DreamyPop Hodgepodge #1: football, movies, etc.

Hodgepodge was one of those words I didn’t think I’d use, but it came to mind when I realized there was a lot I wanted to write about. And a few things that I need to really discuss because… well, might as well at some point, I guess, waited long enough.
:shrug: In fact, I think I’ll start it with two entries I had meant to post a couple months ago referring to my birthday weekend at the shorehouse. Not too much there, but its something, I guess.
And even though I can’t stand to use it, I think I’ll put it in the default font so it’ll further impress how old the comments really are. Let the records also show that I still haven’t really come to grips with my new age yet. Haven’t really said the number aloud to myself, but I know for a fact [shoot, my Internet is choosing now to suck when I really need to access old emails] when I’m sitting at a restaurant, primed to order wine, I don’t want to be carded, dammit…

guess it’ll have to wait then.
never mind, got one. this is the day after, but since my original gmail is my default, I went there first.
Also happens to be the shorter of the two entries cuz I meant to finish this at some point.

technically the day after my birthday PARTY blog…
what a heck of a party it was too.
I figure that I might have come to peace with one supposed incident… or at least I believe so cuz only I saw it that way… where I was alone and everyone had gone outside to hang out…
because something similar happened yesterday as well… but here’s the thing: I chose to take out some time to myself to write the previous message to my Dreamy gmail address. Mostly in part because it was too hot outside for me at the time so I rather have stayed inside. I chose and reveled in my loneliness rather than being lonely. I guess choice has a great deal of influence on me in the positive sense…
I’m hoping that my choice to wait until tonight to watch my movie was a good move on my part and that it’ll be like he never left… all that good stuff.
My dreams were kinda complicated last night… I mean there were hints of my possible bisexuality, the idea definitely came to mind at a certain point. I was looking through a book that had pictures of me and a couple of girls posing and auditioning for certain shots for a certain movie. My shots looked pretty bad in comparison but I get this from not liking my appearance all that much… but there was another girl in there. I believe her name was Carlson Kressley… that might be a name of one of the guys from Queer Eye or Project Runway… what girl has a name like Carlson right? anyway…  i saw her a couple of time and I think she had long rich brownish red hair… then I think I saw a man with striking resemblence to Sherlock Holmes but he was in a bicycle like contrapation that he made himself… definitely seemed like the eccentric Sherlock…
then I believe the dream ended where I was rewatching or watching the Christmas episode of Ally because I saw Larry and Ally at the piano… mainly him, actually… but I knew things were gonna be all right because I saw his likeness in my dream
this is sure to be another entry entirely, my reaction, but time might not be on my side to go through all the details.
Plain and simple, I finished up my volume of Sherlock Holmes today… I guess that’s what the dream was alluding to or suggesting. I like to think my dreams have connection to the future or are prophetical… a couple of times lately I’d wake up with a track from “Born this way” running thorugh my head. at some point I will get sick of the album because I listen to it so much.. a couple days ago, I had a really vivid dream where I was dancing to the choreography of “Judas” most of which was accurate except for maybe one gesture But the way I figure things is that there must be one movement I’m completely forgetting because one movement isn’t really connecting on beat to the previous one I remember. I had hoped it was indication that she performed it on SYTYCD Thursday night… but nope, it was You & I and Edge of Glory.. which she had now aired on TV three times…
the first was on the American Idol finale, the 2nd was that preview of the music video and now this…
Last I checked, she had four singles come from that album and I’d only heard two on the radio so far. She performed the title track at least twice on air… one was at the grammys and the other was some other appearance I think she did.. American Idol maybe… and Edge of Glory… You and I, it’s been maybe one other time and it was Monster Ball footage…
Judas I’d only seen on Ellen… never on the radio. Fox does a lot of controversial stuff, Katy Perry’s “I kissed a girl” being one of the hottest… why couldn’t they do me a favor and have had her perform Judas for the show?
Don’t know why I am so crazy about this song, but to me it just screams perfection and the choreography enhances that perfection to the point I can’t imagine the song without it. I saw her perform it live on Ellen and that was the first time I’d heard the song… it was like magic, that exhliaration you get from seeing something happen for the first time that you simply fall in love with. I’d experienced that a couple of times regarding a couple different people… Prince had such a moment, RDJ I’m sure has had one (this movie could be very close to that)…

ah, it was already in the default font, so that makes things a bit easier… not sure what RDJ film I was talking about, lol
and this will be one less message in Dreamy’s gmail inbox. This is in response to my party and I think I started writing this during

on the plus side, it didn’t get to the point of my 21st birthday where I found myself sinking into a depression on the grounds that nobody really cared to spend time with me for a period of maybe 20-30 minutes…
I guess age does you some good, you learn not to expect some things and with other things… it depends, comes and goes as to what it is I find interesting and not so interesting.
I seem to be under the ridiculous notion that any second Kirby is gonna walk through the door or my friend with him will come through the door… particularly right now because she said she got off work at 6 or was expecting to… for a moment I allowed myself to fantasize that one of my friends or family pulled strings so I could get a skype chat or a live birthday message from Robert Downey himself… a little unrealistic I admit and I didn’t have too much to drink at the time so those were sober thoughts…
maybe not healthy, but I confess to being sober.
As far as the birthday day goes, yesterday was probably one of the best I’d had in a long time. I believe the one before that I got my purple iPod and turned 22… of course these days its not so purple… not Prince-ly exclusive to say the least. but that’s okay. my interests change, my playlist changes. I’m sure that a lot of Gaga’s tracks will be climbing up my top 25 spots on my ipod soon… but most of the time I’ll be listening to it in CD format instead of my ipod…
Details made for some great moments yesterday. Pt. Pleasant was very pleasant, not too hot or cold… and I took in the moments as they came. Admired the water and the expensive houses by the water on one side and the other, got all of the smells of the food stands. The food I had all day both for lunch and dinner were really good, espcially the carrot cake I ordered for dessert… not nearly as good as n-wing’s but definitely really good.
The only thing that didn’t go my way yesterday actually was for the best. I had plans for “kiss kiss bang bang” but becasue of the power outages going on during the storm it was definitely good that we didn’t. I’d hate to have any interruptions for my daily fix, especially if I can control it… unfortunately it’s coming up maybe 2 full days, maybe three, depending on tonight… yeah, this sounds really demented :rolls eyes:
my only request to myself and the god of inspiration (if there is a god of that, lol) is that I don’t completely lose my train of thought regarding what I have in mind for my Larry Paul-inspired story… I haven’t really gotten around to writing it or anything, no ideas really coming to mind.
The only thing I find disappionting is that I had no physical packages to open… but then again, a decent sized best buy gift card could probably remedy as much as… well, anything Robert Downey related seems to know how to make me feel better, provided its either familiar territory or… I dunno… I’ve been surprised with him before. Right now I feel like I’m close to crashing from this withdrawal but I might be able to survive another night without watching any of his movies :shrug: tomorrow might work just as well as tonight, depending on what the universal consensus is
Truth is that when I was trying to go to sleep the eve of my birthday, I could sense my body going into somewhat of a panic… honest to god panic… because I didn’t know if I was going to survive the idea of turning 25… I’m slowly digesting the idea of it and little by little I might go into a spiel about it for my blog. A lot of things are turning 25 this year…
Under the Cherry Moon was really good the other night, quite a bit of fun and I’ll definitely report on more of that at a later date. Feeling a little constructed on my dad’s laptop.
Part of me was in a bit of a panic during the movie because the Internet was out… again… hopefully this doesn’t become a trend and finally we have to change modems in order to keep it… I was definitely panicking about that. And probably the only clip I watched (once it got fixed) that night was him talking to Diana Sawyer about his album and about his sobriety… all that good stuff… his voice was, you know how they say “sight for sore eyes”… it was like that… it just resonated in me and I knew that I felt okay and I was going to be okay.
Again, makes me sound like a demented drug addict because of how much power he has over my happiness or I’m thinking that I can’t be completely happy unless I’m exposed to something having to do with him.
also gotta make sure I make good use of that gift card… pick and choose, making sure not to spend it on the stuff I don’t really need… I’m gonna have to need some of that stuff… mybe a collection of Charlie Chaplin’s works to start… maybe Iron-Man 2 on DVD… hell, I don’t think I can wait much longer for it to get to TV… it’s obviously not gonna be any time soon :sigh:
$100 is a lot of money but with a lot of things, it goes by really fast… and I mean REALLY fast
my mind’s kinda all over at the moment, but part of it is on whether or not my stomach can cope with all the foodstuffs I went through today. I got one of my requests fulfilled, picking out the cake and having candles to blow out… I didn’t even count how many… but I worked to make sure they all went out in one blow… I believe that’s part of the birthday wish superstitution, if you tell a wish or u dont blow out all of the candles it wont come true.
my birthday wishes have been kinda small and immediate… one of them was about Prince, but it was about making sure that I recovered my fascination and love of his music during a slump I was going through. I watched Purple Rain returning home after that trip and everything was fine again…
I’ll leave it at that, it’s something a little immediate that I’m concerned about but it’s in no way related to my future in the professional field…
I’m kinda weird about my most recent muse and about this set of stories I’ve been trying to write as of late… like its so important that I have to write about this and whatever comes out is something I can look back on and recall, hopefully, the happiness that came along with it. As melodramatic as I am with Robert Downey, some of the metaphors I’ve used where he’s either the opposite of good for me or he’s like a drug to me… irony to the nth degree, definitely considering who we’re talking about here..
he has made me happy in a couple ways and Larry Paul had me believing that I can fall for a man that easily and I can see past a few flaws… or rather, I could love a man and understand that he isn’t perfect but I’m perfectly okay with it. It’s strange how huge the indescribability is with him… I’d been able to at least write poems and had lists of metaphors on how Prince and his music made me feel… but it seems to allude me with Downey, especially when I want to focus on him specifically or the really good parts of him. I guess it’s just really easy for me to focus on the negatives… that’s what made Julian so easy to write about, I suppose.
His story was one I definitely had to rewrite in any way I possibly could to make sure he could have a future. I am repeating myself… but I’d gone past the point where I could care less. I’m writing this blog for myself not for anyone else to really read… somehow its a good venue for me to get my thoughts out nice and clear
Even if I wait a day or so to watch the movie I think I’m gonna be okay. Something tells me, intution maybe, that he will be “there” when I get back and it’ll be as if I never left. Gotta have a positive attitude about it bcause there’ll come a point where we come down here and I can’t bring down another of his movies because I’d gone through all of them already.
yeah, things’ll be just fine.

anyways, that’s that… can move on from those.
My mindset was a helluva lot different back then… these days I’m a bit more positive, but I’m still kinda riding on high in a few different aspects

the football discussion will be short and sweet. I’m reading about tonight’s game and the predictions for this weekend… man this is really getting me in the mood. This year I think what I’m gonna do is do a week by week analysis, if not here, somewhere else… and I’ll discuss my favorite plays, greatest moments and maybe by the end of the season I can have a compilation of all of the above.

A couple of movies, I have yet to discuss and I’ll take this entry to do so.
I think I came to the conclusion last night (this morning?) that I’m hooked on seeing all of these movies not just for escapism but so I’ll have something to talk about and I can understand more and more references and allusions that people make.

I’m sure that watching “Pulp Fiction” did me a lot of favors.
Strange as it sounds, I never thought I’d say this, but it has me excited to actually see more Tarantino movies because whatever he had going on here, I dunno… his scripts are ridiculously original. I mean, he could have his characters talking about everyday things and make it sound interesting… social commentary, I think is what that’s called.
Doesn’t mean I’m going to check into the “Kill Bill” series, though… not sure if I could take all of that blood

My overall impression is this:
once I got passed the one scene I was dreading, the rest was a piece of cake. All of the characters and actors were really good in this. Strangest thing is that since then, Samuel L. Jackson has been popping up everywhere, yo… we watched top 10 basketball movies (Coach Carter was #2, another I have to see)… watched Jurassic Park (did NOT know he was in that, lol)… his character in this movie definitely put him on the radar for me.
Even though he does have a small role in the Avengers flicks as Nick Fury :shrug: and I did know him as Mace Windoo in the “Star Wars” prequels… but now he’s the type of actor I kinda wanna check out, though not to the extreme degree 😉 if u catch what I’m sayin’

Funny part about this was when I said I was interested in watching it. My dad’s shaking his head, saying “okaaay… it’s just…” I filled in the blank “weird?” and he agreed.
As if he thought I couldn’t handle this movie he was in full support of it last we discussed it, what’s up with that…

:sigh: “Less than Zero” has me believing that after that, I can probably handle most kinds of weirdness… that and “A Scanner Darkly”… maybe “Fur” too… geesh, Robert, why do you do so many weird movies?

More on that later.

Anyways… I was alerted beforehand that everything was out of order. I accepted and figured I could keep up real well.

It opens up with a scene between Tim Roth (of “Lie to me” fame) and his girlfriend discussing something in a breakfast diner. With his heavy Irish accent (the volume was cranked up to 60, btw, something we never do), I couldn’t understand a goddam word. I just got that the two of them do the hold-up routine all the time and they’re going to do it again.

then we proceed to ignore them completely until the very end of the movie.
Geesh, what’s up with that? I wanted a goddam explaination after that conversation I couldn’t understand a word of.

Next scene:
John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson go to a guy’s apartment to either collect money or ask why the dude disrespected his boss.
The social commentary here had me almost rolling on the floor… crazy ass $%@# is what it is. something I saw in another show/movie/whatever a few days after this had me thinking a scene I saw recently where some dude eats another dude’s burger and I’m thinking WTF…
I was thinking about this movie

between that and Jackson shooting the one guy after he said “what” one too many times… omg, hilarious

next scene– real short
Samuel L. Jackson meets their boss and hugs it out with him… supposedly he’s retiring, leavin’ the business. here we meet Bruce Willis’s character for the first time

next scene:
John Travolta takes out the boss’s g/f and shows her a good time. Everything about the scene at the night club… the first time I’d ever found Uma Thurman to be cool to watch, and yeah, I admit she’s good looking here with that whole Russian-mafia haircut (Julianne Moore does the same thing in “The Big Lebowski”). between the dancing and the conversaton over the $5 milkshake priceless
I counted the number of times she snorted during these scene and it was getting around 4-5 within a 20 minute period (real time, not movie time)… of course I was thinking about Julian and a comment RDJ made about how great his first black tar high was “that was so good, I think I’d like to do it every 20 minutes”

Johnny gets some high… shoot, seeing him shoot that stuff up already has me cringing… some really powerful stuff that you supposedly have to boil up and liquify before you shoot it… ahh… Julian took his crack and smoked it so I didn’t have to deal with needles watching him get high, luckily…

Uma’s in need of another high so she promptly snorts what she finds in Johnny’s coat pocket…
the entire time he’s rushing her to this one dude’s house (the guy who sold him the stuff) and when he’s out the house, I’m freaking out, saying that she’d be dead by now if this was real life…

then he takes the really huge needle of adrenaline and I’m all cringed up in my seat (saw this scene in Health class at least 6-7 years ago and has made me wary of the movie ever since)… once that was all over, I could finally relax.

next scene-
Bruce Willis going to a boxing match where he was supposed to take a dive, instead kills the guy (not knowing until afterwards that he had), which has him being on the run or wanting to be on the run with his g/f. One scene gets thrown in here with Christopher Walken as his dad, telling him about the family heirloom, a gold watch that he had throughout being a POW or in a Nazi concentration camp

the only relevence this has is later on where Bruce Willis is in a rush to skip town and his g/f forgot to pack the watch. He’s screaming, throwing things “you know what my father went through with that watch”…
in a rush, a lot of serious $%#^ goes down. He gets into an accident where he runs a guy over, he goes into a convenience store to help and it ends up being run by these two guys that have the strangest way of entertaining themselves.
I was kinda warned that this scene in particular is strange beyond all reason.
A few things came to mind:

a) not another goddam basement, nothing good can go down in there… (see “Inglorious Basterds”)
b) I’m having “Less than Zero” flashbacks with the sheningians these guys are into…

and I’m pretty much distancing myself emotionally from all this… eh, like I said, everything seems kinda tame after that movie.

the other guy who’s involved is the boss-man that he wanted to avoid cuz since he didn’t throw the fight, he was probably going to kill him. After the two of them got out of that hell-hole, they had a mutual respect and decided to not discuss this again and the business between them is done.
Bruce Willis leaves the movie riding a motorcycle with his g/f into the sunset

and somewhere along the line when Bruce Willis goes back for his watch, he shoots Johnny, who’s in his apartment for whatever reason

next scene-
“hilarity ensues” barely covers this.
after the two guys busted into that apartment and shot two of the guys, they take the third guy with them. Johnny keeps telling him to shut up in the backseat. Meanwhile, he’s holding his gun sideways and before I can even say “that’s a kill shot”… BAMM…
gun goes off by accident and the dude’s brains all over all the back of the car…

this was where all three of us could not contain ourselves for a good 10 minutes, we were laughing so hard that we couldn’t breathe…
there’s that scene in “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” where Harry Lockhart fails miserably at playing Russian Roulette with this one guy… on a scale from one to ten, that scene gets degraded to maybe a 7 in hilarity.

Pulp Fiction in this scene… 11

the two of them drive the car to the cleaner, played by Quentin Tarantino himself where for whatever reason, Samuel L. Jackson gets stuck cleaning the backseat when he wasn’t the one who shot the guy

the movie ends back at the beginning. The two guys show up at the diner, while Johnny is using the facility, everything goes and Samuel L. Jackson tries to talk the couple down, doesn’t want anyone to get hurt.
a little social commentary going on here too to the point he tells the girlfriend (only known as HoneyBunny, lol) to keep the gun pointed at him, as if he’s directing a movie or a hold-up and saying how everything should be set up, lol

at least, everyone calms down and nobody gets shot.
the end

I’ve had my fair share of unsatisfactory endings, but this is one of those exceptions where I could care less that just ended in the blink of an eye without any huge fanfare… there was enough about it that had me almost on my feet cheering one of those “can’t believe I waited so long to check this out” flicks

speaking of unsatisfactory endings, let me just say that “Fargo” has one of the most anti-climatic endings I’d ever seen in my life… I mean, at least the movie made scene from start to finish (for the most part), but there was no huge fanfare either. It’s just generally accepted that things go down the way they do.

pretty much goes like this:

William H. Macy is strapped for cash and hires two thugs to kidnap his wife. Her father will pay the ransom and they split whatever it is.
The thugs do a really botched kidnapping, leaving a lot of evidence behind as to what went down.
Steve Buscemi is definitely that type of guy and is the supposed brains & mouth of the operation. I read in the trivia of Lebowski that his character Donny keeps getting told by John Goodman to shut up because his character in this movie doesn’t shut up… I’ve heard some evidence of that, so I tend to agree.

Frances McDormand (however u spell it) gets involved half an hour into the film, so I had no idea she was even a leading cast member. I thought she was playing the wife
she gets called into the case after a couple of homicides turn up.

Earlier, in their getaway, a cop pulls them over with for not having plates visible (Macy had lent them the getaway car) and the strong, silent thug ends up shooting the cop… not only that but when they’re trying to dispose of the body, a car drives by, two people see what went down and the thug turns around and hunts them down, killing them after they get into an accident to make their getaway

You kinda get the impression overall that you shouldn’t trust the quiet ones cuz this guy definitely is not one to be messed with.

After Steve Buscemi has a horrible night… the father-in-law drops off the money instead, he gets shot in the face before he kills him… he buries all the money but $80,000 in the middle of nowhere… he returns to the logcabin to find that their hostage is dead… and before he can make a clean getaway, the other thug comes after him with an ax…
shoot, these guys have no morals, do they?

Frances McDormand finally pieces everything together, finds the 2nd thug disposing of the first in the wood chipper (ewww… what a way to go, man)…
and they also figure out that William H. Macy was involved in the conspiracy and he’s gunned down as well…

I saw a while ago in .org during the FAQ section (which I cannot find now for some reason) that asked if Prince was in Fargo.
Not sure why that would be aside from the fact it takes place in Minneapolis or at least the outer banks of that area… in the credits, it lists a victim being played by O(+> or something very similiar looking to that
I found something about it later on and the answer is no… the filmmakers just revealed that whoever was the victim was a famous cameo

in search of the FAQ on .org last night, I came across a few interesting topics. Figured they might be worth a comment or two here because I certainly don’t feel cool enough with doing it there.

One I think asked if there are any real fans here… that whole question that’s been hanging over the heads of these people for a year or so… whenever the hate started goin’ round.
I’ll peg myself as an admirer, not a fan because I’m hardly fanatic about Prince. Really haven’t been for a while, actually and that’s a good thing.

I’m enough of what I am regarding him to know the things I know, but a lot of what I do is out of respect. As I’ve said, I harbor no grudge or find anything about him that makes me feel as if he’s not for the purple community. 
The only annoyance I have with him readily is the fact he hasn’t been keeping up with releasing new music. Not that’s such a big deal because I barely listened to his most recent stuff.
I’d heard Lotusflow3r enough to know most of the words. I’d heard MPLSound enough so I know what I like and what I don’t… 20TEN, I have and had only listened to maybe once or twice… “Laydown” was one track I really didn’t get and its length annoyed me to no end… heck, anything where Shelby J. has free-reign kinda annoys me.
I listen to Prince to listen to Prince, not his back-up singers or proteges.
Or at least not since the 80’s I don’t mind back-up vocals from Dez, Lisa, Wendy, Susannah or any of those people… Rosie Gaines is another exception, I don’t mind listening to her all that much and in fact, she makes him sound better and doesn’t overally overshadow him. Tamar is another exception too and I think it all pretty much ends there, goes downhill from there

If it’s one thing I can’t stand, its Prince being overshadowed by another vocalist or even back-up dancer makes me sound more conceited than he is about himself

I’m reading a thread now about albums least listened too… I happen to agree with a number of the ones written about here. It’s nice when people can be level-headed about this sort of thing without there being too much hate in the room.

if I were to answer that question right now, I’d have to say all of the above, lmao…
before I kinda fell off the wagon and started pursuing other enterprises (huh… the fallout I had with Prince makes what I went through the first time with Larry Paul seem rather minimal, I had at least gotten over that… things with Prince have their moments of brightness but the majority has me down in the dumps, never was as strong as it was a couple years ago)

before the falling out, my least listened to would be the following for the following reasons:

For you- I think I’d only listened to that one through 5 times and its no longer on my iPod… its one of those things where I’m in a certain mood when I first listen to it and that mood isn’t good, so each time I revisited, I was recalling whatever I was down in the dumps about in the first place

Controversy- technically speaking, I don’t listen to Dirty Mind nearly as much as I used to. But when push comes to shove, I listen to that more than this. I just don’t feel like its strong as a whole. The first half is great and then a lot of disorder takes place and gets in the way of my overall enjoyment of the whole

Around the world in a day- Purple Rain’s a tough act to follow, plain and simple. the threadstarter had it right, saying that they prefer listening to the singles than the whole thing… as much as I love Pop Life, Temptation, Raspberry Beret and Condition of the Heart, the rest of the songs don’t nearly do it for me the same way

The Black Album- in essence, not my type of music and there isn’t enough legit content to keep me coming back

Graffiti Bridge- the version I have (all Prince tracks but the 2nd NPG track) is already pretty chaotic. there are maybe 4 songs I love listening to of those 9-10… and not nearly as much as I’d like

Emancipation- length is the biggest issue, despite all of the amazing content… I ought to make a playlist of the tracks I deem worthy listening to in the whole set. I imagine the number will be somewhere around 10-15, maybe 20 if I’m lucky

Crystal Ball- still haven’t gotten through all of the tracks… and I guess the fact Cloreen Baconskin ran for 18 minutes… omg, are u frickin’ kidding me with that… I cannot deal with repetition for that long. I think I was dying after the first 8 minutes, could not handle 10 more

The Truth- it’s an occasional gem, but very occasional at that

NewPower Soul- :sigh: need I say more

Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic- a little more than above, but :sigh: yeah…

The Rainbow Children- not my type of stuff. there have been moments of briliance, but I don’t quite into it all that much :shrug:

Musicology- everything’s up and down with this album. I’ll love it one minute, had it the next, love it again

Lotusflow3r/MPLSound/20TEN… :sigh: yeah, I’m a lazy bum with these last ones…

so as I have 27 albums and I’m not readily listening to 15 of them… yeah, something’s kinda off about the whole thing. But the one I do listen to have a lot of quality
the kind of quality that had me listening to Prince as much as I was

another thread: your biggest year of fandom…
mine was 2007 through 2008… got kinda saucy in 2009 and never really picked back up.
again I’ll say that I hope I don’t encounter a similar crash that results in loss of feeling with RDJ and his films.

I had a couple options before me last night and in favor of my sanity and happiness, I opted for “Due Date” over “Less than Zero”

geesh, why is it that I always have to talk myself out of watching that movie?
why do I even want to watch it?

Here’s the bottom-line… I guess 😕

I have to really acknowledge the fact that the majority of the movie sucks… I don’t have all that much to really get excited about that would keep me coming back everytime…

and if I’m being completely truthful, the first 10 minutes were watchable and it kinda goes downhill for a while. The flashbacks are interesting to get into, yeah… seeing how things once were… we see a falling out happened and eventually Clay returns to LA with “Hazy shade of winter” playing in the background. It works and kinda doesn’t at the same time.
After the kickass music video, its gonna take a lot for it to live up to anything :shrug: oh well

so we have a couple party scenes, things start to fall back into place with the three of them. on the phone message Blair left, it was made pretty darn clear that things are falling apart out there, yet the two seem to be in denial the entire time. As if Blair doesn’t want to spoil the moment by bringing up the fact things suck

regarding the on-again/off-again couple, they get back together almost immediately. which I already find kinda hard to believe (critics could ask “and Bella and Edward reconnecting that quickly at the end of “New Moon” does?” yes, lol)… there are two sex scenes that occur between the two of them… which really hold no interest for me at all. Like they put it in there because they could. Aside from establishing their relationship, it really has no purpose
of course, this coming from a virigin :shrug:

there are usual conventions that exist in this world based on whats been established for decades and centuries.
“Charlie Bartlett” has you routing for the drug dealer, which is something that doesn’t happen every often… and fact of the matter is, I don’t really see it that way. Because things are taken from his POV, I understand his actions and he has the best intentions in mind.

that’s one thing…
it’s quite another to be routing for a drug addict…
okay, so if Robert hadn’t played Julian, it probably wouldn’t have been as believable (considering how close he was playing to the vest), heartbreaking or whatever other adjectives I can thrown out there…
but based on the past 7 months, however long this RDJ fix has been playing out, I believe the following without a doubt: even if I didn’t know who Robert Downey Jr. was or if I wasn’t already a fan of his work, seeing him in this role would have had the same effect all the same… I know for a fact that when I see certain actors in certain special roles that they play really well, they have me hooked and afterwards I’ll have no choice but to seek out their other roles to see what else they can do.

along the way, between Tropic Thunder, Due Date, Iron-Man, Sherlock Holmes, I knew that this actor was one I enjoyed watching, so it couldn’t hurt to see what else he’s done over the years

out of curiosity, I checked his profile… again… and so far he hasn’t been booked for any new gigs as of yet… Iron-Man 3 isn’t officially listed yet. But it seems that The Avengers are in post-production.
then I scrolled to the bottom where there are messageboard postings… and I just have to comment on one

“great actor, but needs to show humility and not be such a narcissit”

one of these days I gotta find out how to spell that word…
clearly that person hasn’t seen as many of his interviews as I have (uhh… yeah, I don’t think anybody has quite the way I have)…
there are certain interviews I most certainly could recommend to change that misconception in an instant…
Inside the Actor’s Studio (2006)
Charlie Rose (2003)
Good Morning America (2005)
Oprah (2004?)

yeahh… that whole Phoenix thing he has going for him definitely taught him a lesson in humility. Part of his natural charm is his narcissism and he is readily known for it. But if you read between the lines and don’t take him completely seriously, you’ll see a lot more into him.

this is actually shaping into one of those entries I wouldn’t mind him finding out about because I’m a lot more grounded right now and really pushing for the good parts opposed to the bad.

I kinda was doing the same thing for Prince and it’s actually why I created this blog. Not just a place I could write about him without annoying too many people, but where I could debunk misconceptions about him.
As if it’s my job to tell people what to think about certain celebrities :shrug:

nah, fact of the matter is that I speak good things about these people because I wouldn’t mind hearing them discussed from an optimist’s POV. because there’s enough negativity and hate going around as it is.

I’m not sure if the mark of a bad movie is that you’re routing for a drug addict or a guy that’s so flawed that his fate is going to be inevitably dark.
I could say 100 times over how the ending could be written and how I found it disappointing that it ended that way. But I suppose it was kind of legit considering the subject matter. I certainly am not going to put down on my list of horrible movie endings.

First off, the 2nd half of the movie is better than the first… but the 2nd half is where all of the really bad stuff goes down. The downward spiral if you will…
Purple Rain comes to mind immediately regarding the downward spiral thing, but I wouldn’t exactly say one half was better than the other :shrug: the main difference lies in the existence of redemption

Julian really didn’t get to have that chance and based on peer pressure, force of habit or whatnot, it more or less comes to pass that he boggled his chance at redemption. Yet I can go beyond that and say that this destructive pattern had been wired into him so deep that he doesn’t know anything else… the product of a horrible environment. although seeing as we only have that high school flashback to go on, it’s not known whether or not he had an addictive personality his entire life.

everything happens as a result of this being his first failure in life. He could have been a C-student in school, but everything came easier to him than the real world did.

all this makes me wish that I’d written this in my fan letter instead of being me over neurotic, asking if he’d ever been in the emergency room in danger of dying of an overdose… geesh…
I’d like to think that if he read the pages upon pages I’d written about Julian and how I don’t believe he’s completely at fault for his fate. I can explain my way around it, saying that it almost couldn’t have been avoided.
yet I wrote about how it could have been avoided and how his life could have been turned around.

one person wrote a comment under the YouTube clip where Julian talks to his father the last time that Robert and James Spader made the movie worth watching, i.e. the rest of it sucked.

it’s pretty sad when the drug addict is the character I stick through the movie to see.
and that’s what ultimately happened. I was underwhelmed for the first half of the movie, not all that much going on, didn’t care much for the social commentary… then as Julian’s storyline became clearer, I started to get worried, not just concerned, WORRIED… so I saw no choice but to stick around to see what happens to him (truthfully, that was what I was thinking… I was actually considering turning the movie off after the first 1/2 hour)

When I watch a movie for the first time, I will sometimes say that I’ll watch the first however many minutes and if I’m not thrilled, I’ll change the channel… but in a lot of cases that have gone down recently, I have actually stuck around to see the entirity of these movies

there was maybe one other time where I considered pulling out of a Downey flick because I was getting kinda bored… A Guide to Recognizing your Saints (where he had minimal screentime for the first couple hours, plus commericals)… Johnny Be Good kinda felt like that too… The Pick-up Artist, I figured I had to see it through once so I grinned and beared it… and I think that was about it

I’ll let it be known once I hit the 800 mark, but I’m getting very close to listing the fact I’d seen 800 movies through the course of my life. By the end of the year, I’ll make a note of how many new movies I saw just because I’m crazy about movies, almost in a compulsive type of way

there was also one movie that I had no desire to sit through from start to finish and after a while, my aunt turned it off even though she was the one that put it in:
Far & Away
omg, I was bored out of my mind… I’ll also note that I only write down that I saw a movie if I saw the whole time or the majority of it… I don’t believe I wrote down “Zack & Miri make a porno” because I fell asleep after the first hour (it was 10pm)… I didn’t write down “2001: A space odyssesy” cuz I watched the first half, intending to see the other half sometime and I never did

there have only been a handful of movies in my life that I thought were so bad that I couldn’t stick around for the whole thing… but even if it seems bleak in the beginning, I hold myself to sticking around because the ending could always justify the means.
Then there are cases like “Gone with the Wind” where I want however many hours of my life back cuz I felt it was wasted.
“Titanic” is another one of those types of movies. I know its a great tragedy and everything, one of the greatest love stories of all time… but its not worth seeing more than once. Leo dies, end of story. “Inception” makes me glad that there’s at least one movie out there of his that I can enjoy and watch at least a couple of times.

“Due Date” was ultimately a good choice because the overall experience of re-experiencing that all over again (I think I know it backwards and forwards almost to the point I know “Charlie Bartlett” both I’m guilty of seeing at least once a month… although with Charlie, I haven’t in at least a couple)…
it was almost as cathartic watching it as it was to Robert while he was shooting it… borrowing one of his words that I wouldn’t have known otherwise, lol

it’s better to relax and have a good time than to mope and basically turn into a masochist… the idea of “Less than Zero” watching it from start to finish, I’d equate with plunging in a knife and twisting it really hard. That’s how I felt that entire Friday afterwards.
Usually when I see an actor in a movie I really like, the following day doing research usually goes a lot better because its for good reason and for your own enjoyment. It almost felt like torture going through the history of the histories, actually paying attention for once to his checkered history, something I hadn’t felt the need to do so before because why make it all about that?

Luckily there is enough good stuff going on now for him that there’s no need to revisit ancient history all the time. I just wanted to soak up the successes and triumphs as of late rather than going back to the past to relive [fill in with any negative noun]

A little bit of drama and realism is good for you. Too much of it is not. That’s why I usually try to look at people from the positives while I leave the negatives to everyone else.
But this is also one of the biggest examples of my bigotry. In real life, I don’t often try to see the best in people I don’t like. There’s an exception to every rule and I only see the best in people, in most cases, if its convenient for me.

All of my friends are people I see the best in no matter what… even when its really difficult and with one in particular, yes, it has been difficult. But at the end of the day, I’ve got his back 150%.
What I ought to do with my friends, though, is more often not just get past the flaws, but to examine them, discuss them and how they can be improved upon.
My fellow Purple Knight and I, we discuss our flaws all the time and we share a lot of the same ones. not that it really helps us to improve or get past them, lol… but putting them out there every now and then does help a little bit, especially if they’re weighing heavily on our minds.

One last thing I have to just say before I close this out and get on with whatever little I have planned the rest of the day… very little

After seeing the last Harry Potter movie, I started re-reading the books. Each one has been improving on the one before it and by the time I got to the third one, I was focusing more on the books than going through the motions… the text being all too familiar (having read them this year around this time), I was skimming like a demon through the pages.
The Goblet of Fire is at least 717 pages and that took me a good 2 weeks to get through, which I could do the previous three in a week at most each.

But because I didn’t bring both books with me, I haven’t picked up The Order of the Phoenix since I got back. I took it off the shelf and put it aside with my bookmark, but that’s about it.
Friday it will have been a week since I finished the last book… and I guess a weeklong break is good seeing as I’m at the halfway point of the series now.

the main reason I’m in no rush is because I’m a little wrapped up in my own stuff… something that really hasn’t happened in a while. I’m trying to be very careful to not watch anything too similiar to what I’m writing, should something I see rub off on the production to the point I’m stealing.
but what I ended up writing yesterday was so much fun that I’m almost excited to do a chapter a day, work through the details, do a fresh rewrite with some of the old element intact… and actually having Word.docs for each chapter is something I’d kinda been meaning to do with my flash drive anyway. So why not?

one thing that was kind of invigorating was the language I was able to use, the images that came to mind, hearing his voice inside me… one thing that was really liberating was actually cutting out a lot of dialogue, something that has been the center of the cheese in the production.
This origin story now sounds like something that could be taken seriously and the cinematography of it sounds like it’d be amazing.

as long as I have this going for me, I at least have a goal in mind.
The true problem is always going to be the same, though… maybe it wouldn’t hurt to send follow-up queries to the people who haven’t written me back cuz it’s been several months already… it’s just getting my foot in the door that I haven’t been able to do. It could be one of the best things written since JK Rowling’s time and it wouldn’t be picked up right away

I just consider myself lucky that I’m a long way away from 60 rejections, got a lot of wiggle room left. And hopefully once I’m finished this final run through, I won’t feel the need to compulsively edit over and over again because there’s just one thing out of whack.

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