another quick ATWIAD entry

I may have mentioned briefly in the end of my entry yesterday that I was listening to Sgt. Pepper and ATWIAD back to back.
The short-short version of that story is that I prefer ATWIAD but that’s just me. I’m more in2 Prince than The Beatles by a long shot.

I don’t think I quite see the 60’s in the different shape that ATWIAD takes, but I’m not an expert on the 60’s other than a few Beatles albums… I just know it has a different feel and a different flavor than anything he’s done before.

The first two songs were so-so… didn’t really catch my attention but I remembered them lyrically very well.

“Condition of the Heart” was -wrenching and -stopping at the same time… it was really good, definitely one of Prince’s ballads that doesn’t get enough acclaim… because it was never a single.

“Raspberry Beret” had me unconsciously moving to the beat along with the Linn-drum, which is excellent for that song’s catchiness. Definitely got my attention and kept it.

“Tambourine”… remember that being so cheesy that it’s hardly listenable sometimes, lol… still is that very same way.

“America” has a really great beat too and I was somewhat thinking about the really long 20 minute version… yeah, it’s pretty cool.

“Pop Life”… everything from the whistling, mystifying synths to the bassline… perfection and really stands out to me as one of the best songs he did in the 80’s and probably didn’t get as much attention as the other giants.

“The Ladder”… has a good melody behind it, but I think it runs a little too long for me. Other than a few verses, it repeats itself endlessly… I’m sorry, I just can’t get into it. I think only once or twice, I have.

Then there was “Temptation”… the screaming is amazing and also really cheesy in other spots as well. And I think I make faces to mimic the lyrics in “Darling Nikki”… which I can only compare it to because it has those same hard unfeeling drums, but this is more of a bluesy track than a rock song. The guitar was still tighter in the predecessor…

what’s really intriguing is how it has to parts to it… which helps make up for putting things off balance. In Purple Rain, we have the hellish Darling Nikki and it’s remedied by the backwards tape and “When Doves Cry”…
here we have the opposite happening where the gospel track comes first…
but the second part of Temptation helps bring things down to reality, to avoid the hellish abnormality of Darling Nikki…

between the good and the bad points (as in Spooky Electric vs. Lovesexy, not literal good and bad), I find this track positively mind-blowing/boggling. That’s what makes it so awesome, never did stop thinking that it was.

Despite how serious it is in some places, it makes me laugh, sometimes uncontrollably. I’d be listening to this on my iPod in the car and my face would give me away cuz I was laughing so hard at some points. And honest to God, I don’t care if they look at me


There are tracks that stand out on this record, but as a whole, I don’t think too much of it a lot of the time. I posted in the appreciaton thread that other than The Black Album, I don’t think there is a single weak album that Prince did in the 80’s.

There are highs and lows in Controversy, but I still like to listen to the highs every now and then.
Some goes with ATWIAD… the highs are really great… Condition of the Heart, Pop Life and Temptation… and occasionally Raspberry Beret and America on top of that.

Speaking about Sgt. Pepper, this is a huge variety of songs on that album.
I hear a bunch of thing and can definitely tell that their Beatles songs. I’d heard similiar elements in their previous works.

“With a little help (from my friends)” has those same harmonies that I know and love.
“Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” has so many different images that I lose track after the first line of the first verse… but I don’t care, it is just mystifying and equally beautiful… a lot of people say this is about drugs cuz only people that are high (as it is rumored/alledged that they were… locked themselves in their studio for 4 months with record devices, their instruments and tripping on plenty of pot and LSD is the rumor) and that the initials spell out LSD… but it really is inspired by drawing of a childhood friend of/by young master Julian “Jude” Lennon

my dad referred to him in some story as Julian Lennon a few days ago, forgot what kind of story it was or if it was referring to Paul McCartney doing a show or something… can’t quite remember.
so naturally curious I spent the past couple minutes first checking out the actual article… young Jude, not so young anymore, is 48 and still alive… a few years ago there was an article about him getting back in touch with Lucy in the Sky just before her passing from lupus (forget what this devestating disease is but it’s a misnomer for a lot of House’s cases on the Fox series)…

there was a list on Wikipedia I might one day have to supplement about real and fictional Julians in existence… not even an honorable mention of “Less than Zero”… un-freaking believable… I was about to say “he died for your sins” but I disgress… even that’s a little over the top.

But Julian is derived from Julius… i.e. Julius Casaer

and I checked out what the name meant… curious again.
I found 2 answers:
youthful (which Julian was until he started getting high on the wrong stuff) and
down-bearded youth…

had to look that up, said a man who hasn’t started shaving yet so his beard is “soft and downy”…

I nearly spat at my computer screen, again another ridiculous coincidence I’m turning up on its ear because I’m looking for it to be there.

And out of more curiosity since I’m looking up name meanings, I googled “Robert” and I’m this close to rolling around on the floor, unable to stop laughing…

that would explain where there are so many brilliant actors named Robert…
the name literally means “Bright Fame”

WOW… it must be destiny.

Two of my favorite actors happen to have that name… Robert Pattinson and Downey Jr.
Life’s funny, isn’t it?


Just as I used to hear the word “Prince” or, heck, my heart would jump forward if I heard the word “prints” cuz it sounds very goddam similar… fingerprints threw me off when they used that “Psych” (threw Shawn and Gus for a loop too after Lassie said “we found prints”, lol)

during that ep. of Half & a Half men where Charlie told his girlfriend “if you dust them for prints, who do you think is [forget the word] #1″… trying to talk her out of getting an augementation/reduction done cuz “the girls” have been giving her back problems since puberty…
in the end, she didn’t get them reduced after Charlie said that it’d make her butt look bigger

can’t believe Charlie Sheen is returning to TV… to a show called “Anger Management” no less… he must be really out there if he doesn’t see the irony in that


and I heard “Edge of Glory” on the radio again today…
one more time and I think I might have to change the station… I’d hate to get sick of it, I really do… any of her songs for that matter.
I woke up this morning to hear “You & I” playing in my head

have yet to hear that one or “Judas” on the radio… speaking on that, I was googling my own name to see what it means… might need to do more research on that… but “meaning of Judas” was one of the most searched questions as I was typing this in…

I’d more likely be googling (and I have with no luck) the meaning of her song “Scheibe” because there is a lot of German in it that’s untranslatable… as if she’s just putting a string of words together and they don’t mean anything… than finding out the meaning of “Judas”

I only have to know that Judas betrayed Jesus in the new testament, committed suicide out of regret and Jesus forgave him in the end… saw maybe bits and pieces of “Jesus Christ Superstar” and I remember the one scene where Judas has a song.

as far as I can tell, the song is about Gaga being in love with a man that’s betrayed her a couple of times, is bad for her but she can’t help but be in love with him… says she’s beyond repetence, should probably not listen to what he says next time he tries to manipulate her…
she still has the good in her, “Jesus is my virtue” but she still clings onto the devil “Judas”

you know how some of Prince’s songs and albums are a testament to a lot of things he had done previously and is that much more successful as a result…


a lot of elements of her music come together in “Judas”…
lyrically it speaks about a relationship kinda like you see in “Bad Romance”

on top of that, musically and structually…

we have the spoken verses like in “Poker Face”
we have the interludes to each verse with syllables like the beginning of “Bad Romance” and even the chorus has a very similar sounding melody to it… it’s in a different key on the piano, but yeah, the two seem to go hand in hand in a lot of different ways.

great songs… love ’em, love her 😎 can’t wait for her to guest judge on “so you think you can dance” next week

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