Prince and politics [2 separate topics, not necessarily in that order]

Huh… one of those windows of opportunity I mentioned a few entries ago popped up today, but I didn’t take full advantage of it. There’ll always be other opportunities. I mean, if Michelle Bachmann becomes a serious candidate in the presidential race, they’ll keep popping up.

But I think out of fear and not knowing how long the conversation would go, I bit my tongue even as I felt my stomach lurching forward to say something.

My dad said he saw a video online on MSN (his favorite to-go current events site) about Piers Morgan interviewing either Michelle Bachmann or Christine O’Donnell and she walked off because he wanted to talk about one topic that she refused to talk about.
She was there to promote a new book, not talk about what Piers wanted to talk about her, her view on gays.

He settled on Michelle Bachmann because he couldn’t remember exactly who it was… but regrettably the tone of the conversation took place with her specifically in mind.
And what I found really strange was he said that Piers was asking about her view on gay rights. After getting fired up about the “praying the gay away” story that broke up, I couldn’t see why she would be promoting gay rights, which is how he told the story. When I checked back with him about it, he said that he didn’t get the full details, something to do with her view… which could have been pro or con

However, I had done my briefest research (Yahoo is my go-to source) and it was Christine O’Donnell he was interviewing and wanted to know about her view on absentience and gay marriage…
neglecting that completely, I could feel myself bursting to say something.

The topic came and went pretty quickly after my mom made a brief comment, scoffing at the “pray the gay away” program, saying it doesn’t work. The only tidbit I had time to add before the topic changed was that I did research and ultimately that they “offer the services and the participants have free will on whether or not to do it”

I took myself aback yesterday when I realized that there is at least one gay joke I can’t not laugh at… it’s the little back and forth between Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen in “the 40-year old virgin”
just cuz I find the comment “you know how I know you’re gay… You like Coldplay” kinda funny.
It was one of the few things I took away from that movie the first time aside from, of course, the iconic chest-waxing scene, lol

it seems to me that the general view held by the public (per the media [per the movies]), straight guys are generally homophobic… like certain things that are triggers that ID for them which guys are gay and seem to be in the business of talking their friends into avoiding all activity that might give off that impression to save them embarassment or something to affect…

Regardless, I checked to see that it was Christine O’Donnell being interviewed, but in another interview, Michelle Bachmann eluded to some things about the “gay lifestyle” that didn’t sit right with her, one of which being that they “lead a very sad life”

complete and utter BS

As most of the things I wanted to say went through one ear and out the other, I’ll make it clear that I found that program to be offensive because
a) it doesn’t work and never will work no matter how much the participants would like it too
b) its mere existence discourages people from being who they are and suggests to them that something is wrong with them

then to add to that, I’m aware of at least one person who took part in that program for 2 years, it didn’t work no matter how much he would have liked it to, and nearly led him to commit suicide. That last part is something I cannot overlook or forget.

I’m no expert on any of this so take everything with a grain of salt.
But there are a couple of ways to come to terms with one’s sexuality without going into it in that particular fashion.

Don’t work on yourself under the impression that you’re unhappy with yourself as you are and want to change that on the fact that it isn’t universally accepted by other people… that you want to change so you could please others before pleasing yourself.

Nothing against praying, I’ll be clear on that. Your sexuality is something that is a part of you as much as the color of your hair or your height… the only difference is that it’s not genetic where there’s a specific gene or selection of family traits that triggers it.
If praying is your method of therapy, pray to find peace within yourself. Pray to come to terms with yourself and be proud of who you are. Because in the end, it only matters what you think of yourself, not what other people think.

And either through a hotline or support group, even friends and family if they support you and want to help you, seek guidance from someone who can help you work on yourself and that self-confidence. Surrounding yourself with people, not necessarily the same sexuality, but people who are caring, thoughtful individuals that have your back no matter what is really a key thing.

Ultimately, a lot of these things can be applied to everybody for different reasons.

So far, I have nothing else to report on the homefront, no articles in the paper or opinion columns
but my impression right now is whoever I vote for in the next election will have to have my views on LGBT rights. Not to the point where they HAVE to support gay marriage. I support that myself, but it’s not going to make or break my opinion of them if they’re not all for it.
But they certainly can’t take the extremist approach where they believe being anything but heterosexual is a sin.

Onto Prince, which brings quite the interesting predicament.
I took a night off from listening to his music in order to focus on Larry Paul and trying to maybe generate a few story ideas.
I listened to him last night and ended up writing more than I did the night before… getting more ideas as it were.

I’ll try to make this portion short & sweet, sweet as he is
I started the night looking for more pictures, found a couple that someone was nice enough to put on their photobucket account. Now “Larry’s back” is my wallpaper… him wearing black at the end of the episode where he returns from Detriot.
Phew, I defaulted to my desktop last night and had to turn off the monitor quickly. I was blushing so much

but my mind was weighing heavily on the truth of the matter: he’s officially left the show, or so he would tomorrow, which is now today. Which I managed to avoid completely by rewatching that Justin Long/Drew Barrymore movie I saw twice on the Australia trip… with some new content that they didn’t show on the plane.
OMG… Justin Long had “full” nudity in the scene where he gets in the tanning booth… but thanks to him standing in a profile type shot and his hands providing coverage, I didn’t have a complete heart attack. What I will say still kinda blushing at the reminder of it… he was, I guess, clean-shaven for that scene… whereas that similar bit of nudity in Less than Zero, was kinda the opposite of that…

there was another “addition” in a scene, like they didn’t completely shy away from full exposure as the airplane did… Drew & Justin arrive at her house, start making out, shedding their clothes and end up doing it on the kitchen table… OMG… then her sister played by Christina Applegate comes in, sees Justin Long with a white handprint etched out on his butt…

like, omg, that’s just too much…
one scene I knew was going to be cut from the airplane’s edited version cuz I saw it in the previews briefly… the two of them attempt “phone sex” and it ends on a hilariously bad note because they didn’t fully disclose where they were, who was on top, etc.

Drew Barrymore has been one of my favorite actresses since I was a kid. The first movie I saw her in was Never Been Kissed or Ever After… in both she played overly dramatic roles where nothing goes right for the girl and even worse in Ever After, she’s an outcast that seems like she’s never going to get her happy ending… it’s a disturbingly more realistic version of Cinderella.
And I’d been a fan of hers ever since, catching most of her movies whenever I can.
The last one previous to this was “he’s just not that into you” which I believe she produced. He and Justin are in it, but don’t play each other’s love interests…

I believe they’re still dating, but they then did this movie together. Because of that movie, I had a mad crush on Justin Long that I think only really lasted a month or two 😕
And he was a similar “phenomenon” to Steve Carrell, where I saw a movie with them for the first time, thought they were either really cute or really hilarious (which one is which is pretty obvious)… a performance that told me to keep an eye out for these guys cuz they know what they’re doing.

Steve Carell has had a helluva career since his days as Brick Tamblyn… and I just knew it was going to really put him on the map

Needless to say, Justin Long, while I didn’t like him here nearly as much as Alex the bartender, took my mind off watching Ally McBeal. I had my notepad next to me just in case an idea popped into my head about this blog entry or the story… didn’t even bother picking it up, I couldn’t really do two things at once without my attention to one suffering

but my mindset was that of bliss this morning… my heart felt like it was floating on air…
which I didn’t think was even possible because I started to kinda go through withdrawal last night and given how I am with PMS, I should be the opposite of “floating on air” for at least a couple of days :shrug:

it came about under the strangest of circumstances. I believed I saw him briefly in a dream but as his character from Weird Science, Ian… except it wasn’t quite him. I was thinking to myself earlier that night, in fact, that except for the clip from “Pound” where he has one line “have any hair on your balls” at age 5… I had never heard what he sounded like before his voice changed with puberty.

Which makes some scenes in his 80’s movies so strange looking that I question if the voice matches up with the feast before my eyes. i.e. he sounds too old and mature to look as young as he does…. I dreamt about him where his voice hadn’t changed yet and wasn’t that iconic tone that resonates with me to where I can pick up real easy, probably from the other room.
Although not nearly as obvious as his usual line of work, I watched him on Family Guy, at some point actually able to pick up his tone… during which I stifled a giggle his character says some of the strangest stuff, lol

even stranger was that last night, I watched a couple of clips from that really horrible movie (or so I noted as being noted for its horrible acting) “Friends & Lovers” where he plays a ski instructor casanova with a Norweigen accent… yet in one scene he just looks so cute and sounds so cute that I don’t care that the voice didn’t synch with his lip movements…
so now I’m looking for that as well as “Bowfinger” on cable, lol
and I watched a set of “Soapdish” clips… or as UK talk show host calls it “Sowp-dish”… his “a” sounds like he has a cockney accent, or some accent that’s not pristine British English

Maybe not to the degree of “The Pick-up Artist”… but I have said maybe once or twice that I really didn’t like “Soapdish”… thought it was beyond cheesy, overdramatic and overacted (mainly by Sally Field)…
my dislike of the movie is more or less the fact I didn’t think Robert gave one of his best performances… even saying he looked/sounded downright bored in some spots… like it wasn’t even worth his time to do this movie…
yet these clips made me laugh and I got the usual amount of charisma and humor I ask of many of his performances… and he is kinda cute with that boyish charm he generated back then. I concede and if I get really bored one of these nights, I might seriously consider watching the entire movie over again, something I never thought I’d do

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