Comments on “Controversy”

However far I get in this entry relies mainly on the grounds of when our company arrives.
We’re doing another attempt at having a “pool party” where we actually go down to our pool and swim. I’m considering sporting off my bikini, which I really haven’t for anyone but my immediate family.

Why the hell not, live for today…
only thing is that, considering I’ve gained 0.6 pounds in the past three weeks and I’m starting to show it, it might not be long before I can’t get away for it.
I’m positive that my non-work ethic is responsible for this recent weight gain and there’s really not all that much I can do about that…

except maybe going mad enough to watch Gaga’s choreography over and over again, practice at my lesiure in privacy and hoping that a work-out like that at least an hour a day will put a moderate dent in my weight.
I mean, 145 isn’t all that much, really… but I used to be 135, even 130 at some point. Weighed myself in California a couple years ago and I was at 120, unless the scale was wrong

I came into this entry thinking about so much and now I’m drawing a blank.

I caught the footage a couple hours ago, but last night presented a situation that’s like double-dipping. How often do you find yourselves in a situation where Emma Stone and Taylor Swift are intermingled…

two people I admire so much for different reasons and the one thing they share in common (ok two if you count the fact they were both in movies I went to theaters to see last year) is that they’re both younger than me by a couple years.

Taylor’s birthday is 12/13/89 (which is why her lucky number is 13, also cuz by pure coincidence, it proved to be a significant number for her in a couple of trying times in her life, came out of nowhere and everything seemed to work out for hte best)… and 10 years later, it proved to be a significant day for me… the day I realized I was in love… with the idea of being in love with the guy of  my dreams…

literally of my dreams because I dreamt about him quite a bit over the past couple days and he is only as good as I write him to be in my imagination

but it was a pretty cool opportunity and seeing all of this footage of Taylor where Twitter comments are posted on the bottom of the screen one by one during the montage…
I agree, her words are like her diary and in ways I’ve thought up the same words to describe certain situations I’ve found myself in…
but they often were feelings I didn’t act upon and would keep me up some nights

she came up to the stage and “Sparks Fly” was playing in the background… immediately I’m thinking, hot damn, I love this song…
somehow it just strikes a different chord with me than everything else I listen to. I’m sure a couple of Prince’s songs made me feel the same way, but regardless of that… the words roll off my tongue so naturally and its like a light is shining deep inside me, which goes beyond the point where I feel warm & fuzzy. like it synocopates perfectly with my inner Feng Shui

pretty much the feeling that I could have recorded it myself because every word, I totally believe I could say about someone I was in love with…
the trickest detail is who comes to mind when I sing with it… too many men circulating in my mind that I can barely keep them straight sometimes. but what I get out of it is that the guy is someone that she should avoid or he’s not completely right for her, goes against the grain, but she can’t help feeling the way she does about him.

that song and “Judas” should get together and go bowling… right onto one of my imaginary playlists that I think I’m gonna put together but never do. I have a whole stack of CD-R’s but don’t bother to use any of them cuz, if I have my iPod, what else do I need and its not like I can play them in the car or anything.
Or at least its not advised. The Lexus had to be taken in cuz one of dad’s mixes got stuck in there so none of the discs could come in or out… supposedly because it had one of those labels on them, the ones we got a program to make and they stick on top of the CD, and also because CD-R’s are a tiny bit thicker than regular CD’s

[nearly 12 hours later]

family’s come and gone, had at least 6 glasses of White Zin and Sangria… and now I’m kinda feeling like crap, debating about finishing this entry tonight.

Watched Ally McBeal for maybe 20 minutes just to catch one scene where Ally and John Cage are trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with the world they’re in and how things eventually got fixed.
She hallucinates twice that John is Larry and he has two lines that go something like:

“you can’t fix everything” (regarding how she patched up Elaine’s relationship with Mark) and
“the alternative is too painful to consider”… on that second, I’m very hesitant as to whether or not that’s right, it hasn’t quite been 12 hours yet

but this isn’t the first time today where I couldn’t find the exact words to describe a situation. I’m reaching for them and have it for a glimmer of a second and it disappears

yesterday I sent a little reply to the Pop Blogger from our paper and he answered me back, saying how he used to be a fan of MTV back in the day, watches some “Real World”…
and pretty told me that Prince’s videos weren’t all they were cracked up to be, i.e. not as important
but I do put the man on a pedestal more than occasionally…

he was saying that some videos like Thriller were exceptional because they told stories and were like mini-movies… another he mentioned was “Glory Days” by Bruce Springsteen, which is probably my favorite song of his and his video of it is kick-ass… I mean he’s playing Prince’s Hohner guitar (not the exact same one, but I could ID the type of guitar the last time I saw it) at a club with the E-Street band, doesn’t get much cooler than that

The closest thing Prince had to storytelling with his music videos were in the D&P collection… so I humbly confess to maybe being wrong on those grounds, but you can’t blame a girl for trying :shrug:

my only regret was that I didn’t think, at the time, to send the address to this blog in my email to him… perhaps I could have opened some doors for myself by giving it to someone for our local paper… now it’ll just seem kinda lame coming from me as a reply to a reply and then it’ll be like an endless cycle where I’m worrying that I’m bugging the guy because I’m writing him so much

It’s bad enough I’m so fanatic at this place

I took some time to listen to the Purple Knights do a little track-by-track analysis of the Controversy album. And while I can’t remember every detail I wanted to say, I will do my best to recall most of them.

I’m still kinda wondering why I didn’t love “Let’s Work” for the longest time… but I’m assuming that at the time, I was more into lyrics and thought-provoking content than a groovy beat… and that bassline is KILLER and how the synths work together with it… a groovy tune to dance to. And yeah, it might not be long enough for me sometimes, but I can accept it as is.

“Ronnie talk to Russia” got a lot of love… which I find really surprising, but I’m among the majority. My take on it was… it was mostly a WTF moment, like what the [bleep] is this… it was so weird, so vastly different… long story short, I didn’t get it. The idea behind the song is really clear, but I dunno… it’s very odd and also very short, which kinda works against it. “Sister” on the previous record established a lot more, but it had the help of a round of expletivies before the song ended… not to mention incest was the subject matter… kinda sticks with you cuz it comes out of nowhere and gives you everything in a one-two punch

“Annie Christian” wasn’t all that hard to figure out either… on the grounds that it’s another weird track, I’m not crazy about listening to it all that much… and because of those two tracks, I don’t listen to the entire album all that much… it would seem kind of ridiculous to listen to a bunch of the songs and skip a couple… it takes away from the overall flow and on an 8-track album, there’s no room for that kind of slip-up…
the reason I’m not as crazy about it as the rest of the album is that… well, maybe because it’s a little too serious, a little too politicial, the subject matter and yeah, I think I can understand how eerie it can be as a whole… most of the songs I listen to, I’m there for the entertainment value and/or it makes me laugh/cry and/or it’s thought-provoking/touching
the musical aspect of it is so strange and out of left field that you don’t expect to see it in a Prince album. It’s not his usual style.

The title track… first of all, had no idea that the single was so short… that’s ridiculous… and it probably leaves out my favorite verse:
“people call me rude, I wish we all were nude, I wish there was no black & white, I wish there were no rules” especially the “nude” comment, I just find it hilarious and yeah, it makes sense that people are more likely to get along if there was no clothes, no colors or rules… ok, we still need rules

given that, it makes perfect sense that “Sexuality” comes next because he says “you don’t need no money, you don’t need no clothes”… and then he says something about “we don’t need no race”

interestingly, take those two songs and put them together with the likes of Uptown and DMSR (a couple others as well) and you’re gonna have a wild ride… talks of utopias that could exist without the hindrances of barriers

almost everything about the title track is gold… the lyrics are on point, the music is groovy and every now and then, you get something totally out of nowhere and you come to understand the mind at work real well. My only gripe is that somewhere between the rhythm guitar solo and the “rude/nude” section… I can’t tell how long it’s going to last, so naturally I worry about losing my attention span a couple of times…
speaking on that rhythm guitar, someone had said that Prince is probably the best rhythm guitar player there ever was… that’s your 24K proof right there

“Do me baby”…
Honestly can’t say much more about this track that I hadn’t already gone to… I love the rawness of it, how it has that demo tape quality that lets you know that Prince most likely recorded it in his home studio (then again, maybe the same is true for the entire album). and as it goes on to the spoken section, I just gotta say that the song is a major turn-on for me. it’s one of those moments where Prince has me in the palm of his hand to the point I can’t breathe

“Private Joy”… that was the only part of the Podcast where I took issue… I don’t remember who said it… but someone said that that song is forgettable…
that’s the kinda talk that makes me wanna smack somebody

my explanation is plain and simple on this:
the first time I listened to the album, that was one of the tracks that stuck with me.
Controversy itself dragged on a little long for me, Sexuality was a little bit of everything, Do me baby was intoxicating… here we have a regular old pop song.
I know Prince can do pretty much everything, but sometimes I really crave a good pop song that gets me excited, wanting to dance in whatever seat I’m in… also the first time I heard the Linn-drum in his albums so that was a huge moment for me… just a lot of fun and made me smile

perhaps the most interesting part of the conversation, which took me through the final 10 minutes of the Podcast… the guys saying how they’d recommend this to newbies of the purple community

I had said to one of them that had I listened to Controversy before Dirty Mind, I wouldn’t have been as hard on Controversy as I was…
with the previous album I was blown away because it really stood out how sharp and on-point Prince was during the first album that really set him apart as an artist. the minimalistic approach for starters, a killer opening (Controversy has a killer opening as well, make no mistake, especially cuz it steps up the whole album… and when I was compared the two openers, I had a hard time making that decision)

Then comes the difficult part:
I originally put Controversy and Around the World in a Day in the same boat… they’re both albums where Prince is honing new skills and they’re more transitional than milestones…

after this last listen, I’d say that ATWIAD is definitely transitional more than a strong, stand alone album… it was a series of experiences that touch a little in every aspect of the human psyche:
being at peace with oneself, love & loss, lust & temptation, politics, finding the “stairway to heaven” (in this case, it takes the form of a ladder), finding something in life that makes it pop…
but there’s not really any glue holding them together aside from them being heavily influenced by 60’s psychedelia

I have a different view of Parade than most people… hindered by the fact that I saw the film before I got the album… so when I listen, I automatically find myself in a black & white contemporary world of sophistication… and I think it’s more of a stand-alone album than transitional, most probably would think the latter. The Family album was transitioning to this and several elements there carried over to Parade. In Prince’s mind, though, Parade was meant to be his opus, but due to time constraint, personal constraits, he didn’t come out of it quite the way he had hoped… and to it, it was like a stepping stone on the way to what would have been his trifecta… the Crystal Ball 3-disc album set

which he unfortunately had to convert to Sign o’ the Times… a) because The Revolution was crumbling so the vibe wasn’t where he wanted it to be, and b) due to two commercial flops, WB was wary of giving him the three-discs and he had to settle for two

I was going to use the word “jazzy” to describe it (kinda like how I’m trying to explain the vibe of The Futurist via a Prince album)… but after reconsidering some of the songs, I disgressed immediately… now I’m leaning more towards artsy… considering the first four tracks, it is definitely very artsy…

Ultimately I found myself agreeing with the panel that Controversy would be a great album for a newbie to start with… because it has the complete package of everything Prince stands for and the type of music you can expect to come from him…
my first album was Musicology and I got off that train after the first 6 tracks… just wasn’t feeling it. I kinda wanted a sense of what he was like now rather than going back to the glory days. I wanted to grasp the entire package of Prince’s entire career, and that’s why I still stand by the likes of 3121 and Planet Earth… one for the tracks and one for the overall package…
but with Planet Earth, it was more about the fact he showed me a good time as a listener and that of the female persuasion 😉

I quickly recovered and the following day, during which I purchased 3121 and The Gold Experience, I watched Purple Rain and pretty much got everything I wanted in purple packaging…
each song was new and different (except for maybe Let’s go crazy and the final two which I was very familiar with beforehand), and with the storyline, I was eating up everything. and I did the smart thing of distancing myself, thinking of it as a movie where Prince is playing a character rather than a movie about Prince.
I was grooving as soon as the first song started and I couldn’t stop… until maybe the beautiful ones… Take me with U was like a breath of fresh air, the scene being outdoors, the ballad was beautiful… When Doves Cry, which I did kinda know made me do a reversal/double-take… like everything’s starting to go downhill for our hero…

I can’t remember my initial reaction of Computer Blue… once I got over the fact we weren’t up to Darling Nikki just yet (was kinda bracing for the worst there, being as naive as I was back then)… I think I got into the choreography during the Father’s Song portion…
I was a nervous wreck during Darling Nikki, not knowing what the hell he was gonna do but it wasn’t going to be pretty

Purple Rain had me a hot mess and the rest is pretty much history… that would have been the perfect first album for me and I can still enjoy it without the benefit of the visuals 😎

I was already pretty well versed by the time I listened to 1999… but it wasn’t what I expected it to be… and feeling bad about not liking it or jumping up and down the first time I heard, I didn’t post about it for a while, afraid I’d post comments I didn’t mean and would soon take back

knowing the few things I knew about Prince, songs like Little Red Corvette, 1999, I would die 4 U, baby I’m a star and When Doves Cry…
I think I might have listened to Controversy as a newbie and really liked it, in a way like I was taking it by the reins with no intention of letting go, it being such a cool ride that I didn’t expect to find

I take time every now and then to appreciate it, but I think the entire package suffers in the 2nd half with “Ronnie” and “Annie Christian”… they’re not what turns me on is all I’m saying.
But we’ve all got different tastes.

I gurantee there are a couple albums I’m crazy about that most aren’t:

Planet Earth, Parade, and O(+> for starters

I wouldn’t mind a Podcast on Prince’s more recent material… like in the later 2K’s, ’06-09 (3121 through Lotusflow3r)
but omg, I don’t think I could take taking part in a discussion of Planet Earth… as much as I love the album, I’d probably embarass myself to no end because… shoot, I set aside a private entry to discuss “Mr. Good-night” and how at the time it was like my idea of the perfect date with this extraordinary person… I believed every word and cent of it and wanted it… makes me blush to no end for starters and to finish, I’ll just decline to comment any further

One thing I definitely will have to get across is my love for “Gold” and how seriously I take that song… which oughta mean, considering the rough shape I’ve been in for quite a while (and the fact that it’s very close to being a year… that terrifies me and has in fact kept me up a couple nights), it should provide me with the wisdom I need to keep moving forward in life…
in previous times of trouble, though not quite like this, it always shows me the answers as long as my mind was open to the possibilities it had to give

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