Cheers to Guerrero of “Human Target”

Gotta get up at a somewhat reasonable hour tomorrow so I’m gonna make this as short and sweet as I can. Before whatever’s in my head regarding the title completely filters out.

Briefly on Week 1:
the fact that Sav Rocca is playing for the Redskins is one thing… but I found out that David Akers was not only fired by the Eagles after several years of dedicated service (I can’t care how last season went down, he’ll always be my favorite kicker, he rox)… its like that feeling when you move on from one school of thought to another, elementary to junior high, high school to college… you get this sinking feeling in your gut that things will never be the same game.

Times they are a changin’
The Lions won their first week 1 game in probably forever. That came out of nowhere and good for them.
49ers [who now have David Akers kicking for them] kicked massive ass in the last quarter of their game against the Seahawks. Just exploded out of nowhere and they’re definitely a team I’ll be watching this year (kinda always have been since Steve Young’s time)

too bad about the Giants, was pulling for them all the way through, but knowing Eli, you never know what you’re gonna get sometimes. New York fans are probably really hatin’ him right now, but my loyalty runs pretty deep in his case. I accept he’s a highly flawed quarterback but he does have those occasional moments are brilliant. Peyton’s the more talented brother, but Eli being a little more human kinda brings me in more.

Speaking of Peyton, sucks to be the Colts. I was bracing for a record scoring game for the Texans cuz it was 34-0 at halftime
(they could have used that Ethan Tremblay speech “you gotta get it together, what are u, a girl or something?”) he’s out of action because of another round of neck surgery, and I wasn’t even aware he had issues until I heard about the first surgery during the off-season…

bummer about the Vikings, but its only the first game. You can’t judge how a whole season is going to go just by a single game.
Let alone how a whole game is going to go based on the first quarter. The Eagles looked really bad off for the first quarter, maybe part of the 2nd too. Them and the rams, even though I keep an eye on them because of the Marc Bulger/Kurt Warner years, I kinda dismiss as a team any other team could easily beat in their sleep… they were putting up a heck of a fight, but I took it all in stride. As I will for as long as I can, whatever happens in this season happens and I won’t get overally concerned about any teams, for better or worse, until the halfway point… especially if there are a couple that are either invincible or unwinnable… okay, unwinnable isn’t a word, my badness

LeSean McCoy did the most carries and rush yardage, but DeSean Jackson, when he caught the ball, he made things happen. You can usually expect a good deal of yards with him.
Play of the game was the touchdown that made it 31 for the Eagles.
Michael Vick throws into the end zone, I’m looking around, just about to say “there’s nobody there” when out of nowhere, DeSean Jackson comes into the screen and catches it. Came outta nowhere

I’ll see what happens tomorrow night, should I choose to watch any football coverage (seeing as we have 2 hours of Hell’s Kitchen and we missed it last week). At the moment, I’m not feeling particularly ill towards the Patriots. All depends on who they play and how it goes down.

Speaking of going down, Pittsburgh had a REALLY rocky start today, lost 35-7 to the Ravens.

so much for brief…



After my animé last night [at least it seems like FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood might finally see the series finale… next week when we’re at the shore, again… dammit… that show’s been winding down forever… and it’ll be weird when that day finally comes when Bleach ended too. That’s been going on for at least 3-4 years] and one or two YouTube clips, I laid down for the night. It was around 1:45am or so. I was feeling really ill at ease, not able to really focus my mind on anything.
For some reason, out of the blue, “Venus de Milo” started playing in my head, so I figure I’ll play a couple of Parade tracks. But they had to be mellow, melancholy stuff to suit my current mood. I wasn’t really into anything super cheery or upbeat because I thought the transition would be a little too jostling for my dark mindset. Not super dark, mind you, but it was starting to feel like one of those “cry myself to sleep” nights… for no apparent reason

“Sometimes it snows in April” is a song I don’t often listen to. I usually just do so when I’m going through the entire Parade album :shrug: but given my mood, it was a given.
But I started with that first track, went back to “I wonder U,” “Under the Cherry Moon”… then to “Anotherloverholenyohead” and just let it follow through from there.
:sigh: I then got stuck listening to “Love or $” cuz I couldn’t find my iPod to shut it off, lol… but it was okay at the end of it.
I achieved my goal of lifting my spirits and tiring myself out to get to sleep.

It must have been really deep sleep because I was woken up at 10:30 the next morning.
I’m thinking “what the hell”… just came out of nowhere.

But yeah, I think I was in some seriously deep REM sleep because details of a dream I had the other night were still vivid. Nothing super specific, though.
I just knew one thing. I was in the presence of someone I was pretty familiar with between how he looked and his attitude. Then I recalled as if it came really easy to be that it was Guerrero, and the fact I remember him made me smile in the dream and laugh

a name like that almost belongs in that Gaga track “Americano” with the whole Spanish theme, it’d fit in really well.

A couple years back, “Human Target” was a show on FOX that was somewhat like “24” (which I’d never seen so don’t take that comparsion too seriously) but it was that whole espionage/protection thing that’s somewhat similiar… ah forget it, that’d be a stretch.

Basically there’s this agency run by this guy Winston, Chi McBride, who has been on all of these different FOX shows or shows in general… I first saw him in “Boston Public” as the principal (I watched that show because “David” was a fan, lol, but it wasn’t all for nothing, I liked it), I think he was in “House” for a while, and now this.

He works with other guy, Christopher Chance. They get hired by people who don’t really want to involve the police in certain matters… like contracting bodyguards, if you will. Christopher Chance finds a way to fit into the client’s life to find out who’s trying to kill them, why and hopefully to bring them to justice.

Now for some reason I can’t remember who plays Christopher Chance. And he was the good looking one blue, blue-eyed, built, that whole thing

I may have mentioned the show in passing on entries a couple years ago because I was complaining with the changes they made in an attempt to bring in more viewers.

“Human Target” used to be a three-man show… Mark Valley (Christopher Chance), Chi McBride (Wintson) and Jackie Earle Haley played Guerrero

my mom and I were into the show and early on, she was trying to place the last guy “I’d seen him before, he used to be a child star”… I looked him up and saw him listed under “Bad News Bears” way back when.

the unfortunate thing with him is that none of his other roles look like movies I want to watch. He’s in an upcoming reboot of “Dark Shadows” and I don’t even know whats about, but I heard it was really good back in the day. His most recent was the last incarnation of “Nightmare on Elm Street”

rumor is that he plays a really good villian/bad guy
but that doesn’t interest me. Pretty much it goes like this: I thought he was so incredible in this role in particular that I can’t see him playing anything else, nor do I really want to

the thing that threw me in the dream was… it’s not the first time something appeared in one of my dreams that came completely out of left field. I haven’t thought about him or the show since a couple months it finally got cancelled. My mind works in the strangest ways and its almost as if my dreams are determined the same way as the Whammy gameboard, completely random as if my subconscious rakes through my head and pulls things out at random

his name came back to me really easily and I remember instantly, to my satisfication, that I loved coming back to the show to see what he was going to do.

The sad thing about the show ending when it did was that I never got to learn all that much about this guy. You have only the flashbacks and some dialogue to go by. For whatever reason, when he gets involved in something, Winston is completely against it or doesn’t approve of his methods… something must have meant down way back when.

And he doesn’t operate like your typical good guy. He’s rough around the edges, but his sense of humor is what sells me on him every time.
The unpredictability is the greatest quality he has.

so it goes without saying that I’ll have to mark him down on my growing list of favorite characters, but now I’ll have to broaden it to TV as well as movies

-Isabel (Julia Roberts in “Stepmom”)
-Guerrero (Jackie Earle Haley in “Human Target”)

the three-guy cast was excellent… so when I heard that the show wasn’t doing well, I was pissed off… even more so when they had to bring in a couple of female characters to revamp the series a bit, bring in more demographics.
It brought the show another short season of maybe 8 episodes and that was it. That ship had sailed and I’d been disappointed about it ever since.

But seeing as the dream caught me off guard, I had gotten over it to a degree 😕

the only line of witty sarcam that I remember at all, sadly, was from one of the commericals. and I got the rest of the picture when the episode aired.

I believe there was a church and a bomb was set to go off at a certain point. Winston is off-site on the walkie-talkie with Guerrero, who’s there to disarm the bomb. One of them asks the other about whether to cut the red or blue wire…
then there’s a sound and Winston demands “did you just flip a coin?”
to which Guerrero replies with an outright lie “no…”

great show, I hope there’s some footage floating around that I can check into

not sure if that was around the same time I started watching The Office. Around that time, I was kinda into guys that were unorthodox and rough around the edges… Dwight Schrute is the same way, okay, gotta add him to the list too. Guerrero is very much like Dwight in those regards, but there are a lot of differences too. All the more to make it interesting

-Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson in “The Office”)


found a clip of the actor talking about his character

dammit, makes me really wish they hadn’t cancelled it.  He said they were going to slowly reveal over time what his character is like, how/why he does what he does, because his methods are unreal.
And I’d seen this happen a couple of times with characters. Haku from “Spirited Away” and Tom Cruise in “Knight & Day” (saw that first the first time last night, more on that later)… I’m on board thinking that they’re good, even though there’s some reasonable doubt there, my position doesn’t change. I’m gonna believe until I see evidence otherwise, and I’ll wait until the end of the movie to see if that comes to pass.

But I’m totally with his first sentiment. Guerrero isn’t a bad guy at all, he just goes about things differently, but you’re led to believe that there’s almost nothing he can’t do so. So yeah, he’s amazing
the actor is kinda good looking in the gruff kinda way, but I’m not completely on board. Just this character alone keeps me coming back for more everytime

so much for short & sweet, huh
last edit of the night.
remembered the last piece of the puzzle to this dude’s awesomeness.

if you ever get around to seeing the series in YouTube, Hulu or whatever… let’s just say you can have a fun drinking game with this guy.
Just take a shot everytime he says the word “dude”
I kept forgetting to count the occurrences and by the time I remembered, the show was cancelled.

And I figured of all the things I remembered about him, that would be at the top of my list. His calm demeanor just makes it all the more hilarious

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  1. BJ RAJI says:

    PS:*also raises glass to Guerrero of “Human Target”**clink*

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