes she wears (even looks good in the bridesmaid’s dress for her bestie’s wedding… she played Patty in “She’s out of my league”)… the red hair really went well with the green scarf that become her moniker working for “Successful Savings”… like unbelivably. That was visually appealing. Then the shopalcoholics anonymous people were just plain hilarious, especially when the first group leader falls off the wagon.


I saw “Inglorious basterds” listed so I had to watch that again.
But before hand, I watched the first hour of “The House Bunny”… again on TBS (the two previous movies were back to back yesterday morning)… I saw the second half in my college dormroom when they were showing it on the school’s movie channel… and it wasn’t as lame as I thought it was going to be.
And in fact, I was more than happy to check back into it. More than glad… because I’d seen the work of a couple of the cast members since the last time I saw this.

Emma Stone was listed as one of the first few castmembers on the synopsis in the viewing guide. And since “Easy A,” I’d been keeping an eye out for her movies but not really looking as hard as if I’m obsessed with the hunt (for case in point, keep reading… :sigh: ..)

I’d seen Anna Faris as the heroine in the Scary Movie franchise and I was kinda turned off when she dyed her hair blonde for the third one… people think that Elle Woods is an airhead… Shelley OWNS that in this movie and it’s over the top how much of a dumb blonde she can be.
But considering the things she accomplishes and how she helps the sorority she volunteers to be the new house mother for… she does have something going on and along the way, she inspires the girls she’s helping.
All of them kind of misfits, part of the reason why they’re about to lose their charter.
One has a backbrace (which later has a really lame spoof on that “run Forrest run” moment), one is so shy that she texts the others from a closet during most of the movie (when she finally comes out… no, not in that way, lol… we find out she has a British accent), one is definitely less than 5 feet tall, Katherine McPhee plays Harmony who is maybe 8-9 months pregnant (they never go into the reason why, but there’s no real concern about that)… then there’s Mona, the girl that kinda goes against the grain with moments of dry humor… and Natalie played by Emma Stone

I think I saw this movie and thought she reminded me of Lindsay Lohan because she had the same look with the red hair and such. I spent a long time in this movie just waiting for that scene where they all get makeovers because I wanted her to get rid of the glasses. And I wanted her hair to be down and with the same wave… I pretty much wanted to see Olive Pendergast materialize in front of me because she was an unbelievable inspiration in that movie

The girl who played Mona seemed really familiar to me and I couldn’t quite put my finger on the reason why. I knew I had definitely seen her before. Then when I decided to watch the rest of it today (luckily TBS believed in encore showings this weekend), it took me a while longer and I had one of those “omg/duh” moments.
It was Kat Dennings… like, holy crap… and for the first part of this movie, she was kinda unpleasant and cynical. But at some point I was sure she was going to change her attitude about things.

Yeah, now that I think about it, I have been seeing a lot of Emma Stone and Kat Dennings lately. Both are equally talented young actresses around my age… with Kat Dennings, though, I think there is more of a drive for me to find her movies or at least watch them. Nothing is really going to surpass her performance in Charlie Bartlett, though.
Just the same way that I’ll always associate Emma Stone  with her performance of Olive Pendergast.

With a lot of people I like to see in movies, I associate them with the first role I see them in… or where they made the biggest impression on me.
This could be another idea for an entry right here, but I honest to God can’t think of anyone else to add to this discussion.

So, long story short, yeah, “The House Bunny” definitely falls into that category of good movies to watch when you’re lounging around and you don’t care that they’re not the greatest things in the world

“Inglorious Basterds,” I’ll admit to spending the majority of it wanting to spit on Christoph Waltz because he just makes such a horrible villian in this film.
(shoot, that’s another example… always will associate him with this role in particular cuz its the first)…
I’d known of Brad Pitt since maybe the mid 90’s… I never really understood why all of the girls were in love with him. I’m still not quite there yet, probably won’t completely be. The first role I saw him in was “Ocean’s Eleven” with George Clooney… great movie 😎 great ensemble (probably solidified Matt Damon’s career as a dramatic actor)… he was good in that. And there’s been a little of this and that.
Was really good in “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”… the first I saw him as the youthful Benjamin, my jaw dropped… thought he was so cute. But I don’t think I’ll ever be falling head over heels at his feet.
I don’t know what the heck it is about this role, but as Aldo Raine, he is unbelievable. I forget I’m watching Brad Pitt because he kinda disappears into the character and I enjoy the character a lot. And it’s pretty cool that he’s being played by an A-list actor I felt was doing something different than I’m used to seeing him in.

While watching the movie, I had a few things I might have wanted to discuss but my memory isn’t cooperating. Plus I think I’d done enough to sing my praises to it, how much I enjoy watching it, especially when they kill off Hitler and give Hans Landa what he deserves

My folks came back around noon today, talking about the great time they had over the past couple days. They went with my aunt and uncle to see Huey Lewis & The News in Atlantic City… sounds like it was definitely worth the time and money, got a heck of a show. He’s kinda in the same ranks as Hall & Oates as an predominate 80’s artist (as in their career high was in the 80’s) where they’re not the first artists that come to mind for their decade, but you’re more than likely to know a couple of their songs quite well… and to add to that, they still do shows on occasion. Still tour, still perform… that’s a rare thing for 80’s artists and it’s certainly something I appreciate seeing.

If only Prince could do a venue like that… if he ever came to AC, I would most certainly be able to make to the trip to see him. Definitely a lot easier to manage than the alternative, which is most likely NYC… and even that might be a little much. And I’d kinda hate to ask permission or for an ride-along to NYC for a show, opposed to somewhere in south Jersey. With the shorehouse, it’s a bit more doable.

Then at some point when my dad is unpacking upstairs and my mom said they only got around to seeing one movie down there (“Up in the air,” another good George Clooney movie, probably the best I’d ever seen him)… and a few minutes later, she brings up something that scrambles my mind for a good 5-10 minutes after.
She said that she “was thinking about another Robert Downey film with Cybil Shepard”… after that point, my mind was literally scrambled at which point I nodded several times, said I knew what she was talking about, and said I’d seen it twice because it was a pretty good chick flick.
It was either the surprise that she knew of “chances are” (probably didn’t remember the title, though)… or that I was recollecting my feelings about that movie. It was 2 years after “Less than Zero” was completed and despite whatever lifestyle he was living at the time, he looked really well put together for this… there was a different type of charm there.

That was the first time I found myself in a moment of weakness because of this guy. I thought that things were improving as I was finding some healthy distance between us (which only shortened during the 1-2 YouTube clips I watch each night)…

Ironically, we got to the movies and it’s the same theater and nearly the same area we saw part 1 of the Deathly Hallows some 8 months earlier… but on the plus side, nobody tall sat in front of us so we didn’t have to move (that happened during part 1 and my two aunts couldn’t stop laughing for 2 minutes after the fact)
so I’m up to 10 movies this year… and in this particular theater, 8 of them… half of them have been in theater 2 and the other half in theater 3… what is up with that… at least last year, I managed to hit every theater in the complex… but 3 was the most common

There were six trailers and I had a pretty good idea what 2 of them were going to be.

Out of nowhere came the trailer for “Breaking Dawn”… the 2nd to last Twilight film… and the way it started, I knew this was it because it was a Summit film… but it took a while for me to be sure this was the right movie, lol… because we were in the Volturi complex in the first few seconds. It took me quite a while (like a couple of scenes later where I saw another character) to remember why. The wedding invitations have come out for Bella and Edward’s wedding and Jacob runs away from the house… something that should have happened at the end of Eclipse. Not that he could really do that because he was all banged up from the past battle, it’d be cutting too far ahead of things.

We start at the wedding and then several scenes start showing in flashes of the honeymoon. And naturally it ends with the unexpected development/complication that happens at the tail end of said honeymoon… all kinds of things are coming to mind now, mostly in a bloody panic… between the birth scene and the bedroom ruckus, there’s gonna be quite a few causes for the dreaded R-rating… wow… that would be something if it came to that. Maybe it’ll be like a couple other movies and it’ll be just short of an X-rating had they not cut a few things out.

I heard during one of the Reelz countdowns that part 1 of the Deathly Hallows was almost R-rated because of the scene where Bellatrix tortures Hermoine… phew, that’s intense and they only had to cut out a few minutes of footage to dodge that bullet. To her credit, though, Helena Bonham Carter comforted Emma Watson after they completed shooting that sequence that make sure everything was okay between them.

For a few trailers, that was one thing that really stuck with me… how they did that scary flinching of the camera depicting something that will lead Bella and Edward into a blinding panic. Temporarily I’m on his side of things… something so powerful that could tear Bella up from the inside, I’d like to see them work that out in the movie where she can not look at it as a devestating tragedy

After that, I think there was “Cowboys & Aliens,” which I’d seen the trailer of a lot recently but I still want to see it all the same (my mom likes Harrison Ford so she is inclined to agree), the new “Planet of the Apes” movie which looks interesting but I doubt I’d go out to see it, the teaser trailer for “The Dark Knight Rises”… where even I am intrigued to see what the heck is going on and why it seems like Batman is no more. It does appear in black & white, though, that it will be the final Christopher Nolan Batman film…
shoot, I’d hate to be reconsidering my solid position but movie trailers can be powerful things.
“Suckerpunch” looked so interesting and so intriguing, so adventurous that I couldn’t not go out to see it.

Strangely with the derailment, it looks like I’m going to be able to cover mind, body and soul. Because each part was affected by a different “event.”

As great as the Sherlock Holmes trailer was, I really wish they hadn’t made it the last preview before the movie started…

I was literally covering my mouth the entire time to keep from saying “omg” several times, crying out for joy or cheering… we were in a public place after all
I’d been comparing it all day as an adrenaline rush… I could feel adrenaline rushing through me during the entirity of those 2-3 minutes back in Victorian London. Only an hour ago did I decide… what the hell, there were endorphins too.
So my body was running on adrenaline and endorphins because, I’m not gonna lie, I was extremely excited about this movie… perhaps the most I’d been excited about any movie since I heard they were making Twilight into a movie.

First of all, it seems that either he or Sherlock has aged a little bit since the last film. A bit more distinguished to be sure… but he was doing so many action poses in this, and he didn’t even need to have his shirt for me to be eating this up. He carries himself with such a charisma unlike anything I could have possibily imagined. I might be going overboard with this because it is all brand new footage I’d never seen before, not just of Sherlock, but of THE Robert Downey Jr.

oh great… now I’m gonna be doing that… there is no denying he is great, though 😉

We get a glimpse, I believe, of Moriarty and I didn’t think he’d look quite like that… I’m so used to seeing him shrouded in shadow in the previous movie. Irene Adler isn’t to be seen, so I’m not sure if she’s back for this one or if she has a much, much smaller role. There is another female co-star, though. If I saw the name I’d remember it and associate it with this, but my mind is blank.
Jude Law then has a good amount of screentime, though not quite as much.

In one scene he says how he’s missed Holmes and he doesn’t seem sarcasm, rather he’s been genuinely honest about it.
Then, of course, they had part of the “Some like it hot” sequence… and it actually is pretty close to that. Sherlock is in disguise on a train… and when he comes face to face with Watson, after conciding it is he, he mutters “not one of my best disguises”
I think there were a few laughs in the audience to that.

I lose track of what’s going on when flashes are shown of different scenes but I’m holding onto as much as I can in the moment… then on the train, he has his shirt off and is on the floor with Watson… maybe they’re hiding from the bad guys and he makes a comment about them coming in there to kill him… a few shots are fired or there’s an explosion… after all of the actors’ names are shown (in the same fashion in the previous film’s trailer, a very pleasing sign) next, we see them dangling along the side of the train’s roof (I’m hoping this takes place after the shots are fired) and Watson screams something at Holmes… and it takes me merely 2 seconds to understand it

“I’m on my Honeymoon!”
a LMAO moment, for sure

I suppose it’s one of those “aren’t you a sight for sore eyes” situations… but man were those hormones churning through my veins… it was such an amazing high. And again, he looks amazing in this. Just have 5 more months to wait.

I remember a good deal of what I saw when Harry Potter finally started getting going… that’s the horrible thing about trailers sometimes, they sometimes look more exciting than the movie you’re going to see… and they can sometimes linger with you for several minutes after they end…
this is the latter of the two cases.

I felt like I needed to get a couple of paddles and give myself a few shocks to the chest to bring myself out of this state of euphoria… like I can bask in the glow of this amazing looking movie AFTER this one ends. There’ll be plenty of time to reflect and at some point my blog will get a hold of it.


The movie pretty much starts where the previous left off… but that kinda goes without saying.
I don’t remember too much about the book, having only read it twice, but it’s my belief that they didn’t leave too much of the important stuff out of it.

It starts with Harry talking to Griphook the gobin about getting into Bellatrix’s vault at Gringotts and Olivander about the Elder Wand.
It’s so strange seeing Hermoine as Bellatrix… and in actuality, I don’t think Helena Bonham Carter is even that tall so regarding size, she didn’t stick out too much next to Ron and Harry. The goblins and the bank looked quite a bit different than it did in the first film. But maybe I’ll have to see it again to compare the two.
The spell in the vault that makes everything multiply wasn’t nearly as mind-blowing as it was Friday night when I saw it the first time… but yeah, it was pretty cool. Amazing that they actually got out of there, on the back of a dragon no less.

After they make their escape, Harry realizes that Voldemort knows about what they’re doing and can actually sense him getting weaker with each Horcrux they destroy. The next plan of action is to get back into Hogwarts because there’s another Horcux there that has to do with the house of Ravenclaw. We meet Dumbledore’s brother Aberforth who shelters them when their arrival to Hogsmeade sets off the alarms (don’t remember that in the book at all, they were pretty annoying)

Within the first 30-40 minutes of the movie, we’re back at Hogwarts and its definitely a darker place than when they left it. Snape kinda has the students marching in line like soldiers, which drew Nazi comparisons from one of the movie critics.

Getting news of this, Snape (now headmaster of the school) orders all of the students into the Great Hall to tell them if they know anything of Harry’s whereabouts to turn him in or they will face punishment. Then out of nowhere (I don’t remember reading this either, lol), Harry sets out of line and confronts Snape, asking if they know that he was the one that killed Dumbledore that night. Snape goes to confront him but McGonagall steps in. She and Snape have a pretty cool duel that lasts maybe 30 seconds before he unexpectedly hi-tails it out of there. Doesn’t seem like him at all, at least not to those who hadn’t read the book and know the truth behind his actions.

Also aware of the new development, Voldemort announces for everyone to give Harry up by midnight or they will all suffer a fatal price.
Out of nowhere, someone shouts out to turn Harry in… during which everyone from the Order of the Phoenix and Harry’s friends surround him. McGonagall tells Filch (after he makes a hilarious comment about the students being out of bed after hours… when they’ve been ordered to be already) to take Ms. Parkinson and the Slytherins to the dungeons…
after that, it made perfect sense… she was Draco’s girlfriend and biggest supporter throughout the series…

There’s definitely a lot of tension building where you want things to be resolved right away but there’s a lot that has to go down first.
We see from the POV of the Death Eaters and Voldemort… we see Ron and Hermonine go to the Chamber of Secrets for Basilisk fangs and to destroy the cup of Hufflepuff (after which they share a very passionate kiss that just came out of nowhere… lol… cliché but I don’t do feel too bad about it being in place of a response to a comment Ron makes about getting the house elves out safe)… Harry works his way around the school to find out where/what the Ravenclaw item is…

I’m pretty sure the Gray Lady (Helena Ravenclaw, daughter of Rowena) didn’t look anything like that in the first movie… and that was kind of a disappointment. But whatever, after much convincing, she tells Harry where the diadem (headpiece/crown) is.

In there, he finds it, reunites with Ron and Hermoine… then Draco Malfoy shows up with Goyle and some other random guy I’d never seen before in any of the movies to stop him… Goyle’s wand gets out of his control and the flames that come from it start to burn the room to the ground…
another slight complaint… Crabbe was the one that set the room on fire, where the hell was he… why couldn’t they get him and Goyle for this scene?
as they’re making their escape, Harry goes back to save Draco and Ron brings the 2nd big laugh of the movie (“if we die saving them, Harry, I’m going to kill you.”)

After destroying the diadem, Harry knows where to find Voldemort and the snake… I think it’s the Shrieking Shack in the book… I don’t know what the heck this building was… kinda looked like a boathouse…
Voldemort realizes that the Elder Wand isn’t quite working for him because he isn’t its rightful owner. It only works for the wizard that had rightfully won it… he thinks that because Snape killed Dumbledore, he has to kill Snape, the wand’s new owner in order for him to gain possession of it…

Usually when you’re getting memories to put into a pensieve, you put a wand to your forehead and draw out the thread, putting it into a vial or the pensieve itself… this was an unusual case that I didn’t think was possible, partially didn’t believe it (cliché again) and eventually accepted it… Voldemort doesn’t use the killing curse on Snape but he uses a curse that slices his throat and has his snake Nagini attack him several times.

When they’re alone, Snape has Harry capture his tears in a vial to put into the pensieve (I assume the one in Dumbledore’s office, used several times in the Half-Blood Prince and discovered accidentally by Harry in the Goblet of Fire)… and he makes a comment made by several old family friends… “you have your mother’s eyes”

It is pretty far-out for Snape to do the cliché “sexy cry” (one tear rolling down his cheek)… although it took a while, Harry got to the office and so began a scene I was probably the most anxious to see and hoped that it would turn out exactly as I imagined it

the only thing that was inaccurate that kinda ticked me off was whenever James Potter was shown in the flashbacks, he wasn’t wearing glasses… clearly in his 5th year he was wearing them.

I also think now that it would do me good to see the scene again a couple of times to truly absorb.
It kinda leaves out the minor detail that Petunia Evans’s (Harry’s aunt) want of entrance to Hogwarts was denied.
But it shows Lily and Severus kinda growing up together… them getting sorted into their houses… then Snape begs (in his own way) for Dumbledore to hide the Potters the best he can… shows Harry growing up in Hogwarts while Snape is keeping an eye on him (still thinking how much he is like his father, James)… the two really suspenseful pieces were when Snape agreed to kill Dumbledore (as the curse on his hand inflicted by the Horcrux ring he destroys eventually will, and also to get Voldemort to completely trust him) and tell Harry that part of Voldemort lies within him and he must die for Voldemort to eventually be defeated… then the other was where Snape was furiously upset about what befell the Potters, how Lily died… in fact, he came to the house in Godric’s Hollow after the murders and holds Lily in his arms, deeply saddened… another detail kinda slips that I find a little inconsistent with the books, oh wait, never mind… Dumbledore was saying how the Potters “put their faith in the wrong person”, meaning how Peter Pettigrew gave them away as their secret-keeper…

I remember now that Sirius was the original Secret-keeper and he suggested they change to Peter Pettigrew (can’t remember the reason why at the moment)… but I do remember Snape urging Dumbledore to protect the Potters the best he could as exchange for him swapping allegiances with Voldemort

I was thinking after all of it, if I were Harry, I’d like/need a few minutes to sit down and absorb all this. And that’s kinda what he ended up doing… it was pretty huge for me reading the book to realize how much Snape had wanted to look out for Harry because he was the son of the woman he loved more than anything… so much that his Patronus took on the form of a doe, same as hers… and we saw that Patronus by the lake the night Harry found the sword of Gryffindor in the previous fim.

I wasn’t sure if I’d seen Harry do the same 180 and truly believe in Snape, wanting to perceive his memory and whatnot.
Another complaint was how little they gave mention to the son of Lupin and Tonks… it was barely mentioned in the first part of the film and never mentioned again… we see him at age 11 in the epilogue at the end of the movie, but it just seems like a fact that was put there for completness, in a last minute rush job. Not really gone into too much.

Actually the ending is kinda inconsistent too… because it says 19 years later but in the conversation between Harry and the boy, it sounds like he is just starting at Hogwarts, therefore 11 years old…

Ron and Heromine work to find the snake to kill it while Harry seeks out Voldemort…

we’re at a point where we have a noteable body count… among the casualties is Fred Weasley, Lupin and Tonks.

Harry takes out the snitch, which finally opens for him. Instead is the Ressurection Stone, which he uses to recall his friends and family from the death.
My mom already had the tissues out from the scene before with the bodycount…

I got teary-eyed during this scene and this scene only… seeing James and Lily Potter as well as Sirius and Lupin one last time… I’ve got a mixture of that and my tiredness making it hard for me to see right now…
it’s emotional, to be sure

After the scene where Harry has that interesting conversation with Dumbledore within his subconscious, the rest of the movie pretty much follows suit from there.

Neville has a break-through moment, with the help of the re-emerged sword of Gryffindor, he destroys Nagini…
Mrs. Weasley has a great line (“not my daughter, you bitch”) for Bellatrix and she managed to destroy her… I forgot how she died, lol
and Harry wins the final battle.

I kinda expected him to use the Elder Wand to repair his old wand with the phoenix feather… maybe he already did it but they didnt’ show it… but he breaks it in half and throws it away so no one can use it again.
I also expected a bigger celebration at the end… maybe not to the huge scale of the Star Wars finale, but I expected cheering at least… everyone being overjoyed that the tyranny is over…

there’s only a couple of scenes between him, Ron and Hermonine… overall, anti-climatic

Then we have the epilogue… which kinda doesn’t make sense… 19 years later, Albus Severus Potter should be 19 years old, not 11… and he should actually be a few years older than James and Lily Potter (James is probably 11 and a 1st year at Hogwarts, Lily stayed behind)… we see Ron and Hermonine with their kids… Draco and (I’m guessing) Pansy Parkinson with theirs (he and Harry glance across to each other and have somewhat of a mutual understanding)…

the best parts were that they used all of the same actors but just aged them 19 years…
and the conversation between Harry and Albus Severus Potter… he asks “what if they put me in Slytherin”… Harry recollects for him that he is named after two great headmasters of Hogwarts, one of them was a Slytherin and “he was the bravest man I’ve ever known”…
he’s really had a turning around about how he feels about Snape…
and it’ll be interesting to read the rest of the books again with all of this in mind.

So yeah, the movie was REALLY good… I think I’m dying to say the best in the series because it was the most recent… so I’m not going to say that just yet…
but as far as content and adapation from book to film, it was probably the 2nd or 3rd best (The Sorcerer’s Stone being my favorite still… and The Half-Blood Prince, except for the abscene of the battle scenes at the end, was really good as well on both fronts)


I’ll have to see what happens tomorrow. I might pick up The Sorcerer’s Stone again and start rereading the series (which I did last year around this time)… or I can continue with Sherlock Holmes. I just managed to finish that story I’d started over a month ago.
He had another one of his moments of frenzy, but it was a life and death situation he was in a rush to prevent… I think he said it was 100 chances of death to one life, very slim chances he could prevent a death.

You rarely see Sherlock THIS erratic about anything so when you do, you gotta take note. And I definitely had to after that
so I might just keep going.

Hmm… I started this entry during one pretense, when I got the computer, another… and now that pretense has kinda come and disappeared.

curiosity killed the cat… and one of these days I feel like it’ll be the proverbial death of me. I just had to check the guide to see which Ally McBeal ep’s would be showing this week…

we have arrived again at season 4… I saw the familiar title and clicked on Info…

it wasn’t my soul that was suffering from this development, but I think it was more my heart.
The adrenaline was back, but it was the “flight” instinct rather than the “fight” I felt earlier, that excitement.

A lot of emotions started coming back that I thought I’d buried since… or at least started wanting to bury them… shoot, quite a few months ago… March… so it would be 4 months, I guess.

A lot is coming to mind as things to describe this feeling like:
I like it too much for my own good/more than I should
I can’t help myself around it/him

Should I be foolish enough to rewatch some episodes… which I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to control… I will at least know which ones to watch and which ones to completely avoid.

Larry Paul arrives on premises Wednesday morning at 11am

With everything rushing back, I thought about the finale of his run on the show and he leaves Ally with a note (seeing as he’s not good with goodbyes) that says “I love you. Goodbye.”
The mere reminder of that sent my heart into a frenzy and I had a sharp moment of weakness where I could feel my very constitution breaking down… the walls I put up around myself to protect me from this loss were crumbling

all this over a fictional character, no less… sheesh, I’m pathetic

I’m glad that I could give a good amount of this entry to my perception of the last Harry Potter film (by the way, the best conclusion you could ask of the series, for the series) and despite how much Robert Downey Jr. sprang to mind today (three strong doses at that), I was able to write the entry I had wanted to write this morning… or rather I planned on writing it later but I knew this morning it would be my next entry, went without saying

It must be good that I’ve developed a convenient case of amnesia, but I can’t remember much of anything I wanted to write down regarding the return of Larry Paul… where I have ready access to him…
I’m betting that I’ll be lying down trying to sleep after completing this and I’ll be seized by my mind bringing all of this emotional baggage up from some deep storage

One thing that was prevelent in my mind was that I wanted really badly to be able to write about feeling this way about someone… feeling really good having someone around the way I felt watching the show when he was around (everything seemed so much brighter and happier)…
I was tapping into so many different emotions with this guy when he was within distance and I felt really bad that I wasn’t an active writer at the time because I probably could have put together something pretty amazing with him at the helm of inspiration.

I recalled rituals I had… I always set the alarm on my phone to go off on weekdays at 4pm… how I had to watch what I ate during the show…

omg… one day I was eating Chip Ahoys and it was curbing my appetite for unsatiable “drooling”… and I kinda didn’t want to lose that sensation, lol…
another day I was eating blueberry muffins my sister made from a mix and I was tricking my mind into making them aprodisiacs… if I ate them while watching him on the show, I’d associate them with how handsome and hot I thought he was… therefore I could eat them and feel the same sensation without having the benefit of him appearing…

mind you, this isn’t to “get me hot” or make me think about sex… not like what normal people use aphrodisiacs for

but I kinda liked the idea of forming that association.

I probably have a million more like this, but to cope with… whatever else I’ve got going on… I’m gonna take care of a few quick things, watch one YouTube clip (hopefully it’ll be enough) and be off to bed

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