More movies and more adrenaline

I still haven’t remembered that 2nd thing I wanted to post yesterday that I know for sure.
And it wasn’t the fact I’m irrevociably in love with Edward Cullen.

That has long been true since I picked up “Twilight,” but the fact I probably mispelled that word kinda goes to prove how often I use it. i.e. NEVER

Stephenie Meyer uses some of the strangest words in her books, but the only ones I think I’d used were “incredulous”… which I still don’t really know what it means. I assume it means “vivid” as in not very pleased about something.

I had said yesterday that that morning was the first time in the past several where I wasn’t woken up and kept awake by an adrenaline rush that came out of nowhere.
Well, not exactly, I know where it came from and who to blame for it… but I take such issue with things with this guy that of course, my mind is going to be boggling because of him.

I’m still trying to work out a step-up in my head for a place for us to meet, how to meet and the type of conversation that will ensue afterwards.
I should probably “spare the details” and be “hooked on a feeling,” holding tightly enough that I’m able to write it down.

I spent a good deal of yesterday after watching the rest of “Jungle 2 Jungle” finishing up my recent cartidge of “Spyro: Year of the Dragonfly”… that really glitchy game that was released by Universal gaming to be in time for the holiday season several years ago…
I adopted a rule of thumb of this run-through of the game that is pretty much the same with all gaming. “Save often”

Just the slightly flick of the controller or change of scenery could cause an impromptu freeze… in which the only solution is a manual restart (It’d be so much easier if you could just do it from the controller itself, it’s a pain to walk across the room to press a single button)…

I think the game only froze a handful of times, which I find to be promising. Yesterday I had to restart it twice… or maybe once I forget.
Luckily none of the freezes occurred after getting one of the harder dragonflies in the game.

The hardest part, I think yesterday, was beating Ripto, the final boss.
And I kinda learned a valuable lesson from that:

you kinda want to be able to hear the game when you go up against this guy.
No surprise, I was listening to some Gaga tracks at the time and because I couldn’t hear when his attacks were coming, I couldn’t dodge in time.

On the positive, “Monster” is a perfect song to play to all of the boss fights in general… works wonders for me.
On the negative, I’m still kinda learning the lyrics for “Speechless” and it doesn’t do to sing, listen and play at the same time. I think I died 2-3 times in the process of that song, lol

Quick note on “Jungle 2 Jungle,” I wanted to see it… rented it… and eventually bought it because of one specific reason:
Frankie Galasso of Dream Street was cast as Karen’s younger brother Andrew… I was so obsessed wtih Dream Street at the time that I had to take advantage of any footage I could find of theirs… even took it to the point where I watched this movie multiple times and wrote down every lick of dialogue he had.

Because of Home Improvement, which I watched a little of back in the day, I’m a fan of Tim Allen so occasionally I like to watch his movies. He was really good in the first Santa Clause (didn’t really see the rest), Jungle 2 Jungle, all of the Toy Story movies (naturally) and even Wild Hogs, which had a bunch of mid-aged men on motorcycles, wasn’t all that bad. For some reason, there was nothing on one night and my dad turned it on… and I didn’t think it would be his type of movie either.

Stranger things have happened.
Prince (via Purple Rain) happened to be one of them

I also like to watch the occasional Jonathan Taylor Thomas movie because he was my favorite of the three brothers… all because, yes, I’m a huge “Lion King” fan… I saw  “I’ll be home for Christmas” because he was in it.
And even though I had never really watched “Clarissa Explains it all,” I’ve gone on to watch just about every Melissa Joan Hart TV movie I could get on my hands. Heck, I wanted to see the movie “Drive me Crazy” because she starred in it… great movie, btw… I own it on VHS but really haven’t watched it in a long time.

Everyone now knows the male lead, Adrien Grenier as the star of “Entourage,” which is now in its final season. I only watched a couple of shows in the first season and it wasn’t quite enough to keep me watching HBO at 10pm on Sunday nights

but watching Jungle 2 Jungle was a lackluster experience… though it is interesting to see a really young Sam Worthington in it. He’s somewhat of a nerdy indie actor who’s in these subpar films. I did see him in “Being Human,” this SyFy series where a vampire, ghost and werewolf are sharing an apartment (he’s the neurotic werewolf)… because it conflicts with a few other shows and because… at a time where I was really suffering under a Downey induced adrenaline rush, I could barely get through the show cuz I was on the edge of my seat the whole time with my mind being anywhere but on the show.

He’s also in sort of a cult/parody film called “Fan Boys” in which these four guys make a pilgrimage to Skywalker Ranch to see the final cut of Star Wars: Episode I… mainly because one guy is dying of cancer or something like that and he might not make it to see the movie hit theaters.
I know him as Adam in “Joan of Arcadia”…
Sam plays another neurotic character here, the only one who has a job and responsibilities… happens to work at a car dealer run by his dad… it takes some convincing for him to come along.
The dude driving the van is a huge Rush fan… the only song I know of theirs is “Tom Sawyer” cuz it gets oodles of replay on VH1 Classic’s “totally 80’s” video block.
Then there’s Jay Baruchel who plays a guy named Windows (must be the classes) that’s probably the biggest nerd of all of them… and in the end he gets with Zoey (Kristen Bell as a brunette) a girl who has a little bit of the “fanboy” gene in her as well, though not to the same point of the others

I was never really able to take Kristen Bell seriously until I saw this movie because she kinda rocked in it… the fact she wasn’t blonde probably helped matters. Beforehand I’d only seen him in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and she was in Heroes for a while… which I guess is the reason for my annoyance towards her.
Ah, “Heroes” was an awesome show… I just hated all of the ridiculous storylines they threw in, plus the fact that Nathan Petrelli kinda became an ass and was behind this organization who was capturing mutants… considering the dude could fly, it made him a huge hypocrite

My favorite characters were, obviously, the cheerleader Claire Bennett (Hayden Paniterre), Hiro Nakamura (Masi Oka) and Nathan’s younger brother, Peter Petrelli (Milo Ventimeglia)… omg, Peter was so cute, loved him

before I lost track of thought, yes, “Jungle 2 Jungle” was sorta lackluster I guess cuz that phase I went through had come and gone. The movie came out in 1997, so Frankie was only 11 or 12 at the time. Yeah, I guess that has to do with it…
It is a cute movie and there is some stuff in it that I enjoyed outside of him for a change. Martin Short, for example, is HI-larious… neurotic and uptight… I’m guessing he was there for a little comic relief

Playing the game was a lot of fun, despite how much time I went around in circles in the one level “Thieves’ Den”… I swear there was a glitch in the level because there’s this platform down below where there are a bunch of gems but there’s no way to get back into the main scheme of things without jumping off the cliff…
I found a way, but trying to locate the last 9 gems took the longest time and all I had to do was, again, jump, but to an area just before the exit portal.

I started the game with my run of Katy Perry tracks on my iPod… great songs, some with an 80’s edge to them, so yeah, pretty cool stuff.
I googled it to see if there were any inspirations for some tracks. Supposedly Prince inspired “California Gurls”… though I have yet to see where… I didn’t bother downloading it to my iPod.

“E.T.” and “Hummingbird Heartbeat” were about Russell Brand, who she’s now married to (interesting couple, they are)
and despite all of the gut feelings I’d been having about it, that track about not being around to save a [boy]friend from addiction (“Circle the Drain”) was about an ex-boyfriend of Katy’s…

It’s probably my overactive imagination again, but I cannot listen to that track without thinking about Julian… the only difference is that his forte was cocaine, not pills… the 6th “chapter” of the story I wrote about him had that state of mind… Casey finally has enough for him not even trying and walks out on him.
that track scares the hell outta me sometimes.

To go back to my previous entry, I did finally post about The Futurist on .org under the non-Prince music forum… it’s gotten 52 hits but nobody’s replied to it.
I guess it could have been a lot worse, so I’m glad that nobody replied with anything negative to say about him. Should I get a reply, I will go onto the thread and post my short review of it here…
EDIT: got one reply, see previous post for my summarized review

I finally got around to doing two things yesterday.

One of them was listening to Disc 2 of Emancipation…

first off, I was literally blown away by the freshness of it. I had listened through it maybe 3-4 times, all of which were a couple of years ago when I was still at school. I remember walking to and from class listening to some of these…

No joke, I was so amazed by how great it all sounded. I was remembering why I was so in love with some of these and why some of them literally took my breath away.

  1. Sex in the Summer
  2. One kiss at a time
  3. Soul Sanctuary
  4. Emale
  5. Curious Child
  6. Dreamin’ about ya
  7. Joint 2 Joint
  8. The Holy River
  9. Let’s have a baby
  10. Saviour
  11. The Plan
  12. Friend, Lover, Sister, Mother/Wife

I have often said how this disc starts out great, consistent and cohesive and after “Let’s have a baby,” it all just kinda falls apart for me. I lose interest in the remaining 2-3 tracks.

“Saviour” was probably the most recent one where I figured that it wasn’t too bad and there’s a pretty good guitar solo halfway through that’s always pretty cool.

I think I managed to get through the rest of the album this time without having a couple of those cringe-worthy moments during the last track… I think I’m slowly starting to “get it”… or maybe I was enjoying the rest of the album so much that the fact it doesn’t sit well with me didn’t bother me quite as much.

Nothing against the music or lyrics or the feeling behind the song, but the audial combinations struck a strange chord with me.

Normally when I’d listen through this… like when I wasn’t in the mood for the long haul, I think I would listen to the first half of it…”sex in the summer” up through “Joint 2 Joint”… which is probably one of the kinkiest, most electronically charged songs Prince had ever written… it impresses the hell out of me and the electronic organ instrumental solos between verses in the 2nd half of the song just blows me away… something you can definitely dance to. I certainly imagined myself doing so when I was walking through the woods on campus to this.

My only issue now is me trying to figure out when it was that I was listening to this album on heavy rotation… when did I even get it… I think it was March of 2008, a year and a couple months before I eventually graduated.
I think the way I handled it was something like what I did with “Sign o’ the times,” I got it at some point and shelved it for several months until I was sure I’d heard enough of Prince’s music to listen to it and it’d be to the point where it wouldn’t take too much away from all that came before and after it.

One time I was listening to “Getch ur groove on,” I specifically remember being en-route to the laundromat on campus… building E-15 in Housing I… which was maybe a 2-3 minute walk from my building in H-court (the closest to n-wing, my favorite cafeteria on the other side of campus)

good times, baby 😎

it’s so funny when you listen to certain songs and still remember the first time you heard them. That wasn’t my first time with disc I of Emancipation…
but en-route to my Aquaculture class to give my PowerPoint presentation on the aquaculture of catfish… during a thunderstorm… most definitely was my first listen to Disc III… “Slave” made for excellent music skipping and jumping through/around puddles good times

so yeah, I took issue that really long day when Kirby locked his car keys in the wetlab so we were stranded there for a couple hours and I was in wet socks, frustrated at myself more than him because I wasn’t gutesy enough to make a move towards him cuz we were stuck together… miserable because my socks were wet…

but I didn’t take issue to running through the rain, listening to Prince… or the fact we were skipping and jumping through puddles during that storm we had when I visited campus in April…

I told him this and I’ll say it again:
every time my socks are wet, I’ll most definitely be thinking about him because they were soaked to the bone during two occasions when I was hanging out with him.
And actually, there might have been a third incident prior, but I can’t remember fo sure.

I went through pretty much every emotion in the book… except for maybe anger and jealousy… listening to Disc II yesterday… it was such a ride and I enjoyed every second of it.

It makes a lot of people sad, especially during some songs, because of the connotations that never came true…
“let’s have a baby” was probably the only one that had that effect on me yesterday… the intentions were so good and so beautifully out of love and the results are still incomprehensibly sad and unfortunate

“sex in the summer” also bothers a few people because the heartbeat from an ultrasound was used as the background beat for the entire song… a life that never really got started but continues to live on in this one track.
Something so personal that it’s pretty far-out that even Prince thought of putting it to music.

The song makes me feel like I’m on a beach because of the free floating beat… so fresh, so intoxicating, so much fun… lyrically and musically it makes me smile… it was everything I remembered and imagined it to be.

“One kiss at a time” took me a few seconds… only seconds for me to remember, a) that I loved this song probably more than any of his other ballads in this set… and b) why I was so in love with it.
The music is so smooth that it’s like breathing slowly. And I’m willing to stake my life on saying it is probably among Prince’s best vocal performances on ANY of his songs… his falsetto is so beautiful, so intoxicating and moving… fall in love in less than 4 minutes 😉

“Soul Sancutary” hasn’t been one of my favorites and I was trying to remember why… and I think it only annotes to one part of his vocal that makes me cringe cuz I swear his voice cracks… the last time he sings through the first verse “in your arms is where I want to live and die”

“Emale” took me a while to remember how it went, but everything about it from the electronic sound to the mesmerizing nature of the repetition… I think at one point I figured out what it was about, but I can’t for the life of me remember at the moment. The point is that I don’t care that I don’t know at the moment, lol

the next two songs were among my favorites on this disc and probably in the entire album… maybe not lyrically the strongest among all of his works, but I would gladly put them on a mix of my favorite love songs Prince had written over his career.

“Curious Child” has me at moments where I couldn’t remember how to breathe and I had to find points at which to do so… as if a single breath could disupt the flow of the song, that’s something Prince has kinda programmed in my head and was very evident in my earlier days listening to him.
I believe the stringed instrument used was a harpischord… but each time, I feel like I’m transported to Verona, the scene where Romeo sees on the balcony Juliet and she had just done that “wherefore art thou Romeo” speech…

either Romeo was playing this song or he hired a really talented minstrel to perform something for her to confess his love. That’s the visual I get and it’s ridiculously romantic.
and yes, I am completely neglecting the obvious fact that Prince is coming off in a not-so-flattering light because he’s courting a 16-year old… at the time, though, Mayte was probably 21-22… he first saw her in 1990, I believe and when she was 17… there was a lot of controversy (yeah, big surprise, right) that was mentioned in the O(+> album because he was courting an Egyptian Princess who was only 16

there have been a couple of songs he’d written about the age difference between him and Mayte and with that in mind, this beautiful song has probably been shoved into a negative light

huh… that’s ironic… they were married and divorced on Valentine’s Day… I knew that that was when they were married… crazy how life works sometimes.
And for some reason I cannot explain, I always seem to have to look up her age because I forget really easily (November 12, 1973)

I love that song, I can’t care what anyone else thinks.
Then it’s followed by “Dreamin’ about ya” where Prince switches between singing and speaking different lines of the song… this continues the whole breathless theme he has going on where I can’t breathe through these two songs because I want to linger on every lyric, even rhyme… between the two of them, I remembered what it was to be in love with him as much as I was a couple years ago.

“The Holy River” I seldom listen to mostly because it runs too long for me and I rarely find the time to squeeze it in… but yeah, it’s a good track that’s very nice. Again, one of those attempts at creating a “Purple Rain” type anthem that doesn’t completely work out.

Although I’m very hesitant to put “Gold” in that same category… despite Mayte’s note that said it sounded like a newer Purple Rain, I refuse to see it that way… you can have a song with three verses one after the other and then ending with a really long instrumental solo and have it not sound like “Purple Rain”

had a great time listening to this album, long story short
…eh, the story doesn’t really get much longer than that, I lied.

then I think I was popping back and forth between a couple different artists after that.

The song jumped to mind almost immediately after Emancipation ended, so I started with “Sparks Fly” and then a bunch of Taylor Swift’s “Speak Now” tracks…
but omg… I was singing to that first song, which stole the show as one of my favorites on the album (the fact it’s on my iPod’s top 25 is solid proof)… and I think I had a perfect vocal, as far as perfect karaoke goes. I’m not sure who/what I was thinking about at the time, but it was like the song was written for me to sing… like I believe so much in the lyrics that it felt real and genuninely coming from me as well as her.

Then I went through a bunch of others at random, one of them being “Enchanted,” which leads me to believe that I am very much dying to write something on Larry Paul cuz he was coming to mind several times while listening to that song… it’s much like a musical fairy tale and there was actually some real life connotation to it… she wrote it about Adam Young, the singer of the group Owl City (“Fireflires”) and then when he found out it was about him, he wrote his own version… which is equally beautiful, but I’m inclined to align with the original.

On HBO last night, “Dinner for Schmucks” premiered and it is… omg, I love it when movies take me by surprise and really make me have a good time.
Steve Carell stole the show as Paul Rudd’s “schmuck” to bring to that dinner his company’s president is hosting at his place (my dad called it “Wayne Manor”… it looked so huge)… his hobby involved taking dead mice, sending them to a taxidermist and he puts them in dioramas with clothes and everything… the opening credits and the wrap-up at the end of the movie was told in this fashion.
OMG… those were so cute and creative

Along the way, I was thinking about “Due Date” and all of those buddy movies where you have the straight guy and the schmuck that makes their lives a living hell after you meet them.
Several times, my dad wanted to kick Steve Carell to the curb cuz he was just outrageously intolerable… but in a different capacity to John Candy and Zach Galifianakis… speaking of which, he was also in this movie, but he was kinda like Steve Carell’s kryptonite… and actually the first time I saw him in a role where I literally couldn’t stand him…. his character isn’t the nicest guy you ever met, I’ll just leave it at that.

All kinds of sheningans go down after Tim meets Barry…
Barry intercepts an IM from Darla, a girl that had been stalking Tim for the past couple years and he has to contend with her causing a ruckus in her apartment.
His girlfriend, Julie, who he had proposed to a couple times already, leaves him a couple times because a) she thinks the “dinner for schmucks” is a demeaning idea and b) naturally because of all of the Darla hoopla that results

Then maybe at the hour-15 minute mark, we get to the actual dinner (I was concerned that there was going to be very little screentime there, but I was satisfied).
Basically all of the workers had to bring their own idiot and whoever has the most ridiculous talent wins a trophy.
Barry’s presentation about dreamers was literally one of my favorite scenes in any movie I’d seen in my entire life… all of those mouse dioramas were so cute, so creative, so funny yet idiotic that I was almost rolling on the floor with a permanent smile attached to my face… it’s a great 5-minute scene, I’d totally recommend the movie for that.

Tim tells Barry what the dinner is really about and gives him the tools he needs to finally best Zach’s character Therman, who had already stolen his girlfriend and overpowered him with “mind control”

then we have our little bit of sugary sweetness at the end… Tim is telling Barry why he loves Julie and how he wanted the promotion cuz he thought he wasn’t good enough for her… during which, she is still in the apartment about to leave for a trip to San Francisco for an art exhibit with this really strange artist that reminds me a bit of Russell Brand in look… and this is probably one of the few times I see eavesdropping in movies working to the advantage of the protagonist, actually ensuing he and his girlfriend stay together…

It’s kinda funny with movies like this where you don’t recognize any names but see a lot of familiar faces…
the only one other than the three guys I mentioned that I had in fact seen somewhere else before… was the girl who played Julie, who I saw in “The Devil wears Prada” as Miranda’s biggest competition in the fashion industry

after seeing a boxing match on HBO, which followed this movie and my dad is occasionally into that sort of thing (the guy I picked to win actually won and that was before I knew his stats or how heavily he was favored), of course, I had to YouTube the boxing scene from “City Lights”… which is just plain hilarious.

And since I was already on that track, I might as well watch “The Kid”… I had to take a break in between for one of my animé shows, but it was a really sweet movie.

It begins with a woman and a baby, there’re words on the screen that say something like “sin of motherhood”… like we have the Scarlet Letter thing where she had the baby out of wedlock… she puts it in a car to give it up, the guys in the car find it and leave it in a run-down part of town… and The Tramp comes across, seemingly stuck with it because he tries to give it to other people and they always give it back to him, saying they don’t want it. And once or twice a cop sees him trying to get rid of it, under the impression its his own kid…

we fastfoward 5 years later where the Tramp is using the kid, who he kinda falls in love with, in somewhat of a con… the kid breaks the windows and the Tramp shows up later offering to fix the windows… we see parts of this scene in the biopic where Charlie and his brother are watching it while he’s editing… the film that he’s working on that his first wife’s lawyers want as collerateral for the divorce

probably the only downside to this uploaded version was that a lot of comments said that it wasn’t the original music in the background that it was set to and it kinda takes away from the overall emotion of the piece… I only watched that particular version because this same person had uploaded all of these Chaplin movies to their account and I’d been watching them from their account.

we see the mother and father in the 5 years later as well where they seem to be very happy in life and very successful. But the kid’s mother has a couple of moments where she rethinks giving him up… eventually deciding that she wants to find him and goes to the police.

The kid falls ill and the doctor asked the tramp if he’s his father… he says “pratically” and the doctor says the kid needs love and affection… in which he enlists a couple of people to take the kid away and put him in an orphanage… that whole scene where the tramp works to thwart this from happening is very emotional for sure, I remember seeing it among the clips of the movies they showed at the end of the biopic.

In the end, it all works out for the best. The mother gets the kid back and the movie ends with her allowing the tramp into her home…

although there is somewhat of an odd scene that gets thrown in there just before the end… where the tramp is sleeping at the front of his flat and he dreams about being with the kid and all these people are angels… so maybe when the kid goes missing (the guy that takes them in into the shelter sees an ad in the paper looking for the kid and he takes him to the police station for the reunion with the mother), he thinks that something really bad happened to…
it is kind of a funny dream sequence, though, especially when people are on strings and flying… but it was only 1921

so I would totally recommend “Dinner for Schmucks” and “The Kid” 😎
great movies

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