Discussion: Favorite albums of all time

I’ve posted on Facebook and on my Twitter account that I have more than enough reason to believe that “Born this way” will figure into my list of favorite albums of all time.

Never before had I had any music infilitrate my dreams as much as it has… and even though there are some repeats (Born this way, Judas), the same songs don’t rise out of my subconscious every night.

Maybe it’s because at this time in my life, it speaks to me personally in a couple ways, on a couple different levels.
Maybe because it’s one of the most unique trips I’d had into an artist’s psyche and my mind that works in strange, mysterious ways sometimes gets a contact high

Usually when I get a new album by an artist and I really enjoy it, it most definitely gets heavy rotation. But this is the first time where I’ve had so many repeats. Never figured that “Born this way” (talking about the song here) would be able to appear in a number of different capacities.

Again, it’s always revolving around or rather spouting out the same chorus… guess that comes from reading a link to PopDuster last night where it said that the song was an anthem for the LGBT crowd… and also because I had the audacity to consider the meaning of the title:

Was I really born and created to be such a neurotic individual who dabbles in discussions of self-analysis on end… afraid to intermingle with people my own age cuz I’m afraid I won’t fit in…

From the standpoint of that crowd, it’s an anthem of comfort. There’s a lot of discussion about whether sexual orientation is predetermined by genetics or a product of environment…
I have more reason to believe that my lack of social skill and ability to “speak” my mind is a product of my environment than a genetic predisposition…

I often worry about having these discussions on here because I worry about offending people… because I’m none of the above, I couldn’t possibly understand what it’s like

Sexual orientation is something much deeper, I think… I don’t buy that it’s genetic or flawed choices made by the parents could lead to a choice.
I read it in print someone saying why anyone would choose to be gay when they know that it leads to octrasization and discrimination.
And what I say next probably will confirm for me and anyone else that I believe there are some flaws and discrepenies in The Bible… probably also echoes Prince’s Lovesexy sentiment “Love is God, God is Love”

God is an all-powerful being and creator. Prince once said to Chris Rock that he doesn’t believe God is like in The Bible where he punishes humanity if they do him an injustice, he believes God is a loving God, not one to be feared, but to be embraced and looked to for guidance.
That being said, The Bible was written by men and men have their biases… which is why there is talk of the woman being the downfall of humanity (Eve giving Adam the apple because the serpent persuaded her to) and homosexuals being punished because their existence is a sin…

As far as I know at the moment, I am not gay, but I am a woman. Regarding both accounts, I believe they’re complete and utter BS.
My argument, however weak it may be, is that God believes in all kinds of love between all kinds of people… so some people find more attraction to their own sex because we live in a world where all kinds of love exists and should be able to happily co-exist. Not so much to teach hetrosexuals a lesson, like if two people of the same sex can love each other and get along, they could easily do the same… but it’s more to the effect that maybe some households run better under the jurisidiction of a same-sex couple… I’d hate to give one explanation without saying that it predetermines this or that (like it could be brutally argued that someone was predetermined to be gay because they aren’t supposed to procreate… it takes a few extra steps, but genetic material can be still carried on to the next generation… so that kinda blows that theory out of the water)… nor am I saying that same-sex couples exist so parentless children are more likely to be adopted…

I go into the gay issue quite a bit, especially these days and each time, it scares the hell out of me because I don’t want to come too strongly or offend anyone.

My only experience goes to that talented actor that was a senior in high school when I was a junior… it most certainly didn’t take away from how talented he was and in fact, he was more so, I thought, than most straight people I’d known in my life then again cuz I had a fangirl crush on him there’s a bit of a bias there too…
and my friend Sam is a lesbian. I believe she was out of the closet long before I met her, but I shrugged it off… made no difference to me. Either way, she still kinda came off to me as a little odd… in the way that I couldn’t understand why someone I didn’t even know kept coming up to me and talking to me when nothing I said or did really warranted an invitation :shrug:
same went with Kirby, I guess, he kept coming out of nowhere and talking to me as if we knew each other… for a while, we really didn’t

spending as much time as I have on my own, I couldn’t for the life of me understand why my friends (before they were officially my friends) found me interesting enough that they wanted to hang out with me… not sure how/if they exactly won me over or I finally caved in because who am I to turn down friends (kinda like Cady in “Mean Girls”… wondering in narration about whether or not to trust Janis and Damien’s advice of skipping gym class)…
it’s hard to explain and I think I might have to ask Sam at some point why she found me so fascinating that she couldn’t leave me alone for the first couple months of our friendship

one of my cousins is also a lesbian and I didn’t know that for the longest time until my mom told me… I didn’t see her all that much, so I probably wouldn’t have picked it up anyway. Rumor is that her coming out was a difficult thing for my aunt to swallow for a while

wouldn’t make a difference to me, should I ever have kids (still don’t see that happening and it’s not just because I haven’t really been a couple with anyone before), and one of them came out to me. Wouldn’t change how I felt about them already… be accepting and loving all the same and if difficulties follow like bullying and such, take it one step at a time

Precision of language is key for me to discuss this sensitive, controversial issue.


I had somewhat of an easier night last night, taking my usual YouTube galivanting lightly… this Iron-Man interview, that talk show appearance, that “Scanner Darkly” footage… I was in for something different for a change so I watched my favorite scene (saved under favorites) and a collection of someone’s “funniest scenes”… one was about the goddam bike Barris got for $50 and they’re trying to figure out how many gears it has… one repeated my earlier video and one was a weird sort of confrontation that comes about between Barris and Ernie (Woody Harrleson’s character)

meanwhile I was adding this and that to my Larry Paul storyline… and I found myself in a bit of difficulty and at the end, a little displeased about how it all played out.

Firstly, I was freaking out about wasting time with setting up the storyline instead of focusing predominately where my mind was currently dwelling (the joy of Larry’s return to the show earlier that day)… like I’m wasting too much time on the negative and plotting sexual tension or just plain tension when I should dispense my current feelings while I still have them

there aren’t that many good feelings floating around in me about this… and the more I typed, the more I feared that none of the essence that had been driving me was working into the story. in no way was this going to be a solid reminder of my feelings about this guy…
I had my fears as well while writing about Julian if it was going to in any way bring the essence of the actual article that, I guess, I fell in love with over time… that ended up working out fine and I had nothing to worry about

but this is completely different so I don’t really have a fallback position for Larry Paul… I was crazy about him, he drove me crazy, he made me happier than anyone else had in a long time… the angsty stuff is the only thing coming through in my work…
and there’s only so long I can prolong the agony before Jess gives it to him straight, that she fell apart when he left and that was made all the more worse cuz it was her idea

I managed to finish things off where she leaves him on the dance floor and tells her she can’t do this… like how the hell am I going to write his side of things if I don’t want to give myself away as biased or that I’m pretty much screaming that the two will end up together and he won’t be going anywhere

I’m very uptight about all this, when in actuality, there really should be no pressure on me at all. This is for my amusement/entertainment, nobody’s going to see it or read it and i’m not looking to do anything with it. The only thing I want is for the positives to start shining through at some point, perhaps later tonight when I write about her waking up the next morning and he’s making chocolate chip pancakes
I played around with some dialogue this morning… unfortunately I’ve forgotten it so I won’t be able to post it here

one thing I’ve definitely been noticing is that except for this blog, Ally McBeal, the occasional movie and whatever random ideas pop into my head (a rarity), I do all of my Downey activities at night… and usually under the cover of darkness too…
as in the only light in my bedroom is my computer screen. I develop all kinds of strange rituals with my writing and they change from subject to subject. For the strangest reason, it just works best for me to do it in the PM… as if I’m freer to let my mind explore.
Kinda the same way I wanted to listen to Prince’s music in isolation because I wanted to concentrate on everything that I’d end up writing about later

and I also have different notebooks and venues I write it because if I try to do it any old place, it doesn’t feel quite right. That’s why I only write about Downey in one notebook, Prince in another, and in my largest one with different sections, I have to get a few pages distance between different trains of thought

this blog seems more action than anything else… and I don’t necessarily have a certain time slot I write in here… whenever I have free time and my usual activities hold no interest for me

And as always, I have a title and start rambling about all kinds of stuff while avoiding the topic at hand.

I just find it so strange how Gaga’s songs keep working their way into my dreams, almost like my inner radio station is broadcasting her music 24/7, and if not, extremely frequently
and it’s always this album and these songs. I think “so happy I could die” worked its way in today, but yeah, “Born this way” must be pretty huge for me cuz my subconscious keeps bringing it back from the bring.

Usually when I’m in love with an album, it’ll be on heavy rotation. When I fell in love with “American Idiot,” it became the perfect album to drive to work with. Same went with Taylor Swift’s “Fearless”… played it for my first drive back after daylight savings ended and it made such a nice companion that I’d revisit almost every night I had to go in

I’ll admit to there being a time and I don’t regret that this is true, that Michael Jackson’s “Bad” was my album of the moment… I’d start a day with it and be grooving all commute long… I find that albums I can listen to all the way through to be a rarity, so those naturally get the most rotation.

Just for the hell of it, I decided to temporarily sort my Excel sheet with all of the albums I won from the highest percentage of listenable material to lowest to determine which albums have the rare quality of me listening to them all the way through…
immediately I find myself in a pickle because there are literally dozens that I ranked at 100%, meaning that I like all of the songs… but there is a difference between me being able to listen, and me actually enjoying them enough to listen to all of them…
and this is somewhat skewed (okay, severely skewed) by my Prince albums… I own so many and I’m so crazy about them that there are dozens I’ve given the highest percentage of listenability

wow, newsflash. Hollywood’s Top Ten is asking for comments on favorite Anne Hathaway movies (dammit, when am I gonna get my RDJ countdown? might have to wait until December when Sherlock 2 comes out)…
but she is one of my favorite actresses… or at least she used to be during her heyday. She was one of those where I’d have to see all of her movies cuz I was crazy about one particular film.

As is true with most, I first saw her in The Princess Diaries… which is great for all those girls who felt like nobodys and found out that they were somebody… not just that they were royal but that they didn’t necessarily need to be for someone to notice them (Lily’s brother Michael had a crush on Mia long before she found out she was a princess and by the end of the movie, she comes to realize that his friendship mattered to her just as much)

I found myself disappointed with the sequel because she didn’t pick anyone… I was kinda looking for her and Chris Pine to get together (first time I saw him), so the ending left me a little cold. But everything in between was good fun 😎

The Devil Wears Prada probably ranks up there for me because she plays a normal girl in a more realistic storyline, although Miranda Presley’s attitude might have been exaggerated just a tad…

Aside from that, I’ve seen Bride Wars (a good watch if you’re in for an afternoon of really bad movies) and Get Smart (where she plays somewhat of a cold character, going against her usual line of work)… and Valentine’s Day was a riot (check it out for all of her racy phone calls, lol)

I had not seen Brokeback Mountain (which I’d been meaning to cuz a) I picked it to win best picture and was pissed off when it didn’t and of course, b) it was a special thing, having a movie where two cowboys are getting it on, something I hadn’t heard of before) or Rachel Getting Married (which got her an Oscar-nomination as the drug-addicted older sister of the bride, I get a feeling her character wasn’t really pleasant either)

I’ll go with “The Devil Wears Prada”… but as far as the explanation why, I don’t know how to go about it, lol… so I’ll just leave it at that.

oh, I forgot about “Ella Enchanted” another good one that follows in the footsteps of The Princess Diaries where she plays a princess

I still have a while to consider Downey films and what I’d pick my favorite to be… there are so many that it’s not even funny. I doubt I could limit it to 10

okay, so back to the chaos I’ve gotten myself into…

I don’t remember giving Viva La Vida 100%, I’ve only listened to it maybe 5 times…
you think Sgt. Pepper is strange, that album’s almost extraterrestial, like something not from this world… extrasential might be the word I’m looking for

I gave Songs about Jane 100% but I didn’t download “Secret” to my iPod… but it would definitely work as one of those types of albums… adding it to the list

I gave Daughtry’s 2nd album the same, but I don’t listen to all of the songs. I usually skip one or two of the singles, and “Lessons Learned” (or that song that has the chorus “…learned my lesson by now”)… but it got its share of heavy rotation after getting it a couple Christmases ago
same goes with “Help” by The Beatles, don’t listen to all of the songs… and in fact I should probably downgrade it cuz I’m not crazy about “Thin Lizzy”…
Katy Perry’s first album too… I don’t even listen to it all that frequently cuz I’m tiptoeing around songs I’m borderline about… as an entire package, “Teenage Dream” comes across better cuz I like the songs a bit better (my 80’s bias kicking in into high gear there)

supposing I take Prince’s albums out of account, I’d get a shorter list and therefore prove my point that having an entire album be listenable… or near listenable (I skip one song on “Fearless” but I still take the entirity into account)…
The Black Album… geesh… barely listen to that anymore and I gave it 100%
I count 10 albums I gave the highest grading

  • Parade
  • Sign o’ the times
  • Come
  • Dirty Mind
  • Controversy (WTF, I thought I didn’t like “Ronnie talk to Russia” that much)
  • Around the world in a day
  • Purple Rain
  • The Very Best of…
  • Planet Earth

I guess I could upgrade “1999”… I kinda got over “all the critics love u in NY” which I wasn’t really crazy about, but… taking into account how frequently I listen to these (and in their entirity), I’ll add 4 of them;

Aly & AJ… I’m pretty sure I wasn’t crazy about the covers, so they’re not completely legit for this train of thought.
“Right where you want me” by JMac… ahh… borderline, cuz I usually stop listening after the first 10 songs… but for what it’s worth, why the hell not;

Mamma Mia… eh, it’s a soundtrack and I only listen to it on special occasions. not nearly enough

Ryan Cabrera and Ashlee Simpson’s first albums… I rarely listen to all the way through, but I’ll give Ashlee the benefit of the doubt, cuz there was a time (my senior year of high school) when I’d listen to it on heavy rotation and actually configured when I’d listen to each song
The Click Five, absolutely for that album 😎

I’m on the fence on whether or not I should keep the second album… I know for a fact there are certain songs I’m not crazy about… and it’s not the fact they (or rather it) make me cry anymore… maybe it’s cuz of heavy rotation in an attempt to develop thick skin so it couldnt affect me as much, but “Jenny” does nothing for me either way, doesn’t make me quake in my boots anymore and it never really made me enjoy it… there are a handful of songs I can get into and even enjoy the punk sound they have, but I’m under the impression they are few and far between

JMac’s Beautiful Soul… eh, debatable… as he’s been growing up as I’ve been growing up, it doesn’t stimulate me to enjoyment quite as much as it did when I was 17-18

Plus One’s first album… eh… debatable again, but I didn’t usually listen to all of it
“Speak” acts as a soundtrack for one part of Jak & Daxter and part of my senior year
Michelle Branch goes without saying 😎

then after that, it starts to get a little sketchy with the higher 90th percentile

Jason Derulo makes for a really decent debut album, plus it kinda feels like the ups and downs of a relationship, several songs which could make for great pick-up lines 😎 if I start on one particular song and work my way through the tracks in order after that, could have a pretty nice storyline too

The rest of Prince’s albums are scattered around quite a bit. The Rainbow Children and Rave make the first cut, but I don’t listen to them nearly as much… like I like the songs and enjoy them on occasion but not enough to go through the entirity enough times to count for the entire list

There’s a disconnect in the other 2 Maroon 5 albums and even though I will listen to the 2nd almost all the way through, it gets too sparse and various for me to consider it here

several of these are cases where one song keeps them from being at 100% for me, and Born this Way and Fearless both share that in common along with so much else 😎
Taylor’s self-titled album has somewhat of a disconnect to so I’m not sold on it on the whole… might do me good to give it a listen in the next couple days when the folks are away at the shore
Nelly Furtado’s “Loose” album doesn’t have that cohesion going on either, but I can almost listen to it in its entirity… has a number of interesting flavors interacting here.

after D&P, it gets very sparse, few and in between strike me as brilliant as entire packages so everything else, I’m just gonna list as I go up my worksheet;


  • Songs about Jane- Maroon 5
  • Fearless- Taylor Swift
  • Parade
  • Planet Earth
  • Purple Rain
  • Come– Prince
  • Right where you want me- JMac
  • Autobiography- Ashlee Simpson
  • Greetings from the Imire House- The Click Five
  • Speak- Lindsay Lohan
  • Jason DeRulo
  • Born this way- Lady Gaga
  • Fearless- Taylor Swift
  • Diamonds & Pearls– Prince
  • The Gold Experience– Prince
  • Replay-Play
  • The Futurist- Robert Downey Jr.
  • Lovesexy– Prince (goes without saying, u can’t skip any of the tracks, lol)
  • The Fame Monster- Lady Gaga

I believe that’s my grand total and I’m going to stick with that… so out of 138 albums that I’ve actually listened to enough to “review”… I have at least 19 that I think of as particularly special in my collection… where they serve as an entire experience and not just a collection of really good songs

And out of those 19, 7 of them are Prince albums (7… you gotta be frickin’ kidding me, this is too much).

His albums are an entirely different animal, but it’s a matter of personal preference which ones I think move together the best as a whole… meaning that I find a hard time breaking them up because I feel I might miss something important if I do.

Equally, I can lose myself in all of these the way all music should make you lose all sense of where you are and whatever you’re going through… within each gem lies a pearl of wisdom that sometimes in the strangest of cosmic ways, they help you make sense of something that would have been nearly impossible to decipher without a little extra stimulation.

I get the effect even on my iPod, so I would have to disagree with Prince that the digital conversation of music doesn’t let you “feel anything”… each time “Little Clownz” made me cry and the end of “Smile” leaves me feeling alone is a testament to that fact
And to throw in for his benefit, on CD or on my iPod, “Anna Stesia” still gets to me the same way… it’s one of those songs most definitely worthy of goosebumps

of course someone might chime in and say that both outlets are considered digital and analog is what you get in vinyl records… how they used to make ’em… whether I’m right or wrong doesn’t really matter to me. Music still affects me no matter what format it’s in πŸ˜‰ trust me on that

as I said before, it’s pretty insane of Gaga’s newest album constantly stars in my dreams… can’t go to sleep at night without waking up the next morning with one of the songs playing in my head, as if I’m wearing headphones and have it cranked all the way up so it can’t be ignored (without the pounding pain, mind you)
taking all of those options into account, I’ll try to at least orchestrate a top 5… and I’m talking about current favorites, not all time

  1. Born this way- Lady Gaga
  2. The Futurist- Robert Downey Jr.
  3. Fearless- Taylor Swift
  4. Planet Earth- Prince
  5. Right where you want me- JMac
  6. American Idiot- Green Day

Yikes… having only 5 to pick from is asking a lot…
but considering all the heavy rotation, I hope that “Born this way” gets a lot of Grammy buzz… definitely deserves it 😎

and before anyone asks, I wasn’t about to say that The Futurist deserved any Grammy buzz… was it worthy of it, sure why not, but I’d lobby for Robert to get an Oscar before I lobby for a Grammy under his belt… what would he do with one anyways? It’s not like he has a mantelpiece to readily display them like Stephen Colbert does on his show… you know with his Peabodys, Grammy and Emmy… the only big ones he’s missing are a Tony and an Oscar, and I don’t really see either of those happening anytime soon (although Stephen in real life is doing an off-Broadway show that he didn’t mention on the show cuz he wants to keep the personas separate… not have people want to see the play just cuz it gets the Colbert bump)

We have at least a good 4 days to have the run of the house… and no I’m not thinking of throwing any wild parties (not that I’d be able to get my friends to drop by anyways)… so I’ve got a few things I’d like to do in the comfort and isolation for a bit.

A few albums I want to listen to for sure… a little Taylor Swift, a lot of Gaga and some Katy Perry for starters…
perhaps trying to learn the choreography for “Judas” or at least getting the chorus downpat
the next two days with Larry Paul and my notebook for any little detail I could add to my story…
watching the extended cut of “Suckerpunch” and maybe “Easy A” and “The Breakfast Club” again

and the rest I’ll kinda figure out as I go along.
Maybe knowing one good song and the performance on The Colbert Report (which I just got done watching) will give me the incentive to listen through our Greatest hits album of The Cars… out of sheer curiosity. The lead singer looks pretty good even today and although there is a tough of that psychadelic 70’s vibe in there (where The Doors and such were tripping on acid) but the song they played was pretty cool 😎 it was on my mind for at least 5 minutes after the video ended

would like to get in a little mention of PopDuster… they put out a list of top 40 pop artists. Gaga was number 1 so they interviewed her…
to my utter disgust, though:

a) there are a bunch of hip-hop and rappers on the list (Drake, Eminen, Diddy and a bunch of others I never even heard of)
b) Bieber was #2… WTF… shouldn’t even be on the list at all
c) Rihanna and that Nicki Manji character got higher grading (wish both would just disappear cuz they’re bringing ruin to the industry… the latter, she’s completely ripping off Gaga’s thing with the wigs, none of them are flattering by the way… she’s one of those people I hear about but never care to know or give ready mention to)
d) Madonna and Michael Jackson made the list…

and someone really important was missing…

I don’t care if Prince isn’t revelant in the music industry anymore or even that he’s not exclusively a pop artist…

why does Michael Jackson get a mention if it’s all posthumous buzz… I mean, it’s a tragedy and everything, but Prince is at least putting out new records… which he isn’t really promoting on a steady venue… but that’s not the point

and Madonna? She hasn’t released an album in 5 years… at least! she’s a legend, but doesn’t make her revelant

once again, Prince gets no respect at all.
sure I’m not paying attention as much as I used to to his every move, but it doesn’t mean I don’t still care about him falling between the cracks of everyone’s subconscious

even if… oh please god forbid (knocking on wood)… the unthinkable happens and he has an untimely death in the next 5-10 years… I do sincerely worry that he’s not going to get the same props as Michael Jackson… everyone remembers the King of Pop, but they forget about the guy with a name of royalty…

I shudder the notion…  not to the point it’s keeping me up at night, though, I’ve got plenty more on my mind that’ll do that. And luckily that hasn’t happened in the past couple days, been sleeping through the night just fine

if he’s lucky, Prince’s time will come when he reaches the age of 100…
but there’s the unlucky chance that should it come to that, it might be all and good for him, but most of his older admirers that grew up with his music won’t be alive to celebrate his life after he’s gone

it’s going to be up to me, my fellow Purple Knight and his circle of friends to pick up the slack and really celebrate an amazing life of an amazingly talented person that is so incredibly gifted that there’ll never be another like him

I’ll end it on this note:

everyone has their own “identifier”… taking it out of the context of “Easy A,” Olive tells her best friend Rhi that her identifier is “big tits” (which she’s very pleased with, lol).

Tony Stark’s is “bad-ass”… and under the jurisdiction of my own mind, these words are ones I use exclusively to describe one person….

Robert Downey Jr. is “multi-talented”…

but there’s “multi-talented”… and there’s Prince… who goes beyond that πŸ˜‰

he isn’t just multi-talented,

he is “gifted”… it’s as simple as that

yep, even after all this time and how little time I pay a thought to Prince and his music, I still care about his well-being as a person and his career a great deal. That admiration goes 4 years back and nothing’s going to take that away πŸ˜‰

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